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Piercing through the Veil, November 2020.
Disempowering = feeling like a victim. Raised in three different worlds: Indian, Chinese and British, culture, language and religion. She became deathly sick. The fear based system dominated and brought her to the edge of death. She lived in Hong Kong, then later India and later still in the U.S. She was disempowered and died. Follow what empowers you. Know that there are many that are living fear-filled lives. 

  1. What is disempowering you? Our minds powerfully influence our reality. We are not victims. Avoid fear based systems
  2. Learn how powerful you are. Get connected emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Love and take care of yourself. You will be guided.

Do we break apart or come together? July 2020

COVID-19 started a shift of fear and judgment. Globally we are one, like a mirror ball. But the fear of being separate has caused us to polarize against one another on whatever issue arises, ie. The corona virus, black lives matter, or other national issues. Ego, either individual or collective, has gone into defensive mode and we are making enemies of everyone else and ready to fight. Stop! See the divine within your neighbor and don’t allow fear to sweep you away. Otherwise we will self destruct. I am not a victim. You are not my enemy. We are love. We are one. We are headed into a new world. Choose love, not hate. Don’t be swept away by lies. 

Standing strong in your own truth, January 2020

Have you blocked your lower chakras by judging the physical pleasures in money, sex and food? Don’t judge these areas of physical life, but rather embrace them. Live in this world and enjoy the pleasures of this life. Find physical things that give you pleasure, like sex. Eat what you enjoy. Pleasure opens your chakras.

Isn’t too much ‘self-love’ selfish? October 2019

To fill myself with love I become full. Otherwise I will feel needy and seek others to fill me with love, which will never happen. To fill myself with love is the most unselfish thing I can do. Is this situation filling or depleting my love tank? Do what you enjoy often.  Don’t let your battery run down.

What if you could see love?

An empath will diminish himself until small and invisible. It is not selfish to love yourself. You can feel the pain of those around you. The world will tell you to suppress your feelings, your ego. We are connected to love within and to the pain without. The world is crying out for our service. I need to charge my batteries from within. Boundaries. Stand up for yourself without guilt. Confrontation is difficult, but necessary. Neglect your inner world and you’ll become a doormat. The solution has to come from within. Trust yourself. See the energy of love surrounding your heart. What expands or shrinks this Love energy? Don’t worry what others will think. Allow yourself to do what expands your self love. If you don’t get self love you will be looking for love from others and draining them. This is true selfishness.

Feel complete in yourself. You don’t need to meet new people. Allow yourself to make and spend money on yourself. Be honest in confrontation, but gentle. Accept yourself, love yourself and laugh at yourself. Balance between self-sensitive and other-sensitive.

Transcending the fear in your life, May 2019

Fear is the absence of love. When love comes in, like light, the fear (darkness) is gone. The presence of fear is a call to love yourself more. Accept the fear and accept yourself. If you’re feeling resentment you’re better off not doing it. Service has to be from love, not obligation. The person receiving your gift feels the difference between the energy of love and resentment. ‘You can taste the hate in her cooking’. Feeling fear is fine, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. Fear falls away little by little. I am an expression of the divine. Don’t deny the divinity within. To diminish my ego is to dim my light. Anita flavored God is a delight and so is your flavor. Ego suppression and ego centricitry are both undesirable extremes.

Love yourself like your life depends on it, May 2019

1) Know who you are, 2) Stop judging yourself, and 3) Explore and get to know yourself.

You’re not in a relationship to change your loved one. You are there to learn to love yourself. As long as you are afraid of disappointing people, they have a hold on you.

Healing vs. Curing 1/19

Healing begins at the soul level, curing is just dealing with the physical symptoms. Healing prepares for the transition into the next dimension. Illness drives us to go within. This is part of what you need to learn to teach others. Acknowledge that you are a soul first. Listen to your soul as to what to do, without giving your power away to others. Don’t let others rush you to use their method. Go with the way that feels most comfortable to you. Come from love, not fear. Focus on wellness, not illness.

Ayahuasca – use the experience to integrate the insights, rather than getting attached to the experience to escape life. Learn to be guided all the time. NDE’s can be overwhelming with drastic transformation all at once. What is more common is gradual, gentle guidance by spirit.


Diving Deeper into the Near Death Experience

In an NDE, the person you had been up to that point, the ego personality, had died and been replaced by another, your authentic Self. You cannot revert back to that previous personality. In Anita’s case she was the doormat, a people pleaser. It was a death and rebirth. No one can take this from you.

Everything we see in the physical world is really energy, spirit. It is God manifest. We are all connected as One. We are all giving and receiving energy and it is important whether this energy is coming from fear or love. Even animals are raising the energy of the planet by just being who they are. You best not contribute by being guilted into fear or anger. Do nothing from fear, act only from love. Fear derails us from who we really are, which is spirit. Embrace your energetic self, not the egoic self.

When one partner of a relationship is going thru such a transformation from pretense to authenticity, the other partner has a decision to make, cleave to the old life or say yes to the new and release the old. You then continue in the relationship out of wanting to be together rather than obligation. Once you have said yes to this transition, this rebirth, there is no going back.

Healing Sanctuaries 1/19

We need to strengthen our life-force energy instead of diagnostic tools and drugs. This is done by redirecting our focus from fear of illness to the joy and love of life (well being). Anita recommends hospitals and the AMA for emergency services, but not long-term illness. For long-term illness healing sanctuaries would be better. We want to instill hope into these lives. 

Who would you be if no one was watching? 12/18

Am I doing this for someone’s approval? Or would I be doing it regardless? Empaths feel disapproval physically. We become people pleasers by avoiding disapproval. Some things you cannot share with others until you are ready for their reaction. Would I be okay if they reject what I share?

The voices in my head 12/18

Two things will give your power away to the outer world and cause you to lose connection with your higher self: oversensitive to criticism and addicted to approval.

1. Remove your filters: Feeling like a victim, or feeling like I always have to compete.
2. Spend more time alone. Turn inward and ask your guides.
3. Keep a journal.
4. Trust your inner voice, that of love and surprises. A light-bulb moment. Take the risk.
5. Avoid lower frequencies of guilt, fear, anger, criticism and approval.

If unhappy in a relationship and need to compromise who you are, don’t stay. 

Love and honor yourself. Is your relationship dishonest? Being someone you are not? Am I staying for love or fear? Am I staying because I fear leaving? Turn it around. How would I feel if she were only staying with me because she feared leaving me and that it might be worse without me? What if this were the only reason she were staying with me?  How would I feel? How does she feel about our relationship? Is it that shallow?

Accept love from self, so you don’t need drain others

I am an empathic doormat, a people pleaser. I need to love and value myself. 

  1. Strengthen my inner love for self, moreso than for others
  2. Stand up for yourself without guilt
  3. I am as important as anyone else, connect with my inner world
  4. See the energy of love within, what expands/shrinks it
  5. Don’t care what others think of you, do what charges your battery
  6. Receive and engage with what uplifts me, instead of becoming a drain on others love. 

How our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing Heaven, Encinitas, 3/24/2017  


To forgive someone you must first have judged their behavior. But to go beyond forgiveness there is pure understanding of another and their motives. Anita spent 30 hours in the other realm. What crosses over is not our body, gender, etc., it is our divine essence. We are not separate, only in this dream of physical life do we seem separate. I am a recovering doormat, always putting others before me, saying ‘yes’ when I meant no, living a life of fear. My new purpose is to love myself. Coming back enabled her and so many others to fulfill their purpose. 

How do you go back to the old social circle with a whole new set of beliefs and understanding. She went from fear based living, which effected all her decisions, to being fearless and following the passion of her life. From being what everyone else wanted her to be, to be who she is. She had to avoid some people for awhile. Who is this person who no longer needs an illness to take care of herself first. She became authentic and her husband loved her even more for it. Go be yourself.


Before, she was obsessed with avoiding cancer and got it. In this life we are taught so much that is upside down of what it should be. Seek health awareness, not cancer awareness. Fear over time will shut down your immune system. Go on an information detox and get insight. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why do I want to live another day? Choose what makes you feel empowered. In coming back from an awareness of the whole and now back to a limited awareness, and our focus further limits such awareness. It’s so much more important to collaborate with others than to compete. When you are ready your purpose will appear. Above all, love yourself as if your life depends on it. In finding out who you are, don’t try too hard. What do you love doing? Do it. That will be your purpose. We are all a part of a whole, total experience. 

  1. Loving yourself is not trying to fill a hole out of fear
  2. Embrace your ego, rather than deny it. 
  3. Give yourself permission to do what works for you
  4. Be aware of what charges and drains your battery of love, it’s my responsibility to keep my battery  charged
  5. Love myself first, do what pleases me above her and all others. Listen to my inner voice. 
  6. Don’t try too hard. Focus on the 99 benefits, not the one complaint. 
  7. Engage with those that love and appreciate me.