Ego -> Soul





We are transitioning from ego to soul. Below is a brief summary of the book ‘Everything is here to help you,’ by Matt Kahn.

The ego is seeking/protecting an identity The soul is aware of our true nature
Victim of our circumstances. Pioneers of an awakened humanity
Ego sees itself as separate and fights with aggression. It distrusts the divine order and insists on having things its way. It worries, anticipates and regrets. It habitually casts blame on others. But it can unravel and each layer melt before love.  Soul sees us all as one and accepts ego with compassion and great reverence to liberate it in the most loving way. It knows it’s true identity and is here for the experience and can thus enjoy the present. 
Ego is meant to be transformed, not abandoned or cast away.  We are transforming earth into its highest potential by announcing the presence of well-being. We respect the divinity in ourselves and others. We acknowledge others’ right to be as they are. We welcome each moment in whatever life brings us. 
The ego’s first inclination to a situation is that of adversity. On the defensive, it responds unconsciously to everything. It is unaware that dissolving back into Source is its true life purpose, unable to hinder its progress.  The soul sees the ally in everything. It knows that nothing can hurt it. It meets whatever feeling or person with unconditional love, our true nature. It views everything beyond just pain and pleasure. It recognizes all circumstances as evolutionary gifts, that everything is here to help me. My feelings are indicators of the unraveling and dissolving of ego. Disappointment assists in keeping me open to life’s infinite possibilities of happiness. We begin to breathe instead of blame, and feel instead of argue. 
Ego incubates in separation.  Soul communes in unity, an active listener. 
Ego unravels in space, in silence. It sees it as loneliness and isolation, in need of constant validation. It must be loved to be unraveled and integrated.  Soul sees solitude as a way to deeper connection, content with lowly jobs. It sees each emotion as opportunities to love itself, more concerned with the situation than how it feels about it. It takes the time to nurture itself. 
The aggression of overactivity attacks others and denies its very divinity. It is absorbed in the drama, swept away in unconsciousness.  The diplomacy of conscious response is to embrace everything as an expression of Source. It returns to Source by pardoning those associated with the pain. We remember our true nature and begin to unhook from the victim identity. It watches the movie, enjoying it from a conscious position. It sees divinity masquerading in everyone. It endures hardship for the healing of all, to make it easier for others to awaken. O, to hold nothing against myself or anyone else! Soul alone can come from the viewpoint of living for the evolution of the world in place of ego’s reputation. The worst things that have ever happened to me are the greatest opportunities given me. In the worst of circumstances it knows it is safe. It welcomes any emotion as an opportunity to love more unconditionally, feeling deeply without blaming. 
Ego views the unknown as loss or void. Only the ego says no to the pain and despair of unavoidable loss. Soul sees the unknown as adventure, a new beginning. We are keenly aware of how often life is giving us the chance to grow. We allow everyone to be heard, without the need for them to change their viewpoint. The dissolving of a relationship does not mean the death of love. It goes through the devastation of ego without anger, hurt or disappointment. 
Frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness are enemies only to an unraveling ego. It views it as a punishment or hardship to be endured. Through compassion the ego undergoing its demise can see that it is actually being rescued, rather than excluded. The ego’s greatest contribution is letting go and returning to the light.  These are signs of healing and transformation, and the soul recognizes it as my contribution to that of the whole. The more time I spend in the wisdom of the soul the more I see this world as the university for angels that it is. Adverse experiences are a contribution to a more evolved humanity. I am clearing and healing my being and also that of others. Each moment is an evolutionary gift, not a karmic punishment. 
We are willing to spend as much time necessary shut down to come back renewed and more radiant. The inner victim transforms into the redeeming hero of a life of great purpose. We treat ourselves and others better than we’ve ever been treated in the past.