Presence Process addendum


Below are personal lessons I am learning in relation to the ten conscious responses  of the ‘Presence Process

Week 1; This moment matters

  • To see clearly, from the soul’s perspective
  • To be authentic in choices
  • To love when life’s opportunity comes
  • I am accumulating present moment awareness

Week 2; I recognize my reflections and projections

Feelings of a victim make me react in fear, needy and clingy. These are conceptual identities of self, both idolatrous and erroneous. See yourself as God sees you. Get to know yourself from your essence, not history. Then you can truly relate to the other as human. 

Week 3; I choose to respond
A victim has no choice, but I am always in choice.

  • The happy choice – accept and enjoy what you have, no complaint whatsoever.
  • The foolish choice – anger/resentment is always a choice.

Week 4; I feel unconditionally

  • Feel the pain without agenda to remove it, fix it or identify with it
  • This pain is a friend, sit with it, love it
  • Be patient and kind with yourself

Week 5; I am innocent (unidentified, unattached)

Be with your child-self when hurting. I AM NOT hurt, that’s not who I AM …….. I might have hurt feelings and that is okay. Feeling it without being it. My past does not define me. I am bigger than … this feeling, desire, etc.

Week 6; I integrate charged emotion

  • Do not blame the messenger
  • Accept complete responsibility for what you are feeling
  • Give it your full attention as long as needed

Week 7; I feel safe now
By integration you feel safe and you don’t need to understand everything. Drop the insane stories. I must now feel my way through this. Mental confusion is a sign of progress.

Week 8; I forgive myself.
Every act is either unconditional love or a cry for it. Practice unconditional love, esp. toward myself, without judgment. We refuse to identify others by their poor or destructive behavior.

Week 9; I love myself unconditionally
Feel yourself as already full (wanting nothing) and give love to yourself. Learn to feed yourself, this is contentment. Love myself unconditionally, without blaming or expecting it from others. The messengers in my life are working with me to realize the love we already are.

Week 10; I appreciate what I am
Our purpose in life is to just be, not to do anything. Just be present in your completeness, your perfection as you are. Lovingly make more of yourself. Presence invites us to appreciate who we are, to recognize our full worth. Focus on our unified Presence rather than the illusion of separation. * XX*