Beyond the Known trilogy, Book II, Channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

– Introduction

Realization is an opportunity to dismantle personality.  A transition occurs, and what you thought you were is actually released to become the truth of your expression. You are given opportunity to release the aspect of self that would define the self as separate from its Source. The dismantling of persona, is actually joyful, once you understand that all you are releasing is an idea of who you have been. Without the idea of what he should be, he can be who he truly is. Your small self is only an idea. The true self is who you truly are. The inherent Divine exists beyond persona, beyond your idea of who you think you are. The Christ, as we teach it, is the aspect of the Creator that can and will be realized in form.

Part I – Identity

  • The Denial of God

The small self creates from history and wants what was there yesterday be there today for her security. We are moving to the collective Upper Room—so that you may understand yourself in a completely different way. With the lifting, is also a dismantling of what has been counted upon. Everything must be re-articulated and claimed in the Upper Room. You are reclaiming the entirety of your being, re-knowing who you are. You are of the Source, lifting all you encounter to that alignment. The charade, the denial of the divine, is ending.

You are conceding to the Divine Self, and in this surrender to it, you may be known by the Divine, and your inheritance may be brought to you. This is not a race to the King- dom, but a surrendering to it. Now, divinity is not manufactured. It is inherent. “I am in the Upper Room,” you are not summoning something. You are agreeing to what is. I am willing to release any idea that I may have held of who I should be. 

All of your problems are ideas you have called to you through your denial of the Divine. In reliance upon the Divine Self in the Upper Room, there is no fear, because you have lifted beyond it. You have claimed a new world beyond the claims of fear. A life beyond fear is actually attainable, it has always been your birthright.

There is a mask that has been acquiesced to, the mask pretends to be you, and nothing could be further from the truth. Now the True Self, is always present. It doesn’t matter what mask you wear. The realization of what exists beyond the mask, the Divine assumes/consumes all things. Alignment to the higher actually requires you to release ideas of identity, the idea of the one who needs, the one who must have. Each idea of identity may, in fact, be offered to the Divine to be re-known. The True Self, operating as you, has the ability to reclaim any idea that you have held of the self. Whatever you hide in horror, the Divine knows them and can lift them with your permission. The Upper Room is not a stage for a masquerade. Abiding in the Upper Room requires nudity. It is where you go when you release the mask. To realize the idea of something as simply God in form, in vibration, is to know it beyond what it has been claimed. Resurrection is what it has always been—the alignment of the Divine as manifest in all mankind as the Risen Christ. 

  • The Resurrected Self

To realize the Divine is reclamation, reclaiming the Divine where it has been denied. Some of you decide what alignment is, is getting your way. Anything claimed in the light is resurrected to the high octave. Any aspect of you, in knowing, that is reclaimed as of God is now your ally. “I Have Come” is the claim of resurrection. The Divine in each of you, is here to reclaim in manifestation the world anew, to release the shame, the hostility, the fear, the blame, the self-recrimination, the avarice, the war, all things outside the light is now reclamation of what always is. When one human being is reclaimed in the higher octave, she brings with her a thousand more by nature of her agreement to be. 

The True Form as you expresses as it assumes you, as you say yes. And in its reclamation, nothing, absolutely nothing, will be left behind. The realization of what is beyond the known comes to the one who is willing to release the expectations of what it should be

When you are in your knowing, you are never afraid. If you want, take five minutes a day and align to the True Self, you would benefit immediately. True knowing, is always present, but it is ignored because it defies what you think you want. To seek to find this outside the self would be foolish. You may get wise advice, sage counsel, but no one can give you knowing. The True Self is usually abandoned to what you see, what you should have, at the cost of the truth that is ever present. Don’t decide how knowing should be. Align to the knowing that is the True Self. You will know as you require it. 

When you decide that the who and what you are is truth in alignment to the high octave, the vibrational field begins to accelerate. The small self must continue to agree to release the ideas of what has been and what you have chosen to know yourself through. “I align to the True Self, my true expression that seeks to be known as me.” The Divine is not seeking to extinguish you, but to reunite with you in manifestation. From the place of the Upper Room, things may be re-known. In lifting another to the Upper Room you are knowing who he is beyond what he has assumed himself to be. You become the alchemist that realizes the Divine and lifts it to its true nature simply by its expression.

The Upper Room, Christ mind, cannot deny itself.  The True Self, is in a higher vibration. To recognize the presence of God and the potential for it to be made manifest in fullness is the first step. When the body remembers its true nature—“I know what I am”—it supports realignment of everything, which is how you partake in higher manifestation, because consciousness itself has been altered in remembrance of its essential nature. The choice to be here, in remembrance of the truth of being, is what will lift you to the Upper Room of love.

The realization of the Divine as form, reclaims form in a higher articulation. To receive what you need without asking, to accept the Kingdom as your birthright, is the teaching that we give you. It is a teaching of reception. It is not a teaching of idolatry. You are no longer coveting anything but agreeing to what is. The being that you are exists in two realms. You are as a bridge or a doorway. I claim all that I experience to be re-known, by nature of agreement. The final step for you to engage in is re-identification as the True Self. An aspect of you is already present in the Upper Room. If you deny the body as of God, you have denied the articulation of the Divine in everything you see, and that is separation. You will claim the True Self that expresses beyond that mask.

  • The Release of the Past

An aspect of self would refute the Divine if it doesn’t give you what you want. The releasing of the chain to history, and identity through history, is essential to the acclimation to what we call the Upper Room. The requirement now is the release from the small self. 

Embodiment looks like the who that you are unmasked. And what unmasked means is simply not denying his or her true nature. To be assumed as the Christ, stops the denial of inherent divinity. When a thing or relationship is re-known, you are detaching from the meaning it has held. The moment ‘should’ is in play, you have come to the small self. The denial of the Divine is what claims ‘should’. To make it ‘should’ is to deny what it is. “It should be a better friendship, the relationship is changed to a future expectation of what it should be. To re-know anyone, anything, is to release the name it has been called by so it may be made new. Claiming identity you may call yourself a princess or a pirate for as long as you wish and continue to accrue evidence that that is who you should be. But you do it by denying God. And when the masquerade is seen as of God, it can all be lifted to the Upper Room. There is no spinster in the Upper Room, nor is there a general, nor a president, nor a criminal. There is God revealed. And the one who believed herself to be the queen will smile humbly at the one who believed herself to be the queen’s servant. They know who they truly are. The moment ‘should’ is introduced, you have put back on the mask. In the Upper Room no costumes are needed. You may know yourself without the values or meanings of the past. Your true name: “I am free.” That is the name of the one who has ended the masquerade. 

To realize the True Self in a fearful situation is to know the presence of the Divine where it would not normally be claimed. The True Self expresses in no one telling you who you should be when you grow. That is what you are, the True Self. You are all the True Self. The entirety of this teaching can be distilled in the claim “I Am,” the presence of Christ, that articulates as you is the liberator. The Resurrected Christ assumes an individual in totality to the degree that the individual forgives herself for not already being Christ. The individual is forgiven for forgetting her identity, the Divine in presence, the Divine in action, the Word made flesh. 

The passage you are now undergoing, individually and collectively, requires some fortitude. The opportunity of the one who steps forth in great change is the fortitude that is required, by not giving a damn about what was. 

Part II – Alchemy

  • The Rising

The new potentiality we teach now we will call alchemy, because the alchemist understands nature as an expression of God and is released from the agreements of the dense field that she or he has partaken in. “Behold, I make all things new” is the claim of the realized self, who cannot claim through the data of history. You cannot know something anew when you claim it as the old. You cannot know love of God if you have decided what God is and how it will love. 

Embodiment is re-creation, the Divine that is already as you re-creating itself in a higher chord of expression. We make you new through knowing who you are, but you make the world new through knowing what the world is. The moment labels, or meanings like boy or girl are released, the one can be lifted. To release the title is to release the obligation of the man to be who you think he should be. There are no healers in the Upper Room.

Full expression means realization in totality. It will be done, but not by you, Paul, and not by anybody by their given name, but only by the True Self. When you are in love, you are free, because when you are in love, you cannot fear. And when you do not fear, you don’t judge. To love another is to realize them. You may lift the one you think the least of to the Upper Room. But in order to do so, you will have to change your mind. That means the small self’s investment in separation is what is causing the problem that can be remedied in love. You are willing to release the idea of who another has been. “On this day, I decide that all I have known may be re-known, that all I have seen may be re-seen. I release the idea of who and what I have been.” See the faces before you, allow them to be released of names. Allow what was said or done, to be released. “I know who you are in truth. I lift you to the Upper Room.” You are no longer claiming things through the disfigurement of vision that the small self has accrued.

This is a new claim. “We are here” accepts the Divine Self in agreement to foster and love the small self, so the small self may be re-known in its assumption. You may accept that you can be loved, inclusive of the small self. Your heart is blessed with the agreement to be as love and to share love from the endless well that is God seeking its expression as love through each of you. 

You are walking now on a road that few walk. This is not a teaching of getting what you think you should have. As you say yes, the small self is called forth to be re-known, reclaimed. This is a road in realization—of who and what you are. This is an awakening of the world from a sleep of denial, from a dream of separation. “We are here. We Have Come. And we know.”

  • Courage

To the small self realization feels like the Apocalypse. And realization comes in knowing. If God is seen or known as all, what is seen is reclaimed. And that must include her pain, her challenges, her small self’s agenda. The moment you exclude anything, any aspect of self, you are denying God, and the only remedy for this is realization. Through this new agreement “I am known,” you are free of the belief that you could ever be separate from Source.

And what we will give you, is the courage to encounter the unknown. To be reclaimed in the higher order requires you to release the idea of what should be, based upon what has been, and the reclamation of identity that ensues eradicates the old. Did you hear that? It actually eradicates the idea of who you were as something that you should play out in your lives. The choice to exist in the Upper Room requires a transition, and a deep transition, from what you thought you were to what you know you are. The Divine cannot exclude anything from itself. It’s you who excludes, you who damns, you who claims that one is better than the other. And then you question why you live in a world that seems intent upon self-destruction. The denial of God, in any instance, claims a thing in fear. If you say, “God is in what I see,” what has been beyond the mask will be lifted and can be reclaimed and re-known. 

The requirement of a friendship, is to know the other as an equal, the equality of the being before you must always be understood as the opportunity to know the Divine. But to decide what should be, and when you say should, you are always operating as a small self, because the small self knows itself in should. And you predicate your lives on those exchanges at the cost of the ability to truly know another in love. The one who knows how she serves is simply the expression of God in all she does—in her relations. 

“In realization of my own inherent truth, I thank them for the lessons they are offering me. I allow them to be who they are. I allow myself to be who I am. And in this agreement, I am free, I am free, I am free.”

You must comprehend those around you in equality in order to free them and to become free as well. Now, relinquishing the idea of what should be, what an outcome should be, is the first step toward re-knowing anything

But an altercation can be highly positive and provide growth for all concerned. Nothing will be transformed when it is denied its true nature. If you are only tolerating people, you are still stuck in the idea of who they are. When you decide that another is of God—regardless of how he or she behaves, you reclaim them in the Upper Room so that they may be re-known by you. To know someone anew is to relinquish the history that you have held. You are re-knowing the essence of the other human being beyond how you’ve identified them prior.

It is the re-articulation of the personality that causes the most discomfort. The soul will never turn down an opportunity to grow. To lift beyond the known, to lift above the old so you can perhaps see what is below you and then lift that as well, is alchemy. As you lift to the Upper Room, you have the opportunity to lift your history with you. You are not denying what happened, but it is not who you are. It is re-known from the high vantage point of the Upper Room. You don’t need anything from anybody to make you who you are. The one who seeks to find value through another will always be wanting. 

  • Humanity at a Crossroads

Now is the opportunity of the Upper Room to lift beyond fear. But you will not do this when you are in condemnation of another. So the opportunity then becomes to claim God, in that moment, which will then allow you to lift the fabric of it to the Upper Room to be re-known as of God. When you lift to the Upper Room and you claim yourself there, anything that you perceive can and will be re-known

“And as I say yes, I allow this thing or this relationship to be re-known in a higher way. I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. I know how you serve in truth. I lift you to the Upper Room.” The one who knows who he is, cannot deny the Divine in anyone or anything. 

Now, at this crossroads, humanity may decide to continue to learn through separation, war, famine, and the decision that one is more worthy of a life than another. This is always heresy—again, the denial of God and nothing more. If humanity chooses this path, it will learn. It will be no less loved than it would be in any other way. The gift of the Kingdom, which we teach, is realization. The teaching you receive here is less for personal benefit than your agreement to serve. The Second Coming, if it is understood truthfully in mystic teaching, is the realization of the Christ in all. The claim “Behold, I make all things new” is not the claim of individual enlightenment. It is the gift of the Creator that sings through you to what it sees. You are the ambassador, the light, the bridge, the portal, between the realities. When the individual has accepted the new articulation, the Divine as who and what, when it decides that it cannot be other than it truly is, it happens in an instant, she awakens a thousand more by nature of her presence alone.

To know God, to realize God, happens in a moment. The moment there is a should, there is expectation or demand. You can learn the lessons of these things by being dragged by them, by hiding from them until it is too painful not to change, or you can move into awareness and recognition. Anything may be re-known in the Upper Room, but it cannot be re-known if you are demanding something be the way you would have it be. If you want a happy relationship with anyone, love them as they are. If you deny them love because they are not meeting your expectation, you are denying the Divine not only in them but in oneself. Fear is the basis of every should that is born in outcome. “Why do I deny God, or at least the right to be, in the one I see before me, the right to be as they are, in their folly, in their confusion, in their frustration, or their tears?” You lift another not by denying them love but by loving them more. Love is not hard. It is the denial of love that is so hard. It is the denial of God that creates every problem. Where do you claim another in worth only if he gives you what you want? It takes a moment to realize God where the trouble has been. It takes a moment to re-see a situation. This is a time of opportunity—the individual first and then the collective, at the crossroads of new potential. 

The denial of God in your brother must be attended to for humanity to lift itself to the Upper Room. To deny God in another is to deny God in yourself and everything else you may see. “I am knowing myself as beyond what I have thought as possible.“ Ask yourself now, “Where am I responding in fear?“ The reliance on fear as a tool to get one’s way must be comprehended as a thing you can live without. Who I am is not what I thought or agreed to be as a small self—is the manifestation of the teaching, once it is understood as alchemy. Everything you are encountering now, is part of a process of release of the old and the re-articulation of the new. The True Self knows, and his mandate for expression is the release of all those things that would stand in its way. What could not be loved must be loved. Who was scorned must be embraced. 

Are you willing to release any idea of who you have been? Are you willing to align to a potential that exists beyond the known? The fabric of reality that you have been entrained with is about to shift, and humanity itself will be provoked to a higher octave, lest it perishes in the old. As an individual is lifted to the Upper Room to be re-known, the bias you might hold against this man, the shoulds you would claim him in, must be released. And in this reclamation, the man becomes his inherent divinity. What you are doing is translating them to their original language so that they may be re-known. The Word made flesh is the realignment of form to what has always been. When you claim the Word for another, you are claiming the basis of their creation, and that is what you are lifting to the Upper Room, to be re-articulated. What has been concealed will be re-seen. It need not be pleasant to be magnificent. You do not prepare. You say yes to the uncertain moment. You agree that the path before you will be lit as you walk it, and not a moment before. And you love the one before you, even if that is painful, or a challenge to what you would have wanted as the small self you were. The gift of the times you sit in is re-knowing. The inherent truth of who and what you are has been unmasked, and you will step forward into a new future—naked and unafraid.

  • The revelation of the True Self

The Divine that knows what it is and recognizes itself in others. Each individuated expression of humanity is a perfect imprint of God. You may know anyone or anything in love by agreeing to their essence. You cannot love another when you have decided who the other should be. True love must always be present, just as God is, even when you cannot see it or feel it. The denial of love is also the denial of God. True love requires nothing of anyone. You cannot love another, when you are frightened of losing their love. To assume what something else should be is never love. The formula for loving someone is to gift them with the right to be, even if it’s not what you want. To truly love another is to know God where that being is, inclusive of flaw, or what you would deem flaw. We love you without expectation, without demand. The small self suspects, thinks it out, decides on merit, seeks gain. The True Self loves anyway.

To enforce the mask upon another, the mask that you wish them to wear, is the mandate that must be corrected now for your own liberation. But the treason against the small self, the liberation of it, in fact, from its designs upon others, will grant you the freedom of the Kingdom. The reward of the Kingdom is the gift of being and being without fear. To be without fear is, indeed, to be in peace. To lift it to the Upper Room is not to condone something. It’s to re-know it in a re-articulated state.

“I am in the Infinite” is an agreement to Source as all things. Re-see what you see with the eyes of Christ, and claim what you see as worthy of being. If you have nothing to protect, you have nothing to defend. And all you are defending are the ideas of who you think you are or who others are. In the Upper Room, the idea is present as a new note, “This must be of God, and I may know it as such.” 

You can withstand change, great change, great upheaval—in your lives, in your friendships, in your careers, in your position in society. You can withstand all these things if one thing is present—the awareness that you are lifting with the wave not to be crushed by it but to be set free. It is rebirth as the True Self who has come in place of what you thought you were. The life that you live in new articulation is the life that you would claim if you truly knew it was possible. The eyes of the Christ, the Christ mind in incarnation as you, do not seek to get what they want. 

The requirement for this shift is the willingness to face the unknown. It takes courage, yes. But more than courage, it takes the willingness to step forward and be reclaimed. The aspects of self that would fight most readily against the tide of change are the small self’s idea of what the world is, that was created in longing, or through history, or through false identification of what it means to be. And the lifting of humanity to its inherent nature—which has begun—will shake, from the pockets of all, those things that they have collected in anger or fear, in shame or misunderstanding. As the progression of the Kingdom, which is the realization of the inherent Divine, aligns all things to its true nature, you may say thank you to what you endured, thank you for the challenges of change, and thank you for your willingness to move to the new land, where the rules are uncertain because the new has yet to be named. 

The opportunity for humanity now, is to face the fire, face what has been claimed through fear, with the understanding that you have been participatory to this. To re-know another as they truly are—“I know who you are in truth”—does not have descriptors or misidentification attached to it, because the one you are seeing in knowing, is being reborn into their true identity, which does not hold the fear that claims itself in anger or in worry. You have moved them beyond the agreement of who they think they are through your knowing of who one can only be. Are you willing to reclaim the self without any descriptor that you have used to self-identify that is operating as an obstructor to your realization of your inherent truth? The willingness to release identifiers that obscure the light is the only requirement. The willingness is the key, what is offered can be taken. “On this day, I choose to release myself from any and all names I have used, to serve in a higher accord. I give permission for the entirety of my being to be lifted to the Upper Room in an agreement to its inherent true nature.“ 

Realization, the knowing of what is, the true knowing of what you encounter, will claim you through willingness alone. If you choose to deny the learning of any incident, you will reclaim it at yet another time. There is no fault here, but the opportunities that would come, that would claim you, offer you great promise. There is an awakening happening now. And those who are waking will first cry in remembrance of what they had lost, and then sing in celebration of what is now seen

  • Christ mind

Be not ashamed for your inability to change things. Be not frightened from any confusion that you experience. But do understand that the way is being paved and what you are encountering now, is what needs to be lifted—so that the path may continue to unfold. It is the disassembling of what was so that things may be re-known. By Christ, we mean the Creator that is instilled in each of you at the conception of your soul that seeks expression. The Christ mind itself will change you through your alignment to it. You have come to know the self as in the high octave that you now abide in. “I am experiencing myself in and as this expression of the Christ.” 

As you continue on this path, what you are releasing, again and again, is the certainty of the old. The way you have known yourself, is now releasing so you may claim the identity that is your true inheritance. As you move beyond these ideas, you enter the realm of the uncertain. “Who am I if I am not …? The seeds planted at this new time will grow into fruition without the level of obligation to what has been prior. The period of uncertainty that many of you are now standing in is the period before the first growth appears. Your wishes, in fact, your deepest wish, to know God beyond an idea of separation, is the flower you are tending now. The comprehension of what you now see, will be born for you not by your effort but by your surrender. The idea of separation, the greatest lie humanity has told itself, will claim for you a new way of perceiving. The release of separation, the alignment to the new, is an occurrence. “I say yes to what unfolds now, I agree to move beyond any obstacles. Yes, I am willing. I am willing. I am willing.” 

The Kingdom is indeed the manifest world, raised to its sight as the Divine perceives it. “I am releasing the narrative of identity to the Upper Room to be re-known.” You are in the Upper Room. The pages are aligned to a new story, a new victory, a new love. And as the pages are lifted, a new name is impressed upon the cover—the True Self in manifestation, Who Has Come, Who Has Come, Who Has Come.

Unless you are willing to say, “I see where I preclude God, I see where I deny Source, I see where I refute the potential for love,” you will not be released from the shadow you have claimed yourself in. You will change, you will be re-known, you will be loved. Have you truly chosen to align in fullness? “I am in the Upper Room. I lift all I experience to the Upper Room. And as I say yes to this, I am accorded what is required for me to know.”

  • Epilogue 

Trust yourselves, please, to embark on this journey with us. There is only one requirement, which is alignment, agreement as alignment. You awaken without need, without desire. “Who am I without need? What am I without ambition?” And what you understand, slowly and certainly, is that you are free, free from the prescriptions that you have provoked or aligned through in your manifest world. From the Upper Room what you have become and agreed to be is not so much the emissary of the light but the one who has come as the light to support others in their awakening, in realization, in the True Self that they may now know themselves to be. But know who we are—your teachers, your friends, who know and will always say yes to the manifestation of God that you are and may have forgotten.