Awakening is about letting go!

God is a hidden treasure! The pursuit of God can seem so difficult and evasive, only to find that the Divine is so easily found, hidden in plain sight.  The following is a list of books that I, Pat Evert, have enjoyed and summarized for my benefit and yours.  The summaries are mine and so contain my interpretation of the original books, so I encourage you to read the books for yourself as well.  May these summaries whet your appetite and direct you as to what topics of interest you would like to pursue.

Afterlife of Billie Fingers, by Annie Kagan                                                                 by Author

A Letter to my Congregation, by Ken Wilson                                                           Highlights

All for Love: the transformative power of holding space, by Matt Kahn

American Dirt; a novel, by Jeanine Cummins

A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle

Answers about the Afterlife: a Private Investigator unlocks the mysteries…, by Bob Olson

Answer is YOU; a guide to … freedom, by Joseph P. Kauffman

Application of Impossible Things, by Natalie Sudman

Art of Integration, by Michael Brown

Art of Living, by S.N. Goenka

Ascending with both feet on the ground, by Jeff Brown

Awakened by Death, by KAren Swain

Backwards; Returning to our Souce for answers, by Nanci L. Danison

Be Beautiful, Be You, by Lizzie Velasquez

Becoming, by Michelle Obama

Befriending Yourself, by Jeff Foster and Matt Licata

Beyond the Known: Alchemy, channeled by Paul Selig

Beyond the Known: Kingdom, channeled by Paul Selig

Beyond the Known: Realization, channeled by Paul Selig

Bhagavad Gita, by Sri Swami Sivananda

Bible Tells Me So, by Peter Enns

Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage: an Evangelical’s Change of Heart, by Mark Achtemeier

Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert

Book of Freedom, by Paul Selig

Book of Joy, by Dalai Lama

Book of Knowing and Worth, by Paul Selig

Book of Love and Creation, by Paul Selig

Book of Mastery, by Paul Selig

Book of Truth, by Paul Selig

Changing our Mind, by David Gushee

City of Girls; a novel, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Christian History  Made Easy, by Timothy Paul Jones

Codependent No More, How to stop controlling… and start caring, by Melody Beattie

Color Purple, by Alice Walker

Course in Miracles, by Helen Schucman

Deepest Acceptance; Radical awakening …, by Jeff Foster

Delighting in the Trinity, by Michael Reeves

Does Jesus Really Love Me?, by Jeff Chu

Dying to be Me, by Anita Moorjani

Earth Adventure: the soul’s journey through physical reality, by Ron Scolastico Phd

Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elon Musk … and the quest for a fantastic future, by Ashlee Vance

Embodied Enlightenment, by Amoda Maa

Emotional Life of our Lord, by B.B. Warfield

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, by Peter Scazzero

Eve; a novel, by Wm. Paul Young

Everything is here to help YOU; a loving guide to your soul’s evolution, by Matt Kahn

Explore the Book, by J. Sydlow Baxter

Falling into Grace, Insights on the end of suffering, by Adyashanti

Falling Open in a World Falling Apart, by Amoda Maa

Falling Upward, by Richard Rohr

From Anxiety to Love, by Corinne Zupko

F*ck like a Goddess, by Alexandra Roxo

Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn

Gateway to Recovery, by Jim Hall MS

Generous Spaciousness, by Wendy Gritter

Get some Headspace, by Andy Puddicombe

Ghost Boy, … trapped inside his own body, by Martin Pistorius

Girl at the End of the World; my escape from fundamentalism…, by Elizabeth Esther

Good Book: Reading the Bible with mind and heart, by Peter J. Gomes

Gospel according to Jesus, by Stephen Mitchell

Hacking the Afterlife, by Richard Martini

Healing Power of Loneliness, by Jeff Foster

How to CHANGE your mind; what the new science of psychedelics teaches us … by Michael Pollan

How to Live a Guided Life, by Linda Deir

How to Love a Woman; On intimacy and …, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Hunger of the Pine, a novel, by Teal Swan

I Am the Word, by Paul Selig

I Can See Clearly Now, by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Illuminations for a New Era, by Suzanne Ward

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the O.T., by Peter Enns

Invitation of True Intimacy, by Matt Licata

It Ends with Us; a novel, by Colleen Hoover

It Starts with Us; a novel, by Colleen Hoover

It’s Time to Remember, by Joy S. Gilbert

Jesus and the Essenes, by Dolores Cannon

Jesus is Better, by Jonathan Merritt

Journey Home: a Kryon Parable, by Lee Carroll

Journeys out of the Body, by Robert A. Monroe

Joy of True Meditation, by Jeff Foster

Keepers of the Garden, by Dolores Cannon

Killing Jesus – a History, by Billy O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Liberating Jesus, by Roberta Grimes

Life goes on, dictated by Spirit Andre Luis

Listening to Ayahuasca, by Rachel Harris, PhD

Living the Law of One, 101: The Choice, by Carla Rueckert

Love Addict in Love Addiction, by Jim Hall MS

Love Addiction, Breaking free, by Jim Hall MS

Love Ellen, by Betty Degeneres

Love Wins, by Rob Bell

Love Yourself, as if Your Life Depends on it, by Kamal Ravikant

Loving What Is, by Byron Katie

Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman

Matthew, tell me about Heaven, by Suzanne Ward

Messages of Hope: the Metaphysical Memoir of a Most Unexpected Medium, Suzanne Giesemann

Mind to Matter, How our minds create material reality, by Dawson Church, PhD

More beautiful world our hearts know is possible, by Charles Eisenstein

Most Important Thing, by Adyashanti

My Stroke of Insight; a scientist’s personal journey, by Jill Bolte Taylor

Neurosculpting: a whole brain approach to find … wholeness, by Lisa Wimberger

New Relationship, by Pat Evert

Nosso Lar, dictated by Spirit Andre Luis

Outrageous Openness; letting the Divine take the lead. By Tosha Silver

Overstory; a novel, by Richard Powers

Peace Seeker, by Susan Gilmore

Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

Practice Makes PURPOSE, by C. Paul Schroeder

Presence Process, by Michael Brown

Prophet and Messiah, by Chawkat Moucarry

Real Love … finding unconditional love, by Greg Baer

Resurrection, by Paul Selig

Revelations for a New Era, by Suzanne Ward

Sculptor in the Sky, by Teal Swan

Sea of Memories, by Fiona Valpy

Searching for Sunday; Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church, by Rachel Held Evans

See No Stranger, by Valarie Kaur

Sensitive is the New Strong, by Anita Moorjani

Shack; a novel, by Wm. Paul Young

Sh*t the Moon said; a Story of Sex, Drugs and Ayahuascaby Gerald Armond Powell

Simply Jesus, by N.T. Wright

Song in the Wind, by Sharon Milliman

Soul Keeping, by John Ortberg

Stillness; A Guide to finding your Inner Peace, by Joseph P. Kauffman

Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle

Surprised by Hope, by N.T. Wright

Surrender Experiment, by Michael A. Singer

Surviving Withdrawal, Break-up workbook for love addicts, by Jim Hall MS

Tattoos on the Heart – the Power of Boundless Compassion, by Gregory Boyle

This is How it Always is: A Novel, by Laurie Frankel

Thousand Names for Joy, by Byron Katie

Till We have Faces, by C.S. Lewis

Torn, by Justin Lee

Twelve-Step Program, by Bill Wilson

Understanding Your Grief, … Healing your heart, by Alan D. Wolfelt, PH.D

Universe Always has a Plan, by Matt Kahn

Universe has your back, by Gabrielle Bernstein

Unlocking the Power of Meditation, by Craig Hamilton

Unselfishness of God and How I Discovered it, by Hannah Whitall Smith

Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer

Voice for Love, by Davidpaul and Candace Doyle

Walking the Bridgless Canyon; Repairing the Breach between the Church and …, by Kathy Baldock

Whatever Arises, Love that: a Love Revolution that begins with you, by Matt Kahn

What God said: 25 core messages from conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

What if THIS is Heaven?, by Anita Moorjani

What the Wind Knows; a novel, by Amy Harmon

Wolf’s Message, by Suzanne Giesemann

Your Soul’s Plan, by Robert Schwartz