Application of Impossible Things

My Near Death Experience in Iraq, by Natalie Sudman (a summary by Pat Evert)

During the war in Iraq Natalie was traveling in a Hum-V when they hit an explosive devise. This left her with good vision in one eye, limited mobility in her right wrist, and titanium patches in her skull. Once the bomb exploded she immediately left her body, and simply blinked to a different local. The author had previous experiences with the paranormal. All sources of truth have value to add to our discoveries.

The catalyst
Pop! Upon opening her eyes she was in the center of an arena addressing thousands of white robed beings. This event of being blown up had been planned by her. She uploaded layers of data and information to all these gathered. They were quite impressed by this information. All communication was done through thought, no interruptions or disagreements. It was her choice as to whether she would like to return to her physical body. They agreed upon the mutual services they would give, purposes, etc. They also did some physical repairs on her body. They even engaged in a great deal of goofing off and joking. She took a deep breath and popped back into her body. The truck was still rolling down the road, she had been gone approximately seconds from our standpoint on earth.

The environment
This ‘blink’ environment does not appear as a time/space dimension we are familiar with. She was able to simultaneously see herself in all times and places of her life. This is part of an expanded awareness. Thought is that of a force on its own. There is tremendous potential energy between objects in space. The expanded awareness of the ‘blink’ environment is free of the limits we have in our physical dimension. Consciousness is much more than we experience. What is real? Right? Valuable? Good? Normal?

Personalities, interaction and intent
Most of these thousands of personalities were familiar to her and her equals. They had the ability to focus on any and all persons and situations of this blink dimension. You can experience the wholeness of a person all at once, no need for time to know this one in all their growth and evolution. ESP, sixth sense, telepathy and paranormal are experienced on a level of which were only a taste in our physical life. They were equals without competition. The whole self is aware of all other dimensions and possibilities. We are so much more than what we are aware of, both in our uniquenesses and grandeurs. You are so cool, more than you or I know. All that is, or God, is a force, a consciousness, a presence is an ever expanding reality beyond all we can perceive now. The interests and responsibilities of those in the gathering was quite broad. Energy and consciousness was distributed among them, co-passionately involved together. An infinity of dimensions intertwined and overlapping.

Choice, purpose and responsibility
Once Natalie had submitted the matrix of data to these thousands of personalities it was all absorbed, evaluated and admired in about a second of time. Free will is respectfully allowed. It was her choice to return to this world or not. There was no pressure. Hierarchy of power was entirely absent. She was aware of what agreement she was making. There was no judgment on the part of others. The only possible judgement on her life was probably her own. Enjoyment of the experience seems to be one of the higher values of all these thousands. If it’s not enjoyable, don’t do it.


Religion tells us we are fundamentally sinners, science tells us we are fundamentally survivors. My experience tells me we are fundamentally good and amazingly cool. From expanded awareness every action has meaning and creativity and influences the balance and order of all. What could be viewed as ugly or evil, from another perspective could be beautiful and enlightening. From the view of our whole self, or that of all that is, could be for the growth and experience of all. She could have planned on being blown up and the one who did it could have done this at her request. This could have been a great sacrifice on his part. We are co-passionately good and beautiful beings. Nothing happens to me that I did not plan or co-create. There are no accidents and I am responsible for everything that happens to me. Nothing happens by chance or Gods punishment. In hanging hard onto our beliefs we limit ourselves. No victim stance is necessary and there are no accidents. My joy is affected by believing others can destroy my joy. It’s not because of blame, bad karma, sin or any other. This was my amazing gift to myself, that I created this experience.

Skills and the consciousness body connection
They requested that I return to my physical body for further duties. I was too tired and did not immediately want to. Our skills we utilize in this world are possibly those of our whole self. Artist, doctor, engineer… We rank skills in hierarchy of importance – this does not exist in the blink environment. Some might choose to develop new skills and expand their experience. Everything supports and edifies all and all experiences are appreciated. There are innumerable dimensions, many will overlap with each other, but no dimension has access to all the other dimensions. The physical life can be likened to us participating in a movie. We experience all the emotions, but we don’t consider the story real. We snap out of the trance once the movie is over. In life many experiences can seem unbearable, but afterward it was only an experience to the whole self. You can enjoy the movie, but you can also enjoy being ‘in the movie’.

R & R
In my tired state I was sent to a dimension where I got rest equaling centuries, but in a moment of time on the physical plane. Within it I am without boundaries, limitless. A place of stillness, darkness, but abundant potential light. Deep contentment was felt – deeply private. All consciousness works together to make what we experience. The process of review was not analytical. All experiences are good, engendering growth and with a desirable end. It is more about exploration than evaluation. Expanded consciousness is easily obscured from our perspective in this physical world, but assistance can be sought and obtained when we seek it. As an aid she asked help in erasing some of the limiting false beliefs and memories she had. This would help in knowing more clearly the truth and more willing to explore. Reminders to be kept awake to her whole self.

Feeling and assistance
She moved to a dimension where her healing was initiated. Her right ankle and leg were badly wounded, her right wrist was almost severed, she had a hole in her right torso and a hole in her head where one eye was missing along with a portion of her sinus and brain. They were not entirely healed immediately, some was left for experience. From the healing environment her body was seen as it is in fields of energy and was repaired through a matrix. Inside we are healthy and whole. The energy of thought can move the physical. Two personalities helped her in this work. We share with these personalities awareness, preferences, etc. They discussed different scenarios of how much to leave unhealed. If they had healed all wounds, they imagined how many would have exclaimed how lucky she was to have escaped without a scratch. So many believe that if you receive bad experiences you must have done something bad to have deserved it.

Jumping off
I took a deep breath and popped back into my body. Even after returning to our physical realm, at any time she can veer from any of the original intents. Nine personalities are with her at this time to guide and assist. These have great abilities to move or create solid objects, change events by thought or appear as human, to mention a few. But they interrupt as little as needed. They are always working for the greatest good of the one they are assisting. They are better at multitasking than we are, helping us and so much more. But, they cannot violate our free will.


The application of Impossible things
Existence beyond the physical is wonderfully beautiful, yet so is this life in the physical. Being blown up, I felt like I was flying a jet through a narrow gorge upside down. Conscious awareness makes the difference.
After the incident I would be in healing for quite awhile. Those who rescued me would go on in their miserable job seeing some of the worst situations of war. Violence is pointless, what had been moved forward as a result of this? I remembered what my blind grandma had said, ‘you don’t need eyes to see.’ Instantaneous decisions are made by our whole selves in emergencies. All the people involved overlap and effect all the rest. And all would have different experiences and perspectives. Probable and optional realities could both simultaneously exist. Maybe we split off on some probably realities and later reconverge with others. I chose this life at this place and time, I might as well participate. All the pain, surgeries, shots, etcetera, yet I have not felt traumatized. What is real and enduring is the whole self. Every existence has value and is as it should be, in no need of being fixed. No matter how insignificant that one may seem, one person changes the world for the better, just by imagining it. We all add to the creation as co-creators. Every creation is infinitely good and beautiful. Each and every consciousness makes a necessary contribution to it all. There are innumerable dimensions in this universe. Just because my five physical senses cannot detect things, it does not mean they are not real.