Awakened by Death

Stories of transformation, by KAren Swain (a summary by Pat Evert)

When humanity realises we are here on this beautiful planet for a short adventure, and after we have finished we will return from whence we came—back to a world of unconditional love and infinite possibility, we may start to enjoy the adventures and challenges we have here in this environment. We will see them for what they are, lessons in expansion and spiritual growth. The transformation a human personality can experience when confronted with something that has long been believed as the most traumatic experience of our lives—death! To let people know there is NO DEATH and even though our physical body may cease to exist, our mind and soul live on to explore and experience other adventures in the infinitely vast creations of the eternal reality.

  • The Message, KAren Swain 

This is a message everyone needs to know, not just intellectually, not just as a fun story in a book, but intrinsically, openly and living through our hearts. This realisation has the potential of transforming our world and the way we live in it. They said to me: “I AM NOT DEAD!” My mother left this world when I was sixteen-years-old. She passed from her physical body at the age of 50, after suffering the ravages of cancer and chemotherapy. Over the years I dreamt about her many times, especially in my early twenties. She came to deliver a message and in every dream she had the same thing to say to me. “I am not dead.” I would think she’d abandoned me after she informed me she didn’t die. We seldom stop to think about perfecting the circumstances of our inner world, our mind. Was she showing me the source that was causing much of the unhappiness I felt in my life? I had felt abandoned by the one person who was supposed to love me the most: My Mother. She wanted me to know she was always with me and I could be with her anytime I wanted to. She was trying to communicate to me that I was loved and that I can never be abandoned. I saw my mother’s face in profile. As clear as day, just her face. It was one of the clearest visions I had ever seen. As I stared at her she turned to look straight at me, with piercing eyes and a serious look on her face. That day I lost my best friend, Kate. 

I was so angry with Kate. How could she leave me again? But she never left. In fact she had much more to tell me after her transition than in the months leading up to it. She had a lot to offer the world. Her normal passionate and appreciative attitude about life was such a joy to be around. I knew she had returned to the pure positive energy we all come from and she was viewing life from this expanded eternal perspective and had all the knowing of the universe. I was not crying for her, I was crying for me. I wanted her back. The essence of Kate’s being was not confined to her body now, but I definitely felt her with me. Now I was inside her! I was inside a huge energy that seemed to stretch beyond the boundaries of space and time. Our life together and our relationship was continuing as if she had never left. I was in a reality that felt more real than most of my waking physical life. She told me she had been with others in their nightly existences, but they were not available to remember the experience because of the sadness they felt when they refocused back into their physical life.

  • We don’t die, Sandra Champlain 

“The voice”, that negative voice that says things like, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not special” or “I’m stupid.” One of the messages my voice had told me was to not trust anyone. Over the years I became a sceptic. I have spent so much of my life bad-mouthing and ridiculing people who believed in “woo woo spiritual stuff” that there was no way I was going to tell anyone that I became one of those people. My grandmother had passed away before my father, then my dad died resulting in the relationships with my siblings dying, as well. Grief is nature’s way of our brains and body adjusting to a new reality. Anytime we have a significant loss, we grieve. The more we love the stronger these connections are. If you can imagine someone addicted to a drug you can imagine how strong the attachment is in their body and mind. When we take away the drug what happens? Withdrawal. As with the drug addict, it takes the grieving person time for the brain chemistry to balance itself again. Moments of pain have the ability to give us some of our biggest life lessons and awakenings. Instead of being a victim of my own grief I had the opportunity to share what I knew with others. I was discovering that the way to get peace for myself was to help others who were hurting as well. The outside world sees us for who we really are while our inner critic tries hard to convince us that we are less than that. My transformation continued. I became the confident person people saw me as and less and less did I believe the negative thoughts coming from my own mind. “I am perfect just the way I am. I have been created in God’s image. Everything that I may feel is a struggle or imperfection, is actually a gift to me. All humans are perfect, experiencing their own opportunities for growth as I am experiencing mine. One of the opportunities I picked is to learn to love myself exactly as I am. I trust God and the Universe that my life is unfolding exactly the way it is meant to be. Fear exists in my life as a challenge and a game. I realize that fear is normal and that I cannot ever really get hurt. I know that it is only an illusion. I truly believe if you don’t have the fear of dying you won’t have the fear of living life to the fullest. 

  • Hit By A Truck – An Atheist Visits Heaven, Nancy Rynes 

I noticed something very odd: my consciousness was in two places at once. It seemed like the animal or survival-focused part of my consciousness stayed under the truck in my body, hanging on to the axle, whimpering, and trying not to get run over. That part of me was all about fear, raw emotion, and survival. But another part of my consciousness watched the whole accident unfold from out in front and to the side of the SUV! How could this be? While this “observer” was definitely me, she did not feel any panic or fear. Her state of being was calm, thoughtful, and loving. She felt she was witnessing something sad but also something that was supposed to happen in the way it was unfolding. The observer-me knew everything would be OK, so why be frightened? I’ve come to understand that this “observer” was what some would call my soul-consciousness or soul-body. I had this dual sense of consciousness for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few minutes. One moment my consciousness was in two separate places and in the next, both parts were back together in my broken body. In total, at least 24 of my bones suffered breaks, some in multiple places so it was impossible to determine an exact number of fractures. The majority of the fractures were in my spine, with the most immediate problem being a shattered L1 vertebrae. When that vertebra burst apart in the crash, sharp bits of bone lodged in my spinal canal and were dangerously close to severing my spinal cord. I was still within a millimeter or so of being a paraplegic. 

I did drift off as the anesthesiologist gave me my “cocktail,” but it wasn’t to the gray state of nothingness that I expected. I didn’t realize it at the time but my body reacted badly to the anesthesia, causing my heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure to flatline for 2-3 minutes. While the surgical team fought to pull my body back from death, I had no sense of their frantic attempts at resuscitation. Instead, I found myself standing in a spectacular landscape unlike any I’d ever experienced. Warm breezes drifted across my skin. Beautiful vistas of meadows and distant mountains surrounded me. And a pervasive, loving presence overwhelmed me in its intensity. Below the surface forms and colors of the landscape, I somehow saw or sensed vibrating energy. Colors seemed intensified by it. And a feeling of love flowed through everything and heightened this underlying energy. I didn’t know how it was possible to feel love as if it were a physical presence or energy, but I did. My being vibrated with love to its core. Love-energy flowed around me like a gentle current, washed through me, and eventually captured me by the heart. I was loved, even though I hadn’t believed in any kind of God or Divine Presence for most of my life. In that place, love felt like a normal, physical force. An angel, Mary, strolled with me through the landscape. We marveled at the flowers that vibrated with colors that I can’t describe in human words. Trees formed a canopy overhead, pearly sunlight filtering through the branches. I enjoyed walking, feeling healthy again with no pain, sensing the cool grass beneath my bare feet and the warm breezes on my face. I volunteered for my little task of being a messenger of these insights to as many people as needed to hear them. I felt Mary’s allowing of Spirit to take care of everything. She didn’t fight the flow of love and wisdom coming into her from the Divine. She simply relaxed spiritually and allowed Divine energy to flow into her and to work through her. No angst or fighting for control. Simple allowing. 

I saw how the choices I made impacted others, not just from my own perspective but from theirs, as well. Mary allowed me a glimpse inside of the people with whom I had interacted in my life. I felt their hurt when I inadvertently hurt them. I felt their happiness when I was kind. This was my life review. I assumed that a spiritual existence would be all seriousness, solemnity, and stern faces but she allowed me to see how playful, loving, and joy-filled it could be. When the nurse rolled me into surgery I was an atheist, but I came out a true believer and spiritual seeker. Some part of me, the “old me” kept trying to deny the experience altogether though, thinking that living the rest of my life might be easier if I just ignored being in Heaven. Fortunately for me, this internal struggle lasted only a few months. I realized I was happier and more loving by accepting my NDE as real so I relaxed, allowing the experience to begin to transform my life. Living the gifts of those teachings from Heaven helps me stay calm, loving, centered, present, peace-filled, spiritual, and happy. Life shouldn’t be all seriousness, struggle, and self-improvement though. Have fun! Spend time with family or friends. Laugh and enjoy yourself. Be grateful for what you do have rather than worrying about what you don’t.

  • The Girl with the Frangipanis in Her Hair, Dave Byron 

Life’s too short to keep wallowing in all the bad stuff. There had been a bombing at the nightclub. I had nowhere to go, I blamed everybody and everything. I was lost in the misery and everything was dark. I went through the nightclub again and again, and it was always a similar story –everybody dead. It was a third-world hospital, with no bandages, no drugs, no needles, just nothing. We barged through and saw people screaming everywhere. More bodies were being brought in as we spoke, bodies from a garbage truck, bodies in cars, and there was a whole line of people outside with horrific injuries. The lack of blood was due to everybody’s wounds had been cauterized in the fire—which is why there was no bleeding. We stayed for the rest of that week hoping to find our daughter Chloe, and then we went home to Sydney. “Dave, Dave, we found her, we found Chloe, she is coming home tomorrow.” I could have kissed her. I said, “Oh darling thank you so much.” Then she realised what she did and how she said it. Her face changed and she said, “Oh I am so sorry, I think I said that wrong. She is coming home tomorrow in a coffin. We found the body and bits and pieces of her. I am so sorry Dave.” Then she walked away and I closed the door. If you’re going to get on with life, you gotta make a decision. I can’t walk around all day kicking my jaw with a long face, and no one will blame me if I did. So instead I think of a lot of good things, fun things we did together, and I step forward, step up, and enjoy this life. There’s a lot of people that go through a lot more than what I’ve been through, a lot of people. I just have to step up to the main game and do the best I can on a daily basis. I can see my daughter’s laughter in a lot of people. I can see so much of her everywhere I look. I live life to its fullest as much as I can, with as many good thoughts as I can. The memories can be draining and tiring, but I shine that light on it so it doesn’t hide in the dark places of my mind. I have to say I am proud of myself, through all of this having developed what I call God’s pillow. That’s the two or three seconds I take to respond to something that’s happening I don’t like. I don’t react anymore. I take that 2 or 3 seconds and think, it could be someone rushing to the hospital with a sick child. It could be any number of things they need help or a hand with, and by the time I’ve said that to myself there’s no anger left. There’s no reaction. 

  • I Died to Learn How to Live, Krista Gorman 

My heart stopped at 9:18am. I felt completely and utterly free! Unencumbered by my physical body, I was timeless and eternal and felt absolutely amazing! It was as if the physical body had never existed and all that did exist was my consciousness. Moving at the speed of light I was whisked out of the room, through a flash of bright white space and into a dense, dark one. It was made up of the same particulate matter as me and I merged with it, into it, and was blissfully reabsorbed. It felt like coming home, like I was where I’d always been and would always be. I was reconnected again with my source, and the connection was utterly indescribable! It was a deep, eternal, everlasting love that was absolutely everything. We were a seamless flow of love energy, creational energy. It was completely blissfully incredible, the pure, divine love that was everything. Every particle of me and every particle of the landscape vibrated to the same frequency of that divine love. It was ecstasy! 

My next memory was of feeling a terrible pain in my chest. I was back in my body. It was 9: 26 a.m. For several weeks after coming home from the hospital, I was in another world. I’d carried the energy of the afterlife with me: that divine love was still there, within me, flowing through me. Prior to my death, I was a type A-personality. I was organized and somewhat regimented. Afterward, I literally had no cares in the world. The anxiety I always felt about nearly everything was completely gone, my intensity had dissolved into a pure acceptance and peace, and they really didn’t know what to make of me! At that point, I still hadn’t remembered my experience in the afterlife. Then, one beautiful morning I awoke after having a dream. It was a dream so vivid, so real. In fact, it was hyper-real, surpassing any known experience of what we call “reality” here. In my dream state, I’d re-experienced my NDE. Afterward happiness always felt out of reach, and despite the fact that I’d experienced such undefinable divine love, I always felt unworthy of it. I actually came back to do and help others do, too. I had to learn how to love myself in this body form and then practice that self-love on a daily basis. The divine love that not only I am but the love we all are, because the “I” that I am is the same “I” that you are. We are true reflections of one another. The lesson I’d learned in the afterlife had shown me something much more fundamental. It had taught me self-love. Loving ourselves is the single most important thing we could do on this earth because from that perspective flows all other forms of divine love. No one prevented me from caring for myself, what prevented me was ego. Since then I’ve met my Twin Soul, my other half, in Ainsley, who also had a NDE. Together we are walking a path of love and light to share with the world. I never knew I could be loved so deeply, so purely, and love equally in return. Allowing for that love to permeate and integrate into our being required for ego to take a back seat. Had we both resisted and continued to do so, our relationship would not have been able to develop in the divine way it has. This kind of higher love is possible for everyone if we can release ourselves from the confines of ego and open up to the all-encompassing beauty of Love. 

  • A Lifetime of Evidence, Frances Ray Key

I knew I’d been forever changed. Some part of me was no longer present – the part of me that had so often been angry and frustrated in my life. I described it to someone as if ”All the Frankie-ness is gone.” And I knew it wasn’t coming back. There was a silence in the depth of my soul, a listening that I’d never been aware of before. For many months I was bombarded with a series of conceptual realizations, which were accompanied by Mother’s voice giving detailed explanations, examples, analogies, methods, affirmations and prayers. Most of the information came unbidden. You felt you were being “hit between the eyes” with a single concept or even a whole set of principles, and afterward you couldn’t believe that you hadn’t grasped before what was now so obvious, clear and simple. Although some of the basic concepts she talked about were familiar to me, there were just as many that I could never have dreamed of, had never heard of, and certainly had never looked at from that particular point of view. Spiritual Team members can and will break the bonds of what is considered “normal” human experience to bring forth something they know it is time to divulge. As Mother teasingly put it to me, they know “how to make hay while the sun shines!” All the problems I’d had with headaches, ruptured disc pain and fatigue faded away. I felt lighter, freer, happier, and younger! I was healed on every level -emotionally and physically. Grudges, unforgiveness, and outbursts of anger dissolved as if they had never existed. I felt pure love for all of humanity. “You are not alone. You’re not even functioning as one person. Nobody is. For you are a member of a team, a spiritual team as close to you as breathing.” Without a doubt, connecting with the Team and being their scribe has been the ultimate experience of my lifetime. A lifetime of evidence has given me a certainty about the nature of life and death. We are all here to contribute to the evolution of humanity and the Earth by pursuing our own spiritual evolution.

  • Love Never Dies: My Son in the Afterlife, Elisa Medhus, MD 

He was finally diagnosed with severe Bipolar Disease, a vicious monster that took him to the darkest caves of depression from which he eventually never surfaced. Then came that horrible Tuesday, October 6, 2009, that deep chasm that tore my life into two parts—the “before” and the “after”—when Erik killed himself at twenty-years-old. “Does my son still exist? If so, where is he? How is he?” In all the tragic turmoil; however, it was Erik who came to provide us with comfort. 

The second night after his death, he came to my husband in an uncharacteristically vivid dream. In that dream, they were both standing near my husband’s, Rune’s new Ford F-350, a truck that my son drooled over with great pride. Then Erik said in joyous excitement, “I feel so wonderful! I’m so light and free. It’s an amazing feeling. Here, Pappa, feel.” And when Erik reached out to grab his father’s hands, Rune was overcome with a sense of intense euphoria unlike any sensation he’s had before. It was a feeling of joy, love, comfort, lightness, and freedom that simply cannot be described in our limited language as humans. After a few moments, Erik let go of Rune’s hands, leaned toward him and said, “This is what I felt like before.” Rune then felt the deep despair and darkness that had long tormented his son. The world felt heavy and unwelcoming. Rune knew Erik was trying to convey that he was fine, in fact happy for the first time in years. From that moment, healing for our family had begun. Erik’s grandfather, José, had a similar experience. Three days after Erik died, my militantly atheist father called me, voice filled with panic. He explained that he was sitting in his chair reading the paper when he looked up to see Erik standing in front of him. Then Erik turned into the little boy version of himself and crawled onto his grandfather’s lap and snuggled against his chest. My father felt, without a doubt, that Erik’s presence was real. He felt the warmth of his grandson’s small body and the love that emanated from his presence. Erik’s visit challenged the very foundation of the staunch beliefs my father had held for decades. “I’m so startled! I don’t know what to believe!” he cried. 

That was the crack—the beginning of my journey from skeptic to believer. Still, after each of these experiences, time would pass and doubts would creep in. My science background and atheist upbringing would take over. “Did I imagine it all? The Erik sightings and experiences, maybe they were all in my head?” has revealed to me that love truly knows no boundaries. Relationships never end if we are willing to open our hearts and minds beyond what we think are absolutes. My life review made me feel like I had been cast in a role and played it, and when it was over, I got to read the reviews, knowing I was just a character in the play that was my life. It’s weird . . . because I knew that whatever choices I’d made were just a part of that play. As a human, I was playing myself. As a spirit, I truly am myself, and I’m looking back at the part I played.” I found out that I am stronger and braver than I thought I was. With the help of my very supportive family, I was able to dig down deep and find the courage I needed to turn something tragic and dark into something positive and uplifting. Vulnerability, we need to feel first and think second and that takes being mindful of our own intuition, our heart space. we can achieve one of the most important things as humans—emotional honesty. By listening to our heart, we can be emotionally honest with ourselves and others and that paves the way to a life of love.

  • Talking to the Dead, Garnet Schulhauser 

I discovered that this man, whose name is Albert, was not really a homeless person, but one of my spirit guides in disguise, manifesting in a physical form no one else could see. He did this to answer all of my vexing questions and awaken me to my mission on earth. I am confident, without any doubt, that everything that Albert tells me is the “real” truth. Albert’s goal is to enlighten humanity with his revelations about our true nature as eternal souls, as we progress through the cycle of reincarnation on planet Earth. 

In a reading with a young girl who had been kidnapped and murdered came the following message to her former parents. “You both have many more experiences to enjoy on Earth, so forget about the past and treat today as your new beginning. Of course I forgive you, Mommy, except there is nothing to forgive. You didn’t cause my death; I left that incarnation when my soul was ready to leave. I incarnated as Emma to help you and Daddy experience the things you both needed for your evolution, and dealing with my tragic death was an acid test to see if you had the courage to overcome this adversity and emerge even stronger than before. Losing a child at an early age often leads to divorce, prolonged depression, or even suicide. Please don’t fall into this trap. And above all, be sure to forgive yourself. You can’t truly love and forgive others until you love and forgive yourself. Your journey on Earth will be happier if you accept love and forgiveness as your guiding principle.” 

NDEs are just one example of a human epiphany designed to infuse hope and inspiration to those who are fortunate enough to experience this phenomenon. The common denominator for all of these experiences is that these people will undergo profound changes to their outlook on life once they leave the hospital. They will most often chart new courses for the remainder of their time on Earth, bolstered with the knowledge that they will continue to exist after death. NDEs are not identical, as they are tailored to suit the individual. But, in all cases, the out-of-body traveler will be enveloped in limitless, divine love, imbued with the knowledge that they will return to this blissful nirvana when their time on Earth is over. Evil, as you know it on Earth, does not exist in the Spirit Realm, and that term could never be applied to a soul over here no matter what it has done in its previous incarnations. The evil perpetrated by humans on Earth stays behind when their souls cross over to the Spirit Side, and the only baggage they bring back are the memories of their journeys on Earth. 

  • The Second Earth, Cyrus Kirkpatrick 

In summary, the afterlife is not one-size-fits-all. There are both physical realms like ours, and mental “higher” realms, plus millions of gradients in between.

  • I Choose Love, Scarlett Lewis 

I realised then that Adam Lanza had murdered Jesse (at Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre) but that he hadn’t murdered JT and I. I was determined that we would be OK, we would turn the tragedy into something to help make the world a better place, and that we would feel joy again. It was this incredible feeling of joy. And I thought about this dichotomy: how can I be feeling this joy when I’m feeling such terrible grief. I realized: Oh my gosh for the first time in my life I’m completely devoid of fear. I have no fear, I am not afraid to die. I had experienced every parent’s worst nightmare, I was living it and so I have nothing left to be afraid of. I had complete compassion for myself. There was no judgement. I knew that if I had been able to make those choices based in love and not in fear, that it would have not only benefited me, it would have benefited the world. And so then and there I truly made a commitment to myself that I would start basing all my decisions in love. Why does it take a tragedy for everyone to coalesce and come together and to do incredible acts of kindness and for things to change? When you’ve had such a terrible loss you realise how love is the only way, and you realise it’s the reason why we’re all here and that’s the only way you can live your life. Everything boils down to two fundamental elements: fear and love. On the day of his death I noticed a message he had written shortly before he died on our kitchen chalkboard. He had written 3 words, “Nurturing, Healing, Love.” I knew those words are not in the vocabulary of a 6-year-old. I knew I would spend the rest of my life spreading this message, to choose love. 

So I started feeling grateful for the things I still had in my life, and we have a lot to be grateful for. So that’s the first step. The second step is being able to contemplate forgiveness for yourself and others. We also know through science that each one of us has between 60-80,000 thoughts per day, and research tells us that between 70 and 80% of those thoughts are negative—angry and non-productive. When we understand this it makes us want to be mindful of our thoughts. So please, take an angry thought and change it into a loving thought. Just one thought a day. you will create a more peaceful, loving and better world. It’s about choosing love over anger, and we can all do it. We have the courage to do it. This allowed the survivors of the Rwanda genicide to step outside of their own universe of pain and to instead be in service, sharing their story with others; and in that way, they found meaning in the suffering by helping other people. 

  • Love Eternal –A Soul’s Journey, Ainsley Threadgold 

As a 13 year old kid he was run over by a car and his leg was broken. He was guided to understand that part of the original circumstances of his accident would be overwritten, that going back to an earthlife would mean not only being different, but entering into a physically different body. I knew in that moment that I would have to live for many years without any memory of my experience but I would be affected by it. I was guided by images of God being uncontainable, and my being in church was narrowing my perspective; I was boxing in God because I thought I should. Stop, just for a moment and realise that everything is perfect and had to happen in the way it happened to bring us all to this moment. What happens after this now is completely up to us. We can’t fail, whatever it is that we decide to do. Every breath we take carries the plan to perfection – and not just the plan for the individual, but for the collective. Not just for the collective, but the planet. Not just the planet, but the universe as a whole. Where I have felt guilty for being the cause for so much of the upset when I was still with my ex, I now see the plan – I see that we both chose to play these parts so that we could be who we are now and interact with who we are with now. It is not just me who is divinely happy and healing, she is on her path, too. Being a person within herself who is happier and more self-assured. Our greatest gifts have always been the love that we can show to ourselves. These times have helped us to also help others. We have seen the healing energy of our stories enliven people by helping them to see that they deserve that level of love too, not just from others or from the outer universe, but from themselves – from their hearts, creating and recreating that heaven that dwells in all of us. I know you can find this love within you, too. Through my experience, I remembered this love dwells within and is the makeup of every soul and the driving force of our lives, creating and recreating that heaven that dwells within all of us.

  • Heaven is Empty Wisdom From The Other Side, Yvonne Ballard 

Many reincarnated beings want to experience extreme low vibrations of war, death, disease, control and destruction. Other beings want to experience high vibrations of peace, love and harmony. All experiences are valid and all beings choose. There are no victims. We are all Creator Gods. Refrain from judgment because you don’t know what kind of life an entity chose to experience. In my NDE I felt what others have described as unconditional love, however this feeling went way beyond that. The feeling was like that moment of pure ecstasy when you and your lover climax at the same time and all energies are one – body, mind and soul! That moment of ecstasy is what I felt all of the time. It was the merging of all beings in perfect oneness. I zoomed around visiting billions and billions of perspectives for what seemed like decades. At this point, I had no idea I had been in intensive care for almost a month. everyone comes for their own reason. Many simply come to experience the lower vibrations available only in the third dimension. Earth specifically has the most complete array of 3D vibrations available. 

First, detoxify your system.  Next, clean food, water and juices. Next, go old school and pause before taking anything into your body and thank it from your whole heart for giving its life to you. Thank the people who prepared it. Another vital step to healing and thriving is to utilize pranic breathing. Later we can stop eating plants and animals. This will reduce the fear vibrations on the planet and greatly and substantially help in getting us firmly into the 5th dimension. Modern systems are built on competition, which instills fear. Religions, schools, businesses and governments are all built on rules and these rules lead to worry which is fear. Fear leads to an inability to relax or sleep. Relaxation, deep breathing and sleep are the very best ways to allow healing energy into your body. You must trust yourself and your body. You should not work at all let alone hard. You should do what you love. We are going to have to stop doing what other people want us to do because this causes disease and death. The Earth we are heading to has no death. Children are being born with little to no amnesia so they can impart wisdom and help the transformation into the 5th dimension. Many people are connecting with their higher selves. The Internet is the preamble to telepathy. We are getting used to being open and honest with each other. It is teaching us to empathize and understand one another. The Internet has massive information available and this teaches us to easily and quickly access data and use it. This is preparing us to access what some people call The Akashic Records. All others are Creator Gods just like you. When we accept all people and all paths and when we serve others and ourselves with no judgment or expectations, we are well on our way to unity consciousness. Magical beings especially fairies, are frequently seen by children and animals. They are all still here, they just exist on a different frequency. Like aliens, magical beings, animals and marine life know how to change their vibrations and become invisible to humans. As we increase our vibration, we will be able to see all these beings and interact with them again.