Awakening is a willingness to be transformed for others; a trust and surrender to be led into love. 

The priviledge of awakening is like going from insanity to a sound mind. It is much like crossing a point of no return, where the one taking the leap isn’t the one landing on the other side1. We have become brainwashed by ego. By its continual mind talk I have become convinced that the world is a prison and I’m constantly on the defensive. Everything is an enemy or a possible enemy spy. I need to take back control of my mind by love, being convinced that I live in a universe of love, a paradise. The mind needs to be retrained, to get it out of the insane negative thought loops and incessant defensiveness of comparison, fear and judgment. Becoming conscious of this predicament is the first step. Step two is to start doing things consciously, like breathing. Concentrate on what you are doing rather than allowing your unconscious mind to carry you throughout the day. This unconsciousness has convinced me that I am a needy, depraved human. But in reality I am a perfect, divine being, whose true essence is love. My behavior then flows from who I think I am.

–  Process
The process has been in gentleness and with great patience. Ego has distracted us from our true nature and convinced us of a false identity by the human costume we have taken on, our amnesia, and the collective unconsciousness. We now need to rise above thought and identification with form. Be aware of stillness, within and without while going through this awakening process. It is not something attained, but it dawns upon me. I have much mental/emotional baggage to unpack, like collective conditioning of the personality. The ego filter interpretes our experiences giving us our perception. Be aware of your judgments, don’t be totally identified with them, but rise above thinking. See the other human being as they truly are. Be aware of the present moment. Everything essential is invisible to the eye. You cannot see me, only my physical costume. Relationships begin with physical attraction -> we then encounter a problematic person behind the physical attraction. Go even deeper to the soul. Dissociate from fault-finding, prejudice, identity politics of seeing others as a concept rather than a being. There is much more to us than personality. You are a person with history, form, etc, but SO MUCH MORE. Ego forms its identity by attaching to some things and forming enemies of others. The collective ego is even more insane than the personal. You give yourself to the collective, serving a monster. Stay conscious in a largely unconscious environment, otherwise unconsciousness will suck you in. Transcendence is the ability to step out of the stream of thinking into consciousness2. Through challenges or suffering we awaken. Without it there would be no evolution, you would just remain asleep. Maintain some of your attention in presence. Know who you are, identified with none so you can be one with all. Don’t derive your identity from thought, but rather conscious presence. Don’t convert a challenge into suffering by incessant thought. What is worse? The situation or my story of it? Guard against the dysfunctional state of unhappy unconsciousness. Each new obstacle in life is supposed to happen. It is a tailor made growth opportunity.

The universe, including so many who can see clearly, have known all along what is best for me, and with gentle, loving kindness led me perfectly, loved me perfectly. That which I most treasured has been touched, to liberate me from my attachment that is most holding me back from awaking. Though I feel like I can take on no more stress, yet others know how much I can take and with understanding lead me in my metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. So thankful for the ongoing discovery of my divinity. Thankful for the eyes of Christ, which alone can see through the illusion of separation, scarcity and fear. What does my heart and soul want more than anything else? Is it to awaken? Whatever my true self wants, I will call it to myself and the love of the universe will give it to me. It will deny me nothing. This is very scary to the ego. But nevertheless I am awaking and ego is unraveling, dissolving and returning to Source. It is as sure as the God of love.
Be aware of ego, but don’t focus on it. Suffering brings about this awakening, it brings us out of concepts and deepens our experience of consciousness. Consciousness awakens in you. Unconsciousness is to be swept away with thinking, such that you identify with your thoughts and emotions instead of your conscious equanimity of knowing your essence. Don’t believe your thoughts as real.

– Illusions 

  • Separation, God is inseparably within you and you within God; one with the entire universe.
  • Scarcity, you cannot lack anything any more than God can.  
  • Imperfection, you are not capable of being anything other than perfection, except in your own mind.3
  • Physical world, what appears solid is 99.9% space.
  • Ego, the prime illusion is that I am what I think4
  • Sin, separation from God (others).
  • Judgment, God cannot be disappointed and judges nothing. All that happens is His will.
  • Fear, there is nothing to fear.

The truth is hidden deep within, under a heavy cloud of insane thoughts. Love and only love is real. Turn inward, to enter very deeply into your own heart. Try to sink down and inward, away from the world and all its foolish thoughts. Things are not as they appear. You are trying to reach past all these things, to leave appearances and approach reality.