Returning to Our Source for Answers, by Nanci L. Danison (a summary by Pat Evert)

Every out of body, afterlife, and near-death experience recorded has been filtered through that particular narrator’s vocabulary, education level, knowledge base, perspectives, religious beliefs, and communication skills. I learned of our true nature and why we are here, so that more of us may understand that each of us has the power inside to change our life and our future simply by awakening to the wonder of who we truly are.

Part I –We Have It Backwards
Life Is a Matter of Perspective
Nothing gives one a better perspective on life–nothing–not intelligence, insight, enlightenment or religion–nothing teaches more about human life than leaving it. What we call the “afterlife” is more accurately understood as the reality of our all-encompassing lifetime as a nonphysical Being of Light or Energy—a reality so profoundly different from human existence that we literally lack both vocabulary and concepts to adequately describe it. Experiencing life after death firsthand, and accessing these universal truths, imprinted upon my mind what no amount of human learning could ever achieve–definitive answers to all my existential questions. We all have extraordinary talents accessible at will through the power of our Light Being essence. We are in fact beings capable of changing the entire universe by merely acknowledging and behaving in sync with our own true nature. We can raise our level of awareness by simply shifting our perspective from that of the human host to the Being of Light within, to live and love without fear. We are not helpless pawns shuffled whimsically by a vengeful God, but rather powerful spiritual beings weaving our own life tapestries through choice.

What is God?
It is the source from whence all things come and of which all things are still part. Source is not an individual at all. God/Source is simultaneously both a single, unified field of energy and a collective being composed of all of creation, including us. In other words, there is only one being in our universe. We are all expressions of God. When you see with your eyes, you see through the eyes of God and he experiences reality through yours. Manifesting reality is a skill unique to Beings of Light, including the Prime Light Being called Source. Source, and to a more limited extent all Light Beings, can focus attention and intention like a laser beam to concentrate thought energy into various physical forms for extended or limited periods of time. With Sourcebeams, the slower their vibration oscillates the more solid they appear to human senses. There is no solid matter per se; it is only the limitations of human sensory organs that make some vibrations of Source Energy appear solid to us. As an analogy, think of it as the reverse phenomenon of flipping a stack of single frames of pictures very quickly to make the characters appear to move, which is how cartoons are made. Now reverse the process so that the pictures are flipping so slowly that the image appears to stand still. We call that perception solid matter, even though the pictures are still flipping too slowly for the human eye to see. The universe is creation born of pure joy and the thrill of witnessing one’s own thoughts manifested into reality. Source’s insatiable curiosity inspired it to spin and weave an energetic tapestry of immense intricacy and wonder. Source’s purpose is to delight not only itself as a unified Being of Light, but also itself as a Collective Being composed of all the bits of self-awareness invested into thought-forms populating the universe like characters in a dream. It is the very nature of Source manifestations to follow a cycle of out and then back in again, like a rubber band stretching then contracting. All Energy vibrations must eventually increase as they boomerang back toward merger into Source, which exists at the highest vibrational level. Most of the time we operate in what I call “human mode,” meaning we allow human nature to predominate our thoughts and feelings. There would be no more conflict, no more aggression, no more drama, no more unease, displeasure, or even disease if we were to accept our Oneness—our Oneness as God. But Source’s love never fails, is never withheld, and is always given on a far grander scale than we can imagine. Source love is complete, unrestricted, non-judging, unconditional, and fulfilling. Source personifies joyous, warm, immeasurable love. It is love like you cannot even imagine while in human mode. You have projected the role of “parent” onto God, and have thus come up with a God Who judges and rewards or punishes, based on how good He feels about what you’ve been up to. But this is a simplistic view of God, based on your mythology. It has nothing to do with Who I Am. We have “humanized” the God of our understanding precisely so that we can understand, and ultimately “control,” our relationship with Source. Such conditional parental love has no counterpart with Source. Source exercises no supervisory role over us. We do not have to earn our place with God. We already are part of it! Our creator loves every miniscule morsel of its creations with intensity beyond the brilliance of the sun. The Source I experienced is the most curious and inquisitive being/entity you could ever imagine. Source created our universe simply to know itself from different, separate perspectives. Curiosity inspired Source to subdivide itself into little bits of Sourcebeams that could be slowed down enough to experience a type of artificial separateness. It reasoned, quite correctly, that any portion of Itself would necessarily have to be less than the whole, and that if It thus simply divided Itself into portions, each portion, being less than the whole, could look back on the rest of Itself and see magnificence. And so All That Is divided Itself–becoming, in one glorious moment, that which is this, and that which is that. For the first time, this and that existed, quite apart from each other. And still, both existed simultaneously. That is the entire purpose of souls—to be a part of Source able to experience all types of adventures in physical matter (see chapter 4). As souls, we literally serve as Source’s arms and legs, to have physical experiences for Source.

What am I?
You are way more than you think you are. We are literally extensions of the Source’s own Energy and self-awareness. The broader the perspective you have the easier life is, because you see each event not as a huge crisis that may overwhelm you, but as a small blip on the screen of a full and rich life. In addition, the understanding that enlightenment brings helps keep our relationships in perspective. We become less dependent upon others for our happiness and fulfillment because we can increase them ourselves through the simple expedient of moving our perspective to higher positions on the Source Energy stream. I understood at last that what we really are is a compilation of multiple levels of consciousness, each of which perceives itself to be a singular, unique person. Each has its own method of origin, lifespan, and innate nature. As an immortal Light Being I transformed into the same Being of Light and Energy as those I met in the Light. I shared their abilities of mental telepathy, full access to Universal Knowledge, and “essence” merger. Part of the Light Being Energy temporarily separates out to become the soul of a human being. I include this as a level of being because once out of the body I noticed my personality and abilities changed, even before full transition into Light Being status, making this a level of transition unlike the other two distinct beings described here. The soul-personality while temporarily blended with the human animal to form the combined being we call “human.” This is the level we are currently living.
First, and foremost, at your highest vibrational level you are one tiny aspect of the Source’s self-awareness–a Sourcebeam radiated outward far enough and slowed down enough to be fooled into believing you are someone other than the Source. A Light Being is the Source’s thought Energy congealed into a pool of self-awareness that we perceive to act like a being. So billions of Light Being thought-forms proceeded out of Source and took up a form of artificial individuality for the pure joy of it–just to satisfy Source’s overwhelming curiosity about itself. In Light Being form, we continue our illusory separate lives, learning, and evolving ever higher in vibrational state. We incarnate over and over again into different human and other species’ bodies, becoming what humans would perceive to be time travelers.
Second, the individual “self” you currently do perceive is but one aspect or level of your own total Light Being consciousness. Like Source, and because you are just an extension of Source awareness, as Light Being, you can slow part of your Energy down low enough to fool yourself into believing part of you is someone else. And that slower vibration can be invested into physical matter. This Energy is what forms the soul of the human being you currently think you are. Souls are eternal to the same extent Source and Light Beings are eternal. And, when each soul has experienced what it chooses, it will awaken to its evolved Light Being splendor, and ultimately merge back into Source as a whole. Therefore, while the observable life of a human body has a beginning and an end, the soul inside has always existed as part of a Light Being extension of the Source.
Third, in soul form you are an indivisible part of the physical being you see in the mirror. Imagine Source to be like the sun and each of us to be an individual Sourcebeam. We ourselves are not human. Humans are a species of animal, just like dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc., indigenous to planet Earth. We are not humans. We only inhabit them in order to see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and live as a human does. Source (extends awareness) Light Being (extends awareness in soul form) human life (extends awareness) dreams. We are actual components of Source thinking of ourselves as separate beings. We are literally part of Source in the same way a droplet of salt water on the beach is part of the ocean. Once a small bit of salty water separates from the ocean, we call it a “drop” of water instead of “ocean.” Yet it is still part of the ocean with the exact same characteristics. Its composition is hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, and other ocean chemicals. It still tastes salty like ocean water. The water drop’s location on the beach does not change its nature. In much the same manner we are small local “droplets” of one consciousness, one sentient intelligence that is eternal, universal and omnipotent–the Being we call “God.” My divine purpose in dividing Me was to create sufficient parts of Me so that I could know Myself experientially. There is only one way for the Creator to know Itself experientially as the Creator, and that is to create. And so I gave to each of the countless parts of Me (to all of My spirit children) the same power to create which I have as the whole. After leaving the body and entering the Light, we incrementally abandon once-human habits and thought patterns to blossom into our natural personalities as eternal Beings.
The first huge difference I personally noticed was the loss of fear and the myriad personality traits I exhibited as a human that were based upon and projections of that emotion. The second dramatic change was in the speed with which I could think, manifest physical matter, and absorb “knowings.” Source is fully aware of each of its “personalities” while still enjoying its collective oneness. Souls are accustomed to living a dual (singular and merged) existence in their Light Being state. It thus seems natural to experience dual personalities while in human form, one is the personality of the human being; the other of the soul within. Another character trait of the Light Being/soul is the ability to access all of Universal Knowledge. As Light Being souls, we are absolutely connected directly to the Source’s knowledge base, what I call Universal Knowledge. As undivided parts of Source we share its innate ability to manifest reality. We literally create our own physical world experience while in human form, as well as in Light Being form, or any other form we choose to take during the course of our evolution. Curiosity is pure soul nature and comes from being part of Source. Children love unconditionally and openly. Toddlers in particular live love to its fullest because their human personalities are still in the early formative stages and fear has yet to darken their perspectives. Their idyllic happiness reflects the wellspring of love within. We often wax nostalgic for the happiness of childhood, not realizing it is part of our very Light Being nature and therefore available to us always.

What does God Expect of Me?
What does the Source expect of you? Nothing you do not do automatically. Our existence as extensions of Source, or Sourcebeams, is our Creator’s way of writing a book, or designing a virtual reality game, or dreaming. We are essentially characters, created so Source can live vicariously through us as though we are separate beings from it. The illusion would not work, of course, were it not for the fact that human nature, by design, includes amnesia. And it is one of the reasons we choose to blend with human beings, for it gives us the thrill of learning the hard way. To Source, all experiences are valuable, regardless of content. It is only human nature that judges the experience, saying it is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, holy or a sin. And, because all Energy ultimately returns to Source, there cannot be any true negative eternal consequences of any experience. That is why Source does not monitor our behavior, or tell us what to do. Yet God, in a sense, does not even care about the outcome. Not the ultimate outcome. This is because the ultimate outcome is assured. And this is the second great illusion of man: that the outcome of life is in doubt. And there is nothing about human nature that is inherently evil or negative from the Source’s perspective. “Good,” “bad,” and “evil” are entirely human judgments based upon uniquely human perspectives and experiences. These judgments are based in the fear inherent in human personality, as well as in learned knowledge of the consequences of past behaviors. Source has given us an environment teeming with potential adventures and experiences by design. Our mission is to enjoy those treasures and live life to the fullest. That is what Source intends for us. That is all that is expected of us. In sum, our sole responsibility to Source is to experience human life and carry those experiences back to Source when we are reunited with it. Our soul responsibility is to bring the Source’s true nature, which is unconditional love and curiosity, to everything we do as we evolve our way back to Source.

What is the Purpose of Life?
We are here to learn, to teach, to make a positive difference, and to be of service to others. We are here to learn and practice unconditional love and forgiveness, and to reconnect with our Creator. We are not here to hurt others or ourselves. Life is a precious gift. We do not have a right to destroy it. Light Beings can choose to retain a higher vibration and experience a discrete “lifetime” as a being that has no solid matter as we know it, on planets and planes of existence where all energy vibrates at a very high level. It can choose to “stay Home” between lives, living and learning in community with others, or resting in the utter bliss of complete unity with Source and its quadrillions of reunited Sourcebeams. Thus, becoming human is a choice. The purpose of life here is so much simpler than you might imagine: to learn how to love unconditionally despite the difficulty of the circumstances. Beyond that, we are here simply to enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle very different from our own as Light Beings. The simple potential of the unknown thrills us in our role as souls, for in our natural state all is known. Here, in human form, we can savor the deliciousness of the unknown. Try to release your white-knuckled grip on the belief that you must find your purpose in life. Your purpose is simply to live—live as a human. While still in Light Being form, you chose this particular human life, with its wealth of decision points, in order to experience certain aspects of interpersonal relationships. Not to make money. Not to get a good job. Truly loving another is the highest goal we can achieve. The highest purpose. The rest of your lifetime on Earth may have no other purpose than for you to enjoy what it is like to be human. So enjoy. The Source does not have a grand scheme within which you and I have rigidly circumscribed roles. There is no such thing as fate. No master plan, other than the Source’s intention to experience all there is to experience, to enjoy all of its creation. No deed is unforgivable. No act so despicable that Source love is withdrawn. You are free to choose to enjoy all that physical existence has to offer, including accepting the unknown. You have chosen human life partly to enjoy its gift of the unknown. Allow knowing the Source’s love to come through to your human awareness level to reduce its fear of the unknown. The gift of amnesia is one of the primary reasons Light Beings select humans to inhabit. We can live and love one another in ways that fumble and fail only because we cannot remember our natural state of unconditional love. The growth process brings us step-by-step over hundreds or thousands of “lifetimes,” through the emotional conflicts caused by human fear to the opportunity to experience our true nature’s unconditional love while still in the body. Achieving unconditional love while still in human form represents not only the pinnacle of success for the Light Being soul inside, but also a quantum leap forward in evolution of the human species itself.

Where is Heaven?
No “where.” Heaven is not a place as humans use that word. It is the end result of a process, not a physical destination. One innate Light Being characteristic magnified in heaven is the ability to instantly manifest “reality ” with a single thought. Many might feel heaven is simply sharing in the unconditional love and acceptance, the joy and bliss, of being so much closer in proximity to Source. Heaven is also the feeling of being Home, our true home, where love is completely fulfilling and unconditional. Ultimately, heaven is the state of knowing that we are literally part of Source. I realized then that I am literally part of the God I had been worshipping. Little me. Insignificant me. I am as much a part of the Source as any other part—as you are. And I sensed firsthand that Source loves itself so much, and loves that little spark of itself that became me so much, that it allowed me to go out and revel in this grandiose illusion of separate identity.

Where is Hell?
The sole purpose of our existence is so that Source can experience itself and its own creative manifestations. During a life review you feel every emotion you caused another to feel during human life. You will live it fully, intensely, and remorsefully if you cause another being pain. This is the only hell you will suffer when you leave this life, but it will be so much more humiliating because it will be a hell of your own creation. Yet it is temporary. All hellish or unpleasant events experienced after permanently leaving the body after its death are temporary, and last only so long as it takes you to come to terms with the end of your human adventure and make emotional peace with yourself.


What is the True Religion?
There is no one true religion, only truth itself. Seek to know your own truth—the truth of the Source. You will recognize truth by its brilliant wrappings of unconditional love and acceptance of all of creation. Early on in my transition in the Light, I gained the insight that time is a fiction of human design. More importantly, I realized that we could never learn the truth about time while trapped in physical bodies. This is because the body, by its physical nature, is incapable of surpassing time conventions in order to study the universe from a broader perspective. In other words, one must get out of body in order to observe that time is irrelevant. Sound and well-intentioned thinking can lead us to very unsound conclusions about Source, ourselves, and how life should be lived. We could end up tying ourselves to beliefs generated from human animal fear, rather than by Source’s love. This is how you can know whether messages come from Source or humans: Do they assure you of Source’s unconditional love, or play on your fears? Use discernment and accept those messages, traditions, and religious observances that make your heart soar with love and empowerment.

Part II –Applying the Lessons Learned
Living a New Way of Thinking

Source is not human-like, but rather an enormous self-aware Energy field/being that manifests our universe. Source is not an “individual” that exists separate and apart from us. It is a Collective Being composed of us, and all of creation, as we are composed of its Energy. Not one single thought is private, because the reality created by each one affects everyone else within the Source. Most of us believe we are human beings, i.e., that living in a human body is our primary, or only, form of existence. In fact, we are only the soul part of the human being. We are actually powerful Light Beings—extensions of the Source’s self-awareness—who are blended with human animals as a very temporary part of our eternal existence. We fear death and its end of our physical existence. The death of the human body actually releases us to awaken to our full Light Being state of expanded awareness, Universal Knowledge, wondrous talents, and ecstasy in the Light of Source’s love. We will mourn the loss of what is familiar and widely accepted. Yet the peace and serenity of higher levels of awareness will more than compensate for the illusions we have discarded as though they were toys from childhood. All our lives will improve immeasurably if we learn to allow more of our true nature as Light Beings to shine through our behavior. The steps for doing so include (1) understanding the fundamentals of Universal Knowledge described in Part I; (2) increasing our knowledge and level of awareness of the true natures of both body and soul; (3) learning to recognize whether a spiritual understanding or animal instinct is dictating our actions, and why; (4) learning the true meaning of unconditional love and applying it to our own bodies and to each other; (5) healing old wounds and hurt-based perspectives; and (6) practicing consciously choosing thoughts, words, and deeds that reflect unconditional love until they become habit.

Wake UP!
Our belief that we are human beings who have souls is backwards. We are in fact Light Being souls inhabiting human animal bodies. We are in fact Beings of Light and Love. We will wake up as such when our bodies die. Like a bird whose nature is to sing and soar, our true nature is to be loving and blissful. We have chosen to walk as Earth-bound eagles largely out of ignorance born of amnesia and habit. We can shake off the amnesia by choosing to deliberately wake up to our true nature as Light Beings, now, while in the body. It is not necessary to wait until the afterlife. It means being consciously aware of both natures, loving both, and trying to evolve body and soul as partners. Just about any distressing situation can be improved by a change in perspective, specifically by stepping back and viewing the problem in light of the bigger picture. You must make acquaintance with yourself as a Light Being through the role you serve as soul.

Quieting the thinker, and allowing yourself as Light Being to speak, will increase your awareness and enlightenment. you can also create a gap in the mind stream simply by directing the focus of your attention into the Now. Just become intensely conscious of the present moment. Present moment awareness is, indeed, “a Presence.” The Being and the state of Being have revealed themselves to me to be One and the same. At first, it will be easy to confuse “knowing” with fear. If you feel fear while the thought is forming, it is probably your thinker’s voice expressing anxiety over one human life situation or another. Eventually, you will begin to recognize your Light Being voice as calmer, less concerned with activities of daily living, and more loving and serene than the one you normally hear in your head. It will emphasize less what you should do, and more who you are. Learn to think of your body not as a possession but as a loving, generous companion whose welfare has been entrusted to your care. Allow yourself to awaken step by step, just as you would in the Light, so you can enjoy the wonder of each stage of enlightenment. Awaken to your duality. Study it. Enjoy it. Live with it every day, for intimate knowledge of a being brings understanding. Each of us can, and must, evolve within our dual human/soul natures. Evolution of both beings will transport mankind from predominantly animal fear-based thoughts and behaviors, to a more peaceful existence enlightened by our innate unconditional love and natural bliss—a serene Earthly existence. Learn to love and appreciate both beings, body and soul.

Who’s in Charge?
The need to control our lives and surroundings arises from blind animal fear that something will happen to threaten survival. Because Light Beings feel no fear, we have no need to control what goes on around us. We are free to accept things as they are, secure in the knowledge that a being composed entirely of Energy cannot be harmed. That is why it is so important to wake up to the reality of your Light Being nature. Then you can escape fear and can work to relieve the body’s fears in a non-violent way. Competition has become the human way of life. On the other hand, the Light Being, would favor the cooperation and emotional closeness attributed to the female view. A refusal to learn anything new, resistance to new ideas, and adamant adherence to the status quo are all symptoms of fear of the unknown. Light Beings know that those who rail against change are fighting an impossible battle. It is the very nature of Sourcebeams to return to Source in a changed form. That is the whole point of evolution. And the fastest route to evolution is learning, experiencing, and trying new things and ideas. It is human nature to be self-centered, for after all, an animal’s sole purpose is to survive. While our primary obligation is our own evolution, once awakened to our Light Being nature we realize that everyone else’s evolution is just as important. Remember we are all one Being and what we do affects the entire fabric of the universe.
We will one day see and hear everything we have done, but also feel it from the perspective of all those on the receiving end. Nothing is more traumatic than actually experiencing the consequences of our own unloving behavior while standing in another’s shoes, so to speak. One may easily lose interest in life if living is associated with hurting. A Being of Light, on the other hand, is motivated to experience everything it can in the human lifetime allotted. Curiosity is our natural inclination. Humans judge everything to be good or bad according to survival, religious, or communal standards. Light Beings do not pass judgment because they understand that everything is always as it should be. It does not matter what we choose because all choices result in experiences that help us grow and evolve. It should not be our goal to eradicate the human’s childlike personality as we evolve. Rather, we must heal it, Ego-driven behavior would then be any action taken for the purpose of making one appear grander. Light Being nature, on the other hand, is instinctively to do what is best for the whole collective, because we know for certain that what is done to one of us is done to all of us, and to our Source. Out of fear, humans have chosen to emulate their animal kingdom companions rather than strive to elevate themselves to higher levels of existence. We must accept and even love not only our own personalities, and those of our host bodies, but also the differences between them.

What Is and Isn’t Unconditional Love
We are born into this world full of unconditional love. Then our parents train it out of us. They do it with the best of intentions. We then learn the human version of love based on fear. The type of love that manifests as possessiveness, jealousy, control, and neediness. It is important to unlearn our fear-based definition of love and replace it with a Light Being’s perspective before launching on our evolutionary voyage. Light Beings do not fear. Nor do we ever lose love, for it is our innate character to enjoy unconditional love for all eternity. Through our parents’ efforts to train us how to behave in society we learned love has to be earned. Gone is the unconditional love of Light Being existence, to be replaced with the belief that we are lovable only when our behavior is acceptable. Fear that we are not acceptable for who we really are destroys us, as does fear that there are parts of us that make us unlovable. Often we choose friends and lovers not for their soul personality, but for what they do for us. So many souls believe the backwards notion that love must be earned that the institution of marriage is founded on this false premise. It is love of who we are, not what we do. There are no strings attached. Real love is open and honest, unconfining, uncontrolled and uncontrollable. If you feel a need to manipulate someone to get them to do what you want, you do not love them. Nothing is more indicative of a lack of love for who the person is than possessiveness, Unconditional love by definition can exist only between and among equals. Loving everything in creation simply because, like you, it is a manifestation of Source. The predomination of human animal personality in our world has influenced our experience of love, and caused us to believe that we should love only those with whom we have an animal connection. That is instinct! Not love. Love is not something you find; it is something you are. It is our true Light Being nature to be full of love all the time. Love does not have to be hoarded. In fact, the more we give it away the more we feel it, for we are opening ourselves up to the universal flow of love from Source. The pain of loving is one of the many reasons Light Beings choose to assume human life, for it is an aspect of life more informative, and therefore growth-oriented, than any other. Pain tells us we are alive in a way only physical matter can be. It tells us we are tender. That our emotions are healthy and our sensitivities intact. Emotional pain grabs our attention and forces us to examine our behavior choices, giving us a mini-preview of our ultimate life review. It reminds us that we are capable of love despite our fears. All the pain I could have alleviated had I acted from unconditional love, instead of fear and self-interest. Allowing knowledge of our Light Being nature to broaden our perspective to a universal level will help us grow to love the universe and everyone in it without fear. We will begin to understand that we are all here to evolve, grow at our own paces, and learn from our own choices. We can experience it just by letting go of fear.

Incorporating behaviors based on our Light Being nature, indeed even changing our beliefs, requires effort. We have to break one habit and train ourselves to another. I built up the courage to confess my hurtful behavior and take responsibility for it. I reasoned that, now that I was “catching” my bad habit right after I engaged in it, I should be able to catch those nasty words before I said them. I resolved next to catch the snide remarks as they were forming in my mind. This self-training method has helped me break a lot of old habits and to replace some of them with behaviors more in line with who I really am. The same or other methods might work for you too. The prominent feature of whatever self-training method you adopt must be self-awareness, for we cannot change what we do not know exists. We must continue to activate ourselves and our bodies with new ideas, thoughts, and stimuli for an entire lifetime. The more we do so, the more we will call upon our innate creative ability and tap our inexhaustible supply of curiosity. And, the more Light Being nature we bring into this human life, the more energy, joy, love, and evolution we will gain. In addition, formal education should raise children’s awareness levels about the duality of their natures. In the schools I envision, children would be taught how to meditate and other means of accessing their own Light Being nature and Universal Knowledge. They would be taught how to relate to one another with unconditional love and all that it means. Adults must be instructed in the ways of accessing their own Light Being Energy in order to open themselves to Universal Knowledge unique and special to their own current lives. So advertising and mass media could be used to re-educate, as well as reinforce other forms of retraining, by redirecting ads from solely generating a profit to informing a society about how all can be at peace and have contentment. Watching evening TV discloses how commercials can be aimed at Light Being nature rather than human nature.

One of the most devastating tragedies we can suffer is the serious illness of our human host. Although as souls we know the body’s evolutionary path is to grow infirm and ultimately die, both body and soul grieve this eventuality when illness calls longevity into question. Our bodies/souls can self-heal through the mechanism of manifesting. The human body is constantly recreating itself. Self-healing is a reality. You can heal yourself. Keep in mind that constant thought on one topic manifests those thoughts into what we perceive as reality. Concentrate on the wellness of your body, not its illness. Manifesting always obeys expectation—our firmly held beliefs. We experience the results of both conscious and unconscious intentions for our lives. Look at illness or emotional pain in a new way, from a different perspective, even one you do not like. Break the habit by seeing, doing, saying, feeling, learning, something different, something new. Intend to cast off the shackles of your habitual manifestations by seeking a new experience. And make that new experience an exercise in self-healing. Laser beam your whole being on the “knowing” that you can heal. Try accessing your innate Light Being unconditional love to envelope yourself in its healing power. Find something about your illness or emotional pain to love. So do not try to avoid crying or reliving old pains. Try using your creative powers to visualize your disease or injury improving. Using your Light Being access to Universal Knowledge will not be enough to increase your vibrational level and further your evolution if your thinker constantly bombards you with negative messages.

Stop Judging
Everything and everyone is constantly screened for risks and judged according to how they fit within our own animal comfort zone. Events and behaviors are judged good or bad, right or wrong, from one perspective only—that of the self as judge. This is human nature. We strive to conform to “normal” out of fear of rejection by the herd. We can remove the stigma of being outside the norm by refusing to judge those who choose another way. Just stop judging. stop setting herd comfort zones and allow individuals to set their own without fear of reprisal or being labeled “abnormal,” “weird,” or “different.” “Judge not lest ye be judged” does not mean there will be a judgment day after death in the sense religion professes. It means that engaging in the act of judging others reveals for all to see that you are at a lower evolutionary stage yourself. It discloses how far from unconditional love you live. Yet my understanding from beyond death is that more evolved Light Beings select more challenging lives on Earth. We are blinded from seeing this by our fear and even more our human amnesia. So much is going on around us that we cannot perceive that we are in the worst possible position from which to judge anything. So do not judge your own life or anyone else’s. We cannot know while here how events unfold through the ripple effect. I could not see beforehand what a blessing the cancer scare had been, for it set the stage for my beyond-death experience, the most glorious event of this life. I will not know until my next life review whether my reaction to the local anesthesia may play a small role in replacing the needle localization procedure with a less invasive technique, thereby sparing thousands of women the pain I endured. Nor can I see the impact this book may have on someone who reads it. What I once perceived as tragedy has improved my life immeasurably—and, just maybe, it has helped another as well. Let us strive to replace judging with tolerance.

Treat Each Other Responsibly
In our natural Light state we can literally merge our Energy into another’s, and experience the other’s life as though it were our own. What do most of us do with our ability to “walk a mile in [another’s] shoes?” We throw it away, or we blame our victims. For the less we as a society value each other’s emotions the more animal-like we become.
A more loving piece of advice would be to suggest to Sally that she tell Bob his comment is hurtful. That type of comment is objectively hurtful. There is nothing wrong with Sally that turned it into an insult. It was framed and intended to be hurtful by Bob. Sally was merely the passive recipient. Sally needs to be aware of her feelings and have the courage to express them to Bob. Bob’s job is not to agree or disagree with Sally’s feelings. He may wish to explain his behavior, but he has no right to tell Sally that her feelings are wrong or unjustified. Bob must take responsibility for his current behavior, apologize, and train himself not to make insulting comments again. Long term, Sally must let go of the hurt, heal herself, and try to work with Bob to overcome what might have become an ingrained pattern for them both. In this way, each supports the other, and both evolve toward a more aware, more supportive, and more loving relationship. Compassion has replaced fear, and the cycle of fear and pain has been broken, ultimately bringing both parties more peace and happiness in the marriage. Accessing Light Being nature has solved the problem.

Manifest Consciously
All those millions of random thoughts coursing through your mind every day affect you in a big way, and everything else in the universe to a smaller degree, once they are formed—and even more so if believed. We can increase awareness of our own manifesting through the simple expedient of noticing our lives. Society has taught us to both ignore our manifestations and to renounce responsibility for them. This is an excellent example of our use of the human trait of denial. We have all trained our minds to ignore most of what the body is telling us. We have blanketed ourselves in the denial of human nature.
We pray for what we want as though something external to the one Source of which we are a part has exclusive power to answer our prayers. We believe God can manifest reality but mistakenly assume we are not part of that God/Source. In fact, we are simply extensions of Source with the same abilities. We can and do manifest our own lives as we go along. We do it completely unconsciously based on our beliefs. It is time to admit to ourselves that we do manifest, alone, and in concert with those around us.
More importantly, it is time to begin taking responsibility for our creations by starting to manifest on a conscious level. How? The same way we are doing it now—with our thoughts and beliefs. All we need to do is be present in the moment and direct our attention and intention to the process. First, we must pay attention to our own thoughts. Assume the “watcher” position and make your mind a blank. Assign yourself the task of manifesting for a particular purpose and observe the “thinker.” You are not powerless. We each have the exact same power to manifest reality—consciously or unconsciously. Form the intention: i.e. “We will find the right home for us.” Follow with, “the home for us is out there and we will find it in time.” Repeat these phrases. Then do the legwork as the “attention” phase. After some time, you will begin to notice “coincidences” relating to your need to find a new house.
First, we manifest only what we truly believe—subconsciously truly believe, as well as consciously believe. Regardless of how skilled we are at manifesting in the body, we will not manifest something that defies our beliefs. Second, the events you did manifest matched your beliefs, but you did not recognize it because you lack self-awareness. Third, you may have tried manipulation instead of manifestation. Manifesting is an innate natural ability we have as Beings of Light. It is not a magic act. Nor is it a trick we can pull on the universe. We manifest because we are Source. We use our innate Light character only to further our evolution. It is not a magic wand to change the circumstances of the human experience we came here to have. Use a self-awareness program to discover your hidden motivations—those harmful beliefs about yourself that keep producing manifestations designed to focus your attention on unresolved emotional wounds. Put in the hard work necessary to evolve. You are never going to manifest your way around it anyway. Finally, practice monitoring your thoughts and train your thinker to eliminate negative attitudes that spring from negative beliefs about yourself. Positive thinking truly does work because it is our very nature to create reality through thoughts. Moreover, it slowly but surely changes our beliefs about who we truly are. Manifest what is best for the Earth and others in the same way you do for yourself.

Light Up Religious Institutions
So many of our misperceptions about life flow from one central erroneous belief: that God/Source thinks and acts like a human being. My own beyond-death experience has convinced me that we must evolve mankind’s core religious beliefs into alignment with Universal Knowledge in order to return the collective human evolutionary vibration to a frequency that will again further evolution of both body and soul. Source is not human-like. Only souls are like Source, not human bodies. The Source I experienced neither needs nor desires worship. Vanity and self-aggrandizement are human traits, not Source’s. More importantly, worship is structured in a way that reinforces the belief that Source is a Being separate and apart from us, which makes us feel alone. The Source I experienced does not want humans to sacrifice themselves or others in misguided attempts to gain its favor or a place in Heaven. Unconditional love extends throughout Source’s Collective Being, including us. Sacrifice is offered in an attempt to manipulate Source into giving one of its extensions, one soul, what that soul thinks it wants. Manipulation is a human personality trait.

Part III –What Happens When We Die?
Death as a Process

We don’t die. Ever. What we do is fully awaken to our own true nature as incredible, powerful, spiritual beings. All will live on and on, eternally, as the same people you love. Their physical form will change into pure Energy. Death has no place in your life other than as the glorious process of reawakening to your blissful natural state as a Being of Light. What you will lose in that process is fear, pain, and the limitations and restrictions of a human body. You do not lose your identity or memories. The body’s death releases its grip on you so you can “come to,” as though coming out of anesthesia or a coma, and remember who and what you really are. You as soul may choose to experience these events for so long as you wish to remain joined with the human being. A soul has the ability to leave the body at any time, and frequently does so spontaneously when the body is severely damaged or suffering overwhelming pain or fear. The Soul’s Transition Process – While the human body is dying, you yourself begin an exciting metamorphosis. My experience was a compassionate, comforting protocol, lovingly designed to allow the newly discarnate soul to gently and gradually allow the effects of having been in a human body to wear off, like an anesthetic wears off. Each soul is supported and coddled through the process in a manner best suited to that individual personality and its developmental stage.
Getting Out of Body – At the outset, you will leave your human host in order to increase your vibration or Energy signature enough to begin the process of returning to your natural state as a Light Being. At this stage, human animal fear and survival instinct quite naturally fight the process. The next stage of transition could be experienced as a sensation of darkness or a black void, like the temporary blindness we all experience walking into a dark movie theater. The dark void stage is meant to be momentary. We will then experience an awareness of being out of body and watching Earth life from an invisible vantage point. We will regain spiritual abilities, including 360° vision and the ability to “be” at any level of awareness upon which their attention focuses.
Into the light – after the blackness of sleep is light. The Light experienced after death of the body is the most incredibly bright and beautiful illumination I have ever known. It is warm, and comforting, and literally filters through our very beings to bathe us in unconditional love and acceptance. The Light is more the awareness of our eternal connectedness to the Source, as well as a state of higher vibration or energy signature. Being in the Light is like returning to normal after a long illness; feeling like our old selves again. Recovery. Awakening. Coming home.
Initial awaking process – we begin to regain some of our Light Being powers and natural abilities. These include multiple simultaneous levels of awareness, bouts of unsolicited “knowing,” and the ability to instantly manifest reality, that accounts for the diversity of descriptions. The more human deaths we have experienced, the faster we acclimate to the transition process, and the less likely we are, I believe, to manifest religious or Earthly scenarios or physical environments at all. NDE’r Dannion Brinkley has described it as, “a place where we dwell for as long as it takes to see ourselves as spiritual beings. It is the region of consciousness where we purge our personal misconceptions.”
Intermediate Stage – Various intermediate stages of the awakening process are triggered once we accept that we are “dead” to human life and have begun a spiritual transition process. We can now begin flexing spiritual “muscles.” This is when a life review might take place,
Full Awakening – As the amnesia of our human role wears off, that part of our Energy invested into the human body as soul rejoins the level of awareness of the full Energy field of our Light Being. We are complete! Whole again. We can now recall our eternal memories. We understand fully that we are literally extensions of Source’s awareness and consciousness, that we have never been separate from Source, and that human life was something like an illusion or role we played in a dream. Previously unremembered information comes to us instantly through a process called “knowing”.
Rejoining Light Being “Society ” – We may remain in our natural form and spend time in any number of Light Being “societies,” or levels of awareness.
Merger into Source – Eventually, all of us, as well as all of creation, reintegrate back into Source and end the illusion of separateness forever.

Nanci’s Death
My death began with the search for alien life–cancer cells. The being I always thought of as “me” distilled out of its fleshy casing and quickly “whooshed” completely out of the body. I had a moment’s distinct impression of being separated from, and standing completely intact in front of, my own sitting body. My sense was that “I” was whole; yet wholly out of my body. Upon entering the Light, a cocoon of energizing love enfolded me. The Light’s effect on me was visceral, but somehow more than that. I was not just seeing and feeling the Light; I was literally becoming part of it. I had survived whatever happened to me. My personality, memories, and thought processes were all still with me. I was myself, whether in the body or not. That body was not me as I had always assumed! Realization of who I really am flooded my mind. I clearly saw that while this human lifetime did contribute much to my current memories, emotional maturity, and experiential knowledge, those parts of me were not solely human, and did not die with the body. They continued in my eternal personality. I finally understood the real me. I knew I had not blacked out because I was fully conscious—more conscious than I had ever been. Nevertheless, the nagging need to understand compelled me to inventory my sensations and emotions, looking for clues to a diagnosis. I noted that while my essence glowed, and was clearly diffused outward like light, it had a core concentrated into some type of being with a vague form I did not see. Otherwise, I could see wherever I thought to look–front, back and sides—360 degrees. But there was nothing to see but Light. Everything else physical, of course, was gone. No heartbeat. No breath sounds. No feeling of heat or cold. No physical sensations at all. Now that pain was gone, the true impact of the magnificence of being “in the body” hit me full force. My body’s pain was an eloquent expression of life—human life! It reminded me that I enjoyed the ultimate privilege of having a material body that could interact with matter and feel things a spirit cannot. Though pain had vanished, I still had emotions, all of which had been heightened to a degree impossible in human form. The intense love I first thought was coming from the Light now radiated through and from me. Immense love, joy, and bliss filled me. My emotions were projecting into the Light and being returned to me, magnified tenfold, in echoes or ripples. It was the most incredible, wonderful feeling of being high on happiness. Overlying the bliss, like a canopy, was wonder, and curiosity of a magnitude I had never experienced in human life, though learning had been one of my greatest pleasures. Suddenly it hit me. I understood. How foolish I had been for taking these human gifts for granted. The body had been a wonderful treasure trove of sensory input, but I chose most often to block it out in pursuit of the allegedly higher purpose of becoming a success. Though my inventory of sensations disclosed that all my other emotions continued, one all too familiar one was gone—fear. I felt no fear whatsoever, even from clearly being in unfamiliar territory. While in the body I would have found the inability to control my surroundings uncomfortable. More than that, I would have been extremely anxious over not knowing what would happen next. I never realized before how much fear had controlled my human life. Many, many of what I had considered normal, logical viewpoints were revealed to me as mere masks of fear. Fear of disapproval. Fear I would be judged unworthy of love and respect. Most of all, fear of being wrong. I did whatever it took to avoid situations where I might be proven wrong. Those fears all seemed so silly to me once I discovered fear is strictly a human condition. I was so grateful those fears were all gone, replaced by an unbelievable flood of love and sense of well being. A vast hodge-podge of information unknown to me in human form spontaneously sprang to life in my mind as a collective whole called “knowing.” Even the term for it, the word “knowing,” popped into my mind unsolicited. Universal Knowledge was available to all who inhabit the Light. As my spiritual awareness expanded, my contact with what I had always thought was reality contracted. Reality literally became what I made of it. This experiment confirmed my suspicion that in the Light all I had to do was think about an environment to create it in “reality.” The term “manifesting” popped into my mind as the name for this phenomenon. I could manifest reality. I remembered suddenly that in our natural spirit state we manifest anything and everything we want with instantaneous results. The essential ingredient is belief. I believed the Earth exists apart from my manifesting it because those around me believed it. The simple truth of our ability to manifest reality is Earth-shattering. It means I can change my surroundings, my life, through application of this spiritual power. And if I can do it, so can you. If we collectively and concertedly consciously use our ability to manifest we can literally change the world we live in. It is, after all, just a collective manifestation in the first place.

Life as a Being of Light
As a result of this reunion I fully remembered who I really am—a powerful, immortal Being of Light the same as my friends. I could not believe I had been so fooled into thinking I was a human being. My impression was that everyone but me understood that I had been sent on a journey into human life in an effort akin to an assignment or mission, and my friends wanted a full report. The sensation was like coming out of a coma and realizing everyone around you knows what happened to you but you, and they have been eagerly awaiting your regaining consciousness. The whole lifetime was just there, all of it, in minute detail in current memory, and playing out all around me as if on a soap bubble. All the sights, sounds, smells of a lifetime surrounded me. I was reliving it all again. All at once. My Light Being friends were able to participate in events from any “time” in my life because all events existed simultaneously for them. I was able to witness them doing this because my consciousness had somehow blended into theirs. My Light Being friends were absolutely thrilled with it all, even all the events I thought were horrible, or that had caused me great pain, suffering, or agony. They found it all truly wonderful. As I felt their reactions, I was amazed the Light Beings were not judging me. They were not judging my life. They had no criticism for the horrible things I had done. Nor were they finding my life petty or unimportant. They just loved it—all of it. Literally participating in the consequences of my own choices from the various perspectives of others affected by my behavior impacted me far more than could a simple pronouncement of displeasure by any God. The only part of my life’s efforts that mattered was what I had learned about how to treat other people. And I had not learned nearly enough. I reawakened to eons of my own personal memories, experiences, emotions, and everything that makes me a unique Being. The clearest explanation might be to say that the part of my Energy that had been my human body’s soul was reunified with the rest of my full Light Being Energy. But more than just memories returned. I was aware of layer upon layer of additional consciousness I can only describe as “the rest of me,” or “my memories and knowledge of who I really am,” or “my full database,” or “recovering from amnesia.” I was flabbergasted by the memories of hundreds or thousands of “lifetimes” returning to me, for in all the years I had thought I understood what the Church meant when it said our souls are immortal, I do not recall ever being told that it means I existed before birth into this particular human life. I assumed immortality started after death from this current human life. But here they were–my memories of earlier corporeal lives and eons of life as a Being of Light–as proof I existed prior to Nanci’s human life. The emotional impact hit me like a proverbial blow to the chest to experience “knowing” that my just passed life on Earth was not my real life at all. It was unbelievable to me how completely fooled I had been into thinking there was nothing more to life than my human existence. It was patently absurd to me that I could have believed my human life was reality at all. Zillions of gigabytes of information roared through my mind like floodwaters through a canyon, and, amazingly, I absorbed and understood it all! All the Knowledge of the Universe temporarily exploded into my mind. Answers to all my questions about who we are, why we are here, and who God is, were right there in my mind. Finally I understood what life is all about.
We were merged beings. Yet I retained my own identity, personality, thoughts, memories, and emotions. Both existences were possible simultaneously in this state. Just by shifting my attention I switched back and forth between the familiarity of the singular personality I knew as myself and living as a collective being of six. There is nothing remotely like it in human experience. I was allowed to choose, as though my will was more important than Source’s dominion over its own thoughts. It would have been so simple for Source to just “unthink” me as a character in its vast databank of life forms and return its thoughts to itself. The tenderness and acceptance with which Source treated my wish to return to human life astounded me—and still does.

Back Into the Body
Rejoining the body took perhaps seconds—but sufficient time to experience a transition back to human perspective, similar to, though shorter than, the one going from human to Being of Light. Through my disorientation I could actually feel layers of awareness stripping off my consciousness. I actually resisted going back. I resisted with all my might. I desperately wanted to keep all my memories and the Universal Knowledge I had regained. I mourned the loss of weightlessness, telepathy, instant total recall, and multiple levels of awareness. Each of us has an individual mission to understand our dual natures of Light Being soul inhabiting a human being, to become aware of our intrinsic grandeur as part of Source, and to restructure our daily lives to synchronize the vibrations between our bodies and souls by reducing the conflict between them through the application of unconditional love. Doing so will increase tenfold our happiness as Earth-bound adventurers. Finally, it is time to know deep in our hearts that love is all that truly matters. Unconditional love is giving to others even when they do not know we have done it. Giving when it is impossible for others to appreciate it.

You must be willing to change your perspective to know who you really are. You are a powerful spiritual being with tremendous abilities that if used regularly would change your life and improve the whole planet. Do not spend your days chained to efforts to fulfill only basic survival needs. Spice your life with activities that trigger more of your Light Being nature. Use meditation to gain insight and Universal Knowledge, and reading to spark natural curiosity on any topic. Engage in creative endeavors of every type. The real person, the personality of the Light Being inside the body, is overwhelmingly ignored in our society in favor of the physical packaging. You are being ignored. We have placed our emphasis on the wrong being. Our priorities are backwards.
We must treat each other with more love and respect if we truly want success in our lives—the kind of success that stays with us for all eternity. If you have opted to be married, be married. Act supportive of your spouse. Be faithful to the vows you exchanged. Contribute half to the whole of family life. If you later find you can no longer live the life you have built, declare that condition to your spouse and work with him/her to separate your lives in a loving way. Honor your parents for who they are to you. You selected your parents specifically because they could provide a life full of opportunities for you to learn and grow in the experiences you desired. You chose them. The impact a parent has on a soul affects it for hundreds of lifetimes. Take that role seriously, and live it with as much unconditional love as you can muster. Human life is a great privilege. It is a privilege to have this glorious Earth as our home, a privilege to participate in the evolution of the human species while simultaneously evolving ourselves. Most of all, do not be afraid, by allowing your true nature to infuse your daily life. Choosing to live a life of service to others, of love toward all, will increase your happiness so much in this human life. The purpose of this human life is how you relate to others—how you bring love into the world. Remember the mantra from my tumultuous return to the body, “Love is all that truly matters.” Know in your heart that you are an eternal integral part of Source itself and live that basic truth. Infuse your life with as much unconditional love as possible. Practice it. We can be conscious of our true nature while in the body. We can use our natural spiritual talents while in human form to increase our love and happiness here.