Book of Freedom

The mastery trilogy, book III, Channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)


THE CHRIST IN MANIFESTATION – the Divine is here as you. “You are free.” Like it or not, agree to it or not, what else could you possibly be? First the field must be assumed and claimed in this way, and then the life you live must move into accord to it. As you announce yourself as free—“ I am free, I am free, I am free”—you actually transform the choice you have made in fear to the new agreement of freedom. As you express as the Divine, you claim the divinity that is inherent in all things. By nature of your being, you claim what is always true, and your regard for the material realm that you have inherited transforms the realm in vibration to lift it to its true nature. Now the frequency we operate from is the Christ, and that is a level of manifestation that may be undergone in form by each of you by your agreement. The Word, in the beginning was the active principle, and the manifestation of it in form is the truth of who you are. The True Self exists beyond conformity, and conformity is always to one thing—history. The claim “I am free, I am free, I am free” transforms history by a new agreement, you can operate through the claim and begin to express as the True Self or the Christed principle in manifestation. To be fully realized as the True Self, the Divine as what you are, requires one thing—to surrender to what you have always been at the cost of the known. “Behold, I make all things new.”

• Agreement to the New 

The identity that you hold has been imprinted by your history, and that must be released to support the new in re-forming you. The divine principle that you are is expressing itself as a creative act and calling into being what it knows to be so, which is often contrary to the teachings of the small self. When the Divine manifests itself, the ideas of limitation that have been confirmed by the small self must be rendered obsolete. The agreement to what can be known in the higher octave is what gives it permission to be made known in form. What is obsolete will be released from you because you cannot align to it anymore.

You are agreeing to be what you are at the cost of the old and herald the new by nature of your expression in it and how you perceive and what you claim. As you stop agreeing to it, you stop claiming it and making it so. When you claim as the True Self, you claim love, you claim freedom, you claim truth, and its manifestation will teach you in wonder. As we lift you past the old to what may be claimed, what may be known in a higher octave, we realize you outside of the claims made by your history. Now some of you deny the who and the what that you are. “I am a small man.” “I am a needy woman.” “I am an unhappy man.” “I am an angry woman.” And you confirm the identity because it’s what you know. The Divine as what you are is your true nature. What the Divine Self then claims is the Kingdom, the realization of the Divine in all things, and by your very presence, you are lifting your world in high accord. And if you agree, we assure you that what you will receive is the wonder and the beauty and the alignment to the Divine that you have required to release all that has been controlling you. The truth of who and what you are seeks realization, so that this truth may be expressed in fullness—may claim a new world.

True realization comes at the cost of the old. Each encounter you have with any human being gives you an opportunity to know who you are. In order for this to occur, you have to stop identifying them as you think they are. You are free to know them in a new way. As you realize the what that you are, you cannot help realizing the what that another is as well. If you can imagine that the species that you are in and living as is resigning to what it has been at the cost of what may be known. As the species transforms, you have access to those things that exist in higher octaves because you have aligned to that level. As you align to that level, you give permission to everybody else to do the very same thing. When you decide as a species that you can know yourselves in love, you will no longer harm one another.

To be in alignment to truth informing your choices means you don’t choose in fear, you are not operating in history, or in a reliance on reason, but in alignment to the True Self, who always seeks expression. If each encounter you have is in agreement to truth, you are not bound by history or expectation or reason—and, we would promise you, you are not choosing in fear. Now when we teach you about manifestation, you must understand that you are already doing it. Everything that you think is so important in your life is simply temporary, your attachment to the house, or your idealization of what it means to have a home, may be transformed. As you create a life in accord with the Divine Self, you stop choosing in fear, and you also stop agreeing to it when it is offered to you. But if every encounter is your teacher, the new opportunities that come to you through these changes, may be worth all the gold in the world. The Divine Self in manifestation, does not align to fear, you will understand that the True Self exists beyond it. The way to bypass fear is to lift above it to the self that cannot agree to it, nor ever will.

• The echo

The True Self incorporates the small self— you could say, absorbs it—but not at the cost of identity. The True Self’s identity has a name: I Am. When you realize yourself, which simply means know yourself, the gateway is no longer present because you have stepped through. The claim “I am free” has great power. The release of any and all attachments made in history that are operating in fear and limitation, and your expression of the True Self as what you are, must be realized through this claim. But your limited self, in its ascriptions to what she has been taught, has been denouncing her freedom at every opportunity. “I can’t do this. I don’t want freedom if it means losing what I have.” The Divine Self, could care less what anybody thinks of him or her. The True Self does not judge. She does not fear. She does not speak ill of her fellows or of her small self, either. All that is really being released are those very things that have kept the Divine Self from its full expression. The True Self will release them so that It may come forth in full bloom. The Divine Self that you know yourself through in regard to this frequency may now be known in a way that will liberate you from the travesty and end the charade of separation once and for all. The one who knows who she is by nature of being, not through effort, knows who everybody else is as well. She cannot deny the divinity in anyone or anything because that is how she is known. Now you are not fixing people, you are simply knowing them.

Everything will be changing very shortly. A country in love would not debase its neighbors. A country in love would welcome them. A country in love would not be in fear, because fear and love do not coexist. Unless a man is seen in dignity, he will not be rehabilitated. The truth of your being, the Divine as you, would seek to liberate all it sees because the Divine understands freedom. The agreement to be in a country of love may be claimed by you each for the benefit of the whole. “On this day I choose to realize myself in a collective field of love. The collective field of love exists beyond any illusions of fear or separation that my small self might endow it with. I can claim the liberation of the country I live in, and here are the words I will use: You are free. You are free. You are free.” The claim “you are free,” spoken to the unified field, the business place, the community, the state, or province, or country, or globe itself, will have its echo. Now the one who claims these words must be in the agreement to their own freedom, for it to be so for others. You are not claiming what they have. You are claiming what they are at their level of essence as a Divine Self expressing itself in freedom. A community in love does not harm, does not shame, does not starve, does not exclude any of its members. It heals and teaches and supports change in love.

We, the guides, are the True Self, the highest self that may be known in manifestation. As we were once in form, and most of us were, we learned the lessons of this plane and we assumed ourselves, as a result of these lessons, in a higher octave to support the evolution of humanity. We are always present on this plane in this work. We have agreed to it and we do this for our own benefit as well. There have been civilizations existing on this planet prior to what you know. We were there and participatory to them. Many of the teachings of our times were sacrificed, or lost that will never be found again. But the consciousness that we hold is still present. And the echo of our teaching throughout the decades, throughout the centuries or millennium, is as present now, but may be heard by those of you who are willing to say, “Yes, it will be so.” We have done this work through Paul before, whether or not he knows it. And the trials of his lifetime, in some ways, are the repercussions of having chosen this work again and again at the cost of the world that would say no to it or call it heretical. If you understand the real meaning of “I know who I am in truth,” you will understand this teaching completely. Everything that is not true, every illusion, false reflection, misguided way of perceiving, must be encountered, or reckoned with, or recognized, and be moved so that the true claim may be known. We are less separate from you than you think, but we do have a mission—to realize you so you may realize yourselves and realize your world.

Freedom, we suggest, is what you come to when you stop pretending that you are not free. Your new name is: “I am free.” When you no longer need the approval of your community, you are in fact free of it. You are no longer serving it out of fear, or seeking to appease or be approved. The idealization of a future that has the things you don’t like excluded may in fact be something that comes, but in most cases you will discover that your relationship to those very things is what has been transformed, and because the relationship to them has changed, because in the higher octave in choice you are not aligning to fear, you release those things by natural or mutual accord that no longer serve anyone.

• Authenticity

Justification of actions taken in prior times must be released now. To realize the True Self means to be unafraid of what you have done, or has been done to you, because everything can be comprehended as opportunities to learn. Nobody has to be right, nobody has to be wrong, but everybody has the right to be. When you align to the True Self, those things that stand in the way of your growth will make themselves known in order to release it. To go into agreement with the True Self is to be in partnership with it, and as you get comfortable in this partnership, you will actually find that the True Self emerges as the stronger partner, loving you each step of the way. You are assumed by the True Self in your agreement to be as her. What was not possible in the small self’s world may well be possible in the world that the True Self expresses in. And you idealize a promised land where you never stub your toe, where your bills are paid on time, and no one ever gives you a nasty look. That will not happen. At the true level of the Divine Self you are free, it is always true, and aligning to its announcement claims the being you are in its intention—to be free. And as it realigns you and informs your world, your world is transformed to reflect the truth that you have announced. As you grow in wisdom, you become the ambassador of this teaching, not by parroting what we say, but by being the expression of your True Self. We teach you what authenticity truly means: To be as you are in truth, without the requirements that you have inherited for one purpose—to sing the song of truth, which claims you in freedom. As you lift, you lift your world. We don’t diminish you, but you diminish yourselves. You believe yourselves to be in separation when you are not. “On this day I claim that the ones I see before me will be known in union, in fullness, and in resolution to be made manifest at the octave of the True Self and call a world into being.

“What will make me happy?” What does the small self say when this inquiry is made? What does the True Self speak when you ask this question? Each of you comes with an awareness already that there is more to you than you think. That is the gift of the soul whispering to you as you grow. “What will make me know what I want? I have spent a lifetime not knowing what I want.” When you answer this question as the small self, you may get one answer. When you inquire to the True Self, you may get another. But what is experienced and known, we would suggest, that is in requirement for your growth. As the True Self begins to align as you, you may ask her questions. “What is the best thing I can do?” “What do I truly need to learn through this encounter that is challenging?” The change you undergo is a rather simple one. You stop becoming reliant upon history as the basis for your acts. You stop requiring yourself to imitate the person next to you who looks a certain way, or acts a certain way, or seems to have the answers. You actually bypass the collective information that has been present to claim something higher. Now the last question, we would say, is “Am I who I say I am?” And who answers the question will give you the answer of what voice you are listening to. The True Self knows who she is. There is no question. The small self assumes and thinks. “On this day we claim that each one who attends to these words is in reception of their own truth as the one who may know. And in their claim—I am here, I am here, I am here—they may access their knowing as the one in truth, who is not deceived by the mandates that the small self would gift her with.” The individual, once she begins to understand that she is free, free of the collective rule, free of the established pattern, free of the decisions made for her and by her in agreement to the collective, shifts the frequency that she inhabits. In some ways, the vortex that you become aligns you to the requirements of the realization of freedom, which is in some ways the key to the Kingdom. You are the town crier, yes, wakening people from their slumber by nature of your being. The echo – you can claim the truth about them of their nature and freedom and you will receive the residual effect of the co-resonant act.

• Preparing for the kingdom

All your problems, we suggest, are the result of misidentification with who and what you think you are. “On this day I choose to give permission to my Divine Self to be in expansion and in song for the awakening of humanity to claim itself in unity with its Source.” You have remembered the essence of your being and you have announced it, if you wish—“ I am here”—and, in this claim of freedom, you have claimed liberation for all that you will encounter. When we say these words now, we say them in love: Stop pretending you are not who you are. Stop lying to yourselves and saying you are your pain, you are your suffering, you are your fear. As we say this for you now, we say a prayer with you. We claim that all mankind may know love. We claim that each being on this plane may become an emissary of peace, so that you may put down your swords and embrace your brothers and sisters in the realization that all is holy. To be exposed to the Divine, to say, “Here I am, all aspects of me, the fear I have used against myself and others, the shame of the body, or the fear of failure, the damnation of my fellows that I have engaged in”—all of these things must be revealed to be lifted. That any human being could be rejected by the Divine because of what he has done or believes he has done must be seen as what it is, a doctrine in fear. We know who you are without the fear, without the shame, without the condemnation of yourself and fellows. Take a few moments and decide the things that you have kept from the light—the shames, the angers, the requirements of others to be who you think they should be, the self that has been fearful and bound others in fear. And, if you are willing, we would like to release you from the very things that you have protected yourself from. “On this day I choose to be liberated from all of the obstructions that I have used to deny my true name. I am free. I am free. I am free. And in this claim of truth, I give permission to my Divine Self to amplify in fullness for the perfect eradication of those energies that would seek to suppress my Divine Self from its manifestation and expression in truth.”

Willingness is required, to release the ideas you have held as sacred about who and what you are. This is a teaching of release and acceptance at the same time. Liberation from the known, and liberation from those idols that you have attached great meaning to, is the work of the day. “On this day I present those aspects of the self that require liberation, that I have held as sacred, that I have used to keep myself safe or important or free of fear. And as I say yes, I acknowledge the Source of all things, who will hold me in its light to be known anew. I am free of this thing I have claimed in fear. I am free of this thing that I have used to keep myself separate from my Source. I am free.” If you stop prohibiting manifestation beyond what you have thought can be so, each one of you by nature of being can claim a new world into being. You are free from prescription, you are free from others’ decisions, but beyond that the True Self is free to create anew. That is the map you carry as the True Self. Each step will be met by you in an agreement to be manifest in truth. The True Self guarantees that each step will be made and revealed as it is required. One step at a time, each step will be made known to you as it needs to appear for your benefit and for realization to occur. But the bullying to get it and the demand to have it is always the small self seeking to get what it thinks it should have. The True Self, and the alignment of the will, will claim for you things far greater, than the small self can assume. The True Self will never instruct you in fear, she will never damn a friend, she will never damn anyone. “I am free, I am free, I am free”—is a claim of liberation and obedience to the divinity that is inherent here. You are being obedient to truth, and not to lies. You are being obedient to love, and not to fear. What great gifts these are.

• The ramifications of choice

The choices you make that are claimed for you now will be operating in a different way than they have heretofore. You have an obligation now to the True Self, so many things are possible. The True Self begins to encounter the True Self in others in this new field of liberation. To move from thinking to knowing is much of the passage of this text, because in your knowing you are without the qualities that would keep you in separation. We realize the divine presence of the one we see before us, and in that claim—“you are free”—realize them, which means know them beyond the history that they are operating with as a small self. War will not be claimed by one who is not in accord to war, who is not aligning to the history that says it should be there. The first step to move beyond this is to lift beyond the claims of history to the potential that there is peace. If you decide today that you can access new levels of expression, new levels of experience, you can rely upon the new to support the claims you make and understand history as what it is—just an idea. “I am free” supports you in this realization that you are not bound by history.

By your history you are saying, “There will always be war, there will always be famine, we may grow old alone and become infirm” as if these things cannot be met by you as the True Self in a vastly different encounter than you have aligned to thus far. But the agreement is such a simple one. “I am no longer willing to live in fear.” When there is no fear to operate from, you move to authenticity. The truth of who you are is unafraid. You now say, “Yes, that is what was, but now it is all new.” You have the ability to transform your world through your encounter with it. When you see something anew, you are being invited to release the history that you have endowed the ideas with. “This is good or evil, right or wrong.” Whatever you see, you are deciding the meaning of, and relying upon history informed data to tell you what it should mean. To see something and release your investment in outcome or ideology to simply see it as it is gives you the opportunity to re-perceive it. When you conceive another in truth in this way, you are realizing him beyond the small self’s prescriptions of what should be, or how he must be to suit your need or investment about what kind of a man he should be. The true man, the true being that he is, is now being witnessed and known in a higher way through the claim of truth you give him. Your uninvestment or release of expectation about who others should be, that you have attached to what you see before you. To become neutral to the man cannot be done at the level of the small self, but it is done by the True Self, who is the only one that can claim “I know who you are in truth.” Now the fabric of reality that you share is malleable to thought. When a collective of people re-conceive someone or something without historical data or reprimand, enforcing the vision, the one that is seen by the collective itself is lifted in a way to be re-known. Only the one who knows the Divine Self can witness the Divine Self in all she sees before her. What is happening in the world now is that things that you have counted upon to be there, are being dismantled. Your idealizations of a government, or a banking system, or what culture means in inherited ways are being re-seen and disassembled in many ways so that the new can be claimed. When you uninvest in the meaning of something, you can claim it in a higher way. To reinforce how terrible something is doesn’t transform it, it confirms the terrible nature. To see something in a new way is to give it the potential to be transformed. Can you imagine a battlefield with men fighting where music begins to play, and all begin to dance? The Divine Self is the music, and the claim of it for them—“ I know who you are in truth, what you are in truth, how you serve in truth”—renders them without the uniform and the expectation of battle. When the world itself decides, that war means nothing and grants nothing to the victor, the possibility of a world without war will exist. The work we do with our students is to lift them beyond the agreements made through historical data to freedom. You are the emissary to support the world in its knowing of what it is through your witness.

The realization of the True Self, who does not align to fear, is in fact what claims you in liberation: “I am free.” The sensitivity you hold that you have believed to be your purview becomes a tool to realize others as well. You become sensitized beyond the small self’s needs to the needs of the community or the world itself. And because your vibration is always in expression, it is aligning everything that it encounters to its requirements for its own evolution. What you are, in recognition of your world, will make no claim upon another but one that is in love.

On this journey you have chosen to take to the True Self as your full expression. We celebrate the achievements of this plane, all that has been made in love, all that has been known in truth, and we understand the craziness that you attend to in trying to sort out who and what you are in a dense field that seeks to claim you and decide for you who and what you should be. Full expression, identity as one with the True Self, not to kill the small self, but to absorb it in the highest realm you can align as. The collective now, in a higher way, is claiming, yes, its true nature, its divine heritage. And the manifestations of fear that have obscured this are being made new. The True Self, who is unafraid, becomes the aspect of you through realization that encounters the new world and claims the new in agreement to it. The True Self is not passive, far from it. But he does not rely upon the old tools to manifest change. Your being itself, the very being that you are, is what claims the world anew. Trust yourselves, please, to be in this encounter with the unknown. The release of fear that we speak to will have significant impact on the being that you are, and the life that you live. Are you willing to let this go?” If the answer is “Yes, I am willing to let this go,” we will do the work with you, and we will do it in a way that will reclaim you outside of fear. To be in an encounter with fear and remain unafraid is how you know you have lifted.

• Undoing the known

When you are operating in fear, you are immediately limited by the options you have. Because the True Self is not limited in the same way, what becomes available—the different doorways, perhaps—will be very different. You would never claim what you don’t know or can’t imagine. How possibly could you? But the agreement is a radical one. “I am willing to begin to experience my reality outside of history, definition, and collective agreement. I am willing to know the realities that coexist on this plane in higher octaves that may be understood or experienced for my benefit.” Be still, and allow the inscription of the Christed Self upon your field. Be still, and say yes, that what you will now encounter will be beyond what you can imagine, or could have assumed, or said yes to by the self who was informed in history.

Trust yourself, please, that the Divine as what you are seeks its recognition in the life you live in ways that are palpable to you that can be known and understood. Ask yourself, if you are willing to know beyond the known. The un-manifest is where we seek to take you and are inviting you to come to—the un-manifest, the potential of the Divine to be known beyond logic and limitation. “I am accepting myself as released from all barriers made by language in limitation to access the truth of who I am as may be known as the infinite truth that seeks to know me as who and what I am. Now ask yourself this: Are you willing to die to the life that you have known? Are you willing to release the necessary things that would support you in making this passage in joy, beyond fear. The Divine as what you are must be revealed to you beyond what you think it is, or think it should be, for it to be known in fullness. Everything will now have to be re-known. “Undoing the Known” would be the title of this chapter, as if you are unfurling a sweater that has been made, so that it may be re-knit in some other form, and that is the passage you are in now, not only as a being, but as a species. The unraveling simply renders the old in a new way, and a new form will then be taken. And the world will reclaim itself beyond fear, beyond separation.

The key to change, we would suggest, at this time, is reliance upon truth and the Divine Self. There is a new reliance that is needed on the Divine Self to withstand an encounter with fear or choose to lift above fear when it presents itself. Humanity itself is at a juncture now, and the reliance upon the old to solve your difficulties will not serve you in the ways that you hope it would. Reliance upon truth and the Divine within all things will give you the actions you require in the physical realm to withstand all change. The change is inevitable. So how you are carried through it, in every way, is dependent upon your reliance of truth and the realization that you are free. You have chosen collectively to move beyond the known, and the passage forward, in some ways, is fraught with danger, but danger to the small self, not to the True Self, because the True Self realizes the benefits of mass change even when the small self cannot. To realize the Divine in the self is to realize the Divine in what you witness, and by this realization you cannot condemn, because to condemn denies the light that is implicit in all. The Divine witnesses the Divine in what it sees. We are not denying what happened. We are speaking about realizing it in a very different way, and there is a difference between the two.

• Revelation

To be expressed and realized in a higher way, and this will happen when all aspects of the self are revealed to the Divine Self to be known and realized in a higher way. The moment you turn and claim him in truth, and realize the liberation of his soul that is his birthright, the Divine in him can be revealed. You all find ways to decide you are better or must be better than someone else. “On this day we choose to realign our values to the higher accord that is present now, and in doing so, we expose ourselves, our very selves, to be revealed in the higher octave where any distortion of value may be seen, witnessed, known, and released.” To be realized or revealed as the True Self demands—that what you have believed in that has never been true will be known by you in one way or another. The majesty of the Divine Self that expresses in the beggar is equal to the Divine Self that expresses in the queen. The charade you partake in will be ending one way or another, either by offering to remove the costume, as we suggest, or having it ripped from you. Take a moment and allow the aspects of the self, the hidden pieces, the tokens of the past and the tethers to the past that you have blamed, but protected, for your unhappiness, to be seen and known and realigned in a higher way.

Assumption, to be assumed, is to be loved, and responded to, and known in a newer way than you can imagine. You realize the beauty of a child, a man, or a woman, not by looking at what they appear, but by knowing who they are. Actually, what happens when you are assumed at this level is that the resistance to joy is released. So the idea of being revealed and seen, all aspects of you in allowance of visibility, actually aligns you to the release of the very things that would preclude what you call your happiness. When you are known in truth, every scale of illusion must be removed from your vision, and those include the ideas that you hold dear or sacred that have never been in truth. “I allow myself to be known in fullness. I surrender my need to be known as I believe I should be. I give permission to every aspect of myself to show itself in fullness to what I know as God. As I say yes to this, I permit all that has been hidden to be revealed and reclaimed by God.” Trust yourselves, please, to follow the lead of the True Self, who has announced itself as who and what you are. Trust the alignment you have been given to operate as you. Don’t fight the tide, but ride it lovingly. Revelation, we suggest, is the revealing of what was always present where fear sought to mask it.

“You are free,” now rendered to another, is sung in the higher octave to lift the world you express through to its true nature. A new world is known, is revealed, is seen and witnessed. You are not whitewashing the walls, you are not covering up pain. You are seeing God in form and flesh and incident as it is manifest with you. The small self’s perceived failures or failings to live up to a standard of achievement, or health, or realization must be understood as agreements made in lower octaves. The moment you decide that one is above the next, is a way of undermining your own progress and the progress of the one you judge. What is most meritful is to sing the song of the ones you are walking with. Bless the ones you pass on the road, sing their song for them. The road is not what you think. There is no end, friends, to the road you walk. You are walking now in infinity. There is no finish line in sight, no destination to land upon, there is nothing to be impatient with. Look around you, friends. You will find your fellows. You walk together in this incarnation with purpose and joy. You walk together in awareness of your own requirements, and if you are called to aid those you walk with, do so in love and in awareness of their sovereignty.

The will must be assumed in totality and in agreement with the Divine for alchemy to truly occur. So the battles over ideas, the shoulds and the woulds, will be gone as this is done. Your presence in your world, by design, re-creates the manifest world by your exposure to it and its response to you. The manifestation of God, the Kingdom itself, is the response you are receiving. The design you are now, in form and field, has gone into an agreement with the truth of being—collective being, not just your being, the truth of collective being, which means that you can support the whole by recognition of it and its true nature. You are claiming what is always true, “You are free,” and the aspect of the being that announces itself to you in reverberation, echo, or recall is the Divine Self saying, “Yes, I am here. Yes, I am free. Yes, I am assuming myself.” Now the individual that you have claimed this for will have choices to make. The individual small self may say, “Thank you, no,” and their True Self will go into waiting until the perfect moment is recognized to bring forth the individual self to a reckoning of truth. Your agreement to hear these words, you have already decided that the being that you are is going to move forward and create itself anew. To deny someone else their truth is to deny your own. This is a shift in the field of humanity that is expressing itself now, and generations to come will be party to this because the way has been paved. We are your temporary teacher. Please understand this. The Divine within, the True Self, the Christed Self that you truly are is your true master.

• How do you create a world?

When you lower your vibration in expectation of trouble, you decide for yourself what you have claimed. No one has done it for you. The first thing we must say is you are not who you think you are anymore, the True Self in re-creation as you has announced itself as free. History itself may be reclaimed and re-known in high alignment by the one who knows who she is. By rising above it and claiming it anew, you may lift it to the Christed Self to be seen, to be known, to be revealed in a new way. When something is renamed, it is known anew. Re-creation comes when something is reclaimed, re-known in a higher way. You are witnessing the Divine that is inherent within, and that is the process from this stage of vibration, of reclamation, and reaffirmation of truth in all things. That’s a butterfly. Remember, always, you are claiming what is, not should be. You are not making it God. You are seeing the inherent God through what has been denied as God, which transforms what you see. The realization is that the Divine is present in all manifestation, regardless of whether it appeals to your liking. When you realize anything in truth, all you are being asked to do is witness the presence of the Divine that is inherent in all things. It is not to condone the action. By not going into agreement with the pain, or confirming the pain, by which you lower yourself to that agreement, you support the other in moving beyond it. You do align to the truth of the person who is seeing herself as a victim to lift her beyond that state through your witness.

When there is a loss, you understand the loss, you grieve the loss, but your intent must be to realize the self beyond the loss. The True Self in her realization makes all things new. And what was seen in fear, or in frustration, or in anger will then have the opportunity to be re-seen in the higher octave that you abide in. The True Self, you see, exists without fear, or blame, or the need to antagonize, or the desire to control. As the True Self emerges and begins to reclaim you, the first thing you will notice is that what you see is not what you thought. “I thought this was important, but it is not.” When you stop agreeing to fear by agreeing in truth, you realize yourself in relation to all these systems. Now to re-create a world you need to have vision, but the vision the small self holds is historical data. The True Self can claim what has not been manifest. We lift you to the awareness of what now may be known outside of the claims made in history. The making of the world is simply the creation of the Divine that is inherent in all things. How a world is known and seen by the True Self is so very different than the small self. The True Self waits in abeyance until you say, “I am willing.” The new opportunities for manifestation will be made known to you in an instant. “On this day we choose to realign ourselves to the highest level of collective agreement to know the work before us. We afford ourselves the availability and knowing required to remake ourselves in coherence with the requirement of a new world.” The one who has seen will see a new world in the agreement that has been made.

What is the true wish of your heart and how can it be claimed? To claim your heart’s desire is to give up your heart to a desire that must be claimed, and to give up your heart, you must be willing to surrender it to the unknown. Let the heart’s desire be known and inscribed or spoken to, announced, at the level of the heart. Now allow the heart to be extended from your body as if you hold it in your hands in offering. See the heart before you, exposed, aware, vulnerable to its need, and let the need be met by the Source of your being. Respond to these words: “Am I willing to know, and claim, and receive my heart’s desire?” Say yes, if you wish, and release the heart itself to the Divine Source of All Things to be met with a whisper, “yes, yes, yes.” Let the longing be ended, and let yourself be known in love. The gift you give in love, your heart’s desire, will be given to you in response. “I give thanks now that what was in secret has been brought to the light. And I give thanks now that the realization of my true heart’s desire has been met in agreement to be realized. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I receive my heart’s desire.”

The purpose of re-creating a world is reclaiming a world in agreement to truth. The one in union realizes a new world, and to be in union is to be assumed by the True Self, who has come to bear witness to the manifestation of God that is inherent, implicit, present in all manifestation. Reclaim yourself in the authority you hold as the divine truth has been expressed by you, to surrender to it, and to claim it in courage in the face of all that would say no. The Divine as what you are is fearless. The creation of a new world is what we teach now in this chapter and in texts to come. The manifestation of God in form has been your instruction, and freedom from fear, the liberated self, the one who claims “I am free, I am free, I am free,” is the one who says yes to this step, this agreement to claim a world anew. Come join the chorus we sing together for the reclamation of a new world beyond fear, beyond tyranny, beyond doubt. We lift the world to the higher octave where all will be made new. “On this night we choose to welcome all who will come across this threshold to glory. On this night we welcome each who have committed to the yes of their assumption and realization as the True Self. And on this night we say yes to all who will follow you through the door that has been opened by your agreement.”

• Epilogue

As you realize yourself beyond the fear that you’ve claimed, what you may understand and become is the self that has always known her truth, that has always stood in glory, and will be a testament to the vibration of God simply as you are by nature of being. There is no man born, no woman born, who comprehends the importance of this until they are in an encounter with their own divine nature, and, in fact, assumed by it. The ideals you hold of what things have been are actually being transformed now by collective agreement, and the manifestations you see on this plane are all in change as humanity awakens to what must come. What you perceive of as trials are always opportunities. Everything is in transformation now, and please do not be frightened when systems fail, or what you thought should always be there no longer is. All it is, is the potential of the new making itself known through the debris of what is now passing. You are here to support the others who follow you on a new road, a high road, a magnificent road to your own potential, and the potential of all, in a new way, in beauty, in truth, and in the awareness of the divine union.