Book of Love and Creation

The Word trilogy, book II, channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

For awareness in congruence with the Divine Self, we have to get past the fear of deception. Awareness of the self and all things. You are all things. There are no creations without there first being thought. We are each a piece of the Creator, as creators. Don’t abnegate your authority, create what you want. I must choose to stand in my authority. Am I creating out of love or fear? Everything in my environs I chose. Extend my awareness to other dimensions, to believe you can be and have what you want. Imagine my perfect life as if it is available to me. You don’t have them because you don’t think you deserve them. Expansion in consciousness is the purpose of this book. As I change my landscape will also change. This is what it is to operate in Christ consciousness. Our ego and our culture have not allowed us to know who we are. Design the life you want, devoid of cultural mandates. The true self will create out of abundance and love, not fear or lack. I am free from the past and I am here.

Amplifying Love, Love cannot be distorted, it is a higher frequency. You can endow another with love. ‘I am in love’ is to activate this frequency. I can no longer love one person or group and not another. I am embodying Source, the Christ. We are unblocking the resistance to the ocean of love. To think that you, or another, is not worthy is a false, selfish belief. This is an act of fear by the ego. Yes, I am worthy. I love myself and others. My consciousness is changed. I am Word.
I need to stand in awareness of how I feel. I am the frequency of love, I set the intention and align to it. I will forget who I was in fear. I align to the Christ within me to become manifested in full realization of myself.

Awareness of the Senses, Our senses limit us to what we perceive around us. This can be expanded. What I see is what someone else has created by thought and I have entered into agreement with. Psychic abilities are not something mystical. Clairvoyance is seeing everything in frequency, God within that. Everything before us is in transition, impermanence. Clairaudience, the ability to hear a voice in your head. Yes this is possible and I claim this ability. Hear your knowing, your higher Christed self. Gifts available to us in a higher frequency. I am a TV set that has been operating on only five channels when hundreds could be available.

Awareness in Perception, Can I experience my aura? My energy field extends around me in frequency. Through frequency I can sense much more than my five senses. Sit opposite a partner and feel their frequency. This is empathic feeling. Can you sense the emotions of another? Anger, etc.? Dimensions in consciousness, growth we’ll experience as the planet ascends. Fear can hold you back. I am free of limitation as the divine. I am knowing myself as a manifestation of the divine.

Awareness in Relationships, Every relationship is my teacher. My relationship with myself is central. I am in authority, control. Do I self identify as a victim? Everything is done by choice. None other is making my choices, but me. But, 80% of my choices are unconscious choices. These are choices that are in agreement to cultural beliefs, collective consciousness. My relationships are for me to learn who I am.
Love is to be supportive and honest in relationships. Compromises need be made to fulfill the needs of both in the relationship. You should never lie. Lying is out of fear, only creating more fear. Be aware of the divine self within you and the other.

Creation in Awareness, We are all individual aspects of the same God. A control system of fear is not necessary. I am now willing to awaken. I am asleep and waking up. We have now been gifted with this awakening. Stop those beliefs of unworthiness. Be fearless in love, not religious. It is time to act, I am free, I am Word. I am not a limited being. I choose to now align with love. I am love incarnate. Identify those things that have been keeping me unconscious. Fear does not exist at the frequency of divine knowing. Ego has been an imposter for too long and needs to be unraveled and released.

Alignment to Love
I am always in frequency, always a divine being. I release those things that I have created in unconsciousness. This will allow me to embark on my next step of my journey. I am in charge and I choose to do this.

Freedom, When a person chooses to move out of collective consciousness there will be consequences and you will go into a higher frequency. I am now choosing to live my life according to my higher knowing. For freedom from an addiction you need to acclimate to it, accept it and rise above it in frequency. Battling it will do no good. You are free at a moment’s notice. I am free. Imagine being afraid of nothing. Make a list of your fears and see them for what they are to be released from them. This is the freedom of choice.

Will and Divine Will, I am in my choice. I have the same prerogative of will as Source. To see myself as Word is to increase my worth. To make excuses and choose the lower road is to bypass opportunities for growth. Align your will with Source to make the higher choices. An investment in security can prevent you from choosing the better. How can you fear pain when you believe Source is love? You can then choose without fear. We suffer because we choose it. Go into your divine self before asking what you want. To be in higher frequency will effect your choices. Align myself with my divine, higher self. Why do I want ……? To affirm the ego?

Identity and Knowing, I am changing my perception of self from what others have thought of me to what my Creator thinks of me. Cultural preferences are always changing. I am Word through my body. Allow healing. I am One with all others. I am Word through those I see before me – this acknowledges their divinity and blesses them. I am always in choice, do not play the role of victim.

Love and Reprimand, Choose love and you move upward in frequency. Reprimand is to withhold love, to be in judgment or condemnation – a block to the flow. To hold someone outside of love is to keep yourself outside of love. You then abide in the illusion of separation. List all my unforgivenesses and release them. See all with the eyes of Christ, I am love and so are they. This is why I am here.

I am the Well, Within me is a wellspring of love. I feel unlovable, but that is not true. I release all resistance to love. I need be receptive to love. I am the well. Through the divine, ‘I am Word,’ I can break through these obstacles. In making love (sexual act) I should see the divinity in my partner to be in higher frequency. Be in awareness of the divinity of those before you, not in flesh. This is about achieving consciousness, not guilt.

Traveling, You can travel to places you desire by frequency as a beam of light. Raise an octave each breath you take. Listen telepathically to others, even at a distance. To hear others in their frequency. This is accessing other dimensions. To be angry at someone or fantasizing over another, you are sending them negative energy. Thoughts are creative and impactful. You need to rise above this, ‘WIAW.’ Learn what I am capable of.

Help, My first inclination is to go outside of myself for help. I need go inside for help. We are each born with the seed of God. I am now choosing to dismantle all the matrices of fear, anger and pride. See all those before you in their perfection and hold them in love. Freedom is the key to moving on. If you go into agreement with negativity you are lowering your frequency. There is nothing to be afraid of.

I am Worthy, Everything has a value. If things matter to me more than they should, they will not carry me forward, but hold me back. Attachment can trip me up.

Frequency and Creation
Re-Membering, I am an individual cell in an organism that is rising in vibration. I am love through the ones I see before me. The mission of this book is that we know ourselves as love. This is happening to everyone, not just special ones. All are in (God’s) love. Know what you need, and then you can manifest it. Ask yourself, ‘what do I need?’ We are being re-attached.

Healing and Christ Consciousness, Illness is a great teacher and healing is for the highest good of another. This same work can be done from any distance, you need not be in their physical presence. You are Word, you do not need to worry, be demanding or even decide what is truthful for this other person. Accept whatever emotions come up. I see myself in perfect love. I am Word through this feeling. I am not controlled by my feelings, and I can control them. Christ consciousness is to see everyone in their perfection.

Manifestation, I am the Word manifesting in form. I cannot harm another without harming myself. A new dawn is coming where nothing of lower frequency will be.

The Answer, This change is happening to everyone, but we are always in our choice. You are your own authority. What is my soul’s journey? No one knows better than I. Those things of lower vibration will not be here much longer. The new is replacing the old in higher frequency. I am in the light and cleared of all shame.

Dominion in Love, Accept your own divinity. Heaven is here, as you align to higher consciousness. The matrix of fear is dissolving. You always have a ‘high’ choice and a ‘low’ choice (frequency). As you outgrow many things, beliefs and relationships they will fall away. Welcome the release. Love is a high choice, fear is a low choice. No request for spiritual growth is ever denied.