A Conscious look in the mirror


or Awakening, inspired by Jeff Brown

My experience is felt, moving the heart,
Expanding in awareness and balance.
It is feeling God, not thinking God,
It is recognizing and knowing others.

In recognizing another, you see them as they are,
You do not want to change them,
Beauty beyond improvement.
A perfect expression of divinity, a wonder to be admired.

I do not compare myself to others,
My identity comes not from the crowd.
I stand in my own center,
Respectful of others, but self defined.

I work diligently to liberate my consciousness
From the egoic ties that bind me,
I courageously work
On my acceptance and integration.

I move from within outward,
More interested in inner expansion than outer achievement.
Integrity is neither convenient nor self-serving,
To love myself first, and others as myself.

I prioritize conscious relationship,
I value authentic co-creation,
I honor relationship as spiritual practice.
I move from love and compassion.

I awaken to live in a state of perpetual gratitude.
I am grateful for the gift of life.
I have reverence for Mother Earth
And all who love her.

I am comfortable in my vulnerability. I participate in my own revealing.
I am not afraid to surrender – to reality, to love and truth.
Surrender is not out of weakness, but emblazoned courage.
I explore my capacities for receptivity and tenderness.

I am empowered, but not to exploit,
My power is from connection to source.
I have no claim on God.
I am tolerant, inclusive, respectful and noble.