Earth Adventure

Your soul’s journey through physical reality, by Ron Scolastico Phd (a summary by Pat Evert) 

  • Introduction 

I find myself to be a professional “trance medium” who is able to enter at will into vast unlimited psychic realms of wisdom and truth. Instead of teaching in the college classroom, I am now giving lectures, workshops, and “life readings” for thousands of people throughout the United States, helping them live more meaningful lives by providing them with profound knowledge that is spoken through me by non-physical “spiritual guides.” Years ago I was stunned having turned down my dream job. How could I have said what was exactly opposite to my intentions? My inner wisdom knew better, and it had come to my rescue just in time, opening the door to the most fascinating, exciting, and fulfilling life’s work that I can imagine. The voice immediately responded with: “You have followed many pathways with your mind, but you have followed none with your heart.” The voice went on to describe how I had used the power of my intellect to build a wall around my heart, my deep feelings, because I was afraid of being hurt. Because I had trained myself not to feel too deeply, I was unable to grasp the inner, intuitive promptings that could lead me to find my own purpose and to feel truth. I could see that my feeling of emptiness was due to the fact that I wasn’t allowing myself to truly love, or to be loved, and that my confusion about truth was due to the fact that all of the many truths I had studied were permeated with the dry, detached quality of intellect. But, I had never lived them

On one occasion I was literally filling that entire room. At the same time, I was being filled with a love so intense that I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. My past experience as an eight-year-old boy and my present experience of expansion were the same. Total strangers began to come to me for readings. My rational mind was impressed by the fact that, without me having any conscious knowledge about these people, the readings could give them information that reflected a deep understanding of their personalities and their lives. I was continually amazed by the profound insights and wisdom contained in these readings. Eventually, people began to invite me to various places around the country to do readings, to lecture, and to give workshops. I resigned my job and held a celebration with my friends. As I joyfully embarked on my new career, I realized that I had actually fulfilled the desire I had expressed on that spring day almost two years earlier when I was guided to turn down a career as a university professor. I had become a teacher of spiritual truths and a professional trance medium. During these readings, we were told that the knowledge was coming from spiritual guides to myself who would tune in to the guides of the person having the reading. The words spoken during the readings still appear as if by magic, without any perception of the source of the knowledge. I only feel it as a deep, unlimited love. In a deeply loving way, the spoken words of the Guides create an intense focus of spiritual attunement that helps the listener penetrate deeper levels of truth. Their teachings presented in this book reflect what the Guides have taught in the thousands of personal readings that I have done. The profound and extraordinary beauty of the true self, of the source, that I experience during the readings lures me on. We can fully and completely manifest the magnificence of our soul in the everyday reality of our lives

  • Where the Earth Adventure Begins

Your beginnings as a human being lie in vast realms that are the eternal realities of a soul. What is needed to comprehend the larger realities of yourself is a different kind of perception, a new creative functioning within your inner life. We could say that this new kind of perceiving is similar to imagination, imbued with feeling, or emotion. By working with our words with imagination and feeling, you will be engaging in an opening process, a new sensitivity. You will activate an inner sensing capacity within you that eventually can enable you to intuitively and directly experience more of your true nature as a soul, and your beginning of this earth adventure. God itself, desiring companionship, did somehow create my soul and the souls of all human beings so that we could rejoice together in the various dimensions of reality. Imagining these vast realities in your own unique way will be more effective in bringing you an understanding of your beginnings than any earth words that we would use to try to approximate realities that are so different than your present human experience. 

Eventually you will be able to feel that you began as a soul force of love and creativity, and you will know that this reality of you as a soul has continued without interruption. You will come to understand that since your very beginning, there has never been a separation between yourself and that magnificent God force that created you. Imagine that you are the eternal force that has created the personality that you presently experience as yourself. Take a moment to do this now. You can begin to feel that, in a certain sense, there are two separate “channels” in your awareness. One channel is your ordinary human awareness that is saturated with earth concerns. The other is a unique kind of awareness that gives you the ability to feel beauty and love in any moment. In other words, you have an extraordinary second awareness that can transcend any limits that you may experience in your ordinary personality experience. This second channel, is your eternal perceptive capacity. You can learn about your beginnings through your own heart. You can increase your perceptions of these eternal realities through developing your second awareness that is tied to intuitive perception. This inner work will illuminate your present existence as a human being in a way that will bring you a greater capacity to love, to create, and to fulfill the purposes for which you have come into earth. You will discover yourself as you existed in the beginning creation of all souls, of all life, and of all universes; as you exist now as a physical human being walking upon a physical earth; and, as you will exist in the future as an illumined being, having created, through many earth lifetimes, a portion of reality that is your unique expression of the force of God. You will find that this earth adventure is not a dangerous, threatening experience, but an exciting, fulfilling journey through unlimited realities that will be created by you. Create feelings of love. Create vast, magnificent realities within your thoughts and your feelings. You as an eternal soul have created the path, you as a human being shall create your own personal fulfillment as you walk that path.

  • Creating the Earth Reality

Originally the God forces created souls. Your souls first created the non-physical forces, or energies that would eventually become physical matter. They experienced many eons of expression in non-physical universes of love. The souls were involved in a certain pristine, perfect existence that continued endlessly, and that was constantly expanding, in terms of greater fulfillment and greater love. The souls’ new desire to create independently of the God force grew out of a sense of love, not out of rebellion. In all of this, the force of God itself was influencing the souls, loving them, teaching them, nurturing them, and encouraging them to create freely and independently. This is the first independent creation by souls who were given free will by the love of that God force. The first temporal reality in all creations. All realities before this were, and are, eternal, having no beginning or end.

The souls who have created this new space are now able to inhabit it. They are slightly separate, temporarily, from all other beings. The souls have become so fascinated and intrigued with their new reality, the physical space, that they began a process of solidification. This resulted in the creation of the first physical matter in the universes. We would say that the only physical self-aware beings living in the physical universes live on this planet earth. The intent of the souls in this is to continually demonstrate the vast generosity of God to human beings. You are so important to the souls and the God force that this entire physical universe has been displayed and built about your physical existence as a reminder of the eternal magnificence of your true beings. Thus, in the earliest stages of human life, there were the full human capacities of creativity, inventiveness, intelligence, and feeling, but not yet that sense of each person being one unique individual. Early human beings did not have that unique awareness of self that was the reality of the souls. Imbued with such a totality of love, and such a sense of perfection, that the early human societies lived in a kind of perfection that mirrored the true nature of the souls. For many generations of earth life, the souls rejoiced in projecting a portion of their self-awareness into these etheric human forms, becoming more solid, more physical. They had a divine self-awareness. The human beings themselves were quite consciously aware of the blending together of the eternal portions of themselves with their temporary physical bodies. They understood quite clearly that they were only borrowing the physical forms that were ruled by life and death. In those early periods of human life on earth, the portion of the soul that was projected into the early human forms as self-awareness was so conscious of its eternal existence as a soul, and its larger eternal reality was always so present that the human person found this vast awareness inhibiting to the enjoyment of physical earth. So, among the souls, there was an agreement that there would be certain manipulations done to the minds of the human beings, and to their eyes, their ears, their feelings, their intuitive abilities, and other human capacities. Human beings gradually developed the capacity to: focus clearly upon themselves as physical beings; to experience themselves as one unique ego; and, to temporarily, while living in physical form, dim their conscious awareness of the eternal realities

Next, there came a major turning point in human life. In the creation of the individual ego within each human being, the souls instilled free will into the human personality. This feeling of independence intensified the experience of earth many times over. Thus, there came to be, for many generations, human beings feeling themselves uniquely as themselves, expressing creatively, freely, without restraint, in great love, feeling their own will, and aligning it with their own unique desires. All of this was accompanied by a diminishing awareness of the eternal portions of reality. It was not desired that human beings would entirely forget the eternal portions. These portions were only to be dimmed a bit, while the personality portion of soul consciousness walked in human form. In these early periods, life on earth resembled what some human beings have come to write about in terms of “the Garden of Eden.” 

Confusion arose from this overbalance toward personal desire, and the first area that the confusion settled over was human possessions: desired more than the love of their fellow human beings. There came about the beginning of human fear. That brother who was denied the use of the cloak began to have a strange new feeling that you would call sadness. Along with this came a feeling of separation from the one who owned the cloak. That brought about negativity in human affairs, you can see quite clearly that negativity is most certainly a human creation. Negativity comes about when the subjective experience of personality is squeezed into one single ego without a conscious awareness of the love that joins one human being to another. All of the fears, angers, resentments, and painful experiences that are now a portion of the present human experiences were all first created by you as individuals living through many early lifetimes. There were teachers who were attempting to remind human beings of the eternal love of their true beings. As you of the human race were guided by the enlightened human beings, you were still able to vaguely perceive a portion of your soul, although your capacity to perceive eternal realities had been diminished (in order to intensify your experience of earth). There needed to be another adjustment because human beings had begun to ignore the guidance from their own souls and from the human teachers. The human personality would no longer listen to the soul that was animating it. The physical patterns were becoming rebellious, over-focused upon fear, doubt, and negativity. All of the earth competition and struggle that have led to all of the wars, and all of the human pain and suffering, began with an unwillingness to care for other human beings more than you care for things of this earth. The souls understood the early strife of human beings, even all of the war and death and violence, as temporary adjustments being made by human beings, for the souls are rooted in the perfection of all of life. They can see beauty in those experiences. They can see the perfection of God in all of human life. 

  • Civilization: A Human Creation

You as a human being, were also living in the past, before “Atlantis,” hundreds of thousands of years ago. There were a greater number of people alive than most presently believe. These were followed by many periods of change in the earth that drastically reduced their number. They lived together in love, in mutual cooperation. Then began human strife with different races of peoples, which brought about a separation into different people groups. They were primarily motivated by the conflict growing out of human fear.

All of the over watching souls saw a need for a dramatic event in earth life that would help human beings return their focus to the love that once joined them. There came to be extremely deep confusion of negativity among humans. In these physical events, there was never a sense of punishment. They would come to see that they needed to care for one another, and have an appreciation of one another. Over many generations, these disturbances gradually changed the physical appearance of earth. Their fearful attitudes and actions were causing pain to others. This would lead them to reexamine their lives, and eventually to deepen their understanding.

Prior to the “Atlantean” period, there came about a certain lack of ability of many human beings to attune to the needs of others, just as there had come earlier the inability to attune to their guiding-ones and their souls. There was an increase in human pain and suffering in every ways. What appears in earth life to be a loss of the perfection of God, is seen from the souls’ point of view as simply another expression of human freedom and choice

In those civilizations where you find war, struggle, and a lack of understanding of one group for another, you have examples of the unfoldment of life through choices made in fear. The first stream of choice were those human beings in past periods who were able to open their hearts to love; they were able to understand one another and thereby create a civilization marked by fairness, creativity, honor, idealism. The second stream of choice was that of personal fear and doubt, of preoccupation with self, and the inability to trust others. No matter how much negativity humans have created, there will always be, streams and forces of love living within the human hearts of all in physical form. It is a matter of choice. The love and goodness throughout all human civilization is an expression of your eternal nature. On the other hand, the stream of negativity running through human civilization is caused by temporary human fear. That eventually will be healed. All of human civilization is an expression of God. The potential for all to express, to the fullest degree, the perfection of God that lives within them. Human civilization has the potential to transform itself instantaneously, as soon as all that comprise that civilization are willing to love themselves and all those about them. If you find yourself drawing conclusions that are essentially negative, you must understand that the negativity that you feel is a creation of your own. You could ask yourself, Why am I seeing through eyes of fear, judgment and condemnation? Why is it that I am attracted to this negative way of describing entire generations of human beings who were essentially quite loving, honest, courageous, and idealistic? Our vision is clearer than your present one. We can assure you that the choices of most humans through all of their lifetimes have been made in ways that do reflect goodness and the perfection of God. Yet, even in this confused response, you humans, are essentially choosing in magnificence and beauty, even though at times you cannot see it. More and more of humanity in the present are beginning to see the part that their own individual personal fear plays in the collective. More people are beginning to see that if they can love in their own day to day life, in the simple ways, then their feelings about life will be transformed. This will enable them to see areas of goodness and beauty in life that were previously hidden. They will become a part of the healing of that fear

The present human civilization will be healed by love, not by widespread upheaval. So many now are learning to see the goodness in life that there is actually a change taking place in the evolutionary forces of the earth. At this time, there are more living human beings with a great capacity to love than there have ever been in all of human history. Certainly a quickening in the evolution of earth, due to a greater potency and power of love living within them. I can understand that this is good, and that it moves me toward greater love. 

You are dissolving the force of separation; you are healing that human tendency to overbalance toward self-preoccupation. You are choosing, as a race, to return your conscious awareness to the streams of love that join you to others by becoming consciously aware. Unconsciously the present human civilization is using the vast electronic communications systems to move toward that future re-sparking of love for all peoples in all places. Each day remind yourself: “I am fulfilling myself, and also living for all of human civilization. Humanity lives within me, now. And I am willing to share my life and my love with those human beings who are all about me now.” You may live each day with this sense of the vastness of the eternal love that expresses within you, and that joins you to all of human civilization. You will create for yourself the great fulfillment that you desire throughout this lifetime.

  • Creating Human Personality

Soul energies became your human personality, to exist temporarily as a separate entity from your soul. Imagine the whole of reality as different layers (the forces of God, souls and human beings) interacting and interwoven in the overall unity of life; all woven together in love. The God forces that have become your personality energies, penetrate through all of physical reality. You are the direct expression of God in earth

In the sphere of the soul, there is instantaneous manifestation. But time and change are necessary to manifest physical evolution. The force of self-awareness can live within a physical body, yet it cannot die and disintegrate like the physical body. The souls projected a portion of themselves, from their own eternal bosom, an intense ray of love, imbued with an awareness of itself. This new personality force was imbued with a different kind of energy that could literally cut through the laws of physical reality and transcend the limits inherent there. 

The purpose for which the souls projected personalities into earth: was to experience the intensity of earth life in love, joy, and fulfillment. You are temporarily being your one present personality, you have agreed to put your soul experience out of your conscious awareness. Their full conscious awareness of themselves as eternal souls would make it difficult for them to be interested in the many physical realities that are so important to present human beings, such as money, possessions and relationships. Personality experience would be a “specialization” of the soul, created so that the soul could temporarily “lose” itself in the beauty of the earth life in order to experience an intensification of joy and love. This would cause the human personalities to temporarily feel as an independent personality: “I am just a human being.”

Reincarnation is the way in which souls desire to unfold the God forces in physical form. The process is built on love and goodness. This is not to correct the errors of your previous lifetimes. Your body is a product of earth and ruled by earth forces. It is woven with the physical energies of earth, including the forces of birth, growth, and death. In contrast your personality energies stream forth from the forces of your soul. The personality is a “crossroads” where the earth forces of the body intermingle with the eternal forces of the soul. Within your personality where these forces intermingle, there is the power to transform earth. By choosing to identify with eternal forces, you lift up your personality experience and thereby project into the earth reality the eternal energies of your soul, and of the God force. This brings into the earth a force of beauty and love that is so great that it has a transformational effect.

As a soul, your past personality experiences of human love and joy have been taken into you and have become a part of you as an eternal soul. You as a soul can also see, experiences in which your past human personalities acted in fear. Those past fearful experiences cannot mingle with your soul energy. Those fearful human energies remain in earth. When you as a human have passed through death, there comes a brief after-death transition period during which you learn to identify the patterns in your personality that were woven with the earth energies of fear, and you disassociate yourself from them. They are simply unmatched to the vibration of the perfect love of you as a soul. I must be willing to believe that the negativity created by human beings who act violently is not prompted by evil. It is caused by fear. There is so much love in human beings that if you could give it freely to all on earth, you would eventually heal all of the fears. The perfect combination of energies that you create in this personality matrix will lead you to creatively find a way to use your power in order to love, to heal, and to transform the past. 

You as a soul have created your personality forces, and now you are create the body that those forces will inhabit. Once your fetus body is formed, your personality tendencies developing within the fetus remain quite flexible and changeable. You exert non-physical pressures upon the glandular functionings. The life of the child actually begins when the personality matrix springs forth into self-awareness within the child body. The soul will determine the perfect moment. You as a soul, complete the complex process of implanting a portion of your eternal awareness into the personality matrix that you are weaving within the infant body. This is a gradual process that is usually completed within the first month after the birth of the child.

Your self-awareness is a divine force. It is God itself expressing through your soul, and now through your new human personality. Under normal circumstances it is not possible for you to directly perceive the divine forces that make up your personality matrix, just as it is not possible to see your own face without there being a reflection, as in a mirror. You must be willing to imagine the forces of your soul and of God within you, and if you persist in your opening in love and wisdom, your imagining will become transformed into direct perception. The personality forces have the power to transcend earth realities (illness and loss) and situations within the inner experience of life. Working daily with the thoughts, feelings, and imaginings can help you feel your eternal nature in a clearer way so that you may live it, and rejoice in it. “The personality forces within me are projections of myself as an eternal soul, indeed an expression of God living in human form.”

  • Your Life as a Personality

We will look at your human personality as energies, projected on the wings of soul forces, come to live temporarily within your physical human body. We will speak of these forces as separate threads of energy, but keep in mind that they are actually woven into a beautiful whole within your personality.

Your intuiting capacity is the deepest capacity in your conscious personality. At all times in your life, your intuiting capacity is bringing you forces and energies from your soul that do not rise up into your conscious awareness. Ordinarily, your intuiting capacity goes unrecognized because the conscious areas of thought, feeling, and desire are so intensely impactful that they receive most of your attention. 

Your emotions are closely connected to the deep eternal portions of your being, thus they work with your intuitive sensings to bring you guidance from your soul, and your guides. Your emotions are intended to be a receiver of signals being sent to your personality from eternal sources. The souls now attempt to teach the kind of acceptance and trust to human beings as a part of the healing of the fear that humanity has created. The emotions are your soul’s vehicle for bringing you truth from your intuitions. At any moment, you are capable of letting your emotions fill you with joy and love, no matter what is taking place in your life. It is trying to get your attention. Whenever you desire, you can look deeply into your heart, you can draw forth your intuition, and no matter what you feel, you are always the magnificence of God. You are never damaged in any way by your emotions.

The next stream of energy within your personality matrix is your mind. The most important aspect of your mind is its capacity to create. This is more important than knowing truth. The true purpose of your mind, as created by your soul, is to feed your personality with understandings of God, and to give you a God-like capacity to create worlds and universes. All of you in earth have distorted your thoughts to one degree or another. Just as I must not condemn my emotions, I must not condemn my mind. For it is a thing of great value. But, if what it thinks does not please you, then change those thoughts. Your mind can align quite clearly and accurately with the perfection of God. 

Turning now to another important stream of energy within your personality matrix, we will look at what you would understand as will. You have the power to will actions that are aligned with love, thereby creating earth realities that reflect eternal truth. Your will is your outward force into earth. It is similar to the force of your soul that created your personality. 

These streams of your personality affect your sense of self, whether you experience yourself as important or unimportant, loved or unloved. The process of fulfilling yourself begins in your inner life, for it is there that you begin to create your reality.

Your memory is closely aligned with your self-awareness. Remembering a particular past experience, opens your “energy reservoir” of feelings, thoughts, and impressions of your past and are instantly re-created by you in the present moment. You can feel that you are a victim to the past. In truth, there is no such thing as memory. More accurately, you are creating “duplicates” of your interpretation of that event. Those past feelings are ended. No matter what you may think or feel in this moment, we can assure you that within your personality there is a goodness, a perfection, and a love, all of which are brilliant reflections of the God force that has created life. All of this can be temporarily hidden from your conscious awareness, but these eternal realities never cease to flow into your human personality. The most important factor in your unfoldment of joy and fulfillment in this lifetime is how you feel about yourself as a human being. I choose to fill myself with the feeling that my personality is infused with the perfection of God. I now imagine this, I feel it.

  • The Stages of your Earth Life

The genetic influences that you attribute to “heredity” are actually brought about by the forces of your souls implanted into the blood of the growing fetus. During gestation, the blood cells of your fetus are constantly receiving impressions from your soul. After birth as well, but these will tend to be overshadowed by the stronger impressions from your own emotions, thoughts, and subjective responses within your personality. As your fetus grows, every cell is impregnated with this relatively weak form of self-awareness—the cells simply realize that they belong to this body. Later, after the birth of the body, there will come the awareness of being a human personality. This magnified awareness is so strong that the energy becomes a great brilliant “light” of consciousness that suddenly explodes within the personality. It springs into life as an independent, self-aware personality that is you. This explosion of self-awareness is the true birth of a human being, not the moment at which the fetus emerges from the womb. Within a physical human animal, a divine awareness of self is the culmination of the desires of the God force as they interact with matter. Without the continual infusion of these divine forces, you would not be able to maintain your human self-awareness. Your physical body would exist only as an animal form and you would spring forth from earth reality and regain conscious awareness of your eternal existence. 

Now, you are fully human, you are aware that you are a baby human. Your human brain is assimilating all of the necessary information from your past lifetimes, which most likely will never register upon your conscious awareness. Your soul, in its vast wisdom, knowing that the family challenge would be a part of your childhood learning period, planted within your personality extremely intense qualities of strength, courage, patience, and love

At approximately 3 years old your intuitive memories of eternal realities and past earth lifetimes have gradually dropped away. Most of your patterns throughout this lifetime will be formed by the time you are 5 years old. From 5-7 years of age, there is a gradual loss of the last threads of knowledge of eternal realities from your conscious awareness. Unconsciously you have developed your own ego to such an extent that you are no longer restrained by the wishes and desires of your family.

At about 15-19 years—there is usually a great force of rebelliousness that develops. This grows out of a quite natural need to project your unique personality. You are an emerging adult, becoming free and independent as a human being. This flaming up of passion and desire is one of the most important aspects of this period. Here you could find the beginning of a fear of pain that would lead you to smother your desires, closing your heart. Perhaps here you began hiding your magnificence from yourself so as to protect yourself from pain, rather than expressing your passionate desires. Some of you were successful in high school and careers. Others were not able to accomplish this, there is certainly not badness in their lives, nor are there any barriers that they cannot overcome. There is simply a different situation. If you found little fulfillment in life it will strengthen you even more than fulfillment of desire would have strengthened you. These experiences challenge us to draw more upon our deep strengths and capacities. You have even more need now to push through your fears and do what you desire, fulfilling all of your desires for success, love, and joy. You can now create the meaning and purpose in life that you may feel you lacked in the past. 

Sexual expression is an area that can become quite important during adolescence and throughout adult life. You are given a strong sexual drive as a portion of your bodily functionings, just as you are given smell, taste, appetite, etc. The importance of sexual expression will vary within each as a result of the many unique and complex patterns of personality. In this present period of earth life there are many human beings alive who have brought into their personalities an extraordinarily intense desire for intimacy, love, and fulfillment with others. Yet, due to societal influences, many have forgotten how to feel deeply for themselves and for others. Out of fear of pain and rejection, they have covered over their great capacity for sensitivity and love. There has come to be a general decrease in intimacy in human relationships. As an unconscious compensation for this emptiness, they are drawn toward the more easily attainable intensity of sexual experience. The deep inner wisdom that lives within each of you will eventually lead you to adjust your sexual expression with intelligence and love.

The 20-50’s is a period of advanced accomplishment, in relationships, in career, in pursuits of truth, in artistic activity, in all that you are attempting to fulfill in your life. For many, there will be the breakup of families, careers thrown aside, rebellion against old patterns, and frustration with many aspects of the personal life. This is accompanied by an intuitive prodding from your soul to show you that you are overlooking a major purpose in your life. Your soul will attempt even more to begin a new birth of the truth within you. It will depend on your willingness to bring forth your capacity to attune to the forces of love that live within the depths of your being.

From 60-80’s there usually comes a reassessment period. In most who allow themselves to open their hearts to this, there comes an increased sensitivity to the eternal truths of life. There begins a gradual, and natural process of disentanglement from earth life, usually bringing about a closer attunement to eternal realities that lie beyond earth. At this stage of life, there will be many who struggle with illness and disease. They begin to see that this battle will be neither won nor lost. It will simply draw to a close. They simply cease to fight the war. These simply wander away from the earth battlefield and enjoy their time sitting in the shade, feeling the magnificence of their remaining time in life. Loved ones can encourage them to attune to the inspiration from their soul. If they are able, gradually they will cease to struggle against life as if it were an enemy. Some will continue to fight until the end, and they will not rejoice. This is not badness, it is simply painful. 

Your present moment is the most important time for you. Now is the moment to let your desires and passions grow in you, whether they are for earth fulfillment, or for oneness with God. It is never too late to fulfill yourself. All of the accumulated goodness and love of every past stage of your lifetime is carried into this moment. You will find indeed the beauty of all your human lives within you in the present moment.

  • Death of the Human Body

Your soul has placed into your personality an intuitive knowledge that you are eternal. We can assure you that the time, and place, and manner of your death is always chosen by a wise portion of you that is unconscious. You can be certain that when you go forth to meet your own death, there will be no badness in it. For some the soul implants several “possible” death times, and ways of dying. These different possibilities are chosen clearly by the soul for very important reasons that have benefit for the personality. For others, the soul does not implant any plan for death. These souls, who are of the most adventurous and spontaneous nature. Some love certainty. Others want total freedom and spontaneity. During the process of death, even if from the outside it appears that the person is suffering, there is a certain release that the soul helps the person make so that the death process becomes not so painful, not so frightening. Your soul immediately helps you peel back the temporary illusion of being one human personality. There is a rapid infusion of an awareness that you are an eternal being existing in a vast, magnificent reality beyond earth.

Death is a releasing from a role that was necessarily limiting, due to its human nature. But, even though that role was limited, it was not bad or wrong in any way. If you are filled with such fear and frustration, or such despair with earth life that you believe that death is an improvement, then those strong patterns of negativity and fear will be carried through the door of death. Your after-death period, for a while, could be quite confusing, painful and frightening. As you live your life day by day in an attempt to love yourself and those about you, in an attempt to understand your fears and to heal them, in an attempt to give to others and bless them by your actions and earth choices, then you are perfectly preparing for your death. 

After the death of your physical body, your personality matrix of energies is released, there will be a small period in which your subjective experience immediately after death will be colored by the nature of your positive earth beliefs. Then, quickly, those beliefs will be adjusted to reflect all of truth. The subjective experience would expand even further to rejoice in all of God, in all of its manifestations. For those who have caused their own death by suicide, that action usually reinforces the fear patterns so much that after death it is very difficult for the personalities to believe that they can simply release the fear patterns that tortured them so much when they were alive. As soon as they realize they can heal their own fear in any instant in which they are willing to love. When the earth illusion was finally dissolved, the personalities’ conscious awareness of the magnificent eternal realities return, and gradually, the personalities proceed toward conscious merging with their souls.

At death, your soul, your guides, and God are walking with you, and your conscious awareness of them is returned. I will have immediate awareness of the majesty of God living within me. Gradually, you become more aware of yourself as your soul. You as a soul will take that personality into yourself, and you will rejoice in it. Now, you are all of the human personalities that you have ever been, with no limits, no restrictions, and no separations. Gradually, the feeling of total magnificence that has always lived in you as a human being throughout your physical life, comes back to your conscious awareness. Just as the earth life did not separate you from God, the period of the after-death experience cannot separate you. Nothing can separate you from the majesty of life and love that is God. 

  • Creating a New Personality

After a lifetime, your human awareness, such as emotion and conceptualization, are overshadowed by the magnificence of your reawakening eternal awareness, which is so much larger. This is a miraculous process in which you are transforming from a limited human personality back into the eternal soul that created your personality. You become aware of your intensely fulfilling and unending love relationship with the forces of God as they continually create and sustain you. You become aware of the vast continuous communication between all souls, and your participation with them.

You-as-a-personality have brought magnificent gifts to you-as-an-eternal-soul. Even though as a soul you experience yourself in eternal perfection. This perfection is flexible, changeable and expandable. Your human lives bring you a unique kind of expansiveness and fulfillment that you could not receive in any other way. As you assess the earth life of your personality, there is no judgment or criticism. All other souls stand about you and work with you. They also view your earth creations in love, without making any judgments against your human personality. Your personality and your eternal soul enrich each other. 

“Negative” energies are not real, thus they do not exist beyond physical death. They are thrown off and are no longer a part of your personality or your soul. They are left behind in earth. They are only distortions that cannot be immediately assimilated into the eternal fabric of life. In a new human personality, it can face the challenging experiences and transform the fear patterns through love. 

From infinite possibilities, your soul created what it considered to be the perfect personality for you in this lifetime. You infuse into the new personality all of the beautiful abilities that you wish to have fulfilled in this new life. This will directly reflect the perfection of yourself as a soul, and thereby the perfection of God. 

Personality energy is permeated primarily with the intuitive perception of God, which is your nature as an eternal soul. As a personality you begin to feel that the soul is larger than you. This requires a diminishing process for the divine forces of your personality to be “squeezed” small enough to enter a physical body. You as a personality begin to experience yourself as one unique being. You are also aware that you are joined to all other beings expressing in earth. As your fetus is growing within the womb of your mother, you are hovering about the personality matrices of your new physical parents. You are also perceiving your soul and all of its purposes for projecting you into your present personality. You see that there is only perfection in the earth life that you are about to enter. You can clearly understand that shortly there will be your physical birth, and you will voluntarily relinquish your conscious awareness of the eternal realities. It is necessary for you to begin to squeeze yourself into the limited perceptions of one ordinary human being who is aware of itself only as a body, a mind, and emotions. You will experience the intensified focus of God forces directed toward the unique experience of being one subjective human being. The earth adventure truly does beckon you. The subjective intensity of one human being who can freely create life at will; who can create, moment by moment, for an entire lifetime, what you desire in your reality. 

If you would take a few moments each day to love yourself, we can assure you that your struggles, confusions, pains, and fears would be healed in the great energies of love that you would create within yourself. See yourself as if you are your own beloved child. You have such love and appreciation for this beautiful child. You would never condemn or abuse this child. By allowing this love for yourself, you will be able to feel more clearly the magnificence of the eternal forces that are now expressing through your personality. By seeing the innocence of the child within you, you soften your heart, you release any judgments that you have toward yourself, and you allow a stronger flow of the eternal love that lives within you. The most important gift we can give you is to stimulate your capacity to recognize the magnificence of yourself as a human being; to encourage your willingness to love the human being that you are in this moment. You are coming nearer to perceiving yourself as an eternal soul. You are coming closer to experiencing God.

  • Loving Your Soul in Earth

When you are feeling lost, frightened, and in pain, there is a need to know that you are tied to a reality that is beautiful, and good, and filled with love; a reality that can never be diminished by your present temporary pain. You will find your greatest happiness in a balance of the earth concerns of health, relationships and finances with the eternal realities of the divine presence and perception. Success will depend upon your willingness to love yourself and to work to heal your fears. 

When your subjective experience of your life becomes saturated with fear and pain, then your healthy human consciousness is distorted. Instead of having an awareness of earth life as a magnificent experience filled with love, your human awareness begins to experience life as something dark and frightening. Such a distorted awareness can magnify the negative experience of life to such a degree that you can come to believe: “This negativity is reality. This is truth. The earth is frightening. It is a bad place.” By healing those fears, you will draw forth the magnificence of your natural human awareness that is so perfect for leading you to fulfillment in your present lifetime. 

There is only good in the universe. We can assure you that in all universes, physical and nonphysical, there is only the goodness that is God. All beings, all realities, perfect, magnificent, totally loving. There does not exist, as the earth mind would be tempted to create, opposites to these forces. Now, in the human reality of earth, there are feelings of badness. There are conclusions drawn by human beings that certain actions are bad, that certain people are bad. The human mind can temporarily create the illusion of evil in their own thoughts and feelings. Such badness and evil exist only in the subjective experience of human beings. These do not reflect the true nature of God—they are temporary forces of human fear. During your attunements, whether you are aware of the God forces or not, they will be filling you with love, expanding you, and uplifting you

Your inner wisdom will work with your soul to bring you to expanded states of awareness. For example, imagine someone who has continually prayed that her life would have more meaning and more purpose. As a result of this desire, her inner wisdom and her soul make adjustments in her awareness that bring about a temporary expanding of her capacity to sense inner truth and to feel the forces of God as love and magnificence in herself. The purpose of such an experience, is to consciously turn toward truth in a deeper, more intense way

The eternal forces and realities are not separate from you as a human being. However, you as a soul have decided that when you come into human form, your conscious awareness of these eternal forces will be set aside so that your personality can focus intensely upon the earth reality. When you as a human being begin to have a desire to consciously know the eternal realities, you are stirring up a desire to return to your true existence—your true home. Once you of your own free will turn your attention to the eternal realities within which you live, then you have begun to move toward a fulfillment that is one of the most magnificent possibilities in all of the universes. It is an important turning point when you begin to desire to attune to them. You will find much confusion as you attempt to attune to spiritual realities with the desire to eliminate badness in yourself. It would be of greater benefit to bring an understanding of my true magnificence, to live more fully and more magnificently in this earth life.” 

The most effective way you can guide yourself in your attunements to eternal realities, could be expressed by saying to yourself, 

No matter what my personality might think, or feel, or believe, my subjective human experience cannot alter the truth. And the truth of me is a force of perfection, of love, of all that I can conceive of as goodness.
No matter what takes place in my human life, it can never alter the fact that I am an eternal soul; a soul of perfection; a soul of love. Nothing can change that.” 

Guides are magnificent beings who love you, who care for you, who rejoice in you. They would never criticize or find fault with your personality, no matter what you do. They will continue to pour forth their streams of love. “I am a being of total magnificence and beauty. I now give permission for my conscious personality to be impregnated by the love and wisdom and inspiration of my guides.” Let your guides communicate with you through love, through feelings of magnificence. 

When your feelings say, “There is only pain, terror, and darkness,” you will need to find a way to live those negative feelings and experience them without losing sight of the truth. Make deep attunements to the truth—to feel it, to live it, and to bring it to your conscious awareness. Experiences of fear, doubt, pain, and sadness—are temporary, and they do not diminish the goodness that is your true nature. By persistently attuning to the eternal truths, without ignoring your human personality, you can heal such confused feelings, and you can come to know the truth of your eternal soul, and you can live the perfection of your soul in your human life.

In your attunements, you are simply bringing to your conscious awareness the magnificence of God that has always been living in you. You do not need to go forth to bring God into yourself. It is already living there. You do not need to transverse space that separates you from the eternal realities. Those realities live within you every moment of your human existence. You do not need to create goodness inside of you, for it is already there. “All that I need do in my attunement is to pull back the veil in my conscious awareness that temporarily prevents me from seeing, feeling, and living the eternal forces that are me, and the forces that are God, my soul, and my guides. You become the example of the way in which fear is healed, and truth and love are brought forth from within the depths of your human personality. You are the expression of God in earth. You are the reflection of that magnificence that has created you. In the vastness of this great earth adventure, you are a creator. 

The Earth Adventure, a more condensed version