Monthly insights

May 2023, Wisdom over Intelligence
Without self concept see things without thoughts, only awareness. Know thyself, non-conceptual, experiencial knowing. Your aliveness, your divinity. As a ripple (wave) in the ocean we are more (connected) than we think. The world is not here to make me happy, don’t expect it. What is happening is of secondary importance, your state of consciousness is foremost. Reclaim consciousness from thought, being from doing. 

April 2023, A Most Beautiful Potential 
Our divine being – all else is meaningless. Are you unaware of the riches you possess? I am a deeper awareness than the programmed narrative that I had accepted, Divine Presence. Sense perception with awareness. Am I in the present moment, which is characterized by contentment? Fear and discontent are of past and future. Everything is alive with hidden Presence. 

March 2023, Accelerate Your Awakening
I Am awake. Jesus said, “Stay awake.” You don’t need to do anything. The suffering is awaking us. Life is not here to make me happy. To be awake (present) is not freedom from challenges, but fear (thinking). We are going to a post-ego state. You can stop thinking by focusing of your breath. You can take a conscious time-out any moment. Practice seeing without making things into concepts, and with awe, it’s sacredness. 

February 2023, The Space of What Arises
I am the space, not what arises. Awareness of your being. Free of concepts, opinions or judgments. The goal is to have self consciousness, but simultaneously transcendent consciousness as a part of the ocean of Source. To realize the depth of who you are. The universe is becoming more conscious. To lose what gives me identity makes an opening to a new awareness. You no longer derive your identity from this world. No gender, race or status. No need to defend yourself. Don’t be trapped in ego

January 2023, Your Most Vital Task
I’ld rather be here now. This is the most vital thing. Awakening is allowing… not an achievement. Ego is imaginary, miserable. Victim identity. Realize your deeper essence identity, free of your form identity. Suffering brings us out of victimhood. What we consider hindrances to happiness is really the beginning of awakening. Most of me is invisible. Thought and memories are not part of the physical world. The universe is conscious. Recognition – we move from concept to experience

December 2022, Increasing Presence in Daily Life
We live in two dimensions simultaneously. I’d rather be here now. Ego wants to achieve something, be somewhere else or have something more. Every once in awhile something needs to go wrong. Consciousness on occasion gets swallowed by thought. It needs to be rescued from thought, responding without past programming. The ego is a trouble maker and has a self-destruct app built into it. Our deeper purpose is conscious sanity

November 2022, Beyond Identification
We forget our being and get lost in thinking/doing. Increased consciousness continues to come into our world. Attachment to form, identification with thought, is a compulsion to reincarnate. Life can be more enjoyable when we are no longer attached to form (health, relationships or possesssions). Am I looking for an improved sense of self? This is unconsciousness. Sense the reality beyond the drama. 

October 2022, The Most Difficult Knowledge
The most difficult knowledge is self knowledge. Life challenges us to make us more conscious, but we can become less conscious. This can vary from moment to moment. Caught in the energy residue (unconscious ego)? Just be aware of it. My true identity comes not from personality, but essence. The next moment is not better than the present. The dog can enjoy life because it has no self-image. Stillness is the absence of inner noise. Seeing how you suffer you transcend it

September 2022, The Personality Paradox
Every life is problematic. I don’t want to let go of this… I might need it. I suffer a bit more. Be aware of what you are thinking about. No complaining (arguing with reality). I am not an emotion or opinion. When something goes wrong, it is an opportunity to awaken. You still have opinions without being that opinion. To transcend thinking, not trapped in it. Transcending the human person to the divine being. 

August 2022, Healing the Mental Pandemic
A lack of consciousness is when thoughts or emotions sweep you away. Be aware of the sensory perception without the stories. To be liberated from unhappiness and misidentification. Let go of the story and return to your true nature and happiness. Presence is neither fear nor hope. There is a silent presence within me. All the bad things in life are really good to bring me to the realization of this presence. Opportunities of greater consciousness. We are the light of the world, the unfolding of consciousness. 

July 2022, You Are the Now
Ego denies or devalues the opportunity of the present. It superficially recognizes others, and cannot know it any deeper. There is more to me than meets the eye. Beyond the sensory abilities. The kingdom of Heaven (sky). What seems like emptiness is Presence. In that nothingness is the fullness of life. The essence of who I am. Consciousness only evolves when it encounters an obstacle. 

June 2022, Comedy, Tragedy and the Deep I
The human does not have an easy life. It is not here to find fulfillment, but challenge/consciousness. If things are going well it’s not going to last. The Being dimension of you lightens the burden. We live between two masks – happiness and misery. Conscious contentment is behind it all. The human condition is lost in thought, subservient to it. 

May 2022, Suffering and Selfhood
Gratitude/acceptance will enable you to avoid the majority of suffering in your life. The unhappiness identity dissolves and I become free. To lose something of your significance sets you free of a false identity to know your true/deep nature. Deny the illusion of the self, without thought or memory. 

April, 2022, Eckhart Brings Confucius to Life
Confucius and his teachings arose at a time of instability, change and awakening (circa 500 bc). Mao Zedong tried erasing his teachings by genocide of millions in the 1960’s. Consciously do to others as you want others to do to you. Balance the knowing of the essence of another while aware of unconscious behavior. 

March 2022, Become a Better Nobody
Ego gets burned up by the suffering. The purpose of the universe is to bring more consciousness into it, letting go of the egoic illusion. Everything is meaningless… only if you don’t wake up. Presence only arises when it’s needed, suffering. When unhappy accept it. The unhappiness will disappear and Presence appears. Conscious suffering is to accept it. Then the transfomation happens. Don’t let obsessive thoughts possess you. Observe your thoughts. 

February 2022, An Awakening Universe
I Am the being that underlies all existence. Practice being transcendent awareness. The light of being shines through the human. Without consciousness this physical world would not exist. I am something this whole universe is doing. I am an emmination of God, of consciousness, connectedness. Only suffering can open us to the transcendent

January 2022, Dropping the Narrative
Waiting for something to happen leads to forgetfulness of being, neediness, feeling unfulfilled. Presence will fulfill you. Drop the narrative of what you think should be. This person is making me happy or unhappy. It won’t last, it’s impermanent. Recognize the present moment, Presence in this moment. Look at … without a label. Sense the sacred Presence of it. I am no longer 100% misidentified with ego. Practice being aware of your breath

December 2021, From Familiarity to Wonder
Virgin perception, experience Presence. The transcendent part of our being can be experienced by stepping out of thinking and into Presence. Nature will help in this. To know myself beyond concept, an infinite knowing. Silent, intelligent Presence. We are the universe, awakening

November 2021, The Greatest Discovery
My greatest suffering comes from my mind (unobserved). Don’t confuse this with who you are. You need to know who you are not, to realize who you truly are. O to get past complaining and making enemies. My essence is invisible, eternal and infinite, beyond thought. Bring consciousness into this world by seeing the essence in the other. Cease the suffering of useless thinking. 

October 2021, The surface and the depths
Ego is a concept or identity we use to define us as a separate person. Ideally we would grow out of this identity. Suffering evolves is. Without it we would not grow. We become conscious without conceptual identity. Excessive thinking makes us unhappy. Life (Christ crucified) is not making me happy, but rather consciously awake. You and I are the one consciousness of the universe. God is expressing itself to increase consciousness throughout humanity. 

September 2021, You are more than your problems
The deep dimension of divine consciousness is in every human, even if only latent. What I think has gone wrong with my life is exactly what is supposed to be. This challenge was to wake me up. Ego naturally feels inadequate and seeks to feel superior in one way or another – identification with thought. To be able to think conceptually without being trapped in it is to be free in consciousness. 

August 2021, Awakening the Essence Identity 
We give up who we truly are for a mental image/concept of who I am. It feels separate, alienated. Paradise lost. The mental story says I need health, money and a love relationship?!? The world is not here to make me happy, but to make me conscious. To love is to recognize the other as yourself, we are one. You are awakening to your true nature.  

July 2021, Clearing the ‘Excess Baggage’ of Unhappiness.
The unhappiness of my mind, which exceeds that of my circumstances, is setting me free. Stripping away the stories, I find life isn’t as difficult as I thought. Life isn’t to make me (ego) happy, but to make me conscious. Who am I? Defined by my past and fulfilled by my future? The fictitious self is always seeking fulfillment by enhancing its identity.  

June 2021, Freeing ourselves from the “fictitious self”
Unconsciousness is a continuous stream of thinking and identifying with it. Drop the story and you can experience the present moment thru awareness rather than unhappiness. The mind can create a mental image of yourself, which is ego. Know who and what you are in consciousness

Mid-May 2021 
The greatest obstacle to conscious manifestation – is the illusion of NEED, ie. health, relationship or money. The sense of lack is human. It’s a feeling. Go within to know the fullness of consciousness. It’s who you are.

May 2021, The Illusion of Self-Esteem 
We get much of our identity from body awareness. Dissatisfaction is one of the main characteristics. Liberation from such unhappiness is by the ability to see your thoughts. So much of our suffering is just thinking about suffering, which is realized by believing our thoughts. Ego wants something to complain about. Its theme is, ‘this should not be happening.’ If I am unhappy, I am unconscious. You can get past the trance of senses, thought and emotions by presence. You see the other as a potential threat or enhancement of your identity. Awaken to the reality that they are you. Your essence is the same. Aware of your own presence. We are here to realize our Being. 

April 2021, Dropping our inner narratives 
Life can be quite pleasant if you don’t add the unhappy narrative of ego, the past or future. Be aware of the present moment. Even if only for a moment, see things without making them into a concept. Rather experience it. O to be free of being antagonistic to the present moment. We are one with Source, nothing to attain. I am. And for a little while I am a person. 

March 2021, Finding fulfillment in the gaps
Am I completely identified with my thinking? Or am I aware of the space between thought? The realization of consciousness is the one thing that is necessary. Fulfillment cannot be found in this world or our thought life. It is in consciousness only, without an opinion of self. To think of your life as a success or failure is an illusion

February 2021, Befriending fear and uncertainty
The main purpose of life is to deepen the Presence. Allow adversity to do this for you. Disorder brings opportunity for new life, forward evolution. Damage to the ego is a blessing. Ego is misidentification with form. Explore the pain to find more Presence. Accept completely the fear, anger or grief. It will transmute into Presence. It is your doorway to consciousness. I am consciousness waking up to itself. To know our universal essence is to fulfill our purpose. 

January 2021, Freedom from the Pain Body
There are two ways we feed the pain body, the emotional pain from the past. 

  1. We grate against another personality
  2. We build a story in our thinking

Be aware of your breathing. This will reduce ego identification (unhappy self) and increase conscious awakening. Recognize when you are triggered, when emotions fuel your negative thinking. Recognizing this pain body frees you from identifying with it. Unconsciousness is identifying with your thoughts. Millions of people don’t know what goes on in their minds. Be there as the witness. The pain body will give you the motivation to be free of this distorted identification. 

November 2020, Finding what is most essential 
The human remains incomplete. The being brings us fulfillment. Only one thing is of absolute importance, being. Is the present moment my friend? Do I see the love in it? When something goes wrong in your life, be content with it. See how temporal your form identity is. Face death and see the portal into the transcendent. What is essential is invisible. See with new eyes. Nothing is insignificant. Appreciate its infinite depths. After ecstasy, the laundry. 

October 2020, Being the Light.
You are the Light, consciousness, beyond concept. I am not here to enjoy life, but to experience difficulties. The turbulence we are experiencing is with purpose, evolution. From being trapped in ego to experiencing we are the light of the world. To move from fear to love of truth. To react unconsciously will only amplify the turbulence.  
My only enemy is between my two ears. Everything in the world is here to awaken me from the sleep of polarities. The light of consciousness must increase, and as my consciousness increases so does the collective human consciousness. 

September 2020, The Greatest Advise.
Watch your mind. Be aware of your mind instead of being your mind. Distinguish the difference between what is and how you interpret it. We are awakening, the pain, grief and suffering is accomplishing this. We are going toward greater consciousness. The world is not here to make me happy, but to intensify presence. Challenges no longer make you unhappy. 

August 2020, Be a Human Being.
I can choose to be present or trapped by the conditioned mind. Life always gives us what we need to become unattached to relationships, possessions or health, to leave the mental image of who I am. You’ll need to die to yourself first, to be free of all that I have thought of myself. Let go of all the concepts.  

July 2020, How do you know?
Conceptual thinking vs. conscious knowing

  • Egoic judgment that puts one in a limited box vs. seeing everyone as infinite potential
  • Kept in a deadened universe vs. freed as a conscious being
  • A viewpoint of right or wrong vs. freedom to be all that we can
  • To conclude you are as you appear vs. seeing we are so much more

You can be trapped in conceptual thinking. Conceptual thinking, labels the other vs. experiencial knowing, we are so much more. Recognize their divine being. Playing my human role, but knowing that is not all I am. Don’t conclude that is all you are. Don’t be trapped in the world of concepts. I am infinite potential, love. Others might judge me as something less, but I don’t have to agree with that. Others might manipulate me to do what they want, but I don’t have to do it. Don’t you want to live more that a scared, paralyzed human life? 

June 2020, The Purpose of Suffering.
We are being liberated from the personality self. The cross of Christ was a torture instrument, which drove him to surrender. Suffering destroys our small self of identity with form and awakens us to our deeper essence. Consciousness cannot be found because it is the one seeking it. It’s like looking for God.

May 2020, Awakening through Adversity.
Great adversity is great opportunity to awaken. It is essential for the evolution of life. Ego is diminished and we grow in consciousness (depth). There is a hidden harmony behind the order and chaos. There is nothing wrong. This is meant to happen. Normal life will give you all you need to awaken. The man on the cross of Christianity. Despite appearances, all is well. Transcending fear. Such suffering is here to awaken me. Recognize your worries. You have awaken to your thoughts. Overcoming reactivity. As you grow more conscious your ego personalities are more contained and less reactive. Trouble/reactions are good, not bad. They are opportunities to grow. You can keep your opinion, but let go of your identity with it. Finding death before it finds you. The gradual diminishment of the personality. This is the greatest thing that can happen to you. No victim identity. Your presence does a tremendous amount of good to this world.

April 2020, Conceptual and Non-conceptual knowledge.
Conceptual knowledge vs. experiencial knowing. You need both, they are complimentary. Know yourself and about yourself – self realization. Your sense of identity is no longer wrapped up in thinking. You’re acknowledged for your being rather than behavior. 

  • Always waiting for the next thing vs. unconditional acceptance of the present moment.  
  • Accumulated knowledge vs. comfortable with not knowing (without narrative). 
  • A troubled relationship vs. spaciousness. 
  • To not have an opinion (fear/judgment) about someone. Recognize the infinite in one. Ego is identification with form (miserable, controlled by thought) vs. awareness of our formless essence. The deep I is the universal I. To pass from an unhappy victim to a fulfilled awareness.
  • Seeking to become something that you are not yet vs. realizing that you already are that
  • To see from the soul’s perspective, rather than the ego. 

March 2020, the Illusion of Identity
Ego = identity, which is an illusion. Awakening – unidentified with that inner voice. I am both a temporal ripple (human) and the eternal ocean (divine). This identity determines if I am happy or not. I erroneously think I am my thoughts. 

How identified am I with my personality? The narrative of a victim

  • Do I need to feel superior?
  • Do I need someone to be wrong so I can be right? 
  • Do I complain to feel important? 

Consciousness is as the depths of the ocean compared to its surface. We are the light of the world, no longer identified with our historical, thought identity. Observe everything without a need of interpreting it, comfortable without knowing conceptually.  

February 2020, Order and Chaos.
There is emerging a new consciousness in humanity, the Christ consciousness. It can be known only by experience, not conceptually. Remove all labels and notice the divine essence of everything. The world cannot make you happy. It will continually challenge you. This is what I need to evolve. Moments of gratification don’t last. Strive for order although chaos is sure to come. To remain conscious will free you from being controlled by the world. You need to go deeper in Presence, to know more how deep you are. Suffering brings us deeper.

January 2020, Signposts to awakening.
Awakening is knowing who you are by experience. You will never find contentment in form identity. The unhappy narrative is ego. It’s a mental phantom – unreal. Formed by thought, the past. The ‘now’ is the essence of who I am, Presence. Exercise – For one hour, go without complaining. And see what opportunities you have to love. Consciousness of essence has been lost in developing the gift of thought. Your identity cannot be found in thought.

December, Freedom from the false self

The dysfunction of thinking is that the future moment will be better than the present moment. We never get past the present moment. If your attention is more on a goal you have lost the present moment. You cannot find happiness anywhere but in yourself and no other time than now. Be at home with yourself now. Otherwise you are unconscious. Insufficiency or insecurity is the outcome, linked with thoughts. Wanting to be or have something different than now is insane. The future cannot make me happy, nor a possession or relationship. The sense of fullness, happiness, comes from presence only. The dog doesn’t carry a self image to maintain. Total identification with our thoughts is unconsciousness. Consciousness is lost in thought. You are not the pseudo self. Maintaining this unconscious identity creates suffering. Allow the moment to be as it is without adding narrative to it. This is consciousness, presence. You may now respond consciously. Complications will arise. The body is moving toward dissolution. We are detaching from form identity, body and mind. Finding our essence in the present moment.

November 2019, Becoming free (a history of human consciousness)

Animals live in the present moment, not yesterday or tomorrow. Normal human consciousness, which is really unconscious, is seen in the fearful, judgmental narrative in our heads. Identification with this voice is ego, the conditioned mind. We think we are this voice. Narcissus, a mythological figure, becomes self absorbed. He’s a picture of the fantom self, ego, a mind created identity, the unobserved mind. When an argument sparks hatred toward another? Know they are not attacking your identity. Unconsciousness is the complete identification with the conditioned mind. Ego feels like a malevolent god is continually sabotaging its life. The ego is strongest when unhappy.

Conceptual thought was a huge step forward for humanity, but… our sense of self has become misconstrued. We’ve lost the innocence of the golden age, connectedness with everything else. Rooted in being is to step beyond concepts. The rest of nature is conscious of who they are, one with all else. We, as humans, need to wake up to this. Animals are not tortured mentally on a daily basis. They cannot think conceptually, hold grudges or worry about possible situations. But we can be taken over by the conceptual mind. Compare the happy state of a dog with the unhappy, depressed state of its owner. Dogs have no problem with body image or comparing itself with others. Unconsciousness, below thought, is not a solution. Rising above thought is. Thought, like breathing, can be done consciously or unconsciously. O to be freed of our trance-like state.

Conditioned, conceptual thinking can no longer make you unhappy. A gap between thoughts, is a present moment. So alert you cannot simultaneously think. Aware of your breath, inner body and surroundings. As Jesus said, ‘watch and pray.’ You no longer mistake your programmed thinking for who you are. Without past or future, who am I? Become conscious of who we are without history. Spaciousness, formless awareness, alert stillness. Sense the presence in yourself first and then everything else, it’s our sacred essence. Know it experientially, go a little deeper. Free yourself from discontent insanity. The Being part of us is the much larger part. Learning to live from the heart is a different way, contemplative over judgmental concepts, experience over information, happy. Labels makes you judgmental. Challenges are for our growth. Life makes us unhappy to make us conscious. Deny thyself, it’s not real. Live in the world of form, but in the real world as well.

October 2019, Presence is the answer

To look beyond the behavior or appearance of another is empathy or kindness. Love is the conscious alternative to using or fearing others. Ego is still trying to convince me I am my conceptual image of self. At any given moment are you aware of your thoughts and emotions? If not, you are unconscious. Two types of unhappiness: Insanity of the mind’s story and resisting what now is. Totally absorbed in thought or partially. Presence frees us from the unconscious grip of the mind. Intense suffering does the same. To deny yourself is to deny the unreality of ego. Experience yourself as Presence, fully present in this moment.

September 2019, Discovering freedom through challenge

Apart from Presence you derive your identity from conceptual thought, from your past conditioning. Ego is the unobserved mind. The external world is not here to make me happy, but to challenge me. Ninety percent of my unhappiness is produced by my mind, the way I interprete the situation. Living in the conceptual past or future is full of unhappiness. Don’t add a story. To be able to operate in this world without being trapped in it. Ego dissolves in oneness and loves making enemies. Try to keep a little awareness in the background when swept away with emotions. You need to know your essence to tolerate the personalities of others.

Deepening into Stillness (audio)
You are the universe – Consciousness, as you, wants to experience itself in form. Enjoy the dream for as long as it takes. Don’t rush waking up.
Finding freedom from compulsive mental activity – Because of conscious awareness, presence, you now can no longer be 100% swept away with unconscious identity with thought.
The nature of ego and identity – to go from being the reactive behavior to seeing it. It feels like your getting worse reactively, but really your getting more aware of it. Ego can take up residence in an area of your life where it takes you over into unconsciousness.
Presence in relationships: dealing with difficult people – Conscious acceptance is the dissolving of the past (conditioning) and the creating of space (for the unknown). When things ‘go wrong,’ I can either react against it or go a little deeper within.
Presence in nature – there is a depth to nature that cannot be found until the mind stops, found in stillness. Align yourself with it. Presence does not complain.
The balance of being and doing – give the other your full attention. See them as a human being, not a means to an end. I am no longer a thought-based being, but presence based. I can step in and out of thought. Thought can no longer make me miserable.
The essence of presence: be aware now – clinging to a thought keeps you there as a little person. I don’t need to interprete this moment. Just accept it as it is. You are Presence. You can’t know it, you can only be it.

August 2019, The secret of ‘know thyself’

The conditioned mind looks for the next thing it can be upset about. We are here to deepen our consciousness, apart from conceptual thought. Freedom from unconscious insanity, our past conditioning. Know who you are. I am an historical person, but even more an essence without past or future. Avoid self judgment or complaining. Know that you are pure consciousness, the light of the world. You are temporarily disguised as a person. One day the person and the presence will fuse together. In form we inhabit a conceptual reality – no ultimate fulfillment can be found in it. Humanity has to go through this ego stage – to bring in the ability to think. Without imposing concepts we can be at one with the universe. The ripple realizes it is also the ocean. Alertness without compulsive thinking gives you access to consciousness, presence. I don’t have to think, or be my unhappy self. One way of accessing presence is acceptance of what is. Thought will lose its ability to make you unhappy. No more complaining. Practice being, without your life situation.

July 2019, Two dimensions of self

The person and the unconditioned, transcendent being that is within all creation. I am both the ripple and the ocean. The personality has an opinion and will get swept away in a discussion. I can be of a strong difference of opinion without being enemies if my identity is not wrapped up with it. Ego is complete identification with your form identity, body and mind. You can think, but don’t be 100% convinced of its stories. Some situations or people draw you into unconsciousness. Turn up the light, observe yourself, be more present, feel your inner body. Meet them without reference to the past, be conscious. Recognize the mental/emotional image of them that lives in you. Let go of the grievance. Only the ego can attach to a grievance, not you. The deep I is invulnerable. Nothing can ever happen to it. Don’t identify with the emotional image of ego. Such identity (I) is not true, but false. This deprives ego of its favorite identity as victim. The proof of victimhood is complaining, which is proclaiming judgment. Am I identifying with thought? That is ego. Be aware of yourself as consciousness, presence. To argue with what is, is a gain to the ego, not you. Non-resistance is the easy way.

June 2019, Exploring and Understanding the Self

To know beyond conceptual knowledge. Know yourself by consciousness, by experience, like tasting honey. Streaming thought can overtake all your consciousness. You can remain in harmony with another even while having conflicting viewpoints. Trust in your knowing, it’s from your heart. In human relationships space is a necessity. We need to get away from making victims and enemies out of one another. Recognize the divine in the other. We share the same essence. 

May 2019, Choosing Presence

Practice presence during actions of the day. Is there spaciousness? Or am I swept away? Form and essence together. Don’t become a spiritual teacher too soon. Live these lessons first. We need to wake up AND grow up, spirituality integrated with daily life. Apply presence to all the challenges of your life. To no longer derive your identity from your past or future. Be present with what is. This will keep the story from building or feeling like a victim. You’ll no longer see life as hostile. Suffering will drive you to surrender and burn up the ego. I don’t have to live in misery. There is another way. Suffering brings us to surrender, and both suffering and surrender bring us to Presence. This is deliverance from the insane, miserable self. Only suffering can do it. Through it the desire to awaken is increased. 

April 2019, Living through the Deep I

If looking for happiness it’s unlikely you’ll find it. Concentrate rather on ‘being’. Existence is known by the senses and the mind. Being is sensed by consciousness, without thought. Ego is a mental image of yourself based on history and stories. Consciousness is beyond concept. The entire universe is awakening. You become no longer fearful or defensive as threatened. You cease to argue with what is. In form identity you’ll never be perfect at anything. Ego is complete identification with form identity. We’re here to access non-conceptual consciousness. Instead of seeing things thru the distortion of your mind. Highjacked. Experience everything in a deeper way. Being-consciousness-joy. Live thru the deep I, more presence, less thinking. Accept what is by not complaining.

March 2019, Breaking the bonds of identity

To stop complaining is to bring an end to ego. Rise above thought and the torment that it brings us. There are two dimensions of our identity, 1) form, 2) essence. Identity with the temporal will produce unhappiness. When you have little to identify with the ego will identify as a victim. Don’t be attached to your mental positions and then you won’t be offended when someone questions it. Honor your form identity, but don’t get attached to it. Ego’s attempt is superiority. It feels separate and wants to feel special. My life is a story or stories of thoughts and emotions that make me miserable (insane). You have an overriding sense of not enough. Ego can never be satisfied. To keep from form identity know yourself in your essence, consciousness. You are the light of the world. The consciousness that illumines the world. Source appears as us for a season. You can transcend the personality self by focusing on silent space, taking in the mysteries of your surroundings, the consciousness of the universe. This cannot be known by the conceptual mind, yet you are never separate from it. When the mind slows down or becomes still consciousness can make itself known. Conceptual intelligence is destructive, connected consciousness is creative and liberating. The universe is awakening. Acknowledge the dimension of spacious consciousness and you will love your neighbor as yourself. Your state of consciousness is more important than your behavior – appearance, behavior, consciousness.

February 2019, Essencial life practices

Be aware of yourself, without reference to thought. I am a conscious presence. Who am I? Any thought is not who I am. I am beyond all thoughts, beyond this person. Your mind will no longer make you suffer so deeply. Things aren’t so important any longer. I am now much bigger than the problem. The complaining ego is weakened. Go within for satisfaction. Who am I if I lose everything I identified with? Great loss is an opening into transcendence. Accept each moment as if you had chosen it. No complaining or victims.

The Christian cross, a symbol of torture, teaches us that awakening is not to be found in comfort. If you do not voluntarily leave comfort, life will tear you from it. That which seems in the way is the way. The majority of our thinking is not only futile, but harmful. Meditation is to take your attention away from thinking and putting it into different areas of the body… then your Being. One conscious breath takes you out of unconscious thinking. Sense perception without labeling. Experiencing without thinking. Ultimately, I am consciousness, the present moment. Know your fullness in essence, then you will not be so unsatisfied in form. You won’t demand what it cannot provide. To enjoy things without being attached. If attached, don’t worry, life will detach you. Don’t get lost in doing or thinking, be rooted in being. Everyone, the entire universe, will awaken. Allow presence to come through your personality.

January 2019, Being at peace with what is

What value do I attribute to the present moment? Unconscious living gives more value to the next moment. The present moment is all that I ever have. Gratitude is giving it your full attention. Better your relationship with the present. Experience the life of this moment. Your being meets all being. Practice, ‘thanks for everything, I have no complaint whatsoever.’ No complaints stops much of the mind activity. Otherwise you always carry the unhappy self around with you. Whatever happened to me is NOT who I am, don’t identify with it. The painbody is not me. The ego loves defending itself against enemies. Eckhart’s dad was neglected, no affection from the women in his family and became very needy and abusive toward women. Each challenge in life will intensify presence in your life. Listen to the silence of consciousness.

December 2018, Rising above thinking

Humanity is again making a huge step forward in collective consciousness. We need to disidentify with the stream of thinking, untrue and exaggerated stories.

• This is the cause of much misery and disfunction.
• We think the worst of others and believe it’s true.
• Also we do much arguing against what is. Our interpretation vs. the situation, and our interpretation is usually so much worse.

The story of who and where I am is all wrong. Life is very challenging, especially with the human mind. The world is not here to make us happy, but to awaken us and bring forth growth. The ego weeps for what it has lost, the soul rejoices for what it has found. Therefore the ego wants to escape the present moment. Make friends with the present moment, don’t use it as a means to an end. Have a balance between being and doing. What in me is more vital than my thoughts? Forget you have a history, what is left of you? The background of stillness (I AM) remains. My essence is not my personality based on my history, but the conscious presence behind it all. Oh to be freed from the person! Feel your presence. You can’t understand it mentally. Can you sense it spiritually? You sense it with thoughtless awareness. Learn to step out of thought. When offended by someone stay with the ego diminishment without reacting. Rise above thought, alert to the underlying oneness of all life. You are then free of fear. In this dimension of the physical, God evolves in consciousness. We are all awakening to our nature, separation and otherness disappears. Am I bringing consciousness into this world? Without knowing who you are is to be unhappy. You grow in compassion with self and others. Your life is a great success.

November 2018, The path to inner peace

Awakening to a new consciousness is the next step in human evolution. We are beginning to see who we are in essence, deeper than our personality. We are trapped in the identities we have formed in our head, thinking it is true. Who am I is the most important thing in my life. So we compare ourselves with one another to make us feel better for awhile. That is conditioning of the mind, NOT who I am. We have separated by the voice in our head. We now best clear the cluttered mind of fear and judgments – to not identify with each thought that comes into our mind. Spaciousness is a dimension of consciousness. Many dogs are surprisingly sane considering who they live with. Dogs have no opinion or judgment of you. Only the human can be conscious above thought. We are coming to the end of the era of thinking, egoic thinking. Don’t confuse your judgment with reality. Reality is not miserable, only your interpretation of it is. 90% of your insane misery (unconscious thinking) can fall away with practice. What would it be like to relate with another human without thought (judgments)? To experience them without labels. This one is a different form, but the same essence. Life is constantly challenging us to show us that life cannot make us happy. Happiness can only arise from within, connected with your true nature.

October 2018, the Light shining thru you

Listen to the silence/stillness between the words. Focus, be aware … learn to step out of unconsciousness and not get swept into it. What is more important to you now than your consciousness? Abide consciously. When I get upset I have lost touch with Presence. Self assertion, to be special, can become like a mental virus of insanity. Self transcendence is the awakening we desire. Aware that we are more than the human form. We are the transcendent formless being in our essence. Detecting ego is a great thing. The universe is awakening thru me. 

 September 2018, School of awakening

Who awakens, my purpose is to become conscious and bring consciousness to this world. Learn to disconnect from total identification with our exaggerated stories and being swept away with their emotions. Suffering and spiritual practice weakens ego’s hold on us. Consciousness then awakens in you. The suffering facilitates the awakening. 

Releasing the obstacles to awakening, essence is always beyond concept, experience transcends thought. Be aware of an underlying energy field, silence, stillness, inner spaciousness. Be partially free of thought. Don’t mistake who I am for my (ego) thoughts, thinking that the thoughts are reality. 

Integrating awakening into your life, it takes work to keep from being dragged into unconsciousness. Everyday life is the perfect setting for growth. 

August 2018, Invitations to Presence

It has taken much time to misguide you so completely, but it takes no time to be who you are. 

Stepping into awareness – Step out of thinking or reduce it to a trickle. The power of presence grows in you. At first it is unnoticed and then deepens to free you from insane thought loops. 

June 2018, Our Shared Essence

Am I discontent with the now? An increasing number of people are awakening. Be with yourself (Deep I). The surface self is always looking for something more to identify with. It doesn’t feel complete. We are all seeking a stronger sense of identity (ego). Thanks for everything, I have no complaint whatsoever. This is gratitude and nonjudgment. Take one minute without complaining and accept what is. What if there is nothing except this moment? What if I had no personal history? What remains is I AM. The I that identifies with nothing else. Recognize the other as yourself, no judging, a cessation of the stream of thinking. The kingdom of heaven, the dimension of spaciousness (the sky, space, formlessness) is you. To transcend thinking is to not be trapped in it, yet still think. We lose ourselves in form, in thought. A dog has consciousness, but no thought, no judgment. Rooted in being, but conscious below thought. Be aware of space, quiet. One consciousness is evolving through all temporary forms. Every life form suffers towards awakening consciousness. Each challenge makes us more present. 

The ego fears the state of not knowing, or being nothing. 

May 2018, The joy of being

The surface self, a wave in the ocean that thinks itself separate from the ocean. 

Integration of the ego with presence is gradual and takes years. Intense suffering can burn up the ego to get us to stop resisting and surrender. Another way is consciously practicing Presence. I am here because of the suffering I have endured. I am no longer growing into an unhappy, miserable self. Suffering is needed to awaken us. 

May 2018, the Deeper I

A still mind. There is a big difference between knowing something conceptually (mentally) and knowing it experiencially (soul). I know who I am – non-conceptual. Some creations become classics, a timeless creation. The deep I (consciousness) goes far beyond your form personality, it is the I of the universe. Conceptual knowledge adds little to the appreciation of life and sometimes even detracts from it. Freedom from the known to know from a deeper level. A goal is an obstacle to realizing who you are, you are the deep I. The universe wants more consciousness. To look outward for someone to satisfy you is to set yourself up for defeat. Satisfaction can only come from the deep I. The mind will take you out of the present moment and make you unhappy. Transcend thought, the I am, the universal identity. Inner body awareness, breath. Go into the body to transcend thought. Self realization = to know yourself in essence. Unconsciousness = identified with the mind.

April 2018, The Inward Path

The way to freedom from the suffering from the mind is Presence. The way to true love, seeing the other as yourself, is Presence. Practice Presence by giving your full attention to the present moment, this will get you out of your mind and into Presence. Do this especially in times of waiting. Sense your breathing, your body and your surroundings. You’ll become less reactive and more conscious in your behavior. Refuse conceptual identities of self, which are erroneous. Get to know yourself from your essence, not history. Then you can truly relate to the other as human. Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness. 

To know conceptually is to remove the mystery, the life of the person or thing. Presence is attention, give your full attention to this moment. If you are not present enough a difficult relationship will pull you into unconsciousness. We grow in presence through these challenges. The challenges that I get are just what I need.  Whatever ‘is’ is ideal. Whatever arises, love that. Don’t try to understand the meaning of life, but experience it. You are the meaning of life. Surrender to and appreciate the present moment, gratitude. Appreciate the little things. The purpose of the universe is increased consciousness.