Ours is a world of enchantment and experience,
One without limits, material and eternal.
When you think you’ve enjoyed the last of them,
Another dimension opens to you.

Colors for the eyes
Sounds, smells and tastes galore.
Pleasures for the touch to feel,
Yet there is so much more.

To go within and discover Self,
A self beyond the known,
To find that life and all that is,
Has been ever awaiting you.

Sensations before unknown,
Were hidden to the natural sense,
but more real to the true self,
Now like a sixth sense, to see the divine in all.

The door has opened wide, but the lure is not preferred,
Decline and death are it’s entrance here.
One must be willing to descend,
And of all it loves, to let go.

A call to higher realms has come,
To leave a relation so taken for granted, yet so dear,
Is to welcome a new one yet uncreated,
Exceeding abundantly more than the known.

Let her go, give her freedom, and you take yours.
Then she can come back refreshed.
The mystery of love – to gain what you lost,
because you were willing, to give it up and regain it anew.

Living together we see each other’s warts, we take each other for granted.
Separation, a welcome rest on one hand and a sorrowful grief on the other,
But necessary for them to come back together, in love, in gratitude,
To see anew the magnificence of the other.