Everything is here to help YOU

A loving guide to your soul’s evolution, by Matt Kahn (a summary by Pat Evert)

Glossary of acronyms                                                                  Brief summary


WAR = worry, anticipation and regret
RAW = respect, acknowledgment and welcome 
WE = Word embodied
ARE = awareness + resolution = expansion
ONE = openness never excludes (WE ARE ONE)
ALL = absolute law of love
IS = infinite source
WELL = welcomes each life as light (ALL IS WELL)

  • Introduction

We all begin our journey from an ego viewpoint, thinking we will be liked more if we are like others. This is a limiting, self-defeating perspective. We need to come from our soul’s perspective, a heart-centered path to liberate our true innocent nature from any degree of spiritual bondage. This book is to help us shift out of the inner war of ego into the illuminated presence of soul, from feeling victims of our circumstances to being pioneers of an awakened humanity. 

Making Sense of your Soul’s Journey

  • Ending the inner war

Our spiritual journey requires us to evolve from the soul’s point of view. This is so the ego does not get reinvented with a more spiritually themed persona. Otherwise we are attempting to end the inner war with aggression, only to make our ego into a spiritual mask to wear or an enemy to oppose. It is essential that each milestone of our journey be pursued with compassion. Only the ego fights. As the soul steps forward, we no longer fight against ourselves and others. From the soul’s perspective, there is a much more direct way to evolve. 

Ending the inner war occurs by integrating the ego from the soul’s perspective. This is because the soul has tremendous reverence for the ego and its destiny of unraveling. It views ego as a sacred womb, where the soul resides in its most dormant stages of infancy until it is time to awaken for the well-being of all. In the new spiritual paradigm, we do not oppose ego. Instead we are heart-centered anchors of a new humanity who have come to liberate the ego in the most loving way. Simply by viewing the ego with loving compassion, the light of the soul begins to soften each harsh and rigid edge until each layer melts away. The ego’s operating system can be deconstructed with peaceful resolve. The three activities of ego reveal the inner motivation: worry, anticipation and regret (WAR). 

The ego always worries. It is rooted in a primal tendency to distrust the perfection of Divine Order. The ego is incapable of accepting its true identity as a pure and untainted expression of Source. It imagines how less worrisome it would be if only circumstances were to its liking. The tendency to insist that resolve must occur from the “outside in” is a pattern known as attachment. It’s purpose is to create an energetic momentum that inspires our consciousness to awaken. 

The ego needs to anticipate. When lost in anticipation, the ego hopes to see impending inconveniences coming from a distance so as to head off any frustration, pain or loss. The tendency to live more in anticipation than in each moment at hand demonstrates its belief that outside circumstances must change before life can improve. 

The ego must regret. It often maintains a state of unconsciousness by looking back and casting blame at the people, places or things it believes are the cause of its pain. It then feels left out, alone, abandoned and betrayed by the Universe. 

Ego habitually oscillates between worry, anticipation and regret maintaining an unconscious state of incubation. This occurs until the soul has reached a critical threshold, at which point it is ready for the transformational milestone of awakening.

Summary statement: I accept the ego is the soul in its most dormant stages of incubation. It is not to be opposed, rejected or denied, no matter how painful it may be when oscillating between patterns of worry, anticipation and regret. I accept that I do not worry, anticipate, or regret for any of the reasons I may believe or have imagined. I am simply playing out these patterns, as a way of building up momentum to inspire an awakening of consciousness. 
In knowing it is so, I allow all aspects of the inner WAR to be healed and resolved, as I create more space for my soul to expand. I embrace my most profound healing in the name of love, knowing all that I resolve within assists in transforming each heart throughout, since WE ARE ONE.

  • Freedom from the spiritual microscope

While it may be the source of human suffering, ego is meant to be transformed, instead of abandoned or cast away. The ego’s inner WAR can be resolved with loving kindness, instead of force or aggression. Since it is inseparable from its wise, harmonious and omnipresent Source, the soul always resonates with the most loving approach. Once we have become aware of the activities of ego, instead of always being on the alert for more imperfections to fix and change, we open up to cultivating higher frequencies of light. The cultivation of light, or the raising of vibration, is a willingness to announce the presence of well-being for the benefit of ourselves and those around us. We, as Divine stewards, have come to this planet on an important mission. We are transforming earth into its highest potential by announcing the presence of well-being in response to the comings and goings of life. Since openness never excludes in the absolute law of love (ONE in ALL), it is the cultivation of light that offers us direct and authentic access into experiencing firsthand such a cosmic law of inclusion. We become announcers of well-being who cultivate light for our soul’s expansion. The truth is not here to oppose darkness or deny it in any way.

Our most conscious expression begins with respect. This means how we respond to ourselves and others becomes far more important to the evolution of our soul than the situations that come to be. We can learn to respect the evolution of others, whether or not they understand the gravity of their soul’s journey. For while we may not honor how someone speaks or acts while undergoing the tumultuous effects of inner growth, we can always respect that they have been placed on our path for a very important reason. Respect is leading the way. 

Wise questions:

  • What if I respect the divinity of others, whether or not they acknowledge it in me?
  • What if I dare to honor my own divinity, instead of waiting for others to see my light?
  • What if any moment of disrepect is an opportunity to stop and respect myself at a deeper level?
  • Are my personal choices demonstrating the deepest respect for myself and others?
  • If I make it my mission to earn more of my own self-respect on a daily basis, how would my life be different? What would need to change?

Acknowledgment is the very activity of respect that dares to give anyone in view the right to be, even when existing in ways that feel painful, frustrating or inconvenient to the ego. Even when we are treated disrespectfully by others, this creates an opportunity for us to acknowledge the pain as a profound healing taking place. Whenever disrespect occurs, their soul is asking for space. If someone is meant to interact in a way that is mutually beneficial for the evolution for both souls, their conduct will be open, honest and respectful. If they are unable to communicate in a respectful manner, their soul is asking for physical space, even if their ego can’t stand the thought of being apart. If there are insights and answers within us that are pivotal to their journey, they will ask questions that will inspire such wisdom as a way of letting us know the exact gift we can provide. If they don’t ask questions that inspire our deepest wisdom, it is their soul’s way of letting us know that while we have much to share, they may not be ready or have the mental space to take in new ideas, concepts or perspectives. In most cases people need greater emotional support and personal encouragement, rather than more information to process. 

Wise questions:

  • Am I assuming the needs of myself and others, or am I acknowledging the signs that are offered?
  • Can I acknowledge my own need for personal space whenever I respond with disrespect?
  • Am I willing to offer space to others when they disrespect me?
  • What am I willing to acknowledge right now that has gone overlooked or avoided throughout my life?
  • Are there any choices I am making that disrespect the integrity of myself or others?

We are able to celebrate the light in all, while also discerning when our presence is or isn’t the best offering for the evolution of another. To provide the boundary of personal space on a temporary or permanent basis is only a form of rejection for an ego that feeds off the validation of specific characters. Personal space may not be the gift that we or another desires, but it may be the exact medicine either soul needs for the deepest inner growth. Recognizing the need for space as a gift of solitude instead of a curse of rejection may liberate both souls into the direction of their highest destiny. As a way of offering greater focus to the soul’s perspective, we welcome the actions of life with reverence and honesty. 

Wise questions:

  • Can I welcome life openly no matter how it seems or appears?
  • Am I aware of the spiritual benefits that each encounter offers, even when it hurts, inconveniences or frustrates my ego?
  • How does my experience of thoughts, feelings, the world, and others change when I choose to welcome it?
  • What newly empowered choices am I willing to welcome into my life for the evolution of my soul?

Simply by welcoming each moment, we are inviting the evolutionary benefits of each encounter to help end the inner WAR, the conflict between two opposing sides. If any side is welcomed versus opposed, than there is no conflict to resolve. 

Summary statement: I accept that my spiritual journey is not a matter of dissecting myself under a spiritual microscope but rather allowing my soul’s highest innate qualities to shine through more consistently and deliberately. This occurs by respecting the divine in others, acknowledging the signs offered to best support each person’s unique journey of healing, and welcoming the circumstances that inspire my most profound expansion, whether it matches my desires or not. 
In knowing it is so, I allow all RAW qualities of the soul’s highest attributes to be activated within and to radiate throughout for the well being of all. From this moment forward, I am naturally rooted in the enthusiasm of each gift I am here to offer. I don’t have to be afraid of what others may take from me or withhold from my heart. There is a reason I am here. I exist with purpose. I came here to matter.

  • How everything helps

As we come to know ALL IS WELL it becomes more instinctive for each perceivable enemy or obstacle to be respected, acknowledged and welcomed as an ally in disguise. The soul sees reality from a viewpoint beyond the comparisons of pain and pleasure. Because ego is the soul in its most dormant stages of evolution, it is conditioned to respond unconsciously. When any moment of discomfort arises, by responding in a more heart-centered manner it becomes a powerful opportunity to cultivate higher frequencies of light. 

Adversity – Unlike the ego, the soul is able to stay true to its experience. It naturally recognizes the evolutionary gifts that arrive, often wrapped in the most unexpected packages. Since the gifts of adversity through each stage of our journey benefit the consciousness within us, only the soul can embrace such a process. Whether you know why or how, everything is here to help you transition from ego to soul. Ultimately, it is our willingness to honor, acknowledge and welcome the mystery of each moment that allows expansion to unfold with ease. This occurs by discovering the ally residing in each enemy. 

Enemies/allies – The ego cannot survive outside the domain of incubation. But, in fact, every perceivable enemy is a spiritual ally in disguise. Unexpected changes often elicit responses of fear at first. And yet, we can get to know the beauty of life outside the domain of ego. To truly embrace how everything is here to help you, it is important to examine such a truth throughout our deepest moments of discomfort. 

Loss – The purpose of loss is to strip the ego of any false sense of power, in order to help it unravel. Yet loss and change can be honored as spiritual rites of passage, instead of unwarranted moments of cruel misfortune. 

Fear – Fear is letting me know that I may be facing inconveniences, frustrations, or threats of unexpected loss and change as part of my evolution. It gives us time to make our decision. 

Anger – Anger exists as one of our fiercest allies when recognized, acknowledged and welcomed as a helper in disguise. It is a reaction to being wronged or rejected. Whether we are treated disrespectfully or feel surges of personal fury, the wisdom of anger reminds us when greater space is necessary for the expansions taking place. If anger arises in either heart, the conversation can be paused, so each can tend to their personal feelings and, once the anger passes, return to the discussion. Our anger is due to the space we don’t know how to provide, when relationships focus more on the things we can get from others rather than the beauty of sharing ourselves with those we love. 

Judgment – When incubating in ego, judgments are mental or verbal attacks against the threat of change, whether arising as slander, racism, stereotyping, gender objectification, or ridiculing the lifestyle of another. When rooted in the brightness of the soul, all beings are inherently honored as unique expressions of our one eternal Source. As incubation dissolves, the brightness of the soul realizes its true power as a healer, awakener and transformer of reality. Here we are, as lightworkers in human form, clearing emotional layers out of their field, simply by standing in their presence. And when feelings that were once uplifting suddenly create a sense of exhaustion, that is the Universe suggesting that we have shared enough space with that person for the time being. When we are asleep in ego, we unknowingly take on other people’s energy. But when we are rooted in the soul, we are feeling the layers of emotion that our energy fields are clearing out of those around us. 

Overthinking – The mind is not an enemy to oppose but an ally to embrace. The activity of mind reflects how open or closed our heart tends to be. Whenever our heart is shutting down, our mind informs us by becoming noisy. Once we acknowledge the deeper purpose of a noisy mind, it assists us in becoming heart-centered. From this space, become grounded in heart-centered consciousness that we are able to uplift the vibration of others, instead of lowering our energy to relate with the hardships of their perceptions. 

Sadness – Sadness confirms the exact moments in time when the ego dissolves. In reality, any outcome that inspires sadness is only playing out in precise fashion to create more room for the soul to shine through. As we transition from ego to soul perspective, situations are created merely to make us aware of the feelings that are equally being cleared out of our fields as well as those of others. Ego is unaware that dissolving back into Source remains its true life purpose. And while the ego cannot help this process, it certainly cannot hinder it either. Sadness does not represent a deficiency of happiness. It is merely how the heart adjusts to loss and releases patterns of attachment for the well-being of all. Every time sadness arises, the body has an emotional garage sale to clear some space. 

Disappointment- From the soul’s perspective, the role of disappointment is to liberate our consciousness from the dream of expectation, so we can remain open to the fate of life’s infinite possibilities. As we shift from ego to soul, we are open to the endless ways we can experience true happiness, without always needing to get our way in order for life to seem fair. Since the emergence of the soul occurs in the ego’s dissolution, it is the perpetual tendency of ego not getting its way that allows disappointment to assist in the process. When we least expect it, the death of expectation arrives at the doorstep of reality to remove more distractions from our path, instead of feeding the aspect of self that only grows hungry for more. The question remains, are we ready to embrace how even disappointment is here to help us, or will we maintain the inner WAR?

Jealousy – What is truly desired, beyond attachments to any particular outcome, is to feel the wide array of positive emotions that confirm our complete alignment with Source energy. Since optimal feelings are not dependent upon specific outcomes and circumstances, the amplified blessings of others signify a readiness to feel more in the way we truly desire, which occurs through the expansion of the soul. While the ego remains mesmerized by the objects it seeks, discontent is its natural state. And yet, funny enough, any amount of time spent in discontent tends to build momentum for greater expansion. Jealousy is like a message sent from the Universe reminding you of all the blessings that are on their way into your reality. The truth of heart-centered consciousness is so deeply humbled by life that no feeling is denied, condemned or compared against another. 

Resentment – Resentment is the residue of blame. It is a subtle form of jealousy toward those who demonstrate more freedom of will than we allow ourselves to express. The innate healing power of our energy field is to help lighten their load, which occurs by the feelings we sense as a result of each encounter. Also, it may attract the cruelty of others to challenge and eventually dissolve any limiting beliefs that prevent us from noticing the light of divinity in all. For the soul, resentment is an unexpected liberator, creating more space for compassion to grow. 

Sound of conflict – Many people develop an aversion to uncomfortable emotions because they tend to be unclear on how to feel such feelings consciously. It causes many to feel like spiritual failures for expressing the human side of their divinity. When incubating in ego, uncomfortable internal experiences elicit external noise. The ego cannot abide in silence when any degree of emotional healing takes place. The more unconscious it is, the more likely one is taking on the energy cleared out of others, instead of allowing each emotion to pass through and integrate back into Source. We either share from an open space of peaceful authenticity or we insist others meet our demands. The soul is able to share its feelings without any degree of yelling or finger pointing. 

The power of the breath is one of the soul’s most powerful tools of transformation. When we choose to breathe through circumstance (breathe consciously), instead of arguing about it, we are respecting, acknowledging and welcoming the evolutionary benefits all at once. When we are able to feel instead of blame, and breathe instead of argue, we are stepping to the forefront of our highest angelic potential as evolving spiritual masters. We can recognize how anything that appears as an enemy is really a spiritual ally helping us grow. 

Summary statement: I accept that everything I experience is here to help me. Whether representing patterns of emotional debris clearing out of my field or recognized as layers of unconsciousness healed throughout the collective, I honor each thought and feeling for its highest evolutionary benefit. 

  • I embrace the nature of adversity that helps to create a proper melting point to transform personal rigidity into the light of my original form. 
  • I honor the gift of loss as it clears space in my reality for greater gifts to emerge. 
  • I acknowledge a deeper reason for fear as a signal from the Universe of impending growth. 
  • I respect the wisdom of anger that reveals when anyone is too overwhelmed by there healing journey to be able to interact in a heart-centered way. 
  • I welcome judgment as a helper who reminds me of the limiting beliefs I am clearing out of my energy field as well as that of others. 
  • I embrace the benefit of overthinking as an alarm clock informing me how open or closed my heart tends to be. 
  • I recognize a deeper purpose for sadness as the very moment when the ego dissolves. 
  • I realize there is an upside to disappointment, as the ego is given further permission to unravel whenever it doesn’t get its way. 
  • I recognize the prophetic power of jealousy as a foreshadowing of greater blessings entering my reality. 
  • I appreciate resentment as an unexpected liberator that shows me the areas of my life where I hold back from expressing my freedom of will at full capacity. 

Instead of getting tangled up in the sounds of conflict, I can respect, honor and welcome each spiritual ally through the power of my breath. In doing so, I serve my purpose as an angel in human form who incarnated to uplift the collective without having to dim my light or match the vibration of those around me.

  • Balancing the masculine and feminine 

The masculine energy represents the determination, focus and drive of Source energy. When balanced with the feminine, it often plays the role of a lover, warrior or provider. When imbalanced the overly masculine ego is more focused on conquering than connecting. The journey of the masculine involves learning how to equally give and receive with honor, humility and heart-felt sincerity. As the masculine awakens to the importance of the divine feminine, all self-serving tendencies and know-it-all mechanisms melt into a greater interest in the well-being of others. It transforms into a devoted servant of love. The feminine represents the receptivity, creativity and nurturing expansion of Source energy. It radiates the receptivity necessary to create long-lasting intimate relationships, when imbalanced, it is common for the feminine to give all of itself to others at the detriment of its own inner balance. When this occurs depth is replaced with shallowness, forgiveness turns to vengeance and openness is reduced to apathy. When balanced with the inner masculine, the feminine learns to receive the true joy of intimacy with the utmost self-respect. We can point to countless moments in history when the inner division of polarity has caused the masculine to suppress, dominate and objectify the power of the divine feminine. After generations of corruption, bloodshed and mistruths projected upon the divine feminine, we have arrived at a pivotal point in history when the feminine is returning back to equal power in order to temper the masculine. As each human being balances out their inner polarity of energies, the external play of people, places and things transforms to reflect a reality of global equality and personal inclusion. 

In order for the masculine and feminine energies to work together in harmony, we choose to breathe through our experiences, we allow the inner male and female counterparts to resolve the patterns of conflict. Each time we allow our breath to be a central point of focus, we are shifting away from this karmic cycle of abuse – and not just for the reconciliation of our own inner experience but for the expansion of the whole. While spiritual progress should never be the sole means for developing emotional bonds, the healing that occurs throughout each emotional bond is determined by how much time is spent incubating in ego versus communing as soul. When two people commune as the soul, unity is discovered. When two people mutually incubate in ego, denial is maintained. Creating sacred partnerships is a matter of honing the attributes of RAW as gifts that we choose to offer others. Each conflict can resolve when respecting, acknowledging and welcoming our way through each encounter. 

Respect is an essential ingredient in raising the vibration of each relationship. Listening is the function of respect in action. When we listen to others we are verifying the uniqueness of their existence by confirming how worthy they are to be heard as well as seen and received. While the ego tries its best to be an active and engaged listener, listening is a skill set expressed only by the soul. If you are unable to hear others with sincerity or interest, this indicates a need to make time to hear your own inner thoughts more passionately. The more often we make time to breathe consciously, the healthier and more fulfilling each partnership can be, the more we acknowledge the divinity of others, the more we commune with the light of our own soul. Through the divine attribute of acknowledgment, the more often we focus on the things we and others are doing right, the more we are able to raise the vibration of self-worth in all energy fields. The willingness to respond with compliments instead of criticism is a vital way to raise our vibration as announcers of well-being. When rooted in welcoming, we are forgiving of the past. Without effort or fail, the soul is naturally able to allow experiences to be unique, however our past history has been shaped. The ego, however, cannot welcome interactions as brand new adventures, no matter how hard it tries to get it right. In daring to meet ourselves and others fresh and new, we discover an inner wellspring of forgiveness. This is where true love is found. It is not merely the electricity of personal arousal but a chance to encounter the light of our divinity as reflected in the beauty of another. 

Summary statement: I accept that both aspects of polarity are needed in order for the harmony of balance to be. I honor the masculine for its focus, drive and determination, just as I respect the feminine for its receptivity, creativity and nurturing expansion. As a way of transforming each relationship into the fulfilling bliss of sacred partnership, I align with my breath to respect, honor and welcome both sides of my being into greater integrated wholeness. 
In balancing my own inner polarity of energies, I assist humanity in breaking cycles of abuse to bring the divine feminine back into equal power with the masculine. From this space each moment becomes a fresh opportunity to meet myself and each character fresh and new. 

  • The four foundations of self-love

Since we have already explored the first foundation – being more aligned with the breath – we are ready to explore the other three that ensure our highest vibration is cultivated with compassion. Love can be naturally felt when the gift of space has been received. Whether it is time away from the roles we play, the people we serve, or even from the daily routine, the offering of space occurs any time we pause for deliberate rest. In the presence of space, the ego unravels. Since space exists as a silent force, the ego desperately tries to avoid it, because it perceives space as loneliness and isolation. On the other hand, the soul honors the gift of space as the environment of solitude where deeper connections are created. True intimacy is a willingness to be spacious, restful and open. Let’s say you’re waiting in line at the bank, or sitting in traffic. This can be an opportunity to explore spaciousness, instead or worrying, anticipating or regretting. 

It is essential to make peace with time as the third foundation of self-love. Because the ego is driven to worry, anticipate and regret, it often lives in a race-against-the-clock scenario. The soul, however, naturally exists in a relationship with space and lives in complete peace with the dimension of time. All too often, we either take others for granted by not spending enough quality time together or we squeeze the intimate space out of our partnerships by not having enough time for ourselves. This is why making peace with time is essential in the cultivation of self-love. 

Feeling well rested is a sign that we have made peace with time. This is the fourth foundation of self-love. I have an expression: A couple that is able to rest together can be at their best together. This is because restfulness helps the roots of relationship grow stronger, allowing the connections between two hearts to align and deepen without personal agenda. If we find ourselves responding with more conflict than compassion on a regular basis, it may be a sign that one of the four foundations is weak or out of balance. As we create openings in our lives to provide ourselves the very attention others seem to withhold, a timeless shift from ego to soul naturally occurs. Contrary to the ego that defines itself by the immensity of experiences, the soul focuses on being fully engaged and whole heartedly receptive to the very moment at hand – no matter how seemingly insignificant. If the ego is not constantly gratified, showered with fulfillment, and validated at every turn, it feels a sense of rejection from the one who cannot satisfy its hunger for more. From the viewpoint of the soul, the success of a relationship lies in creating a bond that serves equally the desires of each partner. 

The more expansive each encounter, the longer it may take to digest, assimilate and integrate. In allowing everything to come to us, precisely at the moment it’s meant to be, we are insured to have perfectly aligned openings in consciousness that integrate with harmony and ease. In the integration of ego, in order for it to unravel, it must be loved. While the ego judges each feeling solely on how painful or pleasant it is, the soul views each emotion while it lasts as an opportunity to love itself. Instead of trying to change how it feels we are changing the way we view and respond. 

Summary statement: With renewed clarity, I can see how resolution is not determined by bigger spiritual experiences but by allowing the subtlest of energies to be embraced by the highest vibration of consciousness already within me. This occurs by embracing the four foundations of self-love as a way of helping me integrate the healing journey already under way. 
As I take the time to be well rested, rooted in spaciousness, aligned with breath, and at peace with time, I deepen my own sacred partnership with myself. From this space, emotional receptivity becomes a gateway into transcendent spiritual experiences that come to me much faster than I can chase after them. 
As this occurs, I am elevating my vibration as an announcer of well-being to inspire the world to be more caring and compassionate, just by taking time to nurture myself.

  • The golden question

A shift from ego to soul is transforming the aggression of overactivity into the diplomacy of conscious response. It is much like crossing a point of no return, where the one taking the leap isn’t the one landing on the other side. To begin our journey of surrender, it is essential to embrace every living thing as an expression of Source energy. The people seeming to attack with verbal or emotional weapons are the tools of a Divine artist, used to shape us into the works of art we’re destined to be. 

Wise questions:

  • What if things can happen without blaming any particular character?
  • What if there can be pain, hurt, heartbreak, and betrayal without associating it with the characters playing out each action?
  • What if blaming characters is a way of separating from Source?
  • What if returning to Source occurs by pardoning the characters attached to my most painful memories?
  • What if Source orchestrated each and every scenario beyond the notion of reward and punishment?
  • What if I tend to believe in reward and punishment because I was once blamed by others for the action of Source?
  • What if Source only created each scenario to inspire a journey of redemption to uplift and heal the world around me?
  • What occurs when each and every opinion, judgment, or conclusion is returned to Source?

When remembering our true nature, we begin to unhook from our identification as victims, simply because we were never the target of anyone’s attack. Life should be viewed as a multidimensional movie. Instead of passing judgment on the outcomes of the first few scenes, our soul settles in for a journey of a lifetime. In doing so, it allows the second and third act of life’s epic saga to be a redemptive payoff for the circumstances created at the beginning of the storyline. Every attack is the ego’s unconscious denial of its own divinity in form. We may have begun our journey as a victim of circumstances, each pain and hardship serves our highest expansion as we remember the light of divinity masquerading in every form. Such healing deepens as we recognize how Source energy only endures the nature of hardship to set up a more profound healing journey for the well-being of all. 

Wise questions:

  • What would my life be like if I held nothing against myself or others?
  • What if the least redeeming qualities and actions of any character reflect how deeply entrenched in ego they happen to be?
  • Is it possible that unconscious behavior or the cruelty of others had nothing to do with me?
  • Can I see each moment of despair as evidence of humanity’s separation from Source?
  • Am I ready to heal myself as one of the greatest contributions toward the evolution of earth?
  • What if my deepest surrender is occurring to help make it easier for others to awaken?
  • What if life were far too perfect to be unfair?
  • Am I willing to move forward in the storyline of reality and see how everything comes together for my highest evolutionary benefit?
  • Can I forgive myself and others as a way of aligning with the perfection of Source?

As the grip of victimhood loosens, we see our world through brand new eyes. When daring to live for the evolution of the world, it’s amazing how less scary a place it seems to be. It is not a matter of abandoning the ego. It is more a willingness to release it, much like a butterfly metamorphosing from a caterpillar and being set free from its cocoon. One of the five stages of surrender is the Golden Question. It assists us in unhooking from the burden of victimhood by considering a viewpoint that only a soul can see. 

What if the worst things that ever happened to me
were the greatest opportunities I have ever been given?

Whether we respond consciously or not, to unavoidable circumstances, just by having these experiences the transformative benefits are already encoded within us. This is why the soul recognizes safety and takes pride in the unthinkable moments we had the power to survive. Equally, we can always acknowledge the infinite power of Source energy that miraculously guided us beyond our darkest hour. 

In order to be more receptive and responsive, instead of critical and reactive, the new paradigm highlights the importance of feeling our feelings. Because the path of surrender is the very process from which we shift from ego to soul, it is natural for emotional surges to erupt. From the soul’s viewpoint, the soul separates each emotional response from the characters that appear to trigger them. Inherently, this is forgiveness in action, once we are able to be attentive to each feeling without blame. Instead of believing any person has made me feel however I feel, I accept that any character can only bring to light the clusters of emotions that have always dwelled within me. My contribution to raising the vibration of humanity is by healing the emotions I gathered from my family. I surrender to the light of my highest divine authority, able to welcome any emotion as an opportunity to allow my love to become more unconditional than ever before. The fewer people we blame, the clearer our consciousness becomes. Even if there is just one person we continue to blame, our evolution pauses until such a belief is surrendered. This is the heart of true emotional freedom. We are not just transforming our individual realities, but also contributing toward the collective tipping point that awakens the world as ONE. 

Summary statement: I accept that everything is here to help me, no matter how inconvenient, painful, confusing, or frustrating it seems to be. Through the wisdom of the Golden Question, I allow the worst things that have ever happened to me to be embraced as the greatest opportunities I’ve been given to grow and evolve. 
By separating the effect of my feelings from blaming the characters who seemed to cause them, I allow my emotions to be felt wholeheartedly, as a contribution toward my own healing journey, as well as the expansion of all. From this viewpoint of greater safety, I activate the power of true forgiveness by pardoning the characters in view and reminding myself that I wasn’t the actual target of any attack. 
Instead, I am witnessing the many ways in which Source energy returns to its true nature throughout the awakening of every heart. This completes my first stage in the journey of surrender, which ushers me into an exciting new chapter of my journey, where there is everything to embrace and nothing to blame.

  • The five stages of surrender

While the ego views the unknown as a great loss or void, the soul experiences each moment of unsuspecting change as the beginning of something new. When we are aligned with the soul, we don’t have to be excited about the prospects of devastation, loss and not knowing in order to remain open to the fate of infinite potential.  

Stage 1: The end of personal abandonment
While it seems nearly instinctive to see life as the comings and goings of how people treat us, when focused on cultivating our most Divine qualities, pain often confirms how quickly we are shifting from ego to soul. We are keenly aware of how often life is giving us the chance to grow. Throughout the first stage of surrender, we relinquish any tendency of personal abandonment by focusing on whether we are helping or hurting our experience by the way we view it. 

Stage 2: Dissolving attachment
Surrender is a willingness to become unstuck, to be free from an attachment to things looking or acting in a specific way. When we are attached to an outcome, understanding becomes argumentative, communication creates conflict, and benevolence turns to blame. As attachments dissolve, we are able to wholeheartedly embrace the depths of our own experience, while honoring the truth of others, no matter how drastically it differs from ours. As the soul, we allow everyone to be heard without needing anyone to change their viewpoint. What am I afraid to admit, lose or gain? While a marriage symbolizes the commitment between two partners, it can only be an establishment of connection for as long as both people are willing. When one no longer feels the way the other one does, it can signify the transformation or even the dissolving of a relationship, depending on how it’s symbolized. If a partner defines our existence, what happens to our existence if that partnership ends? Instead of honoring the pain of loss or supporting their changing of ways, we tend to grasp onto each symbol to keep it intact as a way of avoiding the devastation of an unraveling ego. As a way of dissolving our attachments to symbols, we can dare to experience each moment without drawing conclusions. What if the dissolving of a relationship didn’t mean the death of love? What if another person’s opinion had nothing to do with how we view ourselves or them? In the heart of surrender, we tend to oppose outcomes or deny circumstances because of how they change, limit or distort our sense of self. From the soul’s point of view, we are not angry, hurt or disappointed due to each outcome, but because of what we believe is true about us. 

Wise questions:

  • What am I afraid to admit will be true about myself when and if things don’t go my way?
  • What am I afraid is true about me that makes me feel ashamed and causes me to overcompensate in life just to prove that belief wrong?
  • What’s the most painful thing I believe about myself when no one is looking?
  • What defines my sense of self that I am afraid to lose?
  • What do I think I would be without it?
  • Whether a disease, enemy, debt or any type of adversity, what’s the worst thing I am afraid to face?
  • What conclusions would I draw if I were to encounter it?
  • How does life change when I see each thing as an individual creation, instead of what it personally symbolizes or means to me?

As each person, place and thing becomes a living expression of Source energy, instead of a reflection of our most limiting ideas, we are able to meet the truth of reality, whether appearing to serve our needs or conspiring against us. From this space, we no longer use the actions of others to inspire self-criticism, while allowing gains and losses to come and go without a desperate grip. 

Stage 3: Moving beyond limiting beliefs
As part of the five stages of surrender, the Golden Question asks: What if the worst things that ever happened to me were the greatest opportunities I have ever been given? Each time it’s considered, the Golden Question helps us face life without a need to confine it as an image, or wedge it into a frame of thought. Whether you and another person are meant to grow together or inevitably drift apart, it is a timeless journey that has already been written across all galaxies. This is precisely why other people are spiritual allies along the soul’s journey. Whether depicted in mind as friends, foes, victims or victimizers, they have been delivered into our reality to inspire profound shifts. 

Wise questions:

  • What have the actions of others caused me to falsely believe about myself?
  • What was the most hurtful thing anyone ever said or did that caused me to feel unworthy, unwelcomed or unsafe?
  • What has my past led me to conclude?
  • What person, place or thing triggers the most limiting response in me?
  • Why do the actions of other people have the power to determine my experiences?
  • What would my life be like beyond the notion of right and wrong?
  • Am I afraid that without the false protection of limiting beliefs, I’ll be a bigger target for pain, rejection and misfortune?
  • What evidence or ideas do I use to justify hiding, shutting down, pulling back or turning away?

Stage 4: The grace of devastation
It is important to trust the guidance of Source on an unconditional level. The more we trust the light of our own divinity, the easier it is for the soul to expand. Am I willing to be devastated in order to reveal the deepest truth within me? Whether in response to a job loss, divorce, diagnosis of an illness, or even the loss of a loved one, this is not done to hurt us in any way but to flip the ego’s reality upside down and bring us into the soul’s perspective. In order for the soul to lead the way, the ego must be shaken from its grip of control. The more we are willing to align with Source and trust in the gift of our journey, the easier all aspects of life transform from the inside out. From this space, we develop long-lasting sacred partnerships in which two people can merge and harmonize with each other, without constant emotional triggers. 

Stage 5: Embracing adversity
As we discover the freedom to meet each other as expressions of divinity, we find the safety, comfort and courage to remain open, even when pain or panic are begging us to run away or shut down. Only the ego says no to the pain and despair of unavoidable loss. And yet, from the soul’s perspective, nothing is required to feel or be in any other way than how it unfolds. No pain or loss can truly last forever. Once the ego is dissolved by the unavoidable winds of change, a renewed space welcomes into our reality fresh experiences and greater perspective. 

Wise questions:

  • How can I view adversity in a way that is more loving, supportive and wise?
  • What if not getting what I want for a temporary amount of time is a gift in disguise?
  • What if my struggles transformed relationships and realities, creating higher levels of intimacy and fulfillment?
  • What qualities are being refined when adversity occurs?
  • Is it possible that I am only meant to survive each adversity to help me see myself in my magnificence, power and glory?
  • Fulfilling Your Mission

Our healing journey is our personal contribution toward shifting the collective consciousness of humanity. While it may seem as if we are merely one person on a singular personal journey, the conflicts we ultimately resolve become the very gifts of renewed freedom the world receives in our presence. The very symptoms that many hope for a spiritual journey to resolve are often the very evidence of healing under way. Each experience is designed to help us expand in the most efficient span of time. The four signs of transformation are frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness. 

Wise questions:

  • What if frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness are not barriers at all?
  • What if such feelings are only enemies to an unraveling ego?
  • How do frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness change if I welcome them as allies of evolution?
  • What if, in addition to acting as signs of transformation, it’s not my personal frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness I am experiencing, but the patterns of humanity I’m healing for all?

While the ego often views healing as a personal punishment to resolve or a hardship to endure, the soul views the expansion of the individual as a contribution toward transforming the collective. There only appears to be a world in need of healing, as an interactive curriculum for angels in training. The more time we spend rooted in the wisdom of the soul, the more our earthly realm appears to be an angelic university existing in heaven. But when we are incubating in ego, earth tends to feel like a lower-level existence, as we reach toward the sky waiting to be rescued by an elusive higher power. The moment we open to the possibility that adverse experiences are not ours, but a contribution to a more evolved humanity, we begin to lighten the load of our energy field. From this space of clarity, we are able to release what was never evidence of who we are or aren’t, so we may welcome the joy of liberation. When identifying with ‘my pain’ or ‘my healing journey,’ the ego remains stuck and insufferable as long as it remains attached to experiences through beliefs in personal ownership. However, when ‘my pain’ becomes ‘humanity’s pain’ and ‘my healing journey’ becomes ‘humanity’s healing journey,’ a profound shift in consciousness occurs. From this space, we begin to sense the light of heaven in all things. 

A victim is an empath in training, who equally clears and activates the energy fields of others but without the awareness of their living contribution to all. Also, there are empaths who have no idea they are empathic and tend to see their journey through the eyes of blame and judgement. The more we align with the soul, the easier it is to uplift others without taking on their conditioning or acting out unconscious behavior. Healing occurs through the integration of ego. 

Wise questions:

  • What if I can learn from the past without believing that it happened to me personally?
  • What if it only feels like it happened to me, so that I can have a personal experience of the patterns I am resolving for all?
  • Instead of focusing on the storyline of each lifetime, what are the themes the character is learning throughout each vision?

Since we incarnated to return ego home to Source, each moment of realization and shifting of perspective must be embraced with the utmost grace and compassion. This allows the ego that senses its own demise to begin seeing it is actually being rescued by an openness that never excludes. When each layer being cleared is not necessarily ours, we give permission to heal everything that we were born to resolve. 

Wise questions:

  • Was there a time I shut down my light, hoping that being more like others would allow me to be better liked by others?
  • Am I able to accept that everything I adversely feel around others is a layer of debris my energy field is clearing out?
  • How would my life change if negative feelings were not interpreted as mine or having anything to do with me, but rather as my contribution to an awakening humanity?

Source knows our evolution was due to the inspired and courageous choices we made, as a result of the insights we’ve received. This is why we seem to repeat patterns and relationships. This is why things repeat for our benefit and never as a form of punishment. Just like when climbing a spiral staircase, we may keep turning corners to see the same reality in view, but always see it from a higher perspective at each and every turn. 

Wise questions:

  • What if each moment is more centered in learning and growing than in trying to do everything right?
  • What if repeating patterns is life’s way of helping me, instead of punishing me in any way?
  • What if everything I wish, need and desire is already destined to arrive at exactly the moment it is meant to be?
  • What if this were true, whether or not I am able to trust such wisdom?
  • How would my life change if each moment were an evolutionary gift to receive, instead of a karmic punishment to escape?

The ego’s greatest contribution to our expansion is letting go and integrating back into Source. We are learning how to love the ego so unconditionally that it finds the safety and courage to let go and return to the light. 

Summary statement: I accept that I have incarnated to fulfill a mission that supports a bigger cosmic picture. This means I didn’t necessarily come in with karmic patterns of indiscretions but chose to carry imprints, conditioning, and cellular memory to heal familial lineages and to liberate humanity through the healing of myself. Since I was born from a loving Source of perfection, I could only be the perfection of a loving Source. In knowing it is so, I allow frustration, boredom, loneliness, and confusion to be embraced as signs of how rapidly I am expanding, instead of as enemies to oppose, judge or deny. 
While patterns of experiences may repeat, I accept that they only occur for my evolutionary benefit, allowing me to see the same things from higher perspectives of consciousness each and every time. This helps me transform my view of life from spiritual punishment to evolutionary process, where everything is here to help me reach my absolute potential. And so I am fulfilled. 

Creating a new reality

  • Why we are here

We are here on this planet to further our angelic training as an awakening soul in physical form. From incubating ego to embodied soul, the vibration of heart-centered consciousness grows and extends throughout every layer of our energy field. Our ability to expand uplifts the consciousness of the planet. We are expanding our consciousness by embracing the RAW qualities of our soul’s attributes to develop the ability to shine our light, instead of mirroring the unresolved darkness that remains to be healed. From this space, we are able to embrace the true intimacy of relationships as the living fulfillment of sacred partnership. Each personal interaction, each and every empowered choice raises the vibration of our inner experience to uplift the sum of the whole. The more we begin to matter to ourselves, the more the well-being of others can matter to us. This confirms the absolute law of love that openness never excludes. We are willing to face any amount of adversity and spend as much time feeling shut down, just to cultivate the strength, courage, tenacity and compassion to open back up more radiant, renewed, purified and powerful than ever before. We acknowledge how deep of a reconstruction is well under way. Since darkness can be seen as consciousness unaware of its true illuminated nature, we allow the light of unconditional love to cherish darkness throughout its journey, without needing to rush the process. Those who hurt are engaging in a healing process that will allow them to be the love, strength, courage and compassion for others who heal. We love what arises in ourselves. We know that everything is inherently designed to make us better than we have ever been before, which requires us to be true to our journey, no matter how deeply we desire to speed things up or slow things down. 

A victim is not defined by the circumstances in view, but by how unaware they are of the gifts they were born to provide. As we shift from ego to soul, the inner victim transforms into the redeeming hero, as we live a life of greater purpose by doing things intentionally for the benefit of all. 

Wise questions:

  • What emotion do you wish for others to feel in your presence?
  • Is it the same emotion you yearn to feel more often?
  • What would your day be like if you were more focused on giving emotional gifts to others, instead of feeling what others withhold?
  • What if the best way to transform the collective victimhood of humanity is to make intentional choices that the world doesn’t seem to make? 

As a way of clarifying my life purpose, I intend to bless others with certain emotion, no matter how they choose to view or respond to me. 

One of the most powerful ways to transmit blessings is by smiling more often. May we rejoice by engaging in the simplest and sweetest acts of kindness more often. When rooted in heart-centered consciousness, we always have choices and an ability to recognize the messages from Source that prompt us to become more honorable, courageous, thoughtful and loving. When others are cruel, Source invites us to dive even deeper into self-love as a way of raising the vibration of the planet. We can merely take the time to treat ourselves and others better than we’ve ever been treated, whether communing with Source in public or embracing our hearts in private. No longer victims of circumstance, we acknowledge the depths of our evolutionary process, as angels in physical form who incarnated to uplift the consciousness of an entire planet.

  • Daily practices

Commitment is not to be confused with effort. Commitment is simply a matter of how consistently we show up. Mastery isn’t a goal-oriented achievement of any kind. It is a step-by-step celebration of daily attendance. How attentive have we learned to become in facing the difficulties in our lives? How often do we attend to our own inner needs, instead of waiting for others to fill our void? Have I discovered the true gift of spiritual attendance? 

A spiritual practice is not a matter of being good at something. It is simply an exploration into the effort of attendance. Spiritual practice also helps in healing wounds of abandonment. We commit to a practice and no longer abandon ourselves the way characters from our past have abandoned us. It is important for us to embrace our spiritual practice with loving kindness, so the ego can let go with peace and ease. Here are some samples to help you find a daily practice that serves you. 

Cultivating worthiness, gratitude and passion

What are three to five things that you are grateful for?
No matter how big or small, what are three to five things you have done well today?
What are three to five things you would love to manifest in your reality? For others or even humanity?

Hand on your heart meditation

One of the most effective ways to assist your heart on opening is to spend time with your hand resting on your heart. Because your hands and heart both conduct electrical currents of energy, just by placing your hand on your heart you are sending the electrical charge emanating from your heart back to your heart through the energy flowing through the palm of your hand. 

Prayer of radical forgiveness 

On a spiritual level, a victim is a lightworker in training. Throughout each chapter of life, the inevitability of loss and the suchness of change are survived to bring forth a new consciousness for the benefit of all. This means victimhood is not a pitfall to escape but ongoing stages of spiritual growth to cultivate the lightworker in you. Even if you cannot change the situations you see, you can always change how you respond from the inside out. As an awakening lightworker on the front lines of ushering humanity into a new paradigm of consciousness, please read the following prayer however many times a day you feel necessary. 

I allow name  to be pardoned and set free as I AM now. 

Healing with gratitude

Thank the old self for taking you as far as it was meant to go, and send it home to Source. When we are able to recognize true healing as nobody’s fault, but merely as everyone’s opportunity to offer gratitude for all the past experiences that have prepared us for greater adventures ahead, we are able to accelerate our healing journey without rejecting any part of ourselves along the way. It is an opportunity to embrace self-love, compassion for others and greater respect for our evolutionary process. Trust in the immaculate grace of Divine guidance to know what is best for you. When in doubt, please find more time and space to be still, silent and open to the guidance that life intends to offer. It’s not a matter of how long it seems to last but of how willing we are to embrace the vibration of gratitude. 

Thank you for this pain,
Thank you for this betrayal,
Thank you for this heartbreak,
Thank you for this inconvenience,

Thank you for this disappointment,
Thank you for this loneliness,
Thank you for this frustration,
Thank you for this agony,
Thank you for this confusion,

Thank you for this illness,
Thank you for this hopelessness,
Thank you for this anger,
Thank you for this despair,
Thank you for this relentless cruelty,

Thank you for this depression,
Thank you for this humility,
Thank you for this silence,
Thank you for this liberation,
Thank you for this peace,

Thank you for this joy,
Thank you for this light,
Thank you for this life,
Thank you for this love,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

You’ve begun to explore a deeper reality, daring to view your life through the eyes of our all loving Source. No matter how anything appears – everything is here to help you become the one you were born to be.