Freedom from Addiction


I have become addicted to her, like a drug.
Every time I see her I am reminded of the high I used to get from her.
But no more, I am detaching, letting her go.
I am complete, content in myself – I’m taking my power back.

My journey is one from self pity to self love.
It will hurt for a bit now, but I will be all the better for it.
I know of four more like me,
These will need follow, there is no other way to freedom.

I chose to be free from this attachment, and she to be the bad guy.
I am on my way to seeing her for who she is,
Not an object of pain or pleasure (drug),
And to see me for who I am, so much more than who I think.

I began to awaken to who I am and why I’m here.
The universe addresses an addiction/aversion in us.
We have ceased to have sex,
With numerous mental/emotional breakdowns.

In this process I have been given my rite of passage,
Released to learn, all I need to navigate life I already have within me.
I no longer need the emotional support or affirmation
That I used to get on life’s decisions.

I can and only go through this on my own, it feels very lonely,
But I am learning an independence and freedom
That is essential to wholeness.
Human experience of pain and divine expression of love.

What we set out to re-create,
Was that of a better relationship, better than physical love,
One with freedom, complete freedom,
And love without limit.

We had the best of intentions, and consciousness as well,
We created and recreated, feeling our way and guided,
With struggle and pain, all experience for the whole
But at last we have landed, as friends ….