Genuine relationship

or Skeleton woman, inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Skeleton woman is snagged by the fisherman; untangled and freed.
The fisherman is terrified; he dreams and cries.
She takes out his heart, the mighty drum.
She drinks of his tears and her body is again filled out with flesh.
Skin against skin, the warmth of the other.

To love is to be fully alive, in participation with another,
Going thru the full cycle of life together.
Summer and winter, death and life, feast and famine
In genuine relationship.

Two beings whose strength is increased together,
Love, the viable bond that endures the extremes.
It invites lady death into relationship, whom men most fear.
To go through decline and return, as a lifelong friend.

Only through cycles of unparalleled love,
Devotion through death, part of nature’s cycle.
We awake – in the decline of life, not the arousal.
‘Why am I in this relationship? Is this to be from now on?’

In an enduring relationship there are many endings, we are terrified by even one.
You are awaking and you know not this person beside you.
To enter authenticity you must meet lady death, the last thing you want,
but the only hope of genuine relationship, the only way to bounty.

It takes time to learn her ways,
Only our inner life source knows the dance of this cycle,
Give me the death that I need.
An accidental find of treasure, we have no idea what we are in for…

We snag a relationship.
As long as it is under the water, it is okay.
But, once it surfaces we are terrified.
She is the only way to a full relationship.

We were only looking for a little excitement,
A hope to make it through the night.
But unwittingly we hook skeleton woman and death will have her share.
The ego hates it, but has no say.

We catch more than we can handle.
We think, ‘Maybe I would be better off with someone else,’
or ‘I don’t know if I can do without such and such.’
HOLD ON! You will come out okay.

You will find heartening in the darkness of regeneration.
There is life after death, but first his heart must be removed,
The heart is used to recreate the other.
A spiritual path of love opens before you.

They exchange love and pleasure all night long.
The body union is the final stage and it comes along of its own,
Be patient and don’t try to hurry it.
To merge with the skeleton woman, brings fearlessness.