How to Live a Guided Life

by Linda Deir (a summary by Pat Evert)

Book 1 – First steps
Our spirit guides are always here to guide all of us. If life becomes difficult, it might be a time for change. They will never judge you, they intimately know you and your purpose and are unbiased.

Understanding yourself comes first
You know you can do better. Doubting or second guessing yourself is low self esteem. To hear your guides you need to slow down and remove much of the noise. Your guides will not motivate you by guilt. Remove stress so you can sense their direction.

Limitations and how to unlearn them
Change is a continuum of life. It is a gift. It is the way of the whole universe. Don’t resist it. Change evolves us forward not backward. Trust your higher self, you know best. Be careful of desiring things. Why do I want it? How will it serve me, and others? I came here to learn.

Emotions you can trust
Truth and love are the same. You compromise a relationship by lying. If I have to lie, am I in the wrong situation or crowd? Butterflies no longer hang out with caterpillars. Live a life of meaning and passion, not jealousy.

Expansion into the real you
We teach you wisdom, a step beyond knowledge. A blend of the magical and practical is the dual world we live in. Being in the present is having an intentional mind, you know and trust yourself. Our spirit guides should be our first resource, not the last resort. Our best life coaches are unbiased, always at our disposal and are absolutely free. Happiness is directed by the mind as you are the observer. Personal power is love.

Listening to your guides
You must be silent. Listen with your heart. Master this skill. Avoid distractions like the past or future. Check in regularly during the day. They are constantly communicating with us through our thoughts, telepathy, dreams, signs and experiences. Act on it while it is still fresh.

Acceptance happens when blame stops
What am I chasing? Am I critical of myself? I was born into a life of consequences. All my choices are loaded with consequences. Don’t let others make your choices. The way of life is change. The universe is always in the state of change. Resisting this has no advantage – adapt. Then your spirit guides will come into focus.

Awareness will end the struggle
Restlessness led me to enlightenment. Don’t live for some future reward in another life. Enjoy the reward now. Make decisions that liberate you. Others will resent it. Abundance is divine, don’t seek excess. Go outside and describe ten things you sense.

Fears appear when you forget who you are
Spirit guides have no fears. You fear dying when you haven’t yet learned how to live. Why choose what others want: who to be, what to do, what to buy or who to love. Knowing who you are is the foundation of all your decisions. Don’t label things good or bad. Everything happens for me, nothing happens to me. Live without fear. Just ask your guides, rather than others. Thinking is worrying. You cannot listen and worry at the same time. Ask your questions one at a time and not complex. Worry is self abuse. It is self generated. It leads to sickness.


Book 2 – Meeting the real YOU
My spirit guides are eager to lead me into the knowledge of who I am. They watched me get lost. Am I ready to meet the real me? They alone are qualified to lead you. They know your purpose and what you want to get from this life. You will begin to become authentic and you will lose friends. You won’t be able to return to being who they need you to be. Develop your relation with your guides. Love starts with the truth, who you really are.

Release all resistance
Mental resistance will bring suffering. Water resists nothing, but will shape stone. Go with the flow. To resist only makes it hard on yourself and fear will build. You are always being guided, ask them to lead you. Damper the thoughts of your mind, don’t let it take you over.

Truth is your clean slate
Spirit guides dwell in truth only, no lies. Enlightenment unfolds gradually to keep us from shock. You can begin to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Find your purpose, find yourself
I am here to use my gifts and talents. I got distracted early in life with success. Most have lost their passion by high school. I am here to learn and love. Don’t play the comparison game.

Guidance removes all struggle
Miracles occur where love and truth reside. No one is closer than my source-connected guides. You cannot control the present moment. Be aware and learn from it. Who is guiding me? Social norms or spirit guides?

Trust is natural when you know yourself
Our lives are filled with new experiences to enlarge our world. Don’t get comfortable so as to resist change. Our higher intelligence causes us to worry.

Anxiety, a connection breaker
When you hold your breath your connection with your spirit guides is broken. Worrying or stress brings shallow breathing. We live in a universe where everything is possible. The source of unhappiness is self centered thinking and feeling disconnected. Abandon feelings of lack, especially feeling you are not enough. Build your gratitude.

Beliefs are like glass, that shatter when broken
The truth will reveal itself. Beliefs limit consciousness and makes you judgmental of others. I am light and love. Self realization is the yearning of our soul. Our guides work to release us from stuff and cause us to grow in self respect.

The meaning of life
Life is like baking a cake – mixing the best ingredients with the care of baking it. Nothing is impossible. The conscious person transforms the impossible into I’m possible. The ordinary, boring life, you need not hide from it. Live the magic ride of your life. Let the first few waking minutes of the day be that of listening to your spirit guides.