Hacking The Afterlife

By Richard Martini (a summary by Pat Evert)

Humanity is evolving. In the past, say 20,000 – 30,000 years, people would spend a thousand years of earth time in between lives. But, now days people might only wait 2 – 3 years since there in so much change happening.


On the other side (flip side) we are very conscious and remember possibly all our previous lifetimes and their lessons. We understand that we come to earth to take on a costume and play a role. But, when we get here we have forgotten it all and everything is so serious, many times more than we can handle. We are too hard on ourselves. How am I doing? You are doing just as you signed up for.

Who or what is God? God cannot be known by human understanding, but he can by experience.

What am I here for? How can I help others?

All we are is light. Go towards that light by going inward by meditation. Focus the light on the part of you that needs healing, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. We need to more access love. This will make our lives much easier and richer. How much have I loved myself and others today? Send love and light to all, esp. those who need it most. Thoughts are most powerful.

Home is where we all long for, the homeland.

We can communicate with our spirit guides for the accomplishing of our purpose. We must be true to ourselves. There are exit points to our lives here. On the flip side you see from an expanded perspective all ways and religions are one. We no longer have the tunnel vision. We don’t realize the impact we have on the lives of others until afterwards. If you stay in your comfort zone you won’t know who you truly are. Don’t hold back. Live your truth, be kind to one another.

None can be hurt here, all is fine on the flip side. Everything is sentient, celestial. Everyone on the other side is learning from us here. The veil between these two dimensions seems to be thinning.

Our planet is a living organism. Earth is the body of a great, wise soul. Source is our breath. It does its thinking and sensing through us. Man has been allowed to create his own story of history. There was an explosion of life. It was ferocious then. There were many experiments, many intended and many by happenstance. Many souls will be leaving earth for another vibrational existence. Man will be able to understand more, a spiritual adult. Many alien beings have come to help in this. They can influence, without interference (free will). So few souls connect with earth to experience such consciousness. Society is changing at an exponential rate. This lifts up all mankind, although some will be stubborn and will not raise with the earth. They will be encouraged to Incarnate elsewhere. There is much negative vibration that is being expelled from this world. Earth is enduring a lot of our pollution, although it loves and enjoys us. Earth is going into a new stage. Many souls are helping with this transition. It will be very difficult for some and quite smooth for others. Practice contentment. Be centered and focus on the now. Relax into Source. Live your life more simply. Don’t allow the tension of society to disturb your peace. Experience your oneness with Source and all others. So many are watching over our evolution.

The author has a very amazing interview with Emilia Earhart and a few others which include Jesus Christ, Prince and Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

Jesus, though he hung on the cross for two days, did not die on the cross. He was not killed, but escaped. He endured the pain by yoga and appeared dead by breathing practices he had learned. He then went and lived in India, Tibet and Asia. He was married to Mary Magdalene and had five children, two died young. The oldest was a daughter, Sarah. There he was known as Essa. He died naturally at an advanced age in Asia. Possibly he wrote the Tibetan gospel of Jesus. The great difference between him and other humans was that of the veil. He knew and had not forgotten who he was/is. He now is saddened that many have tried so hard to defend him and his teaching, even to kill in his name. He needs no protection and he loves us all without damnation.

The thought that everyone is God was considered heresy at that time as well as now. About two thirds of our life energy remains on the other side (our soul). The life energy is in the breath. Others are fearful of our freedom and love. Many have accessed the universal Akashic library.

We are here to learn, to learn the highest, to learn first-hand experience. There is no rush. We can all take our time. None need be brought to see my viewpoint. My viewpoint is not the only valid view on reality.