I Am the Word

Channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

Prologue: The Christ is a frequency, a consciousness, not a personage, but a creation of the God-self in manifestation. Christ is the manifestation of God in man. This book is a passage to a new consciousness, experiential knowledge of who I am. To know myself in the consciousness of the Christ. We are in a time of great transition. Understand that your frequency is one with the Creator. We are one with the Christ. We came here to realize ourselves as the Christ and this is the time. Am I willing to release some of the inhibiting beliefs I have? Am I ready for this transformative process?

The Word: Growing into your Christed self takes time. Once you have said ‘yes’ to this process, there is no turning back. All things here are both illusions and our teachers. We need to release our fears and ill thoughts of God. We are not separate from Christ. The Word is the vibration of God in action, I am a piece of God in action. Be ready to discard those things that are not needed on this journey. I am loved.
I am Word: through my being, through my vibration, through my knowing of myself as Word. Those things of density and lower vibration will need to fall away. All are rising in frequency regardless of our ways. I am divine consciousness. We can change old behavior patterns, by ‘I am Word through this memory’… to release and clear them. Through my intention I choose to think in a new way. State your intention… then acclimate to it… then receive the result.
I can only manifest those things that are for my/our highest good. I am the one who chooses. The changes that occur in our consciousness are for eternity.

Acclimating to Wonder: Your vibration will rise. This is the work of the book. If something happens that is beyond what we thought was possible, a so called law has been surpassed. Engaging in wonder can lift you up. I am pressing into the energy field, the action of the Christ.

Recognition: The rising of consciousness is being accelerated due to the time we are in, rising to the next octave. It is a recognition of who I am. I am a flame, a light of gold. I am worthy of this journey to come into my Christed self. I am that I am. I am one with my Creator. You must claim this in truth, not just say a mantra. My feelings are an aspect of myself that can be controlled. Unforgiveness will keep you from rising.

Love and understanding: When misunderstandings and incorrect beliefs are cleared all behavior associated with them will also need to go. To love without any sense of judgment. See all others as perfect beings of the Creator. Love is the highest of all vibrations. See them with the eyes of God, seeing Christ in them all. You have to witness the self as perfect as well. I am Word through those before me. This will elevate their frequencies also. You are coming to know the Christ in experience. Everything you judge you fear. Why do I fear it? To hold another as less than yourself is to lower your frequency. My personality is not the Word, my higher self, my soul is. This planet is shifting into a higher frequency, and so am I.

Boulders: Thoughts, our thinking creates. Old patterns of pain need to be removed. These boulders are impediments to progress. I can relinquish such boulders. See it and release it. Word through it. You can create and recreate. God in me is removing the boulder. Physical pain is necessary, but emotional suffering is optional. See yourself as a perfect creation.

Identifying as the Word: You either identify as Word or as ego. See yourself in your spiritual perfection, Gods image and likeness, Spirit manifesting in flesh, Christ in disguise. Who I truly am is many times better than who I want to be.
Am I entitled to be in my perfect form? This is my choice.
Am I willing to emerge with new abilities? Clar… gifts that exceed what I thought I could. To see the soul of another, to tune into others. What does it feel like to be …… ? To see that we all are one. I can sense myself at a higher frequency. I replace the fear-based self. Tune into my higher knowing, and even my spirit guides.


Navigation: This is consciousness, not religion. This is not exclusive control. You can awaken with any religion. You cannot separate from other men. We are all one. Do not promote the illusion of separation. We are all the Christ manifested in different ways. Do not separate from others by thinking you are better. I will need to let go of the personality self and eventually this physical body. My consciousness, the Christ self remains. I cannot say I am better or wiser than so and so. I have then stepped out of consciousness and into religion. You are lying. Once you are judging you are out of alignment with the truth. To make yourself special and exclude others is false. Nobody is outside of God. They might think they are, but are not. Damnation is a false belief. The Christ frequency cannot flow through me when I am in judgment against my brother. I am in transit to realize myself as Word.

I am in my Knowing: In my essence I do not change. At the level of soul I am Christ. I know I am loved… I am safe… I know I am a piece of the Creator. Knowing something is on a different level than believing.

Relax and see others through frequency, experience their energy fields. You cannot control others. Just be aware, without taking any action. When I am in my knowing I am always in my integrity. You will no longer engage in approval – I do not need the approval of others. Up to now 80% of what I have done was motivated by the approval of others. In knowing, you shift from approval to freedom. What does it feel like to recognize your divinity? In the center of my heart is the Christ, a divine flame of life.

Trials: A trial is an opportunity for rapid growth, the promise of wonderful change. Transformation, learning who we are is the value of life. Decisions are what change the trajectory of our lives. You can stop and decide not from fear, but from knowing. I am being changed. This can happen on the level of consciousness, intellect and choice. I am being lead by my higher consciousness, my guides and Consciousness Itself to transform me into the frequency of Word. My path is a good one. Everyone is in change and on their way to destiny with our Creator.

Love Incarnate: When you are love incarnate you vibrate at the frequency of love. It bypasses judgment and criticism. It is the action of God expressing itself through you. You are a channel of love as you choose it. Every man and woman is where they need to be. I am right where I should be. See the one whom you have difficulty loving before you in love. Hold this person in love. This one is a perfect creation. I am love. This transaction of love will change you and them both. This requires no return from the other person. Go to a public place and love those before you. They all deserve love. I am love through the ones I see before me. I am beginning to see with the eyes of Christ.

Creation: The truth that we live in is a collective agreement over many ages. Time is a flexible creation. We are in many dimensions at the same time. Physical form is where this is to happen (be experienced). The density of frequency has lifted. Everything arises to the consciousness of Christ at this time. We have been given permission to explore and experience this vibration of Word. We are called to wonder. The energies of the Lord are present at this time. The manifestation of the Christ through humanity is restricted to no religion. He is experiencing Himself through us.

Epilogue: This book is a call to understanding and realizing the divinity in me, I am the Word.