Divine and human, we need remember who we are

I am incarnate, wearing a temporary costume that conceals my identity. This is very conducive to a wide range of experiences, God in disguise which is myself in amnesia. I am a human being, a wonderful combination of material and spirit, illusory and eternal, perfection and imperfections. Half of me may be in blissful delight, while the other half struggles in danger to survive.
We are spirit, vibrational energy beings and at the same time human ego. We are in human form, but we do not need to identify with it, which is ego. Awareness and ego-identification are mutually exclusive. Divine worth, sanity and essence vs. human stories. Ego wants to be right, be special and be in control; spirit does not. Ego develops addiction or aversion, spirit is free. Ego is unconscious, spirit conscious. I am learning to be resilient, rather than resistant.
As such I experience thought and consciousness. Thinking evokes emotions, the majority of which are unpleasant. Sadness, fear and anger are emotions reserved for the illusory. Love, joy and peace are those (states of being) of spirit. Many of the emotions I have are very hard to bear. It is all a part of the costume I have taken on. It even deludes me. Nanci Danison in returning from her NDE said, ‘It was unbelievable to me how completely fooled I had been into thinking there was nothing more to life than my human existence. It was patently absurd to me that I could have believed my human life was reality at all.’

I am a fractal of God, manifest in form, to serve the whole in love. I am an expression of God, even a perfect expression. The divine self is what I am, all else is an idea. Not only am I worthy of being unconditionally loved just for being me, but that I am also truly a beautiful, magnificent, and powerful creation of the universe. We are all a part of God and cannot be separated. Life is God realizing itself as God. There is only one being in our universe. We are all expressions of God. Source’s purpose is to delight not only itself as a unified Being of Light, but also itself as a Collective Being composed of all the bits of self-awareness invested into thought-forms populating the universe. Curiosity inspired Source to subdivide itself.

I am perfect, I need not become anything different. I need only see myself more perfectly. I am infinitely wonderful, beyond improvement. I am/we are whole, One with all souls, all that is, a multiformity of experience and expression, the One collective being. I am unique and needed to complete the whole. I am more powerful than I have ever believed. I already am everything I am trying to attain. I don’t need to control outcome because everything is as it should be and will become perfect in the end. I trust in the wisdom of the universe.

I am a powerful light being, full of love, not fears. I am the light, I am love.


Like God, I can do whatever I want. No one can deny me my free choice. Creator has decreed that none can interfere with my free will, not even Itself. I am a sovereign planner/creator who ordered these experiences. I am not a victim. I will not give my power away! I am like our Creator that manifests reality – manifestation, not manipulation. We believe God can manifest reality but mistakenly assume we are not part of that God/Source. We each have the exact same power to manifest reality—consciously or unconsciously. We manifest only what we truly believe. I can rewrite my untrue story of “I can’t” with that of my truth “I can.” It is a welcoming of the unknown rather than resisting it. It is a reclamation of my power! I am that point of origin for waves of self-love and wholeness to ripple out to others. I am a perfect creation. I manifest myself in my creations. What I wish for or give to another is for myself as well. I am not being controlled by anything other than myself. We can be conscious participants of the change of this planet or unconscious spectators. Nothing happens to me against my will. Let go of the pressure of trying to become someone—you are already perfect as you are, the freedom to be yourself and to love yourself unconditionally. You don’t need to attain freedom; you are already free.

Everything I think about this person is wrong, she is much more than I think. When you recognize others you never try to change them, know them. The realization of the Christ is done as I come to know who I am. Recognize who others are. You must know who you are before you can know others. Each is the face of God. The Christ sees the Christ in all else. We are sovereign in the reclamation of a new world. To follow your truth is to give all others the same freedom. No one should limit the expression of another. Never once believe you have authority over another. Nor does anyone have authority over you.


As God, I am without bounds, connected to everything – so quiet, invisible, but so powerful. I am Spirit, immense and immeasurable, beyond all stories, all images that I could fabricate. Conscious knowing – I am not my thoughts or emotions, not even who I think I am. All thoughts, emotions and feelings (TEF’s) are accepted, but they are not me. I surrender the illusions of separation, and welcome change. I do not change, but my self-perception does. I am known by experience, not understanding. We learn more by experience than all our reasoning. I know what is best, no need to seek another’s advise. I have the mind of Christ and can see others through his eyes. My identity, who I am, and my awareness are two different things, especially because of my human amnesia. My awareness is continually growing. Beyond our human imperfections we are pure spirit beings and our true essence is love. I am more powerful than I have ever believed. Trust in the wisdom of my body. Listen to my heart and find my passion. Consciousness, after losing itself in the world, once again discovers itself as the Infinite Creator of the play. If we want to realize our true identity and be free of ego, we have to be willing to let go of our illusions. The practical way to liberation is a disentanglement of one’s consciousness from every form of identification. We do not have to take life so seriously. It is all just a play. To surrender is to let go of how we think reality should be, and to embrace the way reality is.


What would I like to be? I am already far greater than that! I am so cool, more than you or I know! My essence is pure love. I have the capacity to accept and love everything. I am Love, I need not find it in others. The greatest pursuit in life is the discovery of who I am. It is unending. May we love and forgive so perfectly that we never again look at a human face without seeing the divinity of which we are all a part; that we never again feel a nudge of annoyance if someone deliberately does us wrong. The more love I feel for myself, the more I can share it with others. Until I can experience love for myself, I cannot share it with others. As I have full acceptance for myself I will have full acceptance for others. To love without judgment, setting them free. It is of paramount importance to accept where you are and who you are, likewise to accept where and who others are. The minute I start practicing the thought that my happiness depends on other people, how they act around me, and how they feel about me – I have completely given my power away. Intend love for everyone – yourself, the victim and the perpetrator. Heal everyone on the planet. Achieving unconditional love while still in human form represents not only the pinnacle of success for the Light Being soul inside, but also a quantum leap forward in evolution of the human species itself.

I am indestructible and I have the very life of God. Whom shall I fear? I am fearless, here for the experience. Fearless, for nothing can harm me. I accept all things. Nothing is a threat to me. I have no enemy, all are for my good. I seek experience and do not fear suffering. I seek experience rather than happiness. Light Beings feel no fear. Our primary obligation is our own evolution, experience everything you can in the human lifetime allotted. Curiosity is our natural inclination. Don’t miss the beauty of these fearful experiences. I have called this experience into my life. The divine in me is here to remove all fear. My resistance in fear is my biggest impediment. If I still care what others think of me I am parading the small self.
Light Beings do not pass judgment because they understand that everything is always as it should be. Who is the one you would like to avoid or damn? See this one in their worth and beauty before you and bless them. This one has been my teacher. I am not a judge.

Source does not monitor our behavior, or tell us what to do. Source has given us an environment teeming with potential adventures and experiences by design. Ours is an enchanted universe. Our mission is to enjoy those treasures and live life to the fullest. That is all that is expected of us. Source’s intention is to experience all there is to experience, to enjoy all of its creation. I don’t need anyone to act in a certain way in order to feel the harmony, bliss, and joy that life always provides. In order to call upon my highest qualities for the well being of all, it is essential to become the source of my own fulfillment. Every moment of conflict is an opportunity to discover the invaluable gifts that life provides. I am a pioneer portion of Source energy, the very evolution of Source itself is happening because of you.