I Can See Clearly Now

by Dr. Wayne Dyer (A summary by Pat Evert)


If I speak with confidence and kindness others will listen.

The secret garden, there is a place within that I can escape to that will empower me to see and do the impossible in this outer world.

His calling, throughout his youth he notices his giftedness of free thought and self reliance. Emerson and Thereau have been his great teachers, but the greatest gift in his life has been the absence of his selfish, drunken and violent dad.

The navy, here reigns the group thinking, and individual creative thought is not allowed. In Guam he stood for the Guamanians in the navy’s discrimination against them and singlehandedly won.
When you must choose between being right and being kind, always choose kindness.

Self actualization, we are responsible for any emotional illness. We can choose how we respond to our circumstances.
Wayne met his dad for the first time at his dad’s gravesite. There he learned his greatest lesson of forgiveness. He released his dad of the abandonment and drunken life he led.
He wrote the book of his passion and quit his great job as university professor.
Running numerous marathons, he gets a chance to co-star with a champion of his, Victor Frankl.
Ikys, a guardian angel in his life, becomes the main character of his first fictional book.

Real magic, getting in touch with my higher self, God in me.
Nothing is coincidence or accident, everything in life is a gift. His second wife leaves Wayne for another man. Wayne meets a survivor from Rwanda and they make a movie, ‘the shift’. He gets leukemia. He marries Ellen and Porsha.