Illuminations for a New Era

Understanding these turbulent times by Suzanne Ward (a summary by Pat Evert)

Part I Ancient knowledge for guidance today,
– Healing Power of Light
Simply, light IS divine. Light and its indivisible love component is Creator Source energy, the most powerful force in the cosmos and the very essence of life itself. Love-light is Creator and Creation! Not only is it the life force of everything that ever has been created, it is the composition of souls. Each soul has its own unique light streamer that identifies it regardless of its spiritual evolvement station, where it is located in the universe, or in a physical or etheric body or free spirit status. All in existence throughout Creation is manifested and connected through the energy generated by the continuous flowing of light being directed and received. There is no beginning and no ending, there just IS –the Oneness of All. Every soul is part of it and each has the capability and the choice to generate light or darkness. People referred to as “light beings” reflect it in their spirituality and morality, but even individuals who are referred to as “dark” retain a spark of light, otherwise they would have no life at all. Reception of light is the province of the soul. Absorption of light is the province of the body, which directs light into its cells that have been programmed by the DNA to accept it. That is why we urge you to send light to persons whose actions you regard as unconscionable or diabolical. Because they cannot create light themselves, they believe they have been abandoned by their Maker and are consumed by fear; they do not know that if they receive the light, they will thrive joyously and fearlessly. Light–love – is the only essence in the universe that can heal pain, whether in a single person or in a universal force field with such magnitude of darkness that you cannot begin to imagine it. This is why it is vitally important to send light to people whose behavior and actions you regard as detestable, to try to put light into their choices and activities. ONLY light’s healing energy can eliminate hatred, violence, oppression, brutality and warring. Retaliation in kind never will do it! The power of light-love is the key to everything! Please keep this foremost in mind when the ones still hidden behind their dark deeds are identified. Do not dim your light by focusing on punishment for them, but rather think of them as what they are, the weakest links in the chain of Oneness, and send them the healing energy they need to uplift themselves and strengthen the chain for all souls. Those souls have lost their way and are fearful and foundering.

– Love in Everyday Life
Light – is love –passing from one person to another is no different in cause and effect, but you may want to initiate it by focusing on someone. When you do, instantaneously the vibrations in your thoughts and feelings reach that person. The greatest of all third density’s limitations is fear –actually, all of those other negative emotions and actions I mentioned arise from fear. Spiritual growth is learning to live without fear, learning to fully trust the unequaled power of love. Love is not crusading for your beliefs or proselytizing. In simplest terms, love is God’s sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving their love for you. Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity. Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge them, but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others is love. Sharing your resources with full heart is love. Doing good deeds without attaching expectations is love.

– Effects of Fear
The energy of fear forms a barrier between the feared object or situation and the energy of light, thus neither the light in the souls of fear-filled persons nor light sent to them from any other source can reach their consciousness to dispel the power that fear holds over their lives. This vicious cycle holds them captive because they are easily dominated, deceived and afraid to challenge authoritarian figures whose intentions and deeds are directed toward creating fear. Fear is potent indeed, but light is the most powerful force in the cosmos, and all who embrace the light never need to fear anything!

– Universal Reality
What you see as solid is not solid and what you see as reality is not real. What is within each light-filled soul is solid –love, joy, trustworthiness, honor, conscience. Reality is what the soul knows of the eternal inseparability of all creation. Dear one, sending light into your world is essential, but you are wishing for something that isn’t doable, that all suffering could end with the denial of its existence. That is an oversimplification of manifesting reality. You aren’t considering the karmic aspect, the need to balance experiencing in other lifetimes; the countless free will choices; or that energy set in motion cannot be abruptly stopped midstream –it must run out its course and that can be influenced positively or negatively all along the way. There can be no changing of Creator’s laws about energy alignment, attraction, manifestation and the conflict between the positive and negative elements. As a manifestation of the pure light-love essence of Creator, God imparts His makeup to every soul in this universe and embraces each and every one with unconditional love. This reality is totally, intensely and eternally personal!

– Belief Makes It So
BELIEF in anything is what makes it so! I don’t mean that one person’s belief that changing the DNA nature of food can turn a nourishing substance into a harmful one, but the power of collective thoughts with that focus can. I can’t emphasize too often how essential it is that you understand how powerful your thoughts, feelings and actions are. Even the words you use to describe any thing, person, situation,

– Concepts and Predictions
Ascension is the spiritual evolvement of souls as their increased awareness enables them to enter lighter densities of this universe; and in the case of Earth’s ascension, it is her rising out of third density and traveling through fourth on to her destination in fifth. The ones who have been responsible for everything that you may call evil will not be on the planet a great deal longer. Without light, their bodies’ carbon-based cells cannot be changed to the crystalline structure that enables physical survival in the higher vibrations Earth is approaching. let us hear a clarion call for renewed awareness of the cosmic Oneness and the Christed light within every soul. Let us focus on creating a world of love, peace, joy, kindness, truthfulness, fairness and abundance for all. What many think are the most worrisome climate change issues actually are part of the planet’s natural processes –Earth has chosen to return to a moderate climate globally, the way it was when the entire planet was the Garden of Eden. It is important to correct the lies that those entities want to be disseminated because their purpose is to instill fear. Because it is Earth’s desire and intention to be restored to her once magnificent beauty and health –you don’t remember that time consciously, but your soul does – nothing can prevent this idyllic world from coming to pass. There aren’t enough believers to tilt the collective consciousness, but they are harming themselves. By allowing fear to permeate their lives, they are blocking the light they need to evolve into joy-filled lifetimes in higher planes.

– Vibrations, Densities
The low vibrations of stress about others’ plights fracture the balance you need to keep your light steady, and that fracturing helps none of those many millions or you. Thoughts also emit vibrations, which is why changing a thought from negative to positive automatically uplifts your spirits –you started vibrating “on high.” The soft, gentle tones of melodious music, the sound of flowing waters and the energetic emanations of trees are extremely restorative and helpful in regaining the light within balance. Especially in these last stages of Earth’s ascension when the swiftness of change from the old systems to the new will be upsetting to many, you can raise their vibrations by steadfastly focusing on the peaceful, harmonious world you want and thereby contribute mightily to the light that is ushering in Earth’s Golden Age. As Earth ascends through the “last” wafting energy streamers of third density, which coming with the “first” streamers of fourth, you won’t notice any difference, much less something dynamically different, from one day to the next. Almost all lightworkers who incarnated to complete third density karmic experiencing have done that successfully and they have attained fourth density spiritually. Most souls who left their homelands in advanced civilizations to assist Earth’s less evolved souls have retained their fifth, sixth or seventh density spiritual and intellectual evolvement status.

– How Prayer Works
A person’s soul contract always takes precedence. Since you don’t know what she chose in her contract, the most beneficial prayer is for her highest good. You don’t know anyone’s contract, not even your own, so always that prayer, which has no limitations, is the most beneficial. Calmly sending forth thoughts and feelings for her highest good lets love energy flow smoothly to her, with the growth of one’s own soul or another’s soul. Early church leaders dramatically created the illusion that there is a vast separation between you and God. Those self-serving leaders, who also were the heads of state, wanted to control the masses and it served their purposes to not only remove God from the peoples, but to concoct a fearful God whose rules must be obeyed and offenders would pay dearly. Visualize Earth glowing in golden-white Christed light. By universal law, the light from any source, including individual and group prayers, goes to the areas of Earth where light is most needed. Non-focused prayer is much more beneficial because anything in balanced measure has more energy “spread.” The person’s soul contract takes precedence in all circumstances. If one has serious doubts or fears that he’ll never be better, those energy attachments will bring more of what he’s afraid he’ll always have, and so he will. Some individuals come to Nirvana after very difficult lifetimes to rest in this serene, inspirational atmosphere, and always there are tourists because this is the most beautiful sanctuary realm in this part of the galaxy. From my extensive travels, I’d say it is the most beautiful in the entire galaxy.

– Focus on What You Want
All souls came into this lifetime having chosen the role each would play in this unprecedented hour on Earth. As the light keeps intensifying, it will raise consciousness levels and people will understand that focusing on what they want is how they will bring it about.

– Balanced Emotions
Thoughts are the province of the mind, conscience is the province of the soul –it’s the soul’s guidance to the person’s consciousness to keep decisions on track with the soul contract choices.

– Timelines
Although the majority still is third density in spiritual and intellectual attainment, many others are close to or within fourth density in those respects, some have evolved as high as seventh –and each arrived at his evolvement station individually. Earth’s soul has chosen the light so her planetary body can rise out of third density. Massive light beamed from distant civilizations has been helping her rid herself of the negativity that accumulated due to millennia of humankind’s bloodshed. Each soul –every life form from a sun to a sunflower is a soul –is its eternally independent, unique and inviolate self at the same time it is inseparable from every other aspect of Creation.

– Salvation, Lifeprints, Reincarnation
Despite religions’ ideas that heaven and hell are separate placements, Nirvana encompasses both, and every soul whose immediate past lifetime was on Earth transitions to one of those layers. At physical death, the person automatically goes to the energy layer of Nirvana that corresponds with the lifeprint. No one sits in judgment of the lifetime except the soul itself in reviewing his lifeprint. The review is like a lifelong movie that doesn’t omit even one moment or one feeling, not only of the person, but all the feelings of everyone whose life he touched. Depending on how he treated others, the review process itself is a heavenly or hellish experience. Each lifetime is intended to fill gaps or strengthen weaknesses so balanced experiencing can be attained. Knowing your eternal inseparability with God and every other soul in the cosmos throughout your conscious journey home to Source is salvation.

– Earth’s Ascension

Every soul who embraces the light can physically go with her if they chose to do so in their soul contracts, but no specific number or percentage of souls on the planet must receive the light before Earth herself can leave third density. Everything in your world from rocks and cedars to algae and antelopes has a level of consciousness –her soul’s spiritual evolutionary station is fifth density, where she originated. She was her own essence long before life forms were introduced on her planetary body, and, like every other soul, Earth’s soul –Gaia –is an inviolate, independent eternal being. Because of her love for all her residents, she desires that all accompany her; however, with or without anyone or everyone, Earth is well on her way to fourth density and will continue to fifth. The dark ones agreed to play the “heavy roles” that were essential to give masses of souls the opportunity to complete their chosen karmic lessons and attain the balance they need to evolve spiritually into fourth density. The agreement was, after the dark ones had done that for the benefit of those masses –and they did their job effectively –they would join the light, but they have refused to honor that part of their agreement. Because physical density denied those recalcitrant souls the remembrance they expected at the appointed time to join the light, Earth’s ascension is happening with unprecedented speed and assistance, and most of her population have no idea that they are living in a time that is unique in this universe. That started changing in your calendar timing of the late 1930s, when Earth was in death throes and cried out for help. Some residents started responding to the light’s high vibrations and thus began the awakening of formerly slumbering souls. So if not every fragment of dark activity has ended by December 31, 2012, it will be very soon afterwards. The celestial window, so to say, between third and fourth density has a measure of flexibility. This is the time when each person must choose to accept or refuse the light, and everyone who wants to go along with Earth must accept it for both spiritual awareness and physical entry into fourth density. Light changes third density bodies’ carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that enables them to survive in the higher vibratory planes of fourth density. Every soul is given as many opportunities as needed to progress in soul evolution, and because every soul is an inseparable part of the Oneness, sending light to all benefits them and you.

– Assistance from Other Worlds
Extraterrestrial assistance with unprecedented swiftness and intensity started over 70 years ago, when Earth cried out for help to keep her weakened planetary body alive. By God’s authorization, civilizations responded with a massive infusion of light to prevent the planet spinning out of orbit and certain death. Of course the in-pouring of light was available to all of Earth’s residents too, and those who responded started generating their own light with greater forcefulness. As important as all those kinds of assistance are, perhaps the most significant help since “9/ 11” has been preventing the Illuminati from using nuclear warheads to mount similar terrorist attacks. A dozen or so attempts have been thwarted by rendering the warheads impotent, sometimes in combination with missile malfunctions. This is not a violation of Creator’s law of free will –it is honoring Earth’s free will choice that there will be no more terrorism like “9/ 11.” Because very few of Earth’s populace know that thousands of people from other civilizations are living on the planet, they are in for quite a surprise when these visitors identify themselves in their customary appearances. These volunteers from spiritually evolved civilizations took on human bodies so they could live and work among you undetected.

– Extraterrestrial Landings
I can tell you why a specific time for landings was given to that channel. His ego had come into the picture, which dropped his energy frequency and he no longer could reach his former light sources. He wasn’t aware that he was connecting with dark entities, who gave him information that could be clearly proven false. Their intention was to discredit information not only from that channel, but all information given to receivers from light sources. And what a great day it will be when you and our universal family members who have been flying around in your skies can greet each other and the “ETs” who are living among you finally can introduce themselves!

– Mother Nature –or Not?
It is true that Mother Earth would be producing some of those events herself to release the negativity she must be rid of, but she would choose locations where the least death and damage would result. The darkness behind the manmade events chooses the opposite, as the intent is to cause extensive loss of life, massive destruction, severe economic disruption and especially fear, the most effective tool and the fuel that sustains those with dark minds and hearts. The Illuminati’s intent is to keep creating more of it for Earth to deal with while letting their dark deeds be attributed to Mother Nature. Furthermore, light beings that can be called the “ground troops” are working on means to halt those manmade disasters. While Earth and her life forms were in deep third density, the protective layer of ozone was essential, but the need for this is lessening rapidly as the planet and her residents are absorbing more and more light. It is time for everyone on Earth to recognize, welcome and thank our extraterrestrial family of diverse civilizations whose massive light-beaming and technologies have been and will continue to be literally lifesaving for Earth and all her light-receptive beings. Assisting them to re-create heaven on Earth is the mission all of you chose, and your positive thoughts, sentiments and actions are helping to bring back the love, peace, harmony and mutual respect that once reigned among all life forms on Earth. Earth is beloved and held in highest honor by light beings throughout the universe. The great blessing is that at this evolvement station, feelings like that are fleeting –they swiftly turn into rejoicing about the Golden Age on your near horizon.

– DNA and Other Insights
With third density beings there is reluctance to receive new information. In all ways the perfection of God’s love and light reigns eternally on behalf of His children.

– Media Influence
You may be tired of my attributing so much to the Illuminati, but their influence on life in your world is so pervasive that I can’t refrain, and what your media report and entertainment offers is plain and simple mass mind programming. The purpose of “news” that far more emphasizes “bad” than “good” is to arouse the fear energy that prevents light from reaching souls.

– Crop Circles
These art forms are undeniable evidence of other civilizations’ presence. So, I would say that the circle makers’ primary intent is to show that a higher intelligence that near you is enhancing the planet, not marring or polluting, much less invading. Surely this is clear evidence of the peaceful intentions of the circles’ originators. An open, receptive mind is essential for these times when truths are being revealed?

– Indigo and Crystal Children
Not only are they adding to the light on the planet, they are anchoring it, much the same way the cetaceans are performing in the depths. At soul level these individuals know their purpose for incarnating at this time and at conscious level they are mulling over their remarkable abilities, ideas and plans that will ease the transition from corrupt and self-serving governance to peaceful relationships among all nations. These souls are known for manifesting abilities considered unique to them, but these abilities are innate in all of you. Enlightenment about this birthright is one of the gifts these persons are bringing to all humankind –that will be realized as they become your world’s inspired and inspiring way-showers.

– Astral Travel, Earthbound Souls
Often their indoctrination in religious or scientific beliefs was so strongly enforced that their resistance to a spirit realm that conflicts with their beliefs is understandable, and so is their longing to be back in a body for proof that their beliefs are correct. Some souls desire vengeance for being brutally killed and others have an intense desire to prove their innocence of crimes for which they unjustly paid with their lives.

– Universal Light Fortress
Actually, the grid could be called a universal light fortress because that’s what it is –a fortress of protective Christed light. In the case of Earth, it is a grid of electromagnetic waves that bend with energy motion to allow safe passage of craft and small orbiting objects. It is the young cousin, you could say, of the much vaster protective system being erected in your galaxy to permit the uninterrupted orbiting of craft, planets, even entire solar systems. That grid is connected to other grid segments that cover all galaxies surrounding the Milky Way, the completion time of the universal grid’s segment nearest Earth. The planet is approaching the light intensity required for that segment to be firmly established. When only light is reigning on Earth –and she is racing toward that time –no darkness can even begin to approach its brilliance.

PART III TALKING WITH GOD: Marnie, Ella,Norman, Eric & God:
God is in constant awareness of Marnie’s struggle. He is sending her light and love through various means, most of which she never recognizes. “Marnie, dearest child of my total essence, please think only of this moment. Marnie, dearly beloved, live with the knowledge that always and forever your godself is at oneness with my godself and know your divinity within Creator.” Each of those abusers will see the enormity of what he or she has done, and in the self-judgment process of each, the pain can be relieved only by requesting absolution and forgiveness directly to your soul. However, I AM you, and I am not in any way at all removed from you in any moment. I AM your soul, so how could I be excluded in some moments and not others? There can be no arbitrary separation of me from any of my children, not even those who don’t acknowledge my existence, by whatever name they wish to denounce my very being. How could I take away something that you yourself chose? Marnie, by YOUR choosing, I had to go through exactly every moment that you did, and yet, I didn’t say, ‘Wait a minute –you may be up for this but I’m NOT.

Just exactly what is God good for? How about for starters, allowing you to proceed with your intense desire to save the part of you that finally had called out to be saved? How about my sharing that complete experience, however agonizing and fearful and painful in every way? How about my enduring with you every memory of those many years, and how about my willingness to be whatever you thought of me, whether demon, fool, good-for-nothing-son-of-a-bitch? How about my willingness to stay within you and within all others and allow this play of all humanity to run its course as EACH soul on Earth has chosen to do? “Surely you can’t believe that I enjoy being brutalized, terrorized, starved, grieved or whatever my children are enduring and be left alone without a spark of spirit as in the case of the most desperate ones! Surely you can’t believe that I enjoy being the CAUSE of that kind of suffering! Yet I have to experience all of this because this is what my children have CHOSEN to balance their experiencing so they can return to the former ‘heaven’ of total light that they had chosen to leave! When you grieved so long for Matthew, I was grieving with the same intensity even though I knew where his soul was, I knew how OUR grieving was harming his adjustment and growth, and how I wished it could be otherwise for all of us. But I did not have the power to change what you had the power to choose, even though part of me wishes this were not so, the part of me that is YOU is decreeing this condition! The universe… provides exactly what you ask for, exactly what any soul asks for! How could it be otherwise, Simply set the course for that which you want, NOT that which you fear, and stick with it and it WILL happen! The universal laws can’t be denied!
There are no strict rules that are so complex or rigorous that you and anyone else aren’t capable of adhering to them. All that is required is to live within the light! Or in simplest terms: BE KIND.”

First you must understand that there is no separation whatsoever between me and any living form –and that is all the animals and the plant life, not only people in their myriad forms and cultures throughout this universe. For me to step in and take over that free will would be to deny the exalted nature of Creator. “I am but a second level force with CO-creating abilities, not creating abilities, and in just this universe. Others like me do the same in their universal spheres of jurisdiction. It isn’t just at the conscious experiencing level that I AM you, you ARE me, of course, as our souls are ONE. Therefore in any and all life forms throughout this universe, I AM that I AM Totality, and each of you is an inseparable aspect of that, they cannot –CANNOT! –interfere with that person’s free will! Nor may I do so! You delight me no end, my child! YES, we ARE a good team.

– More of Who I Am
As for “progress” on Earth, I weep with each soul who is suffering in any way and I rejoice with each soul who is feeling joy. I am the soul of all of the “worst” and all of the “best,” so I cannot be inseparable from the “best” and not be inseparable from the “worst.” With equal aspects of what you think of as good and what you decry as evil, how can I be except what I am? In one stage of my Totality, I was purely light and love. Then parts of my creations descended into the darkness Matthew refers to, but they were nonetheless inseparable parts of my whole. And thus they remain. There is resistance to who I am in “entirety” anywhere religions prevail. First, I AM that I AM. And what I AM is what you and countless beings who have lived in any form in any place within this universe in any speck of time since its Beginning. I am not a separate oversoul –or parent, if you will –who can see my likeness in a child of myself but am disappointed when the child doesn’t grow into my measurements of good or bad. I have no such measurements for my children! Do I WISH that all of my parts were within the light in which I was created? Yes! Who would not wish that perfection of Creator to be returned! But I do not hold forth condemnation or punishment to any faltering part of me. I am whoever is living at any time, all the time, anywhere in this universe. I cannot be a separate entity or a power beyond that given to me. And where has this gotten me? More and more fighting –even killing each other in my name! –between the various religions that have been formed by deliberate distortions of my messengers’ words, that’s where. Each religion thinks it’s absolutely right and is the only right one. Oh, my! And because every one of those souls who believes whatever he or she has been taught is a part of me, and I am all of them, I love all without reservation, you see.

In Creator ALL IS PERFECT. Then there is that level nearest to Creator, the Christed realm, where co-creating began and where all co-creating still is of that original material, only love and light. This is the level of soul energy from whence Jesus and my other messengers embodied in this universe. Creator bestowed to all souls Its gift of free will with its inherent ability of manifestation, or co-creating with Itself. There is nothing of me that Creator is oblivious to, just as there is nothing you are doing or feeling that I am oblivious to. And there is total noninterference both ways –that is, between Creator and me and me and you. The same functioning and reason directs both of these noninterference bases. Negativity, when exercised, brings a most terrible lopsidedness to anything requiring balance, and hardly any life form is not seeking balance. For planets to survive, just as any other life form, achieving balance is absolutely necessary! When the orbiting path becomes erratic, that signals the first of the potential “death throes” of the planet. Earth could right her motion and stabilize movement of orbiting. This is what she chose, and to do this requires a return to “health.” That is what the alleviation of the negativity is all about. You helped create the conditions in “previous” lifetimes. You are enduring and helping in the course chosen by Earth in this lifetime. It’s just that once the information is on Earth, it’s treated the way so much of the information from realms beyond your own is treated, as “That’s bunk.” In short, you are being shortchanged in your learning choices because your governments are withholding many truths. So are your church leaders. How could it be different! With total love and adoration of self, for you and me and all life within the universe and the interconnectedness of ALL, this is God, your servant, and your self. It’s more realistic to know me or try to picture me –feel me! –as a sibling in good grace with you. That’s more what I am in truth and essence anyway. But I can tell you what I do in my highest powers. I move mountains, I part seas, I rotate the planets, I open doors to knowledge that as yet is unknown within this universe. I talk with Creator, I talk with my counterparts in other universes. I weep for the lost child, the frightened puppy, the wounded deer, the smallest plant that has been trampled needlessly. That is the essence of my Totality, as there is no separating the energies of each component from any other. Above all else, there is Creator’s free will law, and if someone uses that to harm another, I can’t interfere. Therefore, I not only experience exactly the hurtful action of the first, but also exactly the hurting sensation of the second. I can’t escape any of the suffering of humans or any other life form anywhere in the universe, there’s no option for me but to endure as each of my beloved children endures, each of my beloved creatures in the fields and in the seas endures. There is no separation of energy. How can I say “satisfied” when parts of me are in such pain and terror and other parts of me are causing that pain and terror? When I see big areas, like a town in your thinking, where light is emanating from hearts that formerly were cold and dark, I rejoice! Would I like to see the TOTAL of Earth life in peacefulness, love, sharing, caring and service one to another? OF COURSE I WOULD! But do I have the power to snap a finger and have this be so? You know I do NOT! So I send my love and light everywhere, to every soul, and I may as well rejoice in the pockets of light rather than dwell in the pockets of darkness and weep, you see. If you will just think of me as all of my children, then you must know that I do indeed feel correspondingly overwhelmed. What I MUST observe without exception is Creator’s law of free will being supreme over all other laws. nothing within my power is capable of subverting any of my own soul aspects’ free will choices. Of course you can do this! You believe in me so how can you not believe in yourself? Not for a moment do I forget these books! How can I –you do not!

– Jesus
Therefore, his life has the same significance as all others, but with this great difference: Jesus had the conscious awareness of his mission and he lived more closely to his agreement than almost all other souls ever born on Earth. Those stories were made up to suit the aim of the church leaders to distance Jesus far above all other souls on Earth and, by intent, distanced me from my children as well. The deception and corruption then was not much different from now –greed and desire to control others seems to have no end! Never would I set apart one of my children above another! Nor did Jesus do that, because he knew the Oneness of All! Actually, Jesus never was put on a cross at all. By order of the San Hedrin he was flogged and banished from the country. What actually happened is that with Mary Magdalene, his wife, Jesus left that area and returned to the East, where he felt safety for his family. He lived a much more earthy life than your Bible version portrays. Why should he not have married the woman he loved? Why should he not have enjoyed sexual relations with her and had children to love and nurture? Why should he not have moved where he wished, studied what he wished during his long lifetime? None of those natural human desires diminishes the importance of his message one iota! Will people ever know the truth? Will they open their hearts to the truth? is the question, Suzy! The truth of everything is being given left and right, and it is being obscured or attacked by those whose power will be gone forever if they cannot stop the steady progression of questioning, of self-discovery and truth-discovery among people on Earth. This is the time of TRUE revelations, dear child! “To every one of my children reading this book, I LOVE YOU! You know now that I AM you, you are me, and what could be more sustaining for me to impart than this? All I am doing now by this messenger of the light is sharing my limitless love, understanding and respect, and I embrace every one of you in eternity. You are LIVING eternity, not moving toward it! Salu, amen, I am forever with and within you.”

– Explaining God to a Child
God is kind and gentle, but He is very, very strong too because He makes everything in the whole world! He made you and me and Daddy, and He made everybody else too. God always knows what you are thinking and how you feel. So you can talk with God whenever you want to. You can feel His answers in your heart. The most important thing God wants you to know is how much He loves you and everybody else and the animals and plants. God’s love is forever and ever. Esmeralda knows that every life not only is from God, it IS God, and God IS love. And absolutely it would be wrong to put God as a punisher if the child did something the parent considered bad!

– Messages from Nirvana – Cal, Grace Jeremy… and Way Beyond Nirvana

Cal – I had no pain after the first shock to my body from the wreck. I was totally within the light during my quick passage here and felt the consuming love that people who have near death experiences tell about. I felt that I was within music. There definitely was music, not coming at me, but enveloping me. When I arrived, friends and family from both this lifetime and my past lives were here to welcome me. It was a joyous time for all of us, and none of those from my past lifetimes was surprised about my recognizing them. Well, neither was I surprised, so you can see that my adjustment was instantaneous with my entry, and I didn’t require the medical attention that is given to people who die in much worse conditions than I did. I can also add that I’ve just signed up for a refresher class in electronics. It’s an interest I never pursued there. The changes since I came 13 years ago are phenomenal! All of us in these higher parts of the realm see how vastly the light has increased all over the planet, which is continuously advancing toward the entrance of fourth density.

Grace – First, I arrived in a body that was beautiful. It was such a marvel for me to travel without baggage and step into this really quite beautiful form that’s alive –and I mean REALLY ALIVE! –with health and excitement. So, remembering things I especially enjoyed around me there, I MADE them all right here! Friends gave me the extra energy I needed to get all the house furnishings ready. Restoring full health to this kind of light body and also the brain –or “psyche” I guess is better –is not the same for everyone. I’m settling into my little house with scads of flowers blooming all around it and in it. You cannot believe the happiness that abounds here!

Jeremy – The light we’ve been sending is not directed only to the oceans, although you could say this is our “passion,” but rather dispersed to help achieve balanced energy on the planet. Love IS. There’s no qualifying or measuring it. Can you measure the love you feel for each of your children? Well, neither does God measure how much love energy is being put forth to save His creations, the cetacean family, or stop any other desecration of the paradise He made on Earth. Once a heart is open to love, darkness no longer can reign supreme, so just as there is no measurement of the light infiltrating, there is no accurate measurement of the darkness being transmuted.

– Aeschyles
My people are of the light brotherhood and we are especially eager to assist in such an occasion as this, a request to share our knowledge and experience, as that is what we most of all have to offer of benefit to others. In mass, or density, we are much the same as you, but we are more uniform in form and features than you. Yes, just as you, we inhabit only one planet. If a couple decides to part, it is done with civility and harmony because the only purpose in separating would be the soul evolution for both parties, and their mutual decision is respected with the same equanimity as the union’s beginning. The difference is a province of this higher frequency in which we live, where all sensitivities and mental agility are advanced beyond Earth’s density limitations. Multitudes of people whom you call extraterrestrials, but many actually are your ancestors, have come to offer their assistance in various forms. On behalf of my people, and as our assistance in this multilevel effort, I have come to tell you in terms of our own history about this opportunity for pure joy-producing spiritual awareness on Earth. We were not always at this high level. Our struggle was more than similar to yours, it was almost a parallel of your own. We are not the oldest civilization in the universe by any means, as you would know because we were a population program from elsewhere, another galaxy. We do not date ourselves by the same means you do your fossils, but rather by being directly told that over seven million years ago in your timing calculations our ancestors were brought here and a colony established. The original knowing and living the God connection dropped from that harmony to the level of competition and conflict, then to violence, brutality and wanton killing. It took a few million years to reach that level, which came within the last 50,000 of your calculated years. Then the inevitable negativity created by that kind of activity had its inevitable consequence: the brink of planetary destruction.

Our planet had only a few souls who had not reached that self-destructive depravity and loss of spirituality, and it is thanks to those few souls who held the faith that we are the culture, the harmonious, peaceful and God-aligned civilization of today. God does not punish, you know that, but He must honor Creator’s gift of free will, and thus must allow self-destruction if that is what a soul or a civilization is intent upon doing. Creator rules over the cosmos, which is all the universes, whereas God rules over only our universe, abiding by the laws of Creator. So, regard each and every person, every life within your animal and plant kingdoms, with the height of respect you think is worthy only of God. All are manifested of God, each is a part of God. Think of each life in the universe as deserving its godself recognition. What you call “evil” is truly a matter of perception. What you call “good” is the same. But what is absolute is one’s choice of living within the light or living within the darkness. Darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of light. Darkness is the absence of God within the consciousness. The unveiling that even now is well underway is due to the light of God and Creator shining ever more and more powerfully upon Earth.

My people stand with you in your journey to rise with your planet into the higher levels of light. We are not programmed for physical or mental deterioration as are you, and life here can be extended in robust health as long as each individual wishes. However, there comes a point of fulfillment, I believe is the best word, when perhaps hundreds of years of active living is considered “enough,” and that person elects to leave for the next stage of experiencing. At that time, the person is given a joyful departure ceremony in celebration of his or her life. Also in the exquisite beauty of Nirvana, we also differ. Matthew is right –the higher layers of Nirvana are more beautiful than most other realms serving the afterlife purpose, and we have not achieved that range of wondrous glories as have the residents there. No doubt that is why we don’t have the multitude of visitors that Nirvana has! It is without the extremes of third density beings.

In unison my people rose into the spiritual clarity of fifth density only recently, and what an inspiring and awesome occasion it was, the ceremony of thankfulness for what we have experienced, everything we have learned thus far. Progressing to fifth density is a matter only of gaining greater awareness of the Beginnings through self-discovery –actually, remembering what we know at soul level –coupled with assistance to less evolved civilizations. Suzanne, the visioning more grandly is the advancement, and that is how our assistance to others comes into it: We will have more to offer those civilizations that are just beginning to develop technologies. We will be born into those civilizations but consciously retain our spiritual clarity, intelligence capacity and expertise that will elevate our persons to positions of leadership in technological areas. However, our service will be twofold, and the more important aspect will be steering developments in alignment with spiritual growth.

– Saminten
We are indeed a civilization, but I believe you would not think of us as “people.” Matthew described us well as a mist or vapor, dense above the ground and increasingly less dense as it rises into wisps, always moving in a rosy golden glow and with charming fragrances that meander as we do ourselves. We go voluntarily for restoration of strength to better perform our service of beaming light into the universe for civilizations in need of it. Hundreds of millennia past my people were not in this “vapor” or “fog” essence, and the spiritual aspect of ourselves was miniscule compared to today’s grand volume of God-connection awareness. Our connection is no greater, please understand, but our awareness of it is. That is a most important difference, and it is a similarity that we share with you in this time of your growth of spirit. We merely existed then. We had no purpose for growing and frankly, we had no interest in helping either ourselves or any others. It was a time of recovery for us, but we were unaware of that as the reason for it was not in our memory. Our minds had been somewhat destroyed, and the memory aspects of our mental abilities had been taken, actually lifted right off our DNA by thieves of the highest dark order in the universe. Interfering with the growth of a soul is the only infraction that constitutes what you call “sin,” and altering the DNA of a soul is the ultimate interference with its growth. All of Nature, which is everything with a soul, is evolving. Earth’s soul –her own inviolate soul and the collective of all souls living on the planet –is evolving. Only if you speak with animals and trees and hear their response can you appreciate that you and they –every life form that is receptive to the light –are moving into the lighter essence of all existence. The light on Earth has been accelerating in sustained amount for the past year of your timing. It was necessary for this sustained situation to occur so that more souls could awaken to their godselves and rise along with your planet into fourth density. My people have been assisting joyfully in this process. Respecting and nurturing animal lives is required of civilizations or individual souls before ascendance in energy registration is possible. With rare exceptions they have not had the experience of embodying because their souls never were in lower densities. And none has shared life with a multitude of various civilizations such as I met in Nirvana, but through the essence of our collective selves, they, too, share the sensations I had in body. There is no division in our awareness of each other and our collective knowledge and experiencing. My beloved friend, along with those reunions, you are in for surprises that will be astounding in their joyousness. The same is so for all Earth’s people who journey with her into her Golden Age.

PART V MATTHEW: AN UPDATE: Christmas Day 1997, April 17, 1998, September 11, 1998, March 2, 1999, April 17, 2002, January 6, 2003
This recent service is in line with my higher responsibilities that I told you about in connection with being considered for a master teacher role. I would be a master teacher for this realm as well as a visiting teacher to other realms, just as we have those masters who come here as visiting professors. That’s a good comparison, a visiting professor, and my specialty is how best and quickest to repair the psyches of traumatized transitioning souls.

Never have we lived in darkness –ignorance in personage, yes, but never as captive of the dark forces. Always we have emerged from a shared lifetime with a higher appreciation of the light, so our journey back has not been as rocky and thorny as many journeys have been or are in this moment. We fell from the pinnacle of light within which we originated because our common root soul was among those experimenting with the newly given free will. Only when the experimentations became so grotesque and so painful for the manifested entities was it realized by all of the experimenters that indeed the inexperience had become a curiosity and a game, and the horrible creatures being made were not of God’s light any longer. Some entities realized this before others, and they were the first to reach into their origin and ask for the forgiveness they knew was required to enable them to reach the light sources through a long journey “home.” We are of a root soul that was among the first to retreat from the horror and start the return journey.

My service is to assist in upgrading the spirit life sanctuaries of alien civilizations –not all of them are human as you know human, so I’m referring to them as alien only to make that distinction. Their discarnate realms also are considerably imbalanced, and that is why I am invited to evaluate, advise and give hands-on assistance to get these realms into balance so true learning and restorative surroundings can be achieved. The side benefit of this, which holds equal importance, is that once these imbalanced civilizations see how much grander and more effective their sanctuary realms are with improvements, their physical realms follow suit.

– God’s Message
I am each and all souls everywhere in this universe. Yes, even those who are being despised in this time for causing the outrage as it is seen by all who are abhorring war’s death and brutality and destruction even as I speak. You are wondering what I can say that will give comfort and sustained hope for the peace that has been promised for my very own Eden to begin. My child, yes, of course I wish I could stop the carnage this instant, but I cannot. Yes, I wish I could instantly ease the grief of families already suffering and prevent that which others will be feeling all too soon, but I cannot. Yes, I wish I could instantly end the fear that is so pervasive, but I cannot. And yes, I wish I could instantly instill love and harmony among all my children, among all peoples and all in the kingdoms of animals and plants as it once was on Earth, but I cannot. The days at hand are the final chapter of violence, hatred, grief, destruction, tyranny, and death as you know it on Earth. Even as the war rages, as death claims physical bodies and beloved souls are greeted in Nirvana, the promised new era is being ushered in. The darkest of souls, wherein lies the free will that I cannot control, curtail or even touch by my own love because they refuse it, will be leaving Earth as their energy cannot withstand the higher energy of the light arriving in your atmosphere by the moment. The radiance of Spirit, your planet restored to her former glory, and the abiding love of All is One is what you came into this lifetime to experience. And you SHALL, on Earth as it is in heaven! Know that this is so!