It’s Time to Remember

… one woman’s awakening to alien beings, by Joy S. Gilbert (a summary by Pat Evert)

– Introduction

Joy Gilbert documents her own experiences, initial sightings, dreams and her subsequent remembering of an ongoing interaction with non-human beings whom she calls her friends, which simultaneously terrify and astonish her. She discovers how her friends have influenced and guided her life, filled with transformative wonder and learning. In 1993, in her 40’s, she experienced an alien abduction. This dramatically changed her life and perception of it. She was reminded of her early childhood in which she had been visited many times by an elderly man in a trench coat and hat. In her 20’s she had spent a few years in India under the tutelage of a Rishi, then later a Tibetan Lama in her 30’s. She had learned the necessity of loving herself the way her culture and religion had taught her to love others. She was well educated in psychology, childhood education, neuroscience and counseling. “My participation in UFO encounters hurled me from a place of security and comfort into the unknown.”

• The visit

On January 31, 1995 in Sisters, Oregon we went to see our daughter in her new home. While there in midday I saw over a meadow a round object with a metallic-silver appearance. I felt like throwing up. I was in a panic. But the ship began to telepathically communicate with me, advising me that everything was okay. Repeatedly I was instructed not to be afraid. We later went to dinner without incident.

• The dream

I hadn’t mentioned to anyone what I was experiencing. After all, I believed it wasn’t real. It was all a figment of my imagination. In our hotel room I had difficulty getting to sleep and there were three bright blue-white flood lights outside the patio door. Abruptly, in dream-like movement four men (or what appeared to be men) entered the room. The being closest to me extended what I thought was a very long finger that touched my forehead, just between my eyes. My head exploded into light and blue-white light radiated all around me. We moved into a beam of light that immediate put us into a silvery looking corridor. We then went into a round room with an examining table in the center. They eased off my nightgown and I lay on the table. Then entered the room a female being. She greeted me with warmth and love. I remembered her. She had come to me many times before as a young child. A blue-white light emanated from the table and scanned my whole body. I knew I had done this before. The light from the table was the same as that coming from my head. The doctor came into the room. He greeted me with warmth and love. I knew him. My body stiffened with terror and cold. The doctor removed from my body what looked like two metallic triangles piggybacked. I was gripped with emotions of terror, shock and anger, but with them was boundless surges of joy, love, gratitude and peace. I participated with full knowledge, agreeing to it. The doctor said I had no more ova and the light in my head was now completely activated. In one sense the panic and terror was so real, and in another sense I knew I was in the presence of my own people. The doctor looked into my eyes and stated with unmitigating clarity, “It’s time to remember.” An intensely powerful force surged into my soul. I was uniting with all Creation. I now remembered. I was not what I appeared to be, not who I thought I was. From that moment we talked with our minds back and forth. We caught up on all the things that had happened since we last saw each other. I knew who I was and where I belonged, and that we had never been apart. I was home. The doctor then accompanied me to my hotel room, it had been six hours. My heart knew, I would never be apart from my friends again. The dream of this world could not keep us apart. The next morning was shock, did it really happen? I keep feeling the doctor tell me, “It’s time to remember.”

• The after shock

I was resolved to share my dream with no one. I wanted to believe it was all just a nightmare. That at any moment I would awaken and my life would be back to normal. But the contact my friends had made with me had not ended that night. It was ongoing. I sensed their presence with me at all times. Imparting knowledge to me, they were always kind and loving. Now, looking into the mirror I saw my incredible perfection. I felt an immense self acceptance that increased with each passing day. In spite of the knowledge that I had known these inner dimensions all my life, I was terrified. There were moments I felt on the brink of insanity, torn between unseen worlds and that world of my senses. As quickly as those thoughts arose, feelings of love and warmth surged into me. A sweet loving laughter filled my soul, showing me that my life was precious. All I had to do was sit back and let my life unfold. Each event in my life was synchronized. Everything occurred exactly as planned, at its appointed moment.

• Their return

Eleven days after my dream I came to the realization that I had no idea who I was. I was in mourning. I knew this would pass, but who would I be when it did? It was clear these events could not be understood, at least not with my intellect. I was going through a difficult time believing it was happening to me. Yet it was! I meditated. While meditating the blue-white light began to emerge, pulsating in my head. The spaceship appeared over my house and they comforted me with great love. The purpose of all existence is simply for the expression of joy and bliss. My friends told me how they have been with me my entire life. They immersed me in a dream I had twelve years ago and with it new significance. Feelings of joy and laughter filled me. Loneliness was no longer an issue, there was no such thing. Death was no longer a reality. Where would I go? There is no death! There is nothing to fear in life, because life is Creation. All we are experiencing here is like a two hour long movie for our entertainment. Afterwards we are still the essence of creation. All that is necessary is to be happy. There is nothing to accomplish or do. Feel everything that comes through you. Hold nothing inside. In order to experience this world, I chose to forget who I was. But I have never been forgotten.

• The professionals

I wanted some clinical professional to tell me I wasn’t crazy. My dream was more real than any experience I had ever known. These experiences were impossible to even think about, let alone assess. I found many documented experiences of others very similar to mine. The literature seemed to have a generally negative tone. It disturbed me that so many of the accounts converged on the traumatic and the invasive; particularly since I felt a profound love from and for my friends. Even the widely used terminology Alien Abduction suggested being terrorized and kidnapped. I related my experiences with a couple of psychologists on different occasions with little validation on their part. Nevertheless each passing day the link between myself and my friends became more profound. I was becoming aware that we are here to live out whatever dream we’ve chosen. I saw that we are all incredibly powerful beings. In relating these accounts with others only accentuated the fact that I was the one with the answers. Those who are willing to reveal their experiences are often ridiculed. So their anxiety is reasonable, especially when professionals trained to help people accept themselves, find it difficult to accept this phenomenon. To truly assess what is or is not, we need to open ourselves to the unknown, to go beyond our belief.

• Venice, Italy

Somehow, the established link with my friends had created a union between my heart, soul and body. Now immersed in universal awareness, I experienced creation’s absolute perfection. Only a month after my dream I and my friend Maggie took a trip to Venice, Italy. During our stay it became even more apparent there was nothing more important than loving myself. Grasping this understanding was the critical element to remembering. Through the love I experienced for myself, I merged into universal awareness, moving into fathomless inner dimensions and understanding. It was there I embraced the unspeakable place, deep within my soul.

• From the center of the light

After our trip to Italy I wanted to delve deeper into my memories. I thought hypnosis might help. Prior to January 1993 I had not believed in UFO’s either. All the people I associated with, including myself, were absolutely perfect.

Under hypnosis we went back to a memory of mine at age 20. Alone at home I sensed a presence in my bedroom. At 4am a blue-white star came out of a corner of the room and hovered over me. The light expanded, filling the room. From within me and outside me I heard a sweet male voice say, “Joy, give me your heart.” A lingering soft, warm blanket of light spread a deep abiding love all over me, merging into the very core of my soul. In the morning I looked in the mirror to find a different likeness than my own looking back at me and a blue-white radiant light shooting out from my head. A few days later I decided to go to India to study under a Rishi. Over the next few months I became aware of three beings of light that were with me that night in my room. They brought incredible love and joy to me. Later under a second session of hypnosis we found that night in my bedroom, that there were four beings present who walked me out of my room into an examining room where I saw the doctor and the female being. I was happy to be there, at one with my friends. I had done this many times before. Powerful feelings of love flowed back and forth between us. The doctor put an instrument up through my vagina into my uterus and removed a fetus. I knew the child I had participated in creating was safe. These procedures had occurred before. There was no need to feel any loss or mourning. My friends told me that we manufactured and genetically altered bodies in order to enable enlightened beings to enter different dimensions of form in the phenomenal worlds. We then went into another room where I and others watched movies of creation. I was reminded that the earth is a living organism. It is as much a part of me as I am of her. Her life force sustains all life forms here.

• The astonishing encounter of 1952

I was 3-1/2 years old. After an evening at the Drive-in movie we drove home. On the way we encountered a spaceship and my dad turned off the road. As suddenly as I found myself outside the car, I was floating along a corridor inside the ship. Gliding along with my friends, I entered the examining room and lay down on the table. My female friend held my head while the doctor checked my body and performed his work. From there I was taken to another room with five other children of the same age. We had a short lesson and later played in an open grassy meadow. Later I was taken to a room where a sweet wind began sweeping around and then into me. Suddenly the molecules that formed my body started dispersing. Slowly, my body began to disintegrate into minute particles of sparkling light. The knowledge of who I was before Joy was suddenly unveiled. It had always been there within me. I remembered living on other planets and knew I was from a solar system far, far away. Then my particles began to fuse back together, into the three-year-old body of Joy. I knew who I was and where we were going. The friends after another incident returned me to my bedroom. Daylight was breaking.

• The Mesa and the extraordinary events marking my adulthood

I moved to La Mesa, Colorado. There I came down with flu-like symptoms. I fell asleep with my two year old daughter Jennifer. I woke up 3 days later. I had a puncture wound on my right ankle with a swollen lower leg. Seventeen years later I went under hypnosis to remember that incident. During that time of three missing days Jennifer and I were transported by light into a spaceship and from there onto an earth-like planet. In a cavern I saw six golden beings of light seated at a large table. Directly across from each light being was another life form. My usual position was open for me at the end. I sat across from one of the light beings, an exchange began to occur. Suddenly I realized I too was a golden being of light, with the ability to move through matter. I could transform myself into anything I liked. I flew above the planet like a bird. As I went higher something began to happen. The planet, a living being, was making itself known to me. She was fusing into my soul. A warm love surrounded me, embracing my soul. I remembered that we were One. This planet was where I was from.

• Morro Bay

While visiting friends I noticed a metallic like spaceship in the harbor, under water. The next moment I was in the ship, in a dentist-like chair. From above my head came a cylindrical apparatus that inserted a long needle into the corner of my left eye. This inserted into my brain a crystal-like object. When this was placed into position my head ignited with a stunning brilliance. My mind turned into a diamond-like form. A blue-white, resplendent light emanated from me out into the atmosphere and simultaneously drew light in, bringing in the energy from Creation. With my friends I felt a Oneness. There was no need for fear. But living in this dimension, sometimes tinges of fear crept into me. The physical procedures accomplished on my body were merely adjustments. Their purpose was to transform my structure to sustain higher frequencies of light. My body was no more than an instrument, a vehicle, a tool to be used in this dimension, this world. Sustaining higher frequencies of light is my purpose.

• Precious stones of light

Actively loving myself, I saw that my life was a gift. The most powerful offering I could give to creation was to honor and love myself in every way. When I took the steps to do the things that were right for me it brought me to the door of heaven. Loving myself brought me home. Listening to my inner self and acting on those feelings, I served creation throughout my life, without even knowing it.

In September 1993 I had a vision. I was on a different spaceship and saw a receptacle bulging with a mound of dazzling jewels. There were thousands of stones in all shapes and colors. I knew that each stone possessed information and by holding a stone knowledge would be released into me. I remembered being here before. One stone called out to me in particular. I learned that my friends are the custodians and guardians of this world. They stand at the portals guiding us through each dimension. Opening our hearts they lead us home. The only real security in life is merging into Oneness, fusing back into Creation. My friends activated such knowledge, living deep within me. All of us possess all wisdom. As my fear gave way I saw through the boundaries of my perception. All Creation stands by waiting for each of us to remember who we are. Loving and nurturing us she reaches out with her guidance. Creation flourishes as each of us fulfills our human potential. This is her greatest joy. This is our true purpose, to live in the One. The days that someone could affect my mood, or how I perceived myself, are over. An inner confidence, a sense of self sufficiency, and a knowing of who I am, lingers always, deep within me.

• Their message to us in their words

There is a quiet call to awaken the sleeping souls who walk in the dream state on this planet. The call is now being answered. There is much joy at this awakening. We are here to tell you that you can enjoy every minute of your life, during the great shift now occurring. Allow all the experiences that come to you to pass through you. But know that it is not permanent. It is not you, it is the experience of life that you have chosen. So cherish and relish it. But let it go. If you remembered who you are, you wouldn’t experience the feelings of separation and later the joy of uniting once again with creation. It is all absolute perfection. Loneliness is a feeling of separation from yourself and cannot be fulfilled another way, than through your soul, your Creator. You must open yourself to God from within. Then all those things in life you thought were so difficult, become easy. Be as a child in the world, and know that all your dreams will be answered.