The Journey Home: a Kryon Parable

The story of Michael Thomas and the seven angels, by Lee Carroll (a summary by Pat Evert)

Michael Thomas

He was in “survival mode.” Ever since the emotional breakup that had shattered his life forever. He knew he was playing “victim,” but his self-esteem was at an all-time low, and he continued to massage the wound that was his life—purposefully keeping it open, hurt, and bleeding so he could recall it at will. Here was Michael Thomas at his lowest ebb.
The Vision

You are in a sacred place, a place of your own making, and a place that is filled with great love. That is what you are feeling right now. The angelic figure bowed to Mike, and it seemed to fill the area with even more light than was already there. A dream may not seem like your reality, but it is actually closer to God’s reality than anything you experience regularly! Those times your father and mother came to you in your dreams—how did that make you feel? Did it seem real? It was. Remember the week after the accident when they visited you? You wept for days in response. It was THEIR reality. “Tell us what it is you REALLY want.” Michael wanted to be honest with his answer. The situation was becoming more real with each passing moment. Drat! Mike said to himself. The angel again knows what I am about. There is nothing I can hide. The answer has to come from your own heart, spoken out loud for all to hear—even for YOU to hear. But you must follow a path that is predetermined, and you must do it voluntarily with intent and choice. What you have before you now is real, Michael Thomas of Pure Intent. Things will not always be as they seem. “Do you love God?”


No more angel dreams, he thought, as the reality of the pain and the entire situation slowly became his reality. The idea that the angel vision could have been an actual event was not part of Mike’s reality until he had read the note. If this wasn’t the angel, then who? He simply didn’t know anyone who had the money or who knew him well enough to give him anything, much less pay his substantial medical bill. Mike quit his job over the phone. He had practiced doing it so many times in his mind; he really savored the act of terminating his connection with that awful job. “I have a private journey to take,” he told John. “It’s meaningful for me.” He “owned” the belief that he would be shown what to do. Everything that had happened in the last week justified the logic of his faith. Tomorrow would be the beginning of his journey home.

The first house

You are a free spirit, honored and powerful and able to make your own way if that’s your choice. We are always here, but only active when you ask. “When unseen things become obvious,” the gentle voice said, “you can’t go backwards into ignorance. You will now see all gates clearly, since you gave intent for this one. Your spiritual intent just shifted YOU slightly, and the items that vibrate at your new level simply have snapped into view—no miracle. It is the physics of spirituality that creates an axiom that states you will never be able to return to a less-aware state. With each step he was going deeper into another world. This journey was taking him into a reality that was far removed indeed from the one he had just experienced.

The inside of this first house was immense! It seemed to go on forever, yet the outside was humble and modest. You are looking at the contracts of every human being on the planet. Relax, and enjoy being loved by us. What is this feeling? Mike asked. I feel almost teary. You are shifting into another vibration. Your cellular structure as a human may exist in many vibratory rates. The one you have grown used to is, let’s say, rate number one. On this trip, however, it will be necessary for you to move forward to rate six or seven in order to move toward your goal. What you are feeling now is the awareness of love. It has physical properties and is powerful. Your new vibratory rate is letting you feel it more than you ever have before. What is happening? I’m starting to feel empathy for everyone. This is not like the me I have always been. This is actually painful! And the postulate of human enlightenment is this: Take care of yourself first, and the honor of your journey will be passed to those around you in a synchronous way, for the intent of the one will always affect the many. Your actions will affect others—giving them opportunities for their own decisions—something they would not have had without your decision to be right here, right now. Trust that these things are true, and do not be reproachful with yourself. “Michael Thomas of Pure Intent, do you love God?”

The second house

I’m certain more will be shown as I go. It seems to be the way of things here. I’m getting used to it. It’s what you need only at the point you need it? You are never allowed to experience a BEING type of existence. Instead, you experience a DOING existence. It is part of your lower vibration, and it is appropriate for your dimension. Welcome to the House of Gifts and Tools. It was to be followed by an even longer period spent on practice/ testing sessions with respect to the use of the gifts and tools on a new spiritual vibration. You are slowly raising your vibration, Michael Thomas. These are the promised gifts and tools to help you accomplish that task. They are yours due to your intent. You cannot enter the next houses without knowledge of how all of these work, and you absolutely cannot go home unless you are skilled in their use. Orange told Mike that in order to move into a new vibration, he had to remove some of the older qualities, such as the karmic lessons he had been born with. The path home would not allow for them— Mike was shown how to shape thoughts that would actually create energy. This is how you control your reality. Use your internal spiritual feeling and knowingness to propel you into situations that you deserve and that you’ve planned for. This was the first time Mike actually realized that he was among others who had also asked for the path home. There are three tools you will need on your journey. You have the sword of truth, the shield of knowledge, and finally—the armor of Spirit. Tomorrow you will begin your training as a warrior of the light. Mike was slowly getting a feeling of balance. Before you speak your truth, Michael Thomas, feel the sword. Hold the sword up high and speak your truth. The tools he had grown so used to carrying with ease were somehow alive with his intent! He was being overtaken by the feeling of power within these elements that he was holding and wearing. They were integrating themselves into his Spirit, and his truthful intent was the catalyst for the ceremony! It had taken him to a new level of commitment and awareness. You and I—we are of the same family. I am always with you, and available. Why don’t you leave your bags with me, Michael. I love you, and I will keep them safe for you if you ever should return here. “No!” Mike didn’t want to hear any more about his bags. It was his stuff, and he would keep it as long as possible. He needed something in this odd place to remind him of who he really was. Gone was the old Mike. It had been replaced with one who had weapons and power! This was no longer going to be easy.

The great storm

He had indeed been struggling with his load, all the baggage. Things were changing too fast! The fierceness of the elements was like an attack on his very being, and he was literally hanging on to the plants of the earth with one hand and his precious cargo of books and photos with the other. “Michael Thomas, let go of the baggage!” Mike slowly but methodically let go of the bags that he had so carefully packed with his precious cargo of memories. Snatched by the storm, they were simply gone in an instant—and it made Michael Thomas angry. His entire lineage and the priceless, beloved memories of his dead parents. The item that Mike thought was going to be his undoing—his shield—had suddenly became his protection. It had done its work even without Mike’s direction. The shield of knowledge had repelled the attack. “If I don’t take a suggestion from one of the angels, then they just DO IT TO ME ANYWAY!” He felt the sting of grief at the loss of his parents’ photos. He began to sob uncontrollably—wracked by emotional pain—until there were no tears left. He felt violated and robbed. “Was all this necessary?” “No,” said Orange. “That’s the whole point. They were inappropriate for your journey. These things that you carried represented the earthly part of you. They pull on your old self and keep you in a place that is not comfortable with the new vibration that you are studying and accepting. You cannot embrace any part of the old energy—even the seemingly precious things—and move forward into the new. Mike understood only a portion of what Orange was saying, but he was beginning to get the picture. Much like the rotting food explanation, he realized that he could carry nothing of the old Mike to the place called home. If he would listen more and assume less, his journey would be far smoother. His step was nimble. Michael had accepted his physical loss as being appropriate for his journey and had put the experience behind him. What was really his was in his mind. It was all he really needed.

The third house

This one had a sign on the lawn that read, “House of Biology.” The journey home has several parts, my human friend. First, there is intent to go. Next, there is preparation. This is always followed by self-discovery, and understanding that the changes you must undergo are necessary for you to get there. Each and every cell of your human body contains a consciousness that knows about God. Each cell therefore has the potential for enlightenment, love, and the pursuit of vibratory change. I give permission for this healing. WE hurt, and WE will all benefit from this cure. What you just learned was that the pain of the one part affects the many.


Your time here will be to learn the characteristics of vibrational increase. Everything to follow will unfold at a pace you control. Nothing will ever be the same for you. This night you will go to bed as one kind of human, but tomorrow you will be another—with all the tests and properties that go with a vibrational shift. Something was changing, and Mike had an ominous feeling about it all. Something inside him was already starting to change. “Boy, do WE hurt!” he heard himself say to his body. Nothing will defeat my spirit! I claim victory over my depression! All the cells in his body were being changed, and the metamorphosis was almost complete. Every cell in my body felt a withdrawal. It’s like I turned off a switch and died. There was no solace anywhere; not even my own mind could come up with any reason to exist. I was somehow a neutral human being. That’s when I knew what was happening—when I looked at the map. It was a signal to my mind, and I knew what was happening. You felt abandonment and emptiness during the brief time that you had to remain alone. The only thing that centered you was love. Will it happen again? Yes, it will, each time you shift into a new vibratory state. Recognize what it is and busy yourself with other things. Don’t dwell on it, and remember that it is temporary. Hold ceremony around it! Honor the process in the midst of the blackness!

“Are you ready to talk about sex?”. He described to an astounded Mike what the real purpose was, what males and females were supposed to get from the experience—besides children. He spoke of the elegance of raising the consciousness of two individuals simultaneously through the bringing together of emotion in a specific way. Sex was an actual catalyst to enlightenment! The key is to change your attitude. See the process as sacred. It will help you to honor your biology even more than you do now. “I love God with all my heart. My intent is pure, and my body is one with the Spirit of all of you. I am closer to your vibration than ever before, and with that closeness comes a feeling of purpose, sacredness, and belonging. I am on my way home.”

The fourth house

This is the House of Responsibility. All the Bad Things That Happened to Me in My Life were shown me. He found himself getting angry at having his private life so exposed and presented in this manner—and of having to live it all again. He didn’t feel very spiritual anymore. He had been beaten to a pulp emotionally. The next day he titled the film “All the Bad Things I Did in Life.” It was one of those times that had taught Mike what it felt like to violate the integrity of the family. It didn’t feel good, and Mike remembered it all his life.

I am here to explain that you, and all the others in your life, carefully planned the potential for everything you have just seen in the ‘Theater of Life’. What is hidden from you is that you have been on Earth many times before and have walked in the shoes of many human beings. This time you are Michael Thomas. When you are not on Earth, lessons for your next incarnation are planned for you by the only one who knows what you need—YOU! You and the others set up potentials for your learning. Some agreed to poke and prod you. Some agreed to partner with you, and yes, Michael, some agreed to die early within their contract, to help facilitate your needs as well as theirs. You have a choice in all of it. The road is created, but you can travel it or not—create a new one if you wish. That’s exactly what you are doing now. When you gave intent to travel this road, you threw away the contract you made with the others. To allow you to view every seemingly negative thing in your life, and understand that you helped create it. You helped plan it, and you executed it right on schedule. In other words, you were responsible for it. For now, you must understand that what you call tragedy, although horrible for you in your present mind-set, can be the catalyst for planetary change, vibrational increase, and a gift beyond measure. Most humans stay on the road, never realizing that they have a choice to get off it if they wish. It’s when humans leave the road that all manner of things change for them—especially their futures. It’s where you learn that YOU, Michael Thomas of Pure Intent, are directly responsible for everything in your life. The sadness, the grief, the seeming accidents, the loss, what others did to you, the pain, and yes, even death. And the purpose of such a thing? Is love. Love at the highest level. Remember that your true existence is veiled from you even now, as you hear the truth. Mike not only learned more about who he was, but who he had been. That humans were actually pieces of God, walking the planet with no concept of that fact in order to achieve a learning process that somehow changed the spiritual aspects and vibration of Earth itself! Violet continually referred to humans as “the exalted ones.” Humans were somehow entities that would change the very fabric of reality; they would change what happened on a very large scale, and it was all centered in the lessons learned on Earth—lessons that they all planned together! Because the human is sacred. And because this house is where humans walk in a high vibration. “Look at me! I’ve decided to make my own path!”

The fifth house

He caught sight of the posted red sign by the walkway: “House of Relationships.” They are here in person for you in this house. You chose to leave the path, and it is an honor that you did. Nothing is inappropriate that you have chosen to do. We would not be helping you in this manner if it were not anointed that you were here at this time. It was all so fascinating, and somehow it made sense. The ‘real Michael Thomas’ can be many places. The ‘piece of God’ that is the higher part of your soul is not fully present as you walk on Earth, but is elsewhere doing other things—such as making other plans for energy potentials with the family now that you have changed your path. Planning sessions occurred not only in the beginning before he got here, but new ones due to his enlightened choices were ongoing even now, using a part of him that he was not even aware of! Your consciousness is the actual reality. The physical is only temporary. Your cellular structure, although a sacred vessel in itself, is only a place where the Spirit of your consciousness resides, and you can take that Spirit anywhere you want. Therefore, wherever your thoughts are, your reality is. There is part of me that is not here. It is in the most sacred place of places. It is with all the others. It is in the temple of physics. It is with God.

If he had understood contract and karmic energy, he would have had such a peaceful understanding of even the most emotional experiences! It would have helped make Mike the finest human who had ever walked the planet. That night, Mike spent some time in ceremony with his body, as Green had taught him. He felt another shift coming and treated it exactly as Green had shown him. It passed within a few hours, and Mike knew absolutely that he had graduated to another level where the biology had melded with his spirit in some way. It seemed as if Mike’s acceptance of what he had learned from the different houses had caused a physiological reaction within his cells. “Never has a human shifted so far, so fast. You are one-of-a-kind in this place. You have embraced everything and understood quickly what was put before you. Here I met my family for the first time.

The sixth house

He was beginning to realize that the voices of the angels were somehow melding into his own, giving him advice about his journey. The sign was there, which read “House of Love.” Mike was instantly curious. What could this be about? It isn’t a house of lessons as the ones before. It is the source house. It’s the center. A journey into choice. A re-examination of all that is. Another vibrational shift, if you want it. If love was the greatest power of the Universe, and Mike was increasing his vibration toward it, then what could be waiting that would tempt him to leave this path?

It took her nine years? She went at her own pace, and was honored for it. She did not have the benefit you did of angels who explained and tutored. She did not have the honor you had of meeting your family face to face. Her duality is stronger, therefore, and her awareness and enlightenment took longer because of it. The first attribute of Love is this: LOVE IS QUIET. She had forgiven her father so completely that her mind and heart had no feelings of victimization or anger. Here is the second attribute of pure love. LOVE HAS NO AGENDA. She said, “I love you father, and I forgive you completely.” She is content to simply BE. Instead of demanding something in retribution, she had given him a gift. The third attribute of love is this: LOVE DOES NOT PUFF ITSELF UP. the fourth attribute of pure love is this: LOVE HAS THE WISDOM TO USE THE OTHER THREE PERFECTLY!

There was no joy in his heart. The peace of his spiritual journey had been replaced by the agony of hurt and the sick, dark, tormenting feeling of loss. His energy sapped by the intensity of an injured heart and a revelation of profundity. The very essence of his existence cried out to return to Earth right now. His heart cried out for him to acquiesce to the situation and go back. I didn’t know how hard it would be. It is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.

The seventh house

He went to battle with his ego. He was filled with commitment, not fear. All his vibratory powers and new gifts were starting to “kick in.” He might have been the one fading into obscurity were it not for his spiritual weapons. But Michael Thomas’s weapons were being absorbed into his biology. Your marvelous gifts are still there, but now you carry them inside! You have earned the right to assimilate them. They are now part of you, and will reside within your very cells. Truth lives within you now, as well as the power of knowledge and wisdom. There is no beast that can ever take them away. It was the part of you without love, Michael. It was the human part that is always present and that must always be dealt with. If left unchecked, humanity without love actually creates darkness. As long as you are human, it is in the background, ready to pounce. “But love will keep it weak!”


A brown house, slowly revealed itself as the House of Gold! The face of the great spiritual entity that had descended the chiseled stairs in the great golden throne was the face of Michael Thomas! There was no illusion here. It belonged to the angel. It WAS the angel. The angel was Michael! There is something within each human that dramatically fights to the last logical synapse of brain matter to keep from believing that it is anything other than human. The angel smiled, and Mike again seemingly saw himself in the mirror, smiling to himself. The voice was his own, but he had not recognized it. I AM your higher self, Michael Thomas, the part of God that resides in you as you walk the planet Earth. This is the last hurdle of information for you to absorb. It is the highest and most potent truth for all humanity—the one that is the best hidden and hardest to accept. This is the golden “House of Self-Worth.” Nothing will stop you in your enlightened journey faster than a feeling that you don’t deserve it. Therefore, we chose to reveal to you who you really are. We are among those highly loved and honored who have elected to come to Earth, live in a lower biology, and have that fact hidden from us. YOU are actually a piece of God, walking the planet in lesson for the sake of a grander purpose, and you get to view that piece before you now. As you have professed to love God so many times through your journey, SO IT IS, THEREFORE, THAT YOU MUST ALSO LOVE YOURSELF! Feel the worthiness and divinity of your humanness. Mary knew about her own higher self. She was partnering with her higher self the whole time you observed her. She knew who she was. She was very aware that her gift to her father that day was having profound effects on others. WE must own the fact that WE, as God, deserve to be human. This will test if you truly understand that you are worthy of having your feet washed by Spirit itself, and if the love you have for God is reflected in the love you have for yourself. Mike began to realize that within the last day he had met two parts of himself. The one without love, and the one with it. Somewhere in between was the human consciousness.

Through the Door to Home

Mike was beginning to feel like he had been reborn, and all the healthy feelings that accompany a man who is happy with himself were solidly in place. It seemed as though Mike were in a different world, or somehow still here, but full of peace and love for humanity in general. He was nonjudgmental and happy. What a guy—what a difference!

“I want to be loved and around love. I want to feel peaceful in my existence. I don’t want concerns and trials from the interactions of those around me. I don’t want to worry about money. I want to feel RELEASE. I’m tired of being alone! I want to mean something to other entities in the Universe. I want to know that I exist for a reason, and do my part—to be a correct and appropriate part of God’s plan. I don’t really want to be a human as I have been!”

The gifts and tools of your high vibration on the planet will keep you balanced and out of the drama of those around you if you choose. You are now part of God’s plan, with purpose and responsibility. You create your own reality, and there never needs to be a moment of worry again. The family surrounds you! You will never again be a human as you were, Michael. You have been changed forever by your own intent. You are loved without measure, and you have the ability to give the same love to others. You are a wonderful piece of God, walking the planet in a very high vibration. In disguise, one of the few who even know it, and anointed of God. This IS home, Michael Thomas. You are here because you asked to be. It is the place where you belong and can make a difference for the planet. Each item you asked for is now in place. You are a warrior of the light. Like Mary, you resound with the vibration of God. You have slain the giant, accepted the golden one, and have the wisdom of the ages! You stand today as a graduate, a high vibrating entity who is neither fully human or fully angelic. Instead, you are now MICHAEL THE CURRENT. It represents the vibration of the “now” and is one of the highest compliments we can bestow. Michael the Current, YOU ARE DEARLY LOVED. Mike realized that he had been given the gift of a second chance to find a precious one, the love of his life, a contract so potent that it would be like a magnet for them both, unable to continue apart on the same planet. Michael Thomas indeed was HOME.