Journeys out of Body

by Robert A. Monroe (a summary by Pat Evert)

Robert found himself one night outside of his body and began to systematically study this phenomenon. He formed a team to explore out-of-body-experiences (OBE) from the late 1950’s through the 1980’s. During these decades they performed hundreds of OBE’s. Many people consider sleep as an unproductive time and dreams as unreal, so they decided to explore this area of life. They learned how to do conscious OBE’s at will. They were very scientific and did a good job of separating their experiences from interpretation.

It started with the author going to bed sensing his body shaking or vibrating. He could feel things through the floor or float to the ceiling. He became very concerned. He ruled out dreams, since he was fully awake. He visited doctors and went through the many medical and psychological tests to rule out epilepsy or schizophrenia. He was quite scared of dying. But because of curiosity and even more so anxiety, he pushed on to study the cause of this. He thought that OBE’s were reserved only for the religious mystics. He later discovered an underground society that would keep these things between themselves, so as not to draw attention to them and be ostracized. In the distant past such occurrences were commonly believed, but presently rarely. There are many levels in the astral/spirit world. He began by visiting friends and acquaintances in the middle of the night.

Full relaxation is required for separation from the physical body. This is best attained late at night. Many separate from their body quite regularly while sleeping without knowing it.

Local 1 – the physical world we live in.

Local 2 – a non-physical world, vast, inclusive of our world and infinite other worlds, all of differing frequencies. It will challenge all our previous beliefs we acquired in our physical world. It seems to include the vast range from heaven to hell. Thought is the wellspring here. Communication and realization of thought is immediate, while not so in the physical world. There is no hiding our thoughts and desires, pretense is impossible. All reality comes from desire. Some seem to recreate the lives that they had and were attached to in the physical world, a simulation of the familiar. Others are on a higher order. It ranges from an emotional frenzy of fears to that of mature understanding; from a state of insanity, where we belong until we know better. It has energy fields much like our physical world, but also many that are unknown to us. There is no gravity. This local 2 is the natural environment for the second body. Like attracts like, sexual release is quite predominant. Also, there is a barrier.

At times in local 2 there is a signal and everyone lies down on their back, with stomach arched and head turned to the side. It is as if all of humanity becomes a human bridge for the king to pass over. Everyone participates and there are no exceptions. Afterward this is immediately forgotten, like a normal occurrence.
Many times he had experienced helping hands to aid him in need. This was independent of his sense of need. On some occasions he experienced a hellish experience and other times it was a bliss.

Local 3 – is quite similar to local 1, but very different in historical, political and religious content. It is a physical world that seems to be a little less advanced technologically or spiritually. There are no electric or gas driven devices. There are steam engines in their vehicles, cars, buses and trains. Their roads and cars are much wider and slower. There one can intrude and take over the physical body of another.

Characteristics of the second body – it has some weight or mass, though much less than the physical. Gravity has a slight effect on it. It can appear visible under certain conditions. It can demonstrate touch with the physical and other non-physical bodies and at times it can go through the walls and at other times not penetrate the wall or have differing amounts of resistance with physical objects. The limbs of the second body can stretch at will 3x normal and return to its original shape. There is a communication between the first and second bodies via the silver cord.

In the second state (less the physical body) there is nothing that thought cannot do. Vision is 360 degrees and no need of the eyes to see it. There is an amazing recognition of others. Flying/falling dreams are forms of OBE’s. The sex drive is very much heightened upon leaving the body. In REM the male quite often has an erection and upon return from the second state. In the second state sexual encounters or the ‘sex charge greeting’ is very natural. It is almost like a handshake except much more pleasureful. It is something of the order of magnetic fields or radiation, an ecstasy followed by relief.

Anyone can experience the second body. Fear is the one great barrier, the major obstacle. The author has done it hundreds of times.

1) Relax
2) State of vibration, do this without disruptions, to raise the vibration
3) Separation process
4) Disassociation exercises

Do not struggle against unwanted desires of freedom, sexual drive or religious thought. These are all part of you and you need accept them.
If you encounter difficulties, do not panic. Return to your physical body is immediate by thinking of the body, or trying to move a part of it.
In leaving the body, think of the person you want to visit, not a place.

All people have a second body and most have OBE’s during sleep.

Far Journeys, by Robert Monroe

(a summary by Pat Evert)

We can be fully functional without the physical body. There is the possibility of travel outside of time and space. Hemispheric synchronization, or hemi-sync, is used in pain control, healing and in education. In this process the brain takes the frequency signals and registers the difference between the two halves of the brain.

Focus 10 is the state where the mind is awake and the body asleep.
In the mid ’70’s they started a research facility in Esalon, CA, which was a gateway to alternate consciousness.
Focus 12 is the shutting off of all physical data input, such as the five senses, and an entry into many other levels of consciousness. They used Controlled Holistic Environment Chambers, (CHEC’s) for their tests. They began by visiting the moon and many other planets in our solar system, but found them very dull.

They experienced many strange and unexplained occurrences. On one journey they learned there are 49 levels to the world we are most familiar with. There are three circles of seven levels each on the physical plain, with plants, animals and humans. Then there is a bridge of seven levels where one must give up being human to get to the other three circles of seven levels each of the spirit world.

Blessed are they who seek me. In seeking me their long period of forgetfulness is coming to an end. They are awakening to who they truly are, a living part of me manifesting life and radiating love. You have forgotten to look for me much less gaze upon my countenance, oh you of little faith. There are countless numbers who live in the expectancy of my coming. In truth I never left. Let him who has ears to hear, let him hear now. You seek me amidst your blindness you look on me without recognition. You touch my hand and know not whom you have touched. You proclaim my name and my teachings as it suits you and the occasion. Awaken and behold the reality of my being that is among you. I am the earthquake wind and fire I am the still small voice piercing the thunderous tumult. I’m the peace beyond all understanding and I’m the light that guides all men to the Father. I am the love that’s over all things. I am a light that illuminates the minds of man. I’m the sustenance of men’s souls, I am your life and you are my own, I am the very breath you breathe. We are one in the Father. Do not despair. I will never forsake you, nor can you ever forsake me. We are one. Let the old ways be gone they must die and its ashes be blown to the four corners of the earth. The new is emerging, but you must change your perspective. Do not look for me in the form of a man. The time is not yet, but look for me in the life that speaks to you in your daily activities. You have looked amiss. I have no limitations and am not bound by physical dimensions. I defy logic and am beyond what you can imagine. I live and move and have my being in all that is. My countenance is seen in each face of my Father’s creation. Look upon your brother and see my face. Bend over a still pool and do not be deceived. The image that you see reflected is my own. Do you not see the truth now? Learn of me. Take within your hand a leaf, a stone, a drop of water, and know that nothing does not exist and does not contain me. … Live in the now with me. Your light and my light are the same. I neither slumber nor sleep and you must learn that your soul neither slumbers nor sleeps.

We have encountered beings that are quite advanced from us in technology. All other intelligent species’ communication is non-verbal communication (NVC). It is almost instantaneous transmission of knowledge, an immediate knowing, including emotions associated with it. It can be described as relayed organized thought energy (ROTE).

On one occasion Robert encounters in local two what looked like a large ball of wriggling worms. This was in fact a ball of humans squirming in the radiation of sexual appetite. They were unaware of all other existence.

On his journeys he encounters all kinds of inspecs (intelligent species). He encounters a higher evolved being to whom he tries to describe our earthly lifestyle. Trying to make sense out it depresses the author. He sees our lifestyle as a large production of lushe (love). Our whole existence is an effort to survive. We make copies of ourselves; reproduce, so as to not go extinct. We kill and eat so as to not die. We protect our bodies from the elements. He has difficulty understanding why we have to maintain life. Since we have life, how do we lose it? We spend all our time and energy just to survive.

The Creator has made us creators. Our thoughts and emotions go out into all the rings of the astral world and clutter it with noise and static.

The author meets up with and travels with a being from KT95. He visits earth in the future when the whole earth has been renovated and restored to its natural balance, before humankind corrupted it. Here the humans only used their bodies for sex. The majority of time they stored them in forests under oak trees sealed in a re-ball (Resonating energy balloon). There were still viruses and animals on the earth and this re-ball protected them from such. They no longer need to eat or sleep to recharge their bodies. If they desire to eat for pleasure they can easily make whatever food they desire out of the dirt. The author and a friend play some games and become powerful storm clouds or fish in the sea.

‘THE EARTH-HUMAN ENERGY ENVIRON, HUMAN SPACE-TIME ILLUSION’. The earth is the physical realm in which we live our physical lives. Outside of this there are the astral planes made up of cruising rings in which we find the dreamers, locked-ins and wild ones. As we move outward from the earth we encounter the innermost ring, the waiting ring, four major rings, the outermost ring and finally the intermediate area. We find two dominant forces working within these rings surrounding the earth. Human time-space illusion (HTSI) which has a downward pull towards the earth and the nonphysical reality (NPR) which flows in the opposite direction. The HTSI force is greatest at the inner rings and lessens as one goes outward. The NPR force is greatest at its outermost ring and decreases in strength as you go inward. In this astral realm the departed spirits are flowing in both directions, upward and downward. Some seem to rather quickly pass through these realms, while others require up to several hundred in-human lifetimes and thousands of earth year cycles to complete the process. The single outermost ring is composed solely of those who are preparing for their final in-human experience – the last-timers or seniors. They have lost their grey appearance or humanoid form. They are white in radiance in their light-bodies and seem to communicate with none other than themselves. Upon passing this outermost ring they suddenly disappear without a trace.

We come to earth to live in human form. Human form can be somewhat addictive to many. The earth’s attraction field makes it easy for one to settle into the field itself and become part of it. To launch and achieve escape velocity one must 1) remove the adhering particles that we have attached to, and 2) develop and store increased energy so as to move on to greater exploration.

Time-space, physical matter, and especially human existence on earth has some peculiar qualities that are unique in the development of intelligence and consciousness. By far the greatest motivation, surpassing the sum of all others, is the result. When you encounter and perceive a graduate, your only goal is to be one yourself. Thus we go physical because of what it is, an intense learning process, and a school of a very unusual sort. Consciousness expressed as a human has certain characteristics and limitations. The blanking or sublimation of previous experience is a part of the process. This is to assure that there will be a minimum of interference in the performance as a human caused by previous life patterns. Our dominant, artificial and limited system of learning operates entirely through input from the five physical senses, coupled together with our limiting belief systems. Due to emotional attachments, or distortions, which reach such magnitude as to be impossible to achieve and experience our purpose in a single physical human lifetime. There are two factors involved, 1) survival drive distortion, and 2) prime energy diffusion.

Man is imprinted at birth with the will to continue to grow and live, survival. You’re in the top .0001 percent of the human pyramid if you know without question all your needs will be provided. So we go about our lives acquiring and accumulating. So many industries are aimed at increasing our sexual desire, all of which only adds to the glue that binds the human in low orbit.
Our prime energy drive is what we call our emotions, emotions of all kinds. There has not been a single major act in human history that has not been driven or inspired by emotion. In every moment of existence, we are a seething brew of emotional response to both internal and external stimuli.

By far the largest accumulated heavy load is the emotional mass loosely held as the human ego. There is one exception, let’s call it Super Love (SL). Knowing the difference is the key. Super Love is indestructible, not dependent on any object or any manifestation in physical matter. This Human School of Compressed Learning has a very complex and rugged curriculum.

Ultimate Journey, by Robert A. Monroe

(a summary by Pat Evert)


Fear is the one great barrier to man’s growth, the unknown. Robert had three decades of experience with OBE’s. His first year was full of dreadful fear. In OBE’s we learn we are much more than we thought. Time and space no longer limit us. You can travel without any speed of light limitation. The autonomic state is what we refer to when we are not ‘fully conscious.’

Goals or motives for life 1) to serve humankind, 2) to go home, 3) to grow and evolve. The human race developed to dominate the predator environs. Certain sound frequencies can be used to aid the accomplishing of alternate states. No drugs were used in their tests, but hemi-sync was.

The H-band noise brought about by all the human thought and emotions. The M-field of energy/radiation of love and emotions. This M-field is in both the physical and non-physical worlds.

The author was shown how he had lived hundreds of lives to come to this point in his history.

There are some focus levels of consciousness that they regularly referred to in their experiments.

Level 3 – mind and body are in sync
Level 10 – mind is aware and body is asleep
Level 12 – experience awareness
Level 15 – there is no time
Level 21 – on the edge of time/space
Levels 24-26 – trapped in belief systems of misinformation and confusion
Level 27 – artificial way station
Level 28 – beyond human thought

The author had found his purpose in life, to advise and assist those that are lost in these lower levels after the physical death of their bodies. He is involved in a retrieval process to help them progress forward. At level 21 you find those that are there without fear or emotions. They progress into their only emotion of love. As we move from the lower levels to the higher we become whole. The other side of physical death is not to be feared, we live in a universe of love.

Robert saw his wife, Nancy, go through the stages of breast cancer and pass over to the other side. As she was well prepared, she was escorted quite quickly to focus 27. Then Robert was confronted with the question, ‘Can I live in two worlds?’