Keepers of the Garden

by Dolores Cannon (a summary by Pat Evert)

Discovery of star child
Aliens from other planets are all around, living with us. They are as close to us as everyone else. The author’s work with Phil seemed to be by chance. These are normal everyday people. Dolores does previous life regressions by hypnosis. A fearful scene bothered Phil and he shied away from it.

Lost colony
In a past life he was an extraterrestrial crewman supplying exploring expeditions. They were androgynous. A colony perished due to delayed delivery of supplies.

The spaceship was two story, 30′ in diameter, crystal powered, made of metal stronger than diamond. They ride circuits of energy, solar winds and rivers. The cosmos is extremely populated and travelled. Earth is very much off the beaten path.

Strange city
On another planet where Phil lived before, with two moons, a green atmosphere, and 15% of the gravity of earth. The people are humanoid, tall and slender, their leathery skin is shimmery. The majority of communication is empathic. Hands are nodes of energy. They are sexual beings like us who have evolved to a non-defensive nature, very vulnerable without pretense or facades. They live an average of 120 years. Their buildings are of metal, no wood dense enough for such. No meat is eaten.

Social structure of the alien planet
Without political parties they have a collective consensus. The heart rules here rather than the head. Religion and politics do not exist, all have a conscious knowing of God. Education is common but non-compulsory. It is a natural drive to grow in knowledge. They have selective breeding. No police or military exists, all are self policing, hospitals instead of prisons. There is a second race of servants (indigenous) that are smaller and hairy. Great harmony and dignity between these two races. They have enormous reptiles in the forests and mammal-like animals. Crystal propelled vehicles that use unlimited resources without pollution. Their seasons are more moderate than ours. Most live on the light side of the planet. They have no rain, it’s more like fog, no day and nights.

The energy direction
They are completely honest, no cheating. They could not be deceived since they are above such and can see right through deception. Everyone has something they can trade for necessities. Their planet is in the Sirius constellation, probably closest societies of life to earth. They are more highly evolved than us. Science needs to use gamma and cosmic rays rather than radio waves to communicate with them. Earth is a hermit planet alone. On his home planet, Phil was a communications/energies director.

Fourth dimensional city
He worked in a previous life as a mediator/adversary, the settling of disputes. Territorial rights due to kinship/descendants vs. first discovery. They have no time in fourth dimension. Their bodies are not born, but formulated. Growth follows from there. They don’t have sexes or procreation. They are not physical, but energy beings. The group by thought brings forth a soul when the need arises. Food is not necessary. It is like a between-lives dimension. No one dies, they just disformulate the vehicle when no longer necessary. You would not want to stay in the 3rd grade once you have graduated. All is thought. They use 4th dimensional entities in this world.

Phil’s previous lives on earth discussed were imprints, not true incarnations. This is his first incarnation on earth. The imprints were taken from the Akashic records and imprinted on him. An imprint is identical to having lived the life. This gives him a subconscious familiarity, a harmony to help him through this earthly life. Without imprints the star people have no experience with fear or anger. Imprints become a part of that soul. There is no ownership to these imprints. The effect is to learn lessons that others have learned, similar to reading books. Councils of spirits decide which imprints for whom. It is for experience only, no karmic balance is effected. Without these regressions Phil would not have known of his extraterrestrial origins. This revelation was guided by wise guides as to when Phil would understand this. Aliens among us are less danger to us than we are to ourselves, they are here to assist and preserve us. Such knowledge of them is hidden to prevent a witch hunt. They have come to be as human as us. Mankind has been in the bondage of fear too long. It is destructive. These visits by aliens have been throughout the ages.

Death in a needle
Phil in his youth never felt like he belonged. He feared emotional involvement of relationships. In his 20’s he began feeling uncomfortable in this life. Much depression led him to attempt suicide. The thought of his twin brother held him back from completing the act. He never suspecting he was different than anyone else. Finding out that he was alien was a shock.

Breakthrough to the three spires
Phil was comfortably channeling higher beings. All he has to do is translate, put into words, all the information that is being given him. He first questioned if it was his imagination. He sensed he must interpret it accurately, without embellishment.

In a regression he experienced his old home on another planet of another galaxy. This is a focal point for communication of this planet. He felt at home, he loved this place. He left this home for the good of all. The three towers are symbolic of the three evolutions of this race. These people are not physical, but energy bodies, and not sexual. The planet is three dimensional, but its inhabitants are fourth dimension. All are seen as brothers, no strangers. They are intuitive. Total recognition of knowing, a spirit civilization of higher frequency and energy. Some are more advanced than others. There is no birth or death, simply growth, going on to larger experiences and lessons. A feeling of melancholy overcame him, although happy for the understanding.

Rushing to earth’s aid
His planet had migrated from physical to spiritual life. They shed their bodies and became pure energy. Phil, and others, left to incarnate on earth which was not out of need but a desire to assist earth. Earth is in need of help at this time, there is a galactic effort to help. The Washington monument is a transmitting spire on earth. The plans for it came from… Others watch our historical events with compassion, i.e. Hiroshima. God is all, we are part of God. We were given personalization when we were split from Source. Perfection, or reunion with Source, is the purpose, evolution is necessary to realize this. Their help is to show an example and lead the way. They are here to keep us from massive suicide (destroying ourselves with the planet). It’s not time, earth is yet in its adolescence. We need to clear negative thought energies and think positive.

Earth was seeded ages ago by aliens. There once were races on earth with green skin, blue skin and even purple. These less aggressive, more gentile races went extinct. The seeds came from other parts of the universes. Extraterrestrials brought and sowed the seeds here. Earth received its life charter. The seeds were cultured in previously evolved planets. Earth is now coming into its seeding stage, bearing fruit and seeds to seed new vistas. The moon and mars are being considered, along with others.

The explorers
Higher consciousness was guiding the conversations. An expedition from Andromeda came to earth during a mineral/plant era to see if the planet was able to sustain life. God is one and all. The seeds came from many places. Humans, of a dual nature, are animals. To have arrived at the humans we have there has been much planning, attentive gardening and pruning. There is still much weeding and maintenance at present. The seeding of other planets from ours is not only physical but spiritual. The spreading of earth’s energy. The body inhabits the spirit, not the reverse. All spirits here have come from elsewhere in the universe. God is an observer of all that his children are doing.

Weeds in the garden
The life forms of earth did not develop by chance, but rather the plans and work of ET’s. A meteor crashed on earth bringing a terrible virus and weeds or bad soil. From this sprang almost all diseases. Information must be given gradually to engender awakening, not opposing groups.

The ET’s gave constant supervision and assistance until life forms became somewhat stable and could be left to themselves. The appropriateness of the dinosaurs ceased to exist. The earth’s axis changed and seasons changed very rapidly. The earth is shifting and awakening volcanos, earthquakes, etc. aligning to different focal points. Humans reached a plateau point in development when ET’s interjected their genetic material (interbreeding) to boost our development.

This was a physical and intravenous interbreeding. This would have taken ages to monitor and supervise. There were some men/gods that were very much looked up to. Some were from other dimensions or had tapped into inner consciousness. Information had to be gradual so as to not overwhelm. This was a primitive humanity. The ET’s could influence, but it had to be without interference (manipulation). They would give knowledge, i.e. Inventions, but they would not dictate how the knowledge was used. We must be free to evolve as we desire. The Mayans did not die out, but rather were transported, to avoid being destroyed. Channeling is an avenue of this knowledge. The planet is today bathed in energy. We are all extraterrestrials. Appropriateness/timing is key.

Area for dignitaries
Those that have banded together to form an alliance to further the spiritual and moral aspect of all. They are most gentle civilizations, such as a united planets. They work conjointly for the benefit of all. There is no defense or competition, a very alien concept to us. Phil has difficulty reconciling these concepts with that of our rat-race society. Earth is by no means the only planet left behind in barbarism, there are many more. But earth is aligned to cooperate for ascension therefore many have come to her aid.

Other types of beings
There about 10,000 different variations of physical humanoids in this area of our universe. We have more similarities between us then dissimilarities. Some, though physical would appear almost invisible. We would appear as rocks to some of these because we are so dense. Without vocal systems they communicate by telepathy. Some would appear hideous and beast-like to us. Short onion-shaped bodies with tentacles rather than legs. Nutrition is taken in thru the tentacles, like roots of trees. All is shared as in a bee hive, no singular ownership. They have three suns.

Aliens are here
They have been coming and have been based here since the beginning of life on earth. They are well hidden or look like us. They are here to observe, to assist and to understand. There is an entire civilization beneath the surface of the earth and are preparing to emerge. They are gentle in nature and more socially and spiritually evolved than us. They are thinner and taller than us. Many are ancestors of Atlantis. Some within our governments are aware of them. They are working to gently awaken the populace, sightings are in view of such. These are light beings, their revelation to us must be gradual to avoid panic. Free will is not taken lightly. A new earth is coming, those who resist will suffer. It will be a gradual evolution, patience is necessary.

Terror in the night
Phil had a dream 10 years earlier. After seeing a large owl almost hitting his car on the highway. Then he dreamed of a large praying mantis applying pressure to him and penetrating his back with a probe. Something had terrified him. Psychic awareness had been heightened since this experience. He had been stopped on the highway. Small ET’s stop him in love. He felt among friends and welcomed on their spaceship. They take a sample out of his back, they cleaned the body with violet light and sterilized it. They wanted the best samples of genetic material to seed another world. Something was going to happen to earth. Some could be transported to this new planet, some would die here and others would remain on earth to restore it after catastrophe.

Discovery of earlier contacts
He was here on a mission to help the inhabitants of earth. As a a young boy he had numerous encounters with friends from above. They took eggs/seed from he and his sisters. They also would remove a tumor that was growing around a pellet that had been placed in him previously.

Losing touch with reality
Phil was having difficulty coping with what he had learned about his past and his part in the present. This isn’t something he can walk away from, there is too much dependent upon him. These disturbing feelings need to be felt and released. He has to heal and grow. There are others on the other side controlling what and when we can handle. The conscious mind is very immature. It is easily frightened. This life is most important. We need to integrate the new information we learn without being overwhelmed.

Denial of access
The ET’s would not allow investigation into things that would involve Phil’s personal life. He had chosen one of the most perilous missions they could imagine. He is undergoing prep for a shift of awareness. He was shown a black box. This contains a message of his past and his future. He made this box from a previous life from his place of origin. The key to opening the box for full disclosure is in Phil’s mind. This will happen at the proper time when he and the mission is ready.

The ET’s on earth now – the most common physical ET are humanoid/android. They are workers for this mission of help, not conquest. They are here to raise the humans of the earth to universal level of awareness, unity with all. The androids are small, grey, non-procreative. They are maintained by mental energy, no food is needed. They are part life and part machine. Non emotional, non resistant servants, their bodies are assembled and disassembled not birth and growth, they do not communicate with earthlings, they report to their superiors, their superiors are seeing but not seen. Many earthlings are communicating with ET’s. Our creators have returned to see the fruit of their labor.

Phil once an experimenter, is now the experimented. A new planet has received its life charter and has been prepared for seeding. They with seed and transport only the best of a high spiritual nature from here. This planet is in our galaxy, with some similarities, but many differences. It has different energies and vibrations. Those who stay on earth will have to clean up the mess and restart it. There will be no forced migration, all will choose where they locate. Communication and visitation between these planets will be available, all will be progressing towards telepathy. The electromagnetic fields are changing on earth, moving tectonic plates. There is experimentation of how to develop the best genetics for humans and animals for this transport.

The mysterious black box
Phil had a dream. The box could only be opened by the correct mental vibration of his mind. It opened to a turquoise stone. He was only able to access a small portion of the message of this box. It was protected by the white light. He had learned his lessons well.

Millions of years ago he was a highly ranked sovereign of millions. He had prematurely given energies to a race of people that was misused in a negative way that hindered their evolution rather than their progress. He was therefore demoted in love to learn the values of his error. There was no malice intended, but his calculated risk went bad. His adjustment to our comparatively dark world has been very difficult. This opportunity has been in great love and harmony. He was given the choice to return to his high level or continue on earth. He chose to continue on earth.

Man is not the only form spirit can take. He is more than he can possibly perceive. Phil became much more secure, worked for an electronics firm, married and lived with his wife and stepson. He still had yearnings to go to his former world, but the emotional upheaval had much improved. The violence of this world use to put him at unease, but he is now more accepting of it. Learning of his alien origin helped him to more accept this life. They are our brothers, our ancestors that initiated our beginning, nurtured and guided our evolution and finally have come to save us from self destruction. They are more highly evolved than us seeking our evolution to our highest potential.