The Kingdom

Beyond the Known trilogy, Book III, channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

Introduction: The Claim of Dominion 

The teaching of today is, indeed, freedom. You are not denying what was. You are moving beyond it. You are lifting in vibration beyond the identity that you have utilized to get what you think you should have through the mask that you have worn that you believe to be real. If you wish to engage with us at this level of agreement, you will go on a voyage to the Upper Room, or to a new sense of self that is not based upon the ideas of history. What is being asked of you now is to release an idea of who you have been so you may fully claim who you are. You mistake the mask you wear for the truth of the being you are. This is, indeed, an experiential teaching. When you are truly in your knowing, you express in the Kingdom, the True Self in expression, and the realization of the Divine in the manifest world. The Kingdom is the knowing of the Divine where it has been denied. The self that you truly are exists beyond the descriptors you have utilized to accrue a sense of self. Release the fear and be lifted, one and all, to your true natures. 

To become the doorway to what we call the Upper Room is to be assumed by it, by the True Self who expresses in manifestation. The realization of the True Self is in some ways the dissolution of the idea of who you are, and the reclamation of who you have always been. God is in manifestation as everything you see. You Have Come as the expressed Divine that may, indeed, know itself in all things. This is not to control, not to get what you think you should have, but to know true dominion. Everything created in fear must now be re-known. The Upper Room, or Christ consciousness, is the level of vibration that you are assumed in. The claim “I Have Come,” is the Monad in articulation, it seeks to re-identify itself through every aspect of you, which quite simply means that the idealization of the True Self re-creates itself at every impasse, in the face of every fear. In the claim, “Behold, I make all things new,” a new world will be born, beyond fear. And the refusal to see the Divine in your fellow, in your world, in yourself, is the one pain that you continue to claim. You do not exclude anything you see from the tapestry of God that is unfolded before you and will be seen by you in the new eyes, in the new light, that you have come to see with.  

Part One: Foundation of the Old

  • The Gift of the Kingdom

In the Upper Room you are in the Divine presence. But as will itself is lifted, you move to a level of alignment that exists beyond separation. This idea of transcendence, which we call resurrection, must be understood as an acquiescence of will to its true nature. The caterpillar does not know, when it enters the cocoon, how it will emerge, and the process it undergoes is indeed challenging to the organism that claimed itself as caterpillar. The release of the mold of the cocoon itself emerges a butterfly in a translated state. What is now announced as new, holds different properties. What crawled the earth now lifts above it. The journey you will undergo not only requires agreement, but agreement to the unknown, regardless of outcome. When you lift beyond the old to what we would call the New Kingdom, you must release the attachments to what was, the belief that it must be so. You have no document to tell you who you truly are as a free being. You are being invited to release an idea of who and what you are and have been. And your attachment to your pain, or your self-importance. 

Word, I am Word. As this is claimed, you activate the Divine Self to express as form, and in a reclamation of your true name and nature—I Am. 
I know who I am … The Monad speaks these words, who needs no convincing because she knows full well who and what she is. 
I am free, I am free, I am free. The claim of freedom is what we require to in fact lift you to the Upper Room. This will release you of the ties that keep you attached to fear and all of its creations.
I am in the Upper Room. You are confirming the aspect of self that abides in the Upper Room who cannot align to fear. The announcement of being, activates you and lifts you.
I have come, I have come, I have comeYou undergo the process of re-creation, the process of ascension. You are not making yourself holy. You always were. You just denied it. When you say yes to the aspects of self that you have denied, you become the liberator of others. 
Behold, I make all things new. You have come, not just for the self, but for the transition humanity now undergoes, for the reclamation of the sacred where it has been denied. This invocation is not about you getting what you want at the level of personality. It’s about releasing the idea of self that is demanding these things

The gift of the kingdom is being the Divine Self. You are unshrouding, unmasking what has been held in fear, to the divine nature that has always been present, but hidden. What you call evil, what you demand to be in darkness, calls you right beside it. To lift something that has been named in these ways is not to forgive it. It is to re-know it. The cactus knows it is holy. You are the ones that deny your divinity, and because you’ve been so intent on this you’ve denied it in everyone else, decided who is worthy and who is not, and this is the decree of fear and separation. To know your brother as yourself, to love your sister as yourself, is the key to the teaching. 

Re-articulation indeed comes at the cost of the old. And the one who has come as the new—re-known, re-spoken, “I am Word”—has come in a way that dismantles structure. What this planet is undergoing now is a sweeping of the table so that the new may be seen, may come into form, may be reclaimed at the cost of what you thought was so. The days are ending of getting what you want. And we say this for all of humanity. The template of the old, is being released. And what will come in its place, a higher way of agreeing to what can be. The inherent Divine in all things reclaims what has been denied, what has been refused, to its true state. The Upper Room, is simply understanding that what you are and have been is in union, regardless of what the small self, or historical data might tell you. The small self will cry out, “If I don’t have my way, I will not go on this journey.” Know God as ruin and see the ruin remade in an articulated state of a degree that the small self cannot even imagine. I choose to see the one before me as he truly is, beyond what I would think, or decide should be. Everything you thought was so is soon to be released, to be re-known, to be reclaimed, in a higher state of being. When you be as you have always been, when your true nature is expressed, there is no explanation required. The action of the one who has come is the expression of God in the claim “Behold, I make all things new.”

  • The Gift of the Being

Each of you says yes at an individual level to a transition to what we call the True Self. What the True Self knows will be in greatest support of realization. You are not changing things, improving things. You are seeing what has always been in a higher state of consciousness. You have never been separate. You’ve just believed yourself to be. As you continue to acclimate to what we call the Upper Room, it becomes effortless to maintain the octave. You have a new foundation because you have chosen it at the cost of what was once in separation. When you understand Source as all things, you begin to perceive all things as an expression of Source, which is what they have always been. What you see is made new, and is, in fact, lifted by your vision. What you see, what you comprehend, is made new by bearing witness to it. It becomes the Kingdom. 

To call something by name renders it as finite. The Upper Room is—Christ Mind perhaps, a place of higher claim, higher accord—is true. When you begin to acclimate to the changes that are occurring, indeed you ride the wave, you surf the change, you are party to the change. You are not overcome by it. When you name something, you diminish it, you define it, and there can be no elasticity, or no real transformation. “I am willing to see these things anew” will actually support you in the act of re-articulation. Re-articulation is the act of God, and not the small self pursuing enlightenment. The unmasking of the false self to reveal the new, is where you sit as a collective. 

The action of the Divine to reclaim any aspect of self, to move any detritus that seeks release, is an act of great love. The True Self as you is the anchor for this process. And the gift you give the Creator is your willingness to be on this journey. This is not self-improvement. This is realization. It is the path of the Christ. You are not fixing again, you are quite simply, knowing them. You are giving permission to everything that you encounter to be re-known. 

Deliverance is the reception, the unmasked, open-armed reception of God, the one who is all things. And you are accepting God as all things, the one and all. The Divine as all is inclusive of any need you have. All that is, is inclusive of what you require. It does not deny you pleasure, but if pleasure is your god, and you seek pleasure at the cost of all other things. When you comprehend that it is God’s good wish, to give you the Kingdom, you will lay aside the things you think are so imperative. Your idea of what God should give you must now be replaced by what is. To claim God as all things is to claim everything you could ever require. “I Am. God Is. We are moving in agreement to what must be.” “I am in union with Source,” moves into the alignment of the Upper Room, and claims the Kingdom for all she sees. We are beginning to teach you what it means to move to a unified state of understanding, expression, and, most importantly, being. 

There is no should in knowing. There is only being. And any agreement to a potential is simply made by saying yes to what you know. You will all reach this place where you have to surmise that what you thought happened, who you thought you were, or what once was, was perhaps very different than what you had believed. The choice to see with new eyes, to behold a new world, indeed comes at the cost of the old. The idea of separation itself, just an idea, can be understood as something that may be released. To release the idea of separation, to comprehend self in unity, is to go into an alignment with what has always been. Everything in vibration can be attended to in consciousness by the one who knows who he is. Now, the Kingdom itself, the awareness of the Divine in all things, is always what you see, and what you experience. The Christed Self cannot decide that something is outside of God, because it could not be so. The presence of God is the Kingdom, and to be in the presence of God in all ways is the manifestation of the Monad that has been kept secret. In fact, what it is, is the receipt of what has always been yours, but indeed has been denied by you. Your acclimation to those shoulds, are released, so you begin to see what has always been there. This is about a level of alignment that you accrue, through agreement, that supports the entire being you are in movement to a higher way of experiencing the world. And the world, you see, is only one thing—an expression of God, known in form. “On this day I choose to give permission to the being that I am to release any way of seeing, any way of feeling, any way of experiencing, that supports separation.” When you understand that what you thought was, was born in limitation with the old filters in place, you begin to have a wonderful experience of what can be comprehended beyond the known. 

What is being offered you here is far beyond that—the gifts of the Kingdom, the realization of the Monad, wherein all things may be claimed. Even your idea of history, who you have been and what you think you require, is made new in this process of alchemization. Each individual goes through a similar process of reconciliation with his own true nature through the re-seeing of self. Everything we teach thus far has been in agreement to one truth. You are not separate from God, but believe yourselves to be. Many of you will seek to maintain the old, the idea of what was, when what is seeking to be birthed is so far greater

  • Beginning the New

We will explain idolatry to you. What is placed before God denies God. What you make greater than God indeed becomes your god, and you claim these things in fear, or say there can be no God if such things express. This is a teaching of being. It is not a teaching of getting your way. This is the teaching of alignment and reception to the Source of all things, so you serve as its conduit. The things you perceive guarantees that you are in vibrational alignment to them. What resurrection is, is the reclamation of the being that you are at the level of the Christ, the singular aspect of the Divine come as you in a remaking, in a re-knowing. The heart will see, the eyes will know, and your expression becomes of love. When you shift to the higher, the meaning that things have held are in fact released, because you comprehend them beyond what they have been. When something is re-known as of God, its level of manifestation is inclusive of the expression of the Christ or the God in all things. Now, the heart’s true desire is the desire of God expressing in you. You will have what you wish in reconciliation with the Divine, not in separation from it. You can become willing to release the tethers to history. But you are not forcing. This is not a teaching of forcing the Divine to be as you or forcing yourself to comprehend the Divine. The one who receives must know himself as worthy of the reception. And the great teaching here, is that you are loved already. You are only in love in the Upper Room. You are loved as you are.

As you align to the higher octave there is a release that ensues—discomforting, yes, but a requirement of the new. The collective has said, “We cannot go on as we were, it cannot be what it was, and we will see all things in a new way.” The idea of should, which is of benefit to the old paradigm, no longer expresses here. To deny the will of another is always a low choice. To bless another, regardless of what he or she thinks or does, is always a high choice. When the light is present and the thing is re-seen or re-known, it may be lifted to the Upper Room. Understand the valley as opportunity and not punishment. When you understand that what you are undergoing is a passage from the old to the new, you can meet the new in an awareness that it is necessary. Indeed required, and not so much for an individual, not only for the survival of the species, but for the benefits that it will accrue. You are not pretending something doesn’t exist. You are experiencing what is beyond how it presents. What if in this moment you could move to an acquiescence that because the body expresses in any way, shape, or form, it is operating in its own perfection? What a privilege it is to be in form. What a privilege it is to grow old. What a privilege it is to realize that the Divine is in all things, inclusive of the form that you have taken. “I realize form as an expression of God.” All you are doing is releasing the interference that has been present, through the denial of God, to reveal what already is. The lifting to the Kingdom, in anything, in anyone, is the act of God re-knowing God. But the day you realize that you don’t need what you thought you did, be it the idea of self and a professional life, the idea of relationship as you thought you needed it, the idea of God as you once thought God to be, you create the opportunity for the new to be known through you

The agreement to you today is that everything may be in a new way, which means unbound from prior expectation, unbound from the denial of the Divine, unbound from what you think it should be. You are so entrenched as you think you have been that you cannot see that other potentials are already present and seeking to be born. “I deny God in all I see, I can’t even imagine God being there”—you move to an agreement that God may be seen or known, accepted and realized. “All things are made new except that awful relationship, or …” As the True Self, you are always in support of the realization of the one before you, or the masses. 

  • The Act of Fear

Fear is playing as music in the background, causing your relationships to fail, denying the Divine in this and that. But the agreement to be in the Upper Room is to release self from the fears that have been claiming you. When you are not a servant to fear, you have a new mission—to claim a world anew. What is being lifted to the Upper Room is the divine nature of all things, beyond the titles or behaviors. You have been liberated from one thing—the act of fear that would invite you to separation. Separation as a claim humanity has made, is party to, and is about to transcend. You understand the gift of God, the presence of God, as unification. We are all so afraid of losing our money, we hide our wealth. We are so afraid of the future, we will do anything to distract ourselves from the true needs of the present. 

What is before you may be remarkable, unknown, unseen, but your intractability—“It should be as I say”—will claim you in defiance of the new, that which seeks to be born. This great act of transgressing upon the old in order to allow the new to be born, is essential to the Kingdom’s creation. The manifestation of this plane, which is always born through collective consciousness, is re-created as enough of you align to the realization of what has always been present, and that is the Kingdom. When you step into the unknown, would you allow the unknown, not only to meet you, but to teach you what it is? It is a blessed transgression upon the old to release an idea that you thought you needed, that you believed always was, to be presented instead with, not only the new, but the gifts that the new brings. For what it brings humanity is the realization of love, where fear was what you knew prior. “Behold, I make all things new,” is the claim of the reclamation of what has been held in fear, and is now liberated. It is nothing other than coming home. Finally, you get to say, “I Have Come,” and you have come home to the Source of your being while in an incarnation. 

And when the new comes at the cost of the old, the environment itself may appear to be in cataclysm. Everything is opportunity, and indeed must be seen as such, and to withstand the changes that are before you is to say yes to the highest outcome that may present itself. The divine nature, the one you truly are, is your safety. You may call it the God within, or the God that is in all things. The gift of this teaching is that the battle is over. It doesn’t exist in the Upper Room. You are not fighting fear. “I am one with the Source of all things, I am in union with my divine nature, and I am in agreement with its true expression. God Is, God Is, God Is.” 

The moment you begin to realize that what is occurring within you is the resurrection, the Divine Self moving towards its full expression, you will stop denying the process, stop seeking to hang on to the old, and align to the gift that it truly is. You are allowing what is to be. And the claim you have made, “I am free, I am free, I am free,” operates as the barometer for what you can and will acclimate to. From the Upper Room, what you are doing alchemically, through re-knowing, is in fact saying, “I know what you have always been. I know what you can only be.” If you can learn through love, agree to love, you become the calm in the storm. 

You cannot yet comprehend, after lifetimes of fear, that who in fact you are is far beyond what you have thought and no longer needs the reliance upon the old forms. It is here, and the claim “God Is,” the claim of the reliance upon the ever-present Divine, is the true gift of this teaching. The claim “It will be,” is the translation from the old to the new. And the ‘it’ that is being claimed is the omnipresence. “It will be” is in fact a command of presence. Prior agreements to what you think you are are transmuted in a higher way, so that you no longer hold the attachment. You are supported in a realization of the truth of your being in spite of evidence to the contrary. Take a walk today, a simple walk. First close your eyes, and upon opening them make the new claim “It will be done, it will be.” And claim again the alignment to truth, “God Is, God Is, God Is,” and allow the Divine to become present through your experience of it. You don’t realize the fear that you have aligned to. There is an aspect of you, which we are speaking to now, who relies upon the old even when the old is harmful. You release the attachment to fear

This is a teaching of inclusivity, not exclusion, not heaven and hell. The Divine, which sees the Divine in all things, does not have the capacity to deny itself. Now, what has always been is what is lifted to you, without the denial. When you look at another with love, the person is not only reflected in love, they are re-known in love. The time has come to reveal what has been hidden. The primary act of fear is the denial of the Divine, which is the expression of God. Fear is mistaken. It is not evil. You will not do battle with fear, but you will reveal fear by dispelling it, by re-knowing it as of God. You are turning on the light, becoming the light in an activated state that dispels the darkness. Until this teaching becomes experiential, wherein you know it without words or instruction, it will remain a template for you that you may aspire to through the small self’s decisions of what it should be like. To allow the teaching to be taught through you is, again, to make this claim: “It will be so.”

Part Two: The Manifestation of the Kingdom in Realization

  • It Will Be So

If you understood for a moment that lifting your eyes to the sight of the Divine would reclaim you fully, you would release the suffering you have known. As this work continues, the collective contributes to the structure of the Upper Room by agreement. There are enough of you now who stand surely footed at this level of vibration that the vibration itself has become available to many, many more. The escalation of vibration on this plane is increasing at such a rapid rate that the changes come quickly. You are experiencing the release of fear that humanity has held.

“It will be as I say,” the decree of the small self, is actually transformed to “It will be so” in the Upper Room. True prayer is always the awareness of the Divine that must be so. Not “grant me my wishes.” You are not praying to get what you want. You are receiving what is yours. True faith is knowing God is all things. To claim the Kingdom in the knowing or realization that one’s needs will be met in perfect ways. You become the bridge. You have become the translator of vibration, which lifts anything you encounter to the high room. The claim you make for another, “I see you in the Upper Room,” is always true. The impact of the claim upon another reclaims aspects of them that have been in denial of this and supports their re-articulation. You are not overriding will. You are claiming what is always true. It is an agreement to what is. 

Without judgment, with new eyes, you’re simply seeing what has been hidden, what has been denied. But we must invite you now to become inclusive here, because the true growth comes when you can see something that perhaps was thought of as ungodly, and claim the presence there. You will begin to claim this through the presence of the Divine that must always be there. You are not approving of the act. Nothing can be excluded from the Divine. Part of the job of being is the inclusion of what you would think of as outside of God. You are beginning to transmute the lower to the high in realization of the omnipresence of the Divine where it has been denied or excluded. The invocation of the claim “God Is, God Is, God Is” allows you to reflect and move into the echo of the Divine. It sings back, “I Am. I Am. I Am.” You receive back what is yours, yours is the Kingdom. The agreement to all things as of God, the inherent Divine through the invocation “It will be so, God Is, God Is, God Is,” reclaims you in your inheritance, and sings to you its full presence. I Am. I Am. I Am.

I am agreeing to what is true, to what is always true, ‘It will be so.’ Through your authority in the Upper Room to be in reception to all around you. At this level of vibration, you are in agreement to omnipresence. There is no selectivity, “this is good or this is evil.” Take an hour today. Sit and say, “I see all things with the eyes of the Christ. I realize them through the True Self that is present in me, as me, and is present in and as them as well.” You are simply releasing the denial of God that has precluded your experience of it. What you are inviting is re-articulation. You are experiencing a world through new eyes, all in union by nature of being. “It will be.” 

Any encounter with fear can become an opportunity to say, “Thank you, no.” You are no longer fearing the absence of the Divine because the Divine is always present, God as all things. There is one note being played all the time, that is all that you see. The Christed Self that operates within you and within all beings is present always, but shrouded or hidden. What you wish were not so, all these aspects of self are re-known, accepted, and in fact loved as of God through this process we teach. I choose to re-know all aspects of myself, as worthy of God. You have to get used to the quickening of the vibration, the idea that things need not be what they were, and you have to give permission for that which you have outgrown to be released by you in perfect ways.

Knowing yourself in truth and releasing the small self’s idea of what should be. Each time a human being aligns to this level of manifestation, the light of the world changes. It lifts. It increases. “Behold, I make all things new,” catalyzes vibration and tone to reunite it with its inherent Source. It is the Divine that does the work, not the self that would fix something. The change is not your job. The realization of the Divine is. 

The challenge for so many of you is that you have decided what God should be. This agreement, “God Is, God Is, God Is,” is the announcement of the Infinite in its true state. When God is present, forgiveness may be known, because God does not punish. You are punished by your act, not for your act. Love will heal anyone. Hatred never will. Much of what you claim as anger is truly hatred, and you must begin to understand the difference. Hatred requires a victim. Anger does not. The deepest pain that you have ever experienced, once healed, will also release all the pain. “You are free, You are free, You are free,” which does not bypass the lessons they need to learn, but re-knows them in the face of great suffering. The ones who act in most cruelty, are the ones who have truly put themselves in darkness. To love the one in darkness is to be as the Christ, who even loved those who would see him dead. Each of you says yes to the promise of this teaching, that all human beings will be free, free of denial of their own inherent divinity. And you say, “Yes, it will be so.”

  • Behold, I Make All Things New

This is not wish fulfillment. This is realization in the Upper Room, in union with God, and not separate from it. The Divine as who you are, as what you are, is serving in presence, and reclaiming what has been denied its true nature, its inherent divinity. The claim “God Is” claims all things as of itself, and the denial of the Divine is revealed to be the lie that it has always been. The greatest challenge you will face—to know others in their worth, their inherent worth, in spite of how they present or how you were taught to see them. To know God in the least of men is to know God as all things. The lie is that the Divine is not present, and fear will invite you, not only to deny the Divine in yourself, but in others as well. We would invite you to know who they are, know what they are, and how they serve, because as you do this you claim a walkway that others may walk upon. I know who I am in love. 

Separation is the implicit denial of God in everything encountered. The ways of knowing self in separation, must be released in order for this teaching to manifest. That which has been dreaming, that which has been in slumber, is awakened now—but at the cost of the old, the old dream state. The denial of the Divine that you have all chosen to learn through, is coming to an end. Every culture is being impacted. And as everything is seen anew, it is reclaimed. It will be so. It will be re-known. In order to withstand the changes, you cannot cling to what was, but you must claim the new and participate in its creation. To take this step, and it is a big one, would be tantamount to being renamed or reborn in the high octave. Know yourself as worthy. Know yourself as loved. And know yourself as of the great I Am that expresses as all manifestation. It’s realizing where you have been deceived and how you have contributed to deception that can be quite painful.

You get to know that any outcome that holds the seed of the Divine, or the inherent Divine, will be productive—perhaps not comfortable, or enjoyable as you would wish it. When an individual realizes who and what she is, and when she lifts she begins to operate in an agreement to plurality. Now, plurality is of the whole. “Behold, I make all things new.” You are claiming all. “I am of the whole. I am one with Source.” And made new: Re-perceived, re-known, reclaimed, and yes, friends, resurrected, a world made new. The unification of the will in the Upper Room claims you beyond singularity. When you know, you don’t question, operating from knowing, not guessing, not pretending. When you know, you are unafraid. Humanity has a path into the unknown that seems fraught with danger, or fear. Do not fear the unknown. Look instead to its promise. The extent of fear that you are experiencing now on this plane is a release of fear that must come for the new to be born. Trust that where you stand, even when you cannot see the road before you, is where you need to be.

What if there were nothing to ask for? To become the one you truly are, reclaimed in the true innocence of the Divine as being. Recognition of truth where you stop distinguishing yourself as a separate being, but an aspect of the whole. But in the innocence of this teaching, the new eyes you see with, the ones that know themselves as of Source, can re-create anything seen in a higher alignment. It is the seed of the Divine that is being called forth in alchemy, that claims the invocation “Behold, I make all things new.” The individual is less changed than restored to his or her true nature. Now, you cannot wish this into being. What you do in these claims is you release the denial of the Divine, which was an illusion, an agreed-upon illusion to separation, and restore what is seen to its inheritance, indeed the Kingdom. You are reclaiming what is seen to its inherent divinity, and how an individual releases and uplifts herself through these claims is no business of yours. 

  • A New Revelation

We see you as you can only be seen—in your beauty, your perfection, and in your true alignment and knowing of the being you are. The Christ has come as all, the manifestation of the Divine as all. The tumult you see in most ways is the release of the denial of the Divine. The claim “I know how I serve,” the realized being in expression, cannot deny God, in anyone or anything. As the new is claimed through you, the identity you hold is in schism. “I know I am a divine being, but I don’t think this is what a divine being should look like.” It is the thinking that is at issue. If every lifetime you have known yourself in has colluded to this precious moment of awakening, there is no fear, there is no blame, and there is no need to blot out an idea. And all memory of separation may be lifted, may be reclaimed. You have never been separate. You never will be. 

In the release of memory, the release of what was, the new not only unfolds, but comes to greet you in song—“I Am, I Am, I Am.” And the song you are expressing, is the gift of the presence of the Creator in every opportunity. Revelation, the revealing of the innate Divine, must become concretized in the manifest world. Every day becomes the opportunity, not only to bear witness, but to reclaim and reveal the inherent divinity in the manifest world. You are denying separation, not through effort, but through unification. The Divine that has come as all things, seeks to recognize you as of itself. 

You are releasing the old, claiming the new, and encountering the Divine in every footstep, you participate in a great act of re-creation that will be occurring on this plane for some time to come. And the benefits of the Kingdom is a release from fear. If you will look at these times, every need has been met in perfect order and will continue to be through this level of alignment. You are lifting what you see beyond appearance to the true nature of the Divine wherein peace may reside. 

The realization of innate perfection does not mean you don’t have a blemish on your chin, need spectacles to see. Innate perfection is an agreement to the unfolding of the Monad in its perfect state, as and through you, and for the benefit of all. When none of you are claiming war, there is no war. When none of you are in fear, there is no fear. And the gift of this teaching, a world made new, is in fact the evidence that you will find unfolds before you as you walk this earth as you truly are. We escort you carefully, in sequence, to this level of demonstration. The octave of the Christ, the Upper Room, Christ Mind, if you wish, is available to all. You may know yourself in the Upper Room, not through demanding, but in love for all. 

Imagine a hardship you knew yourself through where you would deny God in—“God could not have been there, there can be no God in that space and time.” Re-experience it simply by saying, “I am in the Upper Room,” and allow the alignment there to support the re-knowing of even the most painful idea, and let the light come. You are no longer appealing to God. “Take this away from me, release me from this pain.” You are claiming, in divine birthright, that the Divine is present. You are not denying God where the incident was. You are claiming God at the time of the incident. What you are doing is reclaiming in the Upper Room that which has been abandoned. You are made new through your agreement to the omnipresence. We say yes to any aspect of you who has been refuted, any self that you have embodied who has shunned the light, hidden from grace.

The reason we come is humanity itself, at this crossroads in its decision to align to its completion. It’s become a moment of opportunity for great change. To claim separation is to deny your true nature. To realize the wholeness in union with the Source of all things is to align to the agreement of what can only be so. And the reclamation of this plane in high octave is the progression of the light that you are each claiming. You claim it in its true nature. And its true nature means in agreement to the presence of the Source of all things. You are claiming the divine presence where the thing has been so that it is re-known—“It will be so”—and then lifted to its true nature, which can only be Source. 

  • God Is, God Is, God Is

The days of pleading with the Divine to do the small self’s will has been replaced by the agreement to the Divine Will in the knowledge that all true needs are met in perfect ways. You have changed, and your life must express that. The old book, which we would say is the small idea of self, has been released to an idea of unification. You express as and in the Upper Room throughout the life you live. Most of you put God in a thimble. You decide God can attend to this, but not that. You decide God is what you want it to be when there is something you want. We love you as you are, in realization or without. We see you as you are, when you cannot see.

The days before you are not frightening unless you decide they are. You will see realization coming to all in the increments that it can be claimed. Each one is the Christ, seeking manifestation. Each one is the Divine, accepting itself as what it truly is. 

What you claim to be re-seen and re-known and, indeed, lifted by your presence, leaves the world in a new place. And this expression, “God Is, God Is, God Is,” acclimates all things to its innate nature. What you perceive as the world is the presence of the Divine. Both exist—how one is seen and how one sees, in agreement. You have claimed into being a new world. You say yes to the integration of this teaching in spite of what is released through this process of it. We will remind you that we are always present, we are always available in the Upper Room for an agreement to you when you seem to forget who you are. 

“Behold, I make all things new” is the claim of resurrection, as all things are being lifted to the high agreement of the Upper Room. You are able to re-see, and re-know all things through the new eyes you hold, the new vision you’ve claimed. When you realize that the physical body is no longer a limitation, your experience of the vastness of consciousness can and will be explored. You can remain in body and travel the universe. You can see God in anything and everything, because you are witness to the Divine through your own inherent nature. Agree to the one note that is all things. And say yes, to all that will be revealed. The world, we suggest, will never be the same.