Book of Knowing and Worth

The Word trilogy, book III, channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

Paul, a university professor, was of little religious background. The guides are very frank in their teaching and available for our aid in the exercises of new thought presented here.

This is a time of great change, even awakening. We have incarnated at the highest level available to us. The claim of truth is:

I know who I am in truth (fractal of God)
I know what I am in form (God manifest)
I know how I serve in love (I sing a new song)

We want you to know your worth. Our worth has been diminished by what we have been told all our lives of who we are and who we are not. I choose my worth, because I am worth infinitely more than I can ever choose. I can either choose the worth of my identity or let others deny me that. You are the Christ. Now is the time of judgment and reckoning. You are who you say you are. You are not your history.

I know who I am – I am a manifestation of the Christ. You were told your name and you have thus aligned yourself to it. You can now align yourself to the new creation, you are love. You are not your history, you are new. You are an aspect of Christ. But my history has brought me here to realize who I am. This will be demonstrated in our lives. But this is more accurately said, Christ is you (plural). The manifestation of God as man is our worth. Christ wants to be known as you. When you know your worth, why would you not serve your fellow man in their elevation? I know who I am, as a divine creation. I am in complete choice of redesigning my life at this new level of consciousness.

Welcome – An invitation to your destiny, but you must claim it. I am allowed to change, even big change. Don’t think small only. We all have a right to the kingdom, no exceptions. You can send energy to another by ‘I know who you are…’ Recognize your (their) worth. You have been given the authority. Relinquish the old paradigm in fear. Grow up as a spiritual being, take responsibility. But, no one has given you the authority to judge your fellows. I can be what I choose. I can be free from anything by choice i.e. victimhood. How I see myself and my history is a misinterpretation. Welcome that aspect of you as the Creator in manifestation. We are all of Christ consciousness, but of differing levels. I am Word through my body = this aligns my physical being to the truth, through my vibration = my energy field is aligned, through my knowing of myself as Word = is to realign my true self. You can only choose within your beliefs. To see your soul’s worth is to sing a new song. You are not insignificant or alone. You can only know this by personal experience – ‘I know…’ May we be in wonder everyday as we see more of who we are. Knowing is being.

Responsibility – Everything I claim or create I am responsible for. I am in authority of what I claim or agree with. I might not have control over it, but I am in authority of my choice. I cannot blame anyone for anything in my life. I recognize I am responsible for everything in my life. I am the Creator of my world. I always have enough, and enough to share. What things am I holding onto that others could benefit from if I no longer believed in scarcity? When I damn my brother I damn myself. To withhold (worth) from him is to withhold it from myself. Let go of something I no longer need. How many choices do I make in a day? Maybe 1,000? When I love another I love myself. Who do you think you are? Everything on this planet is being moved upward in frequency. So many of my beliefs were formed in fear. You will be released from the sad, angry and fearful small self now that you have identified with your true self. Do you welcome your divinity? Are you willing for this? We know who you are.

This incarnation – We all think we are so small. I am in my own authority and can choose my own dominion. We have abnegated our authority. I rise to this in vibration, by intention. I am who I claim, and what I claim is what I express. Who has taught me some of the greatest lessons? I am the one who chooses, none else. What you claim becomes your God. What am I attached to? Pain? Every time my worth is challenged is an opportunity to claim it back. I can change to what I desire. I can move forward in my worth when I am ready. You cannot exaggerate your worth. As I rise so also do I give permission for all around me to rise. I must acknowledge the shared worth of all men. I cannot control others and I must be quick to forgive. I have not the right to condemn another. No one can take your worth from you, only you can give it up. Do I take pleasure in suffering? Do I believe this is who I am? What lies beneath our masks is wonderful!

The precipice – To live by principles, right and wrong, is to live by your history. What things do I hold that I no longer want? I seek to realize myself in all ways. I am only claiming who I have always been. Feel free to question your form and principles. I stand on the edge of my fears and say yes to step forward into the unknown.

Wisdom – This is an inner knowing of new thought, a divine sense of authority. You may only know truth by aligning to it. Everyone is worthy, all are sons of God, but there are gradations of realization. Wisdom is your inheritance, it is free. When you are in lower vibration you are not in wisdom. Humility is wisdom, there is always more to learn.

A teacher has a responsibility to his/her students. What we teach you is what you already know in your true self. I am aligning to a higher perspective than in the past. We are lifting to a new understanding. This will not remove our difficulties. There is a new path before me, but old habits remain and will call to me. I will encounter all my fears. In encountering those of lower vibration you will enable them to rise in vibration. ‘I am Word… I know who you are…’ New perception is available to you now. You need to attend to the knowledge you gain in its application.

The demonstration of love – Love is not an unattainable ideal. You are offering yourself to the world. It is the action of the Creator working through you. Nothing can be outside of God’s love. It is not exclusive. See each person you come in contact with as in the love of God. Love becomes your vibration. God sees all in love. I give permission to release those things that no longer serve me. I know that all are worthy of love. Tell someone today you love them.

Each person is loved as you are. See them as they are, divine love incarnate, an aspect of God. Forgive yourself and hold them in their worth. Claim the new reflection of your worth. We see your beauty and divinity even when you do not. We are in a perfect and insane school. The only things that may inhibit your realizing of love is your fears and beliefs. What you hold outside of God you align to.

How you witness – You are never in charge of the free will of another. ‘I am not powerful enough to change the world,’ is a lie. You cannot create chaos from the consciousness of Christ. As you rise in a building your view changes and judgment will be left on the lower floors. Witness others in their worth … I know who you are… They will begin to witness the Christ within them and we will play like an orchestra. I am not my stuff, it is falling away as required. The revolution we are attending to is a new experience, the kingdom that has always been here. We have had much reliance upon the physical plane up to now.


We awaken to a possibility and see ourselves anew. There is still an inkling of doubt. The kingdom is the manifestation of Christ in all things. How we witness will call this forth. All will go into agreement with God’s will. Our collective identity will do this. We will need to go beyond things that we have always believed. It is the Christ as you collective. We do not become the Christ, he becomes us. We are all observing and creating God’s creation. We must lift above fear. To declare you as unworthy is to declare that you know more than God and he is in error. We change as we adhere to the new vision presented before us. How are we freed from fear when we thought it was our protection? Anything is possible! To align to my higher self is my purpose.

The doorway – The kingdom is the recognition of your own divinity. We are opening a doorway for you now. None is unworthy. What keeps me from entering in? The manifestation of God as man is the kingdom manifested. We now see all through the eyes of Christ. There is no damnation here. When you are in fear, or abnegate your authority you are not standing in your worth. Stand in your worth, your frequency, your knowing.

The kingdom – Be yourself as the one in charge, in responsibility. The unchangeable mountain before you, can only be changed by your vibration… I know who I am… I am Word. The Christ in me is the finest teacher I will ever have. Anything is possible. I do not make decisions for others, but I do for myself. I do not judge.

Truth and knowing – Do not lie, lies come from fear. Invest in worth. If I already know I need not prove it. Am I willing to align to the truth I know? To face my fear? All aspects of myself are worthy of love. To influence others you need no tract, nor to say some word of wisdom, you need only be who you are.

The road before you – You cannot always see what is ahead on the road. But claim your worth and go forward. Today is the only day I will know myself as the Christ in form. My inherent worth is as an aspect of God in manifestation. I don’t have to wait to awake, to be in freedom. Devote ten minutes each day to your being. Know yourself for who you are, accept your every aspect, and be.

Epilogue – We are all the Christ. Do not deny the God in anyone else.