Life Goes On

Life in the spirit world, dictated by Spirit Andre Luis (a summary by Pat Evert)

– An unexpected meeting

Feeling a craving to be alone, Mrs. Evelina Serpa had escaped the bustle of domestic life. She had wanted to think things over. The family doctor had recommended that she rest to build up her strength before surgery. Her body was found to be failing. Her kidneys were incapable of handling any overload and her heart was like an engine about to sputter and quit. Caio, her husband, had metamorphosed into a courteous friend who no longer had any romantic interest in her. He had easily fallen under the spell of another: a young, single woman, whose intelligence and vivaciousness Evelina could deduce from the notes he forgot about in his pockets. For more than two years she had gone from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist. The unanimous diagnosis had finally arrived. Was it really worth it to avoid the dangerous surgery only to continue as a sick woman living with a man who had disregarded his marital vows? And wasn’t it reasonable to accept the aid that medical science might offer her so that she could recover her health and fight for a new life in case her husband deserted her completely? She was only twenty-six years old. She was deeply immersed in this inner monologue when somebody appeared in front of her. “Please forgive me for being so bold, but I heard that you live in Sao Paulo. So do I. Through highly unexpected circumstances, a friend told me that you and I both have the same health problem. I have an adrenal gland tumor. I suspect it’s quite serious.”

– A friendly adjustment

In the middle of our courtship, tragedy struck. Six months before my wedding, a fine young man killed himself because of me. He had attempted suicide once before when he thought I was rejecting him. I felt very sorry for him. I tried to approach him to console him at least, but while my feelings were wavering between him and the man I finally married, he shot himself in the heart. Ever since then, any happiness for me has been like light mixed with darkness. Despite my immense love for my husband, I couldn’t even be a mother. I’m always sick, discouraged, forlorn… All I have to do is think of the unfortunate Tulio and the picture of his death flashes back into my mind, and with it comes the guilt.” Evelina prepared to say goodbye: “Well, Mr. Fantini, if there is another life after this one, and if it is God’s will for us to go through the great change before long, I think we shall meet again and be good friends there… If we manage to pull through the ordeal, I’m sure God will grant us another meeting while still here on earth. But if death does come, our friendship in the other world will also be subject to the designs of Providence.”

– Renewal

Neither the family doctor nor the surgeon had guaranteed anything more than an exploratory surgery with little hope of success. Even the cardiologist had almost advised against the operation, and had agreed to it only because the young woman was about to die anyway. Why say no to a procedure that might save her life? The in-laws came to console their daughter during her final days. Brigida, her mother, and Amancio Terra, her stepfather, owners of a prosperous farm in the south of Sao Paulo state, arrived completely forlorn, but they tried to find words of optimism while holding back their tears. After two weeks of alternating calm and relapse, she had six days of continuous well-being. One more peaceful day and then Evelina woke up in a crisis. Getting worse and worse despite the painkillers, the young Mrs. Serpa had spent her last night in the world.

• Reunion

She had awakened from a heavy sleep, she thought. She tried to get her bearings and appraise her situation. How had she fallen into this amnesia? Next, she remembered feeling a huge jolt. It was as if something had been untied in her brain and then she saw herself floating over her own sleeping body. After fainting she had been taken back to the hospital and was now in a spacious room of a relaxing light green color. On a nearby table she saw roses that called her attention to their fragrance. Everywhere simplicity and purpose, comfort and lightness. Evelina yawned, raised her arms and did not feel any pain. She had finally been healed, she thought happily. She knew the presence of health and she felt it within her. No suffering, no restrictions. She could no longer contain her joy-filled heart and reached for the buzzer beside her. “You are better now, much better; however, you are still under strict watch regarding your mental state. If you tune into anything capable of inducing you to actively remember the disease you suffered, all the symptoms will most likely reappear.” A delightful sensation of lightness kept her in a joyous mood, one she had never felt in her entire life. In the garden area Evelina was deciding what would be the best way to approach someone when she saw a man not far away looking at her in obvious astonishment. Oh, my goodness! Wasn’t that gentleman Ernesto Fantini, the new friend from the hot springs?

• Fraternal understanding

What kind of hospital was this? An emergency unit for the mentally disturbed? An institution for the recovery of amnesiacs? “Well, someone told me that we are all dead, that we are no longer living on the earth.”

• Alzira provides information

“Note, that our thoughts are clearer and our minds are lighter. The ideas flow so quickly and spontaneously that they seem to materialize right in front of us. I agree that we are in a different spiritual state than the one we were in before we got here, but even so, I don’t think this is an insane asylum. It’s obvious that we are surrounded by a busy city life. There are homes, schools, institutions, places of worship, industries, vehicles, public entertainment… The city is beautiful. It’s a sort of valley of buildings that seem to be made of jade, crystal and lapis-lazuli; unusual architecture, charming squares decorated with gardens. On a previous occasion a girl mentioned to me, ‘My mother is coming from earth.’ When I heard that I felt a terrible jolt, as if I had just been hit in the chest. I couldn’t breathe and before I knew it I was overcome by a terrible bout of chest oppression. The mere idea that we were in a place away from the world I had always known sent me back into the painful angina that I had not felt for a long time. Without saying a word, Corina understood and brought me a tranquilizer. Mrs. Tamburini is completely convinced that we are no longer in the earthly realm. She has undergone tests that confirm that she no longer has a physical body.

• An instructive meeting

They happily listened to the judicious observations of Mrs. Tamburini, who was fully convinced they were discarnate souls in some area of the spirit world. However, regardless of their respect for her, they couldn’t accept what she said as the unquestionable truth. To what and to whom do we owe the care and kindnesses we receive every day? We don’t buy our clothes, nor do we pay for the services we enjoy… If we were in an asylum after a nervous breakdown, our recovery wouldn’t be so quick.

• Brother Claudio

It is my duty to assure you that we are no longer on the earth, but in an area of the spirit life. Any student of elementary science is aware of the fact that so-called dense matter is nothing but condensed radiant energy. When all’s said and done, we’ll discover that matter is coagulated light, a divine substance that suggests the omnipresence of God. The terrestrial world is what human thought makes of it. Here, it is the same thing. Matter is nothing more than energy. Here, as well as there, what is seen is the temporary projection of our mental creations. Each spirit will find itself in its own group and each group in its own community or plane of affinity. Yes, in the world of men and women, people do not suddenly change simply because they have crossed the ocean from one continent to another… The same applies to the realm of spirits.

• Evelina Serpa

“Why am I having such a hard time adapting?” “Lack of preparation while incarnate. Generally speaking, your state of astonishment is common to most human beings and is due to the absence of a true integration with the religious beliefs they hold dear.” “If we really are dead, do you think that as a Catholic I should or would display a higher level of understanding of spiritual truth than I have been?” “Yes, I do.” “Oh, my God!” she exclaimed in tears. “Why did I have to die to finally get it? Why, Lord? Why?!”

• Ernesto Fantini

“So, you’re telling me that here in this city I am still Ernesto Fantini, the human personality with the name that was given to me in the existence I left behind, and that the examination of my previous memories is being deferred until later?” “Exactly. Each one of us lives here in centers of work and renewal in a realm close to the physical one. “So, we are examined here by what we were and what we did during our latest past life?” “That’s right, some of the dead–even the knowledgeable ones–spend years and years tormented in the lower regions before regaining their lucidity and peace of mind; why didn’t I have to go through that if I really am discarnate and a man aware of his wrongs?” “The state of tribulation you are referring to pertains to the spirit and not the place. Many of us discarnates experience times of difficulty in certain places that reflect our personal inner turmoil. This anomaly can last for a long time, depending on our inclinations and the effort we make to accept ourselves. We all punish ourselves according to the articles of the Heavenly Statutes that we have broken. Eternal Justice operates in the inner forum of each individual and determines that responsibility be measured according to one’s level of knowledge.” Generally speaking, all of us are taken immediately after discarnation to preparatory courses in understanding in order to acquire the courage we need to see and hear the living again without harming either them or us.

• Judgment and love

If they asked for work or anything else having to do with their former homes on the earth, which they had not yet been able to visit, the answer they received from the authorities was always the same: they should wait a bit longer; they needed to be properly prepared. Whatever we were at the core of our sentiments while in the earthly body, we continue to be here. Here in the sphere of spiritual reality we can be the persons we were meant to be, with everything we gathered inside of us, whether good or bad, during our stay in the physical school! Many of you still carry habits and illusions from the corporeal experience; you will gradually lose them, for they have no meaning in this realm. You have brought here only what you made of yourselves… You have learned what you studied, you show what you did, you possess what you gave away! In spite of being discarnate, we must remember that our opportunities for work, progress, rectification and learning have not yet come to an end. Moreover, we are surrounded on all sides by crowds of demented fellow spirits begging us for love and patience so that they may recover!

• New tasks

Deeply touched by what they had heard in the temple, Evelina and Ernesto asked to be admitted to Brother Claudio’s traveling assistance group, which made weekly visits to the region of disturbed and suffering spirits. “Whenever we ask our Superiors why Divine Providence doesn’t interfere with the mind corrupted by evil, the invariable answer is that the Creator demands that individuals be left free to choose the kind of evolutionary path that seems best to them, be it an avenue of stars or a pathway of mire. God wants all his children to have their own individuality, to believe in him as they can, to preserve the tendencies and preferences that are most in keeping with their way of being, to work however and as much as they please, and to live wherever they want. Generally speaking, the thousands of brothers and sisters who live in this region do not accept themselves as they are. There, in the penumbra created by their own mental energies for the purpose of hiding themselves, they give way in varying degrees to the manifestations of the paranoia they cultivate, and in many cases they give in to deplorable passions, which, in vain, they try to satiate until they almost go crazy. After ministry in the region, Mrs. Serpa, trembling and filled with consternation, found herself before Tulio Mancini, the same young man whom she had loved so much in the past, and whom she was convinced had been cast into the darkness of suicide because of her.

• New directions

Ernesto noticed that “Tulio’s presence is a call to the service that will test our capacity to love our neighbor, let’s not hesitate to embrace this new obligation.” In later conversation with Tulio she realized that he had not left his body due to suicide; instead, he was gunned down by the man she had chosen to marry. At the same time, an astonished Fantini saw that the young man had been the victim of a crime unknown to the world. And whether it was because he harbored afflictive thoughts of guilt scourging his mind or because he could see that Tulio was obviously anxious to be alone with Evelina, he begged her telepathically not to make any effort to bring Mancini to reality, but to be patient until they could establish a plan to assist the unfortunate young man.

• Time for analysis

Tulio Mancini is the starting point for the redemptive work you have embraced. We are in transition from narcissistic love to selfless love, in essence and in practice we are just beginners. Evelina your self-control is commendable because you called upon clear and responsible reasoning to curb your immature heart. No one reaches the port of inherent dignity without having sailed for a long time in the currents of life, learning how to handle the rudder of discipline. We must accept ourselves for what we are and face the problems caused by our mistakes. Right here you can regenerate Tulio’s emotional state and sublimate your own sentiments towards him by supporting and teaching him as a maternal mentor.

• Renewal efforts

Mancini refused to let go of the passion that absorbed him; he was like a boat stuck in the mud, incapable of moving away from the dock. He insisted that he was strictly a manly man–according to his own definition–and as such he didn’t want a nurse or tutor–even one as attentive as Evelina–but rather a wife, the woman of his dreams. Tulio was preoccupied with the yearning to make her an object that belonged to him alone, Caio shooting him, his desire for revenge, and the dark traits of self pity. She had faithfully carried out her task of reeducating Tulio, but he hadn’t responded constructively. He was apathetic, immersed in the fantasies he had created to his own harm. I cannot see any advantage in keeping Mancini here. We must convince him to voluntarily accept miniaturization. Our friend is mentally ill–profoundly ill, traumatized, anguished, and taken by fixated ideas. The only solution is for him to start over. Even so, he will have difficulties and maladjustments ahead of him.

• The return

Obviously, Evelina had been replaced. Caio was holding the young woman’s right hand between his own in a gesture of tenderness that Evelina knew all too well. Between revolt and disappointment, she took a step back. How could he justify breaking the vows that she had kept as treasures in her heart? Despite the yearning to disappear, to flee, her emotions kept her from moving, with a wounded soul. She remembered Tulio, to whom she had repeatedly taught detachment from obsessive emotional fixations, and she had to admit that she herself was probably in a state of even more selfishness and embitterment. She concluded that Caio deserved to be as happy as he pleased. Evelina made an enormous effort to drag herself away from there. She yearned for Ernesto’s presence, for his company again. It was impossible to stay any longer in the home she realized she had lost forever. However, the days in which she and Ernesto shared these grievous experiences together had transformed Ernesto into her unconditional friend. Did you have a husband so that you could love him or so that you could make him an object of decoration? I’ve concluded that our instructors sent you on this excursion so that you could learn how to forgive. Maybe that girl is the person for whom you should ask the grace to be Tulio’s new mother. Don’t you think that Caio should restore him to the earthly experience with the devotion and tenderness of a father? And what better occasion than right now to practice what Jesus taught by loving the one you regard as your enemy, and making her an instrument of assistance to benefit the indebted man you love? Fantini looked stricken with distress: “Evelina! Evelina, listen to me!… That girl… that girl is Vera Celina, my daughter!”

• Revisions of life

So, this was the girl Mrs. Serpa had talked so often about!… Vera Celina! His own daughter! Vera mentioned, The way I see it, my mother always seemed to merely tolerate my father, without loving him, although she tried very hard in his presence to act otherwise.

Ernesto was not there to complain but to give thanks, to help, to do good. He was eager to serve. He never would have imagined the scene right there in front of him. Elisa was lying down… her body very thin, her face deeply wrinkled and her hair much grayer… Stretched out next to her was a discarnate man, the exact same one he had shot so many years ago in a jealous rage!… the man he had murdered, whose shadow he thought he had removed from his house for good. A few hours ago he had discovered that his daughter was Evelina’s rival, and now there, before him and next to Elisa lay his enemy, triumphant and in control. For so long Ernesto had nourished plans for this reunion!… So many times he had imagined himself a bird far from its nest, eager to rest in its warmth once more! And now he had arrived as an unwanted guest, loathed by his own family.

• The plot revealed

If only Ernesto had known what bitter trials would strike his soul, he would never have tried to return home. He would have learned to tolerate the fierce longing for his wife and daughter, and would have adjusted to other circles of struggle!… You’re not the only one… You came up with the idea and the plan for the crime that snatched me from my physical life, but the true killer, the one who used your evilness to destroy me was somebody else… I don’t know why, but my fate lies between executioners!… You’re the one who tried to shoot me to keep me away from your wife, but when that wretch Amancio saw that you had missed, he took advantage of the situation in order to eliminate me and get my wife!… I was surprised to find out that life continued after death, and I wanted to use it only for revenge… Ernesto was surprised to find that Desiderio’s daughter, Evelina, grew up unloved by her step father, Amancio, and married to that criminal, even Caio.

• Return to the past

Desiderio’s honest and straightforward account had forced Ernesto to face the extent of his weaknesses, a process that had not only rid him of his pride but had also cleansed his soul, giving him a new lease on life. Evelina, I now believe that only through life after death can we undo the terrible mistakes we make during our stay on the earth. “Will it be OK if we continue to work on behalf of our families?” asked Ernesto, sincerely wanting to do the right thing. “That is our duty, my friend,” stated Ribas. “Those who know must help those who do not; and not only help, but help with love.” Of course, we are all one single family before Divine Providence, and we are all interconnected with the duty of mutually helping one another. Evolution is our long journey back to God… Those who love the most are the ones leading the way, pointing out the path to their brothers and sisters. “Mom, please help Dad so that he can return to life on earth!… Who knows?… You and my father Amancio are living all alone in this house!… What about a boy… a son of your heart!” At this point of her daughter’s appeal, Brigida let the idea form in her mind that she and her second husband were growing old with no descendants, and that an adopted child could perhaps be a means of support in the future.

• Bases for a new future

If you provide Caio with the loving support he needs, he will marry Vera and will be Mancini’s father in his new incarnation. Of course, if he collaborates, he will be redeeming his debt: because he took Tulio’s life, he must restore it according to the principles of cause and effect. In addition, however, he will bring peace to Evelina by taking responsibility for reeducating a spirit whose emotional misbehavior has caused her so many problems. Elisa’s discarnation is predicted within a few days, but after she safely recovers in our colony, her rebirth can occur in five or six years, according to our plan. With the permission of our Superiors, she will be Serpa and Vera’s daughter–if you two work at helping them with a lot of love… She will come after Mancini, their firstborn. It is clear that in around thirty years, the time considered likely for Caio’s return to the spirit world, he will give back to his former mother-in-law–now his daughter–as well as to his widow Vera Celina, the entire patrimony that he is taking possession of presently. He will return it greatly increased. Far be it from us to label Caio as a thief or a delinquent; he is our ally, our friend. We’ve been informed that yesterday you planted in Brigida’s maternal heart the seed that will grow with Divine Support, asking her to welcome Desiderio into her home as an adopted son. He is a materialist and obviously a criminal, but he is also deeply humane and charitable. As for your father, according to the petition, he will return with the Lord’s Blessing to live with the man he still hates, but he will learn to discover Amancio’s noble qualities and will love him dearly as a true father, from whom he will receive self-sacrifice and tenderness, support and a good example. In the days to come we will be called to bring Serpa and Amancio’s homes closer together, because, reincarnated, Desiderio and Elisa will enjoy a happy marriage in the fullness of their youth… Evelina wept with joy as she pondered God’s perfect justice, while Ernesto reflected with amazement on the logic of the plan. The two of you will be in charge of the upcoming endeavor, with all the associated tasks the job implies. You will work hard to ensure that Serpa and Vera get married; that Elisa recovers as quickly as possible after her discarnation; that Desiderio returns to physical rebirth under the appropriate conditions. Also, you will help Elisa return to the earth and will be in charge of watching over her during infancy and childhood. Moreover, you will be collaborating not only to help Desiderio’s future mother obtain the appropriate conditions to receive him into the womb, but also to make Desiderio feel adequately settled in his position as an adopted child… And we cannot forget our Mancini, who will continue to demand special attention. You will have to look after his progress in the future, and the marriage of Elisa and Desiderio later on, after we have taken measures to bring the Serpa and Terra families together.


• Ernesto at work

Ernesto looked at him kindly and said: “Desiderio, forgive us for all the evil we’ve done to you and listen to me! Calm down, for God’s sake! I’m not asking you this for us, but for Elisa, whom you love so dearly… the first day we met again, I saw that Elisa had found in you the support she needed, and believe me, the only thing I want now is to see her happy with you… you have been living in the cruel world of tribulations reserved for impenitent and suffering spirits… Why couldn’t Elisa’s flood of tears spell the end of our foolishness? A sacred truce? Elisa had fallen into deep prostration due to the rupture of a delicate brain vessel. Her discarnation was only a matter of hours. Desiderio planted himself at Elisa’s bedside, immersed in revolt and despair. He bound himself to her like someone absorbing all her strength.

Brothers and sisters on the earth: in the midst of the tribulations of human existence, learn to tolerate and to forgive!… No matter how hurt or slandered, offended or cursed, forget evil by doing good!… You who have had your trust betrayed, or your spirit torn in the traps of darkness, light the light of love wherever you are! Bless the tribulations that mold your heart for the Greater World!… Bless those who have destroyed your dreams!… Sufferers of all kinds of obsessive conditions, weave veils of compassion and hope over the unfortunate spirits. It is only through the blessings of love and peace of a clear conscience that you will find the deliverance you have longed for!

• Evelina at work

Evelina’s heart was pounding. She would be seeing her father for the first time. Desiderio got even closer than he had been to her and roared in a wild voice: “Clowns!… You’ll not take me from here! What do you want? She’s my woman… Now was the time for Evelina’s personal intervention, to try to get her father to change his mind. He saw himself in the misery of a prisoner who had remained for years and years at the bottom of a cell without the least regard for himself. He thought of himself as a monster in front of an angel, and like a beaten, wounded dog, he intended to crawl away and escape. “So, it is really you, dear child? It really is you whom God has sent to ask the impossible of me?” “Oh, Father, you mustn’t blame anyone!… You must have suffered, but pain is always blessed in God’s sight. In light of his daughter’s superior understanding, Desiderio wept even harder in a show of self-pity, giving the impression of someone searching for any reason he could find to be miserable. Why not show compassion for the victims of insanity. “I can’t!… I can’t understand why I should embrace those who have harmed me.” “Don’t you want to move on? To be free and happy?” “Oh, yes!” They are what they are, just as we are what we are, and God expects us to love each other the way he allows us to be!… It’s indispensable. Love never fails and God has created us for boundless love!” I now understand that distorted affections can be corrected in the holy institute of the family through reincarnation… God allows us to embrace as children the same individuals we were not able to love under different sentimental circumstances! For now, let our Elisa distance herself from any unpleasant memories! Set her free and you will see that the woman you chose will belong to you more strongly!Help her to ascend new pathways and she will come back to you!… Elisa will be thankful to you, you will see her again in the colony that is presently our home, where both of you will prepare yourselves with our love for a new life together, together once more and happier!…

• A new direction

Quite frankly, Caio didn’t feel good about himself as he recalled how impatiently and harshly he had always treated Brigida, concerned as he was in taking her daughter’s love away from her. To be a father, to raise beloved children, wouldn’t that be the highest reward for him on earth? His marriage to Vera will legally invest him with resources to be valued and increased, guaranteeing safety and comfort, happiness and education for their future children!… In another world, those who love him would rejoice at his acts of understanding! Tulio will forgive you; Elisa will bless you!… Have courage! Be brave! He looked at Vera in a new light. He felt that he had begun to love her in a different way. He found her more captivating in her suffering as he perceived her loneliness and yearning for true companionship.


• And life goes on…

Based on the truth of what they had been promised, Tulio would reincarnate with Caio Serpa as his father, totally magnetized by his mother’s devotion, so that he could be around his former adversary once again and transform resentment into love by means of the therapy of forgetfulness. Desiderio, Elisa, Amancio, Brigida, Caio, Vera, Tulio, Evelina and Ernesto all form a group of souls indebted to one another before the Laws of God for many centuries now… Tulio had crossed the great divide between the two worlds, and from then on he would require a different kind of care. Desiderio dos Santos begged, demanded and complained… And the fact was that they could not immediately reveal the whole truth of what the near future held for him so that he wouldn’t defy it with unjustifiable doubts or premature refusals. It was enough for him to know that he had to return to the earthly vessel and be assured that Elisa would follow him soon thereafter so that they could meet again in the material world. His challenge was to live with Amancio and Brigida, just as much as the two of them, already matured by the human struggle, would have to shelter him in their home. Together, the three of them would acquire the light of mutual love in a regime of total forgetfulness. Evelina provided Brígida with dreams of the little one who would come into her arms, filled her thoughts with ideals of charity and hope, suggested edifying reading materials, and inspired her to have conversations with her husband regarding the future that God would bless with the arrival of an adopted child. Desiderio reincarnated, at last opening his eyes to a new earthly existence.