Living the Law of One: the Choice

by Carla Reuckert, (a summary by Pat Evert)


Introduction: The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator
Metaphysics and reincarnation are believed by the eastern religions, Buddhists and Hindus. Jewish culture of which Jesus the Christ was a part believed that reincarnation was a fact of life. Indeed, the early church fathers carefully tried to remove all mention of reincarnation from the Bible, for reasons of their own. One UFO contactee after another added to a growing picture of Earth as a planet moving rapidly towards a time of great transition and the shift of consciousness associated with moving into a new heaven and a new earth. They spoke of a choice related to this shift. One Pennsylvania contactee put it very simply, quoting a figure he saw in his contact: “If humankind does not wake up and choose to live differently, the end is near.” We had contact with an entity calling itself the Ra group. They describe themselves as “humble messengers of the Law of One” who come from elsewhere than Earth. As you can see from the “Law of One” name, their philosophy is that all things are one. The universe and all things in it are one system. There is one Creator and a unified creation.

Pharaoh Akhenaton’s teaching that there was only one God was revolutionary. The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, could see that we were almost at the end of our 76,000-year cycle of incarnations. The Ra Material offers solutions to many of the mysteries of the universe. It places the living of this present life into a larger and much more satisfying context. It offers a picture of the universe and our place in it which is exciting, enlivening and full of a powerful potential. And it does all this without asking me to release my mystical Christian faith.
The words mythology and religion should be far more interchangeable than they are. The difficulty is that in myth there is no judgment between one myth and another, whereas in religion, those of one religion square off with hostility against those religions which in some way contradict it. Realize that the essence of myth is to move the seeking entity, by its own faith and its desire to know the truth, over a kind of rainbow bridge, a magical, covenantal span that links time and eternity; that which is known and that which is a mystery. Those who dwell in that which is known have a deadness inside them, though they live and their hearts beat. Those who dwell from time to time in eternity have a livingness that only crossing that span into eternity may offer.

The Confederation suggests that we reincarnate many times, over thousands of years, building up our learning and our gifts in our “soul stream,” which is eternal. The Confederation sources describe a universe in which we on Earth are one of many races of humankind which dwell on many planets in the starry vastness of our galactic ocean. The Confederation suggests that we are in the third grade of a seven-grade school of cosmic learning and service, moving to a completion called an “octave” of creation, where the whole process begins again from the harvest of the old. We are in the last decade of this long period. It is the date at which the fourth density, the Density of Love, has its onset. It is the time for us to make the Choice for ourselves. The entire universe is one interactive system which responds to our seeking and desire. The basic goal of a life lived in faith is to retrain the mind from habits based in fear to habits based in love and from carelessness in living to responsible stewardship of one’s precious time in incarnation. It is true that a new age has been born and your planet at this time is in labor with this new world. And so you, too, are in labor within yourself, birthing a new and hopefully more spiritually oriented entity, finding ways as you make choices to become more real. Ponder death, holding in the attention the principle of perfect love, and know that death is only a transformation. For perfect love does not destroy but only transforms and changes. We shall cease to breathe and shall pass from this mortal world, just as at one time, we first drew breath as we entered it. We humans reincarnate within this present world many times, preparing for a harvesting or graduation from this density to the next, from the Density of Choice or third density to the Density of Love or fourth density. We have the chance to move on now, as we pass through the gates of our natural time of death. These steps of light which is between this present world of third density and the “heaven-world” of fourth density. We can start studying the ways of love and understanding as students in fourth-density light-bodies. We can also choose to come back to Earth as fourth-density wanderers or helpers of Earth, in order to help Earth shift into fourth-density love-consciousness. The picture which comes forth is of a kind of cosmic school with a certain curriculum which is learned in a certain order. I shall share with you what I understand so far about that curriculum and how the school progresses.

Chapter One: The First Three Distortions of the Law of One
Why did the Creator choose to make creations? Our comment has often tended to be that the Creator is attempting to gain in knowledge and appreciation of Itself. The Creator wishes to know Itself. Thusly, it sends forth parts of Itself within illusion to see what will happen and to learn from the colors created in the palette of emotions that you have created through many experiences and incarnations. This palette contains your beauty and is unique to you, so that you can teach the Creator that which no one else in all of Creation is able to teach. For you are the only one of you in all of the infinite universe. Thusly, it is your gift to the Creator that comes from you, that is greatly desired. You cannot please the Creator by being someone else but only by being most truly and deeply yourself.

The first feature of the Gameboard to report is its unitary nature. To the Confederation, the entire creation is one organism, one energy field and one thing. Our body has a master energy field which contains within it all the sub-fields of organs and tissues, nesting them all within it. The energy fields within our body cooperate with each other for the integrated health of the whole body. All of the energy fields of the universe are wrapped into the one great original Thought or Logos, which is as close as the Confederation entities come to speaking of the Creator or Godhead principle in a personal sense. The ideology of “true believers” makes it harder to create a peaceful world. Our word, “university,” comes from this period, where the student expected to study the entire universe of accumulated knowledge before he was finished with his studies. Rational thought and empirical observation have become accepted as respected way to seek the truth. Faith has pretty much been consigned to the interest of the foolish and naïve. Albert Einstein, writing in 1937 in the Reader’s Digest, said flatly that “science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” Science and religion now have a common window on the world in positing an underlying ground of being that can only enlarge as new discoveries reveal more new data. This attractive process takes place because the universe, as an interactive, unitary system, vibrates according to patterns of attraction. What we most love or most fear is what we attract, by the focus of our attention. One of their more subtle choices we make every day is whether to focus on thinking about the things we love or the things we fear and dislike. What we choose to think about makes a difference! The position of the human being in the Game is that of a player. He is not a pawn or any other game piece. The free will of yourself can barely be distinguished from the free will of that Logos that is your higher self, that overarching Logos that is the group mind of that soul stream, that overarching Logos that is the planetary mind, and so forth. The connections that each entity has with other aspects of an infinite being that is the self are unending, so that free will is, shall we say, that icon of deity which expresses the feminine, the ever-moving, the fructifying. The Confederation model places the individual human being in complete charge of his life, with the ability to make free choices. We are every bit as much citizens of eternity and infinite things as we are limited, earthly beings who are born only to die. When we choose to begin the journey of seeking, we alert spirit that we are ready to become a player in the Game of Life. In their story of the creation, the Creator uses the faculty of Its free will to choose to know Itself. It then sends forth the Thought or Logos which is Its creative principle and the essence of Its nature. The essential nature of the Logos is unconditional love.

So the first distortion or movement away from the pure potential of the unmanifest Creator is free will. When we awaken to the desire to seek the truth of our being, we imitate the Creator’s decision and turn to free will. We choose to set out upon the Game of Life, which can also be termed the “seeking process.” True free will is a characteristic stemming from the Creator. It is the principle by which the Creator chooses to know Itself. It generates the universe in which we live. When we use this higher faculty of free will, we are moving away from the flat gameboard and are setting up the enhanced Gameboard for a Game of Life. You are a spark of the one great original Thought of the infinite Creator. Say that the Creator, in its infinity, in its impossibility of being described, is a vibration. You have that original vibration, which is unconditional love, as the basis of every cell of your being. Without that Thought of love has nothing been made that is made. It is not until you ask yourself what kind of love caused the Creator to fling the various bits of Itself, via the “big bang,” out into the universe It manifested just for the purpose of watching it progress, that you are ready to think about the Confederation’s story of how the Logos generated the universe around us. The Creator will not withdraw that love. It is fascinated to see how its creation will progress. We, as a player of the Game of Life, have as our core vibration that same unconditional love. The Game’s object is, in part, to discover that great, original Thought or Logos within ourselves. So regardless of whether we are considering unseen things such as ideas or forces, or manifest, physical things which have weight and form, we are talking about illusions. The only ultimately real thing in this Game is the Creator. We as players of the Game are little sparks of the Creator who are also choosing to know ourselves. As seekers we merge these two realities, the spiritual reality of the inner and eternal life of our soul’s consciousness and the consensus reality of the outer and physical earth life and our bio-computer minds’ awareness. We can live in both worlds at once. We are intended to do so. When the infinite Creator wished to know Itself, Its great heart beat out the next creation with all of its densities and sub-densities and all of the patterns of those densities and creations. Time and space were invoked and that which before was immeasurable and unknowable became a series of illusions that, paradoxically, were to some degree knowable, and these shadows of knowing were much desired by the Creator. And each of these sparks and shadows became agents of the one infinite Creator, thoughts in and of themselves, thoughts rounded and centered in the one great original Thought which is Love. Remember that the universe is one of vibration and motion, not solidity and rest. And always your chief responsibility is to be yourself; to feel truly; to examine yourself as fully as you can and to know yourself to the very limit of your ability. You wish to know yourself, not to judge yourself or to condemn yourself, or to pat yourself on the back but simply to become aware of who you are. Knowing that things are not what they seem, we release our eyes and ears from having to believe everything we see and hear. This includes what we see and hear about ourselves. Fear and love cannot abide together. One or the other will win. We all tend to start from a position of fear in situations that feel risky to us in some way. Balancing that response by bringing it around to love is the basic ethical challenge of many of our rounds with catalyst.

Chapter Two: Polarity and the Choice
The “crystallites” in our human “ore” are ethical choices. In the usual run of behavior, we make choices at random with respect to ethics. We are not born as naturally ethical beings, any more than iron ore is naturally created as a magnet. Until we understand right from wrong in some way, we will make choices which seem useful to us at the time but which have no overall consistency and follow no coherent plan. As we make ethical choices consistently, we gather momentum along one line of service and increase our polarity. The golden rule is that we treat each other as we would wish to be treated. We forgive other people’s faults, offences and other misbehaviors as we hope other people will forgive our own errors. It is a simple concept! Treat people the way you would like to be treated. This principle of ethics echoes throughout all world religions. You are aligning with an ethical ideal, which is service to others. You are seeing the other person as equal to you. This action takes discipline and conscious choice. By such we become players of the Game of Life. When the choice for service to others has been made absolutely, there is a knowing that comes. It is a knowing that transcends planning. It is a knowing that includes the awareness that you really do not have control over anything but your own desires, your own will and your own persistence.

There are many times when friends want only a listening ear. Sympathy alone is what is asked. Listen carefully, when this situation arises, and do not share your advice unless you hear a specific request to do so. You are not only choosing to be of service to another in that particular instance. You are choosing how you want to approach life for the rest of your time here on Earth. See your life as a whole from beginning to end, as you would a symphony or a poem. As I have continued polarizing, I have found my life turning sweeter and deeper. The joy I feel from day to day is my subjective proof that living by my Choice has been the key to a more abundant and fulfilling life. In making this Choice, and in continuing to choose lovingly, we are not only creating an acceleration of the pace of our spiritual evolution. We are also preparing ourselves for the Graduation Day that will come when you die a natural death. According to the Ra group, graduation in positive polarity is achieved when we have a score of 51% service to others or higher. The time of the Choice will be gone. Indeed, many of those living on Earth today are recent graduates of Earth’s Density of Choice. They are pioneers of fourth density now, having chosen to come back and help their home planet heal, as their first service-to-others action within the Density of Love. Psychologists and psychics alike have called these children such names as Indigo Children and Crystal Children. More and more, these dual-activated persons will be the population of Earth.

Just as there are those whose path is service to others, there are those whose path is service to self and control over others. Each who sits in this circle of seeking knows those whose delight is in controlling. A great virtue of the Game rules is that the main metaphysical job of all service-to-others polarizing people is simply to seek ever more deeply to know themselves and to be themselves. Knowing that they are parts of a unitary creation made entirely of love, they know that at base, they are worthy. Therefore they can explore their consciousness in a direct and truthful way which is not full of fear as to what the seeker will find. It is a way in which judgment and appearances have no part. It is a forthright, radiant, generous polarity. It radiates unconditional love and compassion, both for the self and for others. In a unitary universe, each of us has all of the positive and all of the negative attributes and characteristics within us. In fact, we have the whole creation within us, wrapped in the inner folds of our consciousness. The service-to-self polarizing person does not agree that all is one. He is Number One. Naturally, the service-to-self polarizing person must identify himself by what is “mine.” He has denied his own true nature, which is unconditional love. He cannot look to his heart, which he refuses to open. So his hold on what he controls is tenacious, for what he holds as his defines him to himself. However, any people whose identity has come to be based on “my” dogma and “my” religion tend to come to the conclusion that theirs is the only way to believe, and all those who do not so believe are in need of being persuaded to join the ranks of true believers or to be eliminated; consigned to Hell after this life and to a state of not-belonging during this life.

Like the military, all credit is given upwards, eventually to the chief executives of the corporation. A service-to-others Game player’s only work is on himself. Since every situation is complex in our society and many shades of gray for the most part. Our essential selves are immortal. We as individuals in this life all are a part of something the Confederation calls our soul streams. Each of our lifetimes has added to the content of our own soul stream. When we rejoin our soul stream after this life is over, we shall re-meet our whole self, that self that is not the personality shell but the essence of the self that has gone through all these lifetimes. Make the First Choice. Make it with all of your heart. Decide that in this lifetime you will stand for love. You will be an agent of the love of the infinite Creator. By your very intention you have just reached a service-to-others polarity that will allow you to graduate. The change in vibration is instantaneous. To err is human; to forgive, divine. Make it a point to forgive yourself. This is our last chance for this Choice while we remain on our Earth home. This is our last third-density lifetime here before Graduation Day. This motivates me to do my absolute best. It gives me the grit to get a grip when things get tough! It helps me to remember who I am and why I am here. Knowing that this is my last lifetime here as a third-density human; knowing that each day is precious, sweetens my taste for life.

Jesus – the negative and exclusionary words and intentions they sometimes put into His mouth do not match what His intentions may be inferred to be if we read His words carefully. I also have this bias, as a mystical Christian. Jesus was a rebel but still he always seemed to win these debates with authority, until the last one, of course. Jesus says, “As long as you do it to one of the least of these, you did it to Me.” We are all One. We need to take care of us. Let us be a community of love. This is the basic message.
Martin Luther King Jr – his credo was Christian, but his mentor was Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu. He also was gunned down by an assassin, as was King.
Genghis Khan – Perhaps 30,000,000 people were killed by his forces during the fifty years of his continuous campaign. During that time the population of China was cut in half. He found mass extermination of cities to be his favorite tactic for taking over nations.
Idi Amin – The toll to Uganda: a death toll of over 300,000 people in eight years; Idi Amin said he poured over the Koran a lot and was happier than when he was President. He never expressed the slightest regret for his actions. Unlike Genghis Khan, who did succeed in graduating in the service-to-self polarity, Hitler did not. His negative polarity was greatly weakened by his belief that he was “doing the right thing” for his fatherland. He saw all the mass extermination as the needed means to the end of saving Germany. He saw himself always as Germany’s savior.

Chapter Three: The Energy Body
Consciousness is, in truth, the consciousness of love, for love, and the distortions of love, are all that there is. And each, through the process of taking on an incarnation, has signed up for a difficult yet rewarding term of service. This was a trip for which you planned, setting up for yourself relationships that would help to focus your own heart and mind upon those lessons of love you, yourself, deemed to be the most telling and critical for you at this point. Consciousness is the deepest part of all of our minds. And access to this common consciousness is necessary in order to play the Game of Life well. It is expected and applauded that we will distort the infinite Oneness. Indeed, we cannot do otherwise, as all manifested things are illusory and therefore a distortion of the infinite and invisible One.

A happy heart is more helpful to the chakra system than a good diet. A peaceful mind is more helpful to the chakra system than exercise. We seldom meet this present moment of “now” with our full and undivided attention. The deepest portion of the mind in Confederation philosophy is consciousness. Consciousness is the sea of Being which is of the one infinite Creator. It is made of unconditional love.

In our normal state of mind, we may not have access to consciousness. Consciousness dwells within our mind in a non-local, non-physical locus intersecting our energy body in the heart chakra. The energy body is what connects our physical bodies to our eternal spirits or souls. This energy body interpenetrates our physical body and is inseparable from it during our lifetimes. The two are firmly attached via a kind of umbilical cord which some have called the “silver cord.” This energy body has a profound effect upon our experience of life. And the reverse is also true. What we feel physically is heavily influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Involved in the word, “mind,” are the emotions, feelings, intuitions, gut reactions and biases which inform our thoughts and delimit our ways of processing thought. When it comes to the deepest basis of health and well-being, these subtle energies are far more influential in creating wellness within us than food and drink. The outward and visible symbol of the Creator’s love/light is the light of our Sun. This same love/light’s inward and invisible nature pours into our energy body in infinite supply. Mother Earth loves us without reservation, the best of mothers, and she feeds us well. She radiates a never-ending supply of limitless love/light which feeds the energy bodies of each of her children. So keeping these first three energy centers unblocked is essential for the Player of the Game of Life. Without food into the heart center, we are stuck with the senses and the intellects of our physical bodies, which are like those of a great ape.

To feed this consciousness that is the environment of your spirit or soul, which rests within the energy body and distinguishes it from the physicality of the purely animal world, you need the Creator’s love/light. This consciousness is part of the unitary nature of the Gameboard. It writes its programs by concepts rather than by words. This consciousness does not wield power in the same aggressive sense in which the intellectual mind wields power. Its inspirations come quietly into the asking heart. We all have access to this same consciousness, which is the vibration of unconditional love; the vibration of the Logos. It is the steady state of vibration for the entire creation. Our intellects will die when our bodies die. Our consciousness will not even break stride. We are citizens of eternity. The voice lifted in song and music in general carries a vibration which contains consciousness itself. Consciousness—the mind of the heart and soul—works well on the Gameboard. Until we are able to keep our energy pipelines open into our hearts reliably, we will have trouble dealing well with ethical issues in life. Because without our heart centers being open, we cannot access the consciousness that is our higher or metaphysical mind. Consciousness sees the Creator in every chore and duty. Every single thing we do can become sacred.

Chapter Four: The Red-Ray Energy Center
We want to help our energy bodies stay clear. Our energy bodies as a whole will stay most clear when we feel relaxed and unworried concerning the issues in our lives. Even if amazing amounts of catalyst are flying by, we are doing well, energetically speaking, if we can stay fearless, self-confident and trusting in the ultimate goodness of all that is occurring. Choosing this attitude or viewpoint of fearlessness is fundamental to being a Player. We only have to keep our energy bodies unconstricted enough so that we can get the guidance we need in order to make good ethical choices as they come up in our lives. Therefore accepting ourselves just as we are from moment to moment is the first step towards being able to think like a Player of the Game. To condemn ourselves for self-perceived errors is to contract and constrict our energy bodies. The mental exercise of working upon the bad landlord in ourselves is a practice in which there is no judgment. These habitual thoughts which tend to block energy can be seen as addictions. But all we need to know in order to start playing the Game well in this regard is that we need to address all constrictions in our energy body in order to clear them and restore energy flow through the pipeline.

For the sexual identity is as powerful and as unique a part of the individual spirit or soul as any other incarnationally expressed energy. The red-ray energy center is described by the Ra group as being the foundation ray. The red ray is a starting read-out of our vital and physical energy levels. The violet ray is the exit read-out of the status of the whole array of our rays, red through violet. The “inner chakras,” orange through indigo, are far more able to be developed by the seeker as he matures. The changes in our energy flow are caused by our reactions to incoming catalyst. Each thought we entertain potentially can change our energy body’s coloration and its state of openness.

Sexuality and survival are the energies which the red-ray center handles. Our most primal instincts reside in this chakra. They actually create blockage at their red ray because they over-activate it with repetitive and artificially created desires. The true nature of beingness is always the Creator experiencing Itself. Our bodies are sacred and the sexual energy they carry is sacred. What a generous Creator, to include such a freely available and in-built source of feeling good! Sexual play, with its intimacy and the free exchange of energies, is a gift indeed. As Players, we want to feel good about our sexuality. Our goal is to keep that precious flow of energy going.
An adrenaline reaction can become chronically half-triggered by stress, so that we are close to the fight-or-flight response on a daily basis. This is exhausting to our energy bodies and tends gradually to constrict the red-ray. It wears down the spirit and induces a chronic, habitual state of mild depression which insidiously robs us of our joy. The Player in this situation consciously chooses to fix his mind upon faith and hope as a discipline. We need to tackle our basic attitudes first, before going into the whys and wherefores of relationships, marriages and so forth. We need to look at what’s happened to our minds. Our minds have constricted our energy flow by accepting the story of hopelessness and helplessness which our emotions are telling us. When I am working with my own bouts with despair, I find it helps to pretend that the little soap opera of my life is being filmed. Until we ourselves become that gatekeeper and help ourselves off the ride, we are stuck in sorrow. And our energy body is constricted and blocked. The treatment for emotional suffering is the calling upon a wider point of view. It is acknowledging all of what we are feeling and thinking, deliberately experiencing it all thoroughly, and then asking the mind to release the concern we have had about these feelings and thoughts. We can almost instantaneously clear the red-ray center of constriction by invoking faith and a larger point of view and by asking ourselves to become observers of ourselves and then healers and balancers of our constricted energy flow, so that we once again are flowing with good energy.

Chapter Five: The Orange-Ray Energy Center
We are able to clear the red-ray chakra quickly and simply as we acknowledge our sexuality and affirm the appropriateness of our instinct for survival. Am I OK with being a sexual being? Am I OK with living on planet Earth? In orange-ray work, issues continually mount up. We are never done with the clearing! It is our power to give or withhold love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. It is our power to keep our promises and to treat people ethically, fairly and generously. And before we use this power on anyone else, we need to use it on ourselves. I am saying that we can learn to love ourselves, knowing our faults. And that is what we need to do to open our orange ray. It is important to come into an abiding friendship with ourselves. If we do not like our own company, then how can we really enjoy anyone else’s? If we do not have compassion for ourselves, how can we have compassion for others? We really need to enjoy being who we are. That is essential for keeping the energy flowing through the energy body. We find ourselves becoming more expansive, serene and peaceful. It feels good! And feeling good allows the love/light of the Creator to sail merrily through our energy body’s orange ray and onward towards the heart. Now let us take a look at how to reap the benefits of seeing others as equally worthy, just as they are. The belly chakra is all about personal relationships. Yet at the soul level, we are all equally “good.” We are all one. Invoking that remembrance of oneness when we are faced with relating to such people unblocks the orange-ray center so that the vital energy of the Creator can come freely through that chakra. But enjoying them just as they are. We can stroke over our entire head with a free hand. Be mindful, while doing this, of asking that energy which we do not appreciate to leave the personal space of our auras. A Player invokes love, love flows and love teaches. We do not have to do the loving. We only have to start the flow of love by determining to act as though we love. Love opened up to me her fears and her deep feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. Ask not what the other self can do for you. Ask what you can do for the other self. We often find ways to escape relationships and the work they engender. We distract ourselves endlessly with television when we are together. There we are, together but not together. We are both watching the same thing but we are not really “with” each other. The television shows keep us from having to relate personally. Enjoy the shows and the music, but remember to find the time to relate to yourself and to the relationships of your life as well.

The orange-ray attempt to have sexual intercourse creates a blockage if only one entity vibrates in this area, thus causing the entity vibrating sexually in this area to have a never-ending appetite for this activity. What these vibratory levels are seeking is green-ray activity. The culture as a whole is over-activated and blocked in orange ray. This means that Players will be facing a steady headwind from the everyday “Matrix” in order to clear their orange-ray energy centers. Fear of possession, desire for possession, fear of being possessed, and desire to be possessed: these are the distortions which will cause the deactivation of green ray energy transfer. They would like lust to be simple and convenient and not result in entanglements. They have no desire to mature beyond red-ray and undeveloped orange-ray sexuality. And without allowing their emotions to mature into a view of sexuality which aims to make one special woman their partner and companion for a lifetime, they are stuck with endless desire. They are over-activated and therefore blocked in orange ray. For when we make love, we mingle our auras in an intimate way. To remain safe in such an intimate situation, we really need to be able to trust our partners and to have respect and affection for them. Forgiveness is the key to clearing orange ray. The thing to hold on to in forgiving is that most often the people who are hurting us do not know what they are doing. Practicing forgiveness of ourselves and of others with whom we have a relationship helps us to keep our energy bodies clear and lets the energy flow through us up into the heart. I would highly recommend that Players familiarize themselves with the beautiful spiritual traditions of the Native Americans, as their harmony with nature is our heritage for the asking. You choose the cast. No matter how difficult the relationships seem or how much pain has been experienced, this was part of your own choice. When we have challenges in our relationships with ourselves and others, then we as Players need to examine the challenges. We need to get clear on what is happening and how we feel. We can ask ourselves to good effect, “Why did I choose this catalyst?” Knowledge gives us power and we are no longer victims but Players. When we hear something which hurts our feelings, then, as Players we need to step back and decline to offer any immediate response. Instead, we need to ask the other self to repeat what he or she has said. In the majority of cases, we have just avoided a useless brangle over nothing by doing this.

Chapter Six: The Yellow-Ray Energy Center
The yellow-ray chakra deals with formalized relationships such as our birth families, our marriages and our jobs. When people live together or work together on a daily basis over a long period of time, the family acts like a house of mirrors. And we will not resolve them until we can love them, just as they are. This happens to an extent in any relationship that gets past the first flush of pretence and into being real with each other. But permanent relationships can tangle up our energy centers far more easily than passing fancies and acquaintances, because of the familiarity we develop through the years with family members. There are as many ways to be less than loving in our families as there are people in this world. Anger and resentment can be expressed in many ways that do not show. Herein lies a key to family relationships: be creative and proactive in changing the energy by focusing on enlarging the feelings of love that are there. Almost every birth family has toxic patterns of some sort. Once we have spotted the recurrent patterns of toxic interaction in our families, we can find ways to change the patterns. The best situation possible for learning our incarnational lessons as children. It may be the work of years to get past our resentment of one family member or another once we reach adulthood, but it is work we intended to do when we came in. I told him that until he could promise not to try to change me, I would not visit him at Christmastime. Our relationships in the birth family last for a lifetime. As Players, our goal is to inject love, peace and understanding into these relationships, generously celebrating our family members for exactly who they are, yet celebrating ourselves by setting limits also, as needed, so that we do not become doormats for bullying, no matter how well-intended the managing might be. We can go away, physically, if need be, but we need to continue to love them from afar as best we can. In any metaphysical covenant there is a third party which overshadows both entities. You may call that being the Creator. Perhaps we would do best to call it living love. Those who do not marry and seek together, seek alone for the face of love. Those who seek through the covenant of marriage incorporate that which they seek into their marital seeking. This gives to those who grasp and understand the metaphysical meaning of marriage a gracefulness and a tenderness that would not come naturally otherwise. I love that process of finding ever more unified and harmonized ways to share sexual energy or, to put it another way, to share playtime with our bodies and the Creator in the fields of the Lord. The yellow ray is the chakra of our humanity. It is more than our bodies. It is that “I” that is reading these words. The yellow ray is the last center of our energy bodies through which the infinite love/light energy of the Creator moves—or is blocked—before it reaches the heart chakra. It works with the most central relationships of our lives.

The yellow ray is a center of profound power, the gateway to the heart chakra. It is unfortunate that the pull of second-density behavior is still so strong in us. Prejudice is alive and well, here in the last days of third density. We need to wash these thoughts out of our minds when we find them lurking there. This will take every ounce of passion and determination we have within us. It is far better for the positively polarizing person to be expressive, flowing with emotions and maybe a bit behind on details than for him to be totally organized and feeling negative emotions about those around him. Let some things fall off the wagon and smell the roses! Into each relationship has been poured a tremendous amount of preincarnative thought. You may see each relationship as a carefully prepared lesson in the giving and receiving of love. We release the triggers as we forgive the people who created those triggers in our memories and forgive ourselves for having been triggered. Take note, then, Players, when we see a memory surface from the past. Know it is a Xerox copy that is no longer true. For time has passed. We are different now, by far, than we were then. And we need to forgive and move on. As we invest our animals by our love and affection for them, their spirit complexes become awakened. Eventually they are ready, upon their deaths, to reincarnate not as animals but as 3-D babies. Ghosts are an artifact of the death process, because the person is completely fixated upon an aspect of his or her life and cannot let it go.

Chapter Seven: The Green-Ray Energy Center
The heart chakra has two distinct levels. We would call them the outer courtyard of the heart and the inner sanctum of the heart. It is here that you will find your shadow self. In order to enter the inner sanctum of your own heart, you must do the work of greeting, understanding, accepting, feeling compassion for, and eventually redeeming every bit of undeveloped light that is a part of yourself. Our object is to secure a continuous, full flow of the Creator’s infinite love/light energy into our heart chakras. We need to forgive ourselves for being ourselves. We need to come to like ourselves. It urges us to engage in coming to understand these feelings from the level of the heart chakra. What is needed, beyond serving others, is that we come to understand and accept our feelings about ourselves, qualities we perceive to be flaws, our undesirable qualities. We need to work with them until we can accept ourselves as we are, unfortunate emotions and all. Did we come to this earthly life to fix ourselves? I do not think so. We came here to learn better how to love and to be loved. Love ourselves genuinely, especially the “shadow side” we like to keep hidden.

We need to do this work so we can enter the inner sanctum of the heart and rest at last in unconditional love. But I also accept the personal cloak of Christhood. It is that practice of taking individual responsibility for our spiritual walk which the Confederation encourages us to practice. The doorway to the inner heart can always be blocked by our self-dislike and lack of self-acceptance. Our work as Players is to achieve attitudes towards ourselves that are loving, affectionate and self-accepting. Can we keep our heart’s compassionate focus entirely on that person’s worth at the soul level while that person does his best to bully us into doing things his way? Others’ opinions of us, spoken or implied, can also close our hearts. Words CAN hurt us. And with our feelings hurt, we may well forget to keep seeing the people around us at the soul level. In order to keep an open heart, we must accept the challenge of seeing people as one with us, no matter what their behavior may be. Jesus, on the cross, shows us a good example of a person who refuses to close his heart chakra in response to being treated badly. Choose to respond by retaining the view of them as souls. We need to retain that sight of them as a part of the Creator, just as we are part of the Creator. Nevertheless I pretended to love her dearly and in only a few weeks, I genuinely did. I made room in my heart for seeing her in a new way. Think upon that phrase, “Let go.” When you feel self-judgment, let it go. When you feel a lack of self-esteem, release it. In the world of the green-ray chakra, today’s errors are enough to carry and by evening, it is time for the Player to lay them down, give them up, and empty the pockets of all mental and emotional baggage. The penetration of the veil may be seen to begin to have its roots in the gestation of green-ray activity, that all-compassionate love which demands no return. If this path is followed the higher energy centers shall be activated and crystallized until the adept is born. Within the adept is the potential for dismantling the veil to a greater or lesser extent that all may be seen again as one. This veil is in place in third density to enable us to choose how to think and act by our own free will. As we offer service to others without asking for or expecting a return, our compassionate and generous actions create their own energetic environment in which we grow as souls. It is a feedback operation: the more we practice the ways of service to others, the more we can feel the lightness and radiance of our beings. And the veil begins to lift. All the other irritating and rude people whom we meet become very helpful to us. They are the people upon whom we can practice the ways of love. The central work for a Player is to come ever more fully into the open heart. I am a Player, not a victim. And yet the lions at the gate let me pass, for I accept my own dishevelment and dare to believe in unconditional love, silence is always a key to opening the door to the inner heart. We feel the unconditional love that is imbedded in that silence. When the mind stops, the Creator is right there. Players become adepts as we apply fourth-density positive values, such as compassion and seeing others as ourselves, to the circumstances of our everyday lives. They have a firm grasp of the Golden Rule. They are ready to stride into our meanest city streets and our bruised and battered countryside and make changes for the better. We shall penetrate the veil by the love we experience from the one Creator and by our responses of unconditional love to the Creator and to the creation around us.

One of the many magical things about pyramids is their healing ability. We need to do three things in order to come into our open hearts. We need to get to know ourselves, even our worst faults. We need to forgive ourselves completely. We need to accept ourselves unconditionally, just as we are. This process is our leap into faith. In order to stay in our open hearts, we need to repeat the process daily, looking within to be sure that we remain self-forgiven and self-accepted. Forgiving and accepting other selves is simply an extension of forgiving and accepting ourselves.

Chapter Eight: The Blue-Ray Energy Center
The lower rays deal with the immediate problems of our physical bodies, our emotions and our reactions to incoming catalyst. The Confederation would call these lower-chakra issues “mind/body” issues. Even the heart chakra can be shut down by incoming catalyst of the lower-chakra type, such as hurt feelings and resentment. We are not in blue ray until our voices are voices of love. Our blue-ray chakras are impervious to blockage. They dwell solidly in the area of spirit. If our energy can enter this hundred-faceted, flashingly brilliant throat chakra at all, nothing can stop us from communicating our shining truth. That is what the blue ray is all about: it requires honesty. And nothing takes us out of blue-ray communication faster than the desire to impress someone. The Player needs to evaluate his responses in conversation to be sure that he is not slanting his words in order to boast or to leave a favorable impression. We can say, “ I feel badly about something I thought you said. This is what I thought I heard.” Then we can share our tender feelings and find out if we heard the other person correctly without accusing the other person or separating him from us in our hearts. We can focus upon putting the other person at ease rather than on how we feel. We encourage each to practice the skill of listening and of attempting to tailor that which is communicated to the needs of that particular entity. This is careful, subtle work, yet we feel that it is a good discipline. Don’t stop listening to the other person halfway through his thought, because we are already formulating our response to what he has just half-said. As Players, we need to make a point of listening to the other person all the way through his speaking. Listening is a central part of the skill of blue-ray communication. Schooling ourselves to be “all ears,” we will know that we have truly heard people. And they will know it too! The central requirement for being a skillful listener is for us to be in our open hearts. We can be listening to someone because we are being polite and are tolerating them. We need be listening to him because we know that we are one at the soul level. We love and respect him as we love and respect ourselves.

Seek to assess the needs of that entity to whom you speak and then attempt to communicate directly into the heart of that energy. That gives the other full respect, and it shall aid in effective communication. In a group aim your discussions so that the least savvy person in the sitting circle can grasp what you are saying. Yet if our voices are not loving, compassionate voices, it does not matter how well we have organized our thoughts or presented our opinions. They will still fall short of achieving that blue-ray resonance. And if we are speaking from the heart, it does not matter how halting or awkward our words. The love shines through. There is no message we can share that does not come across better when we are speaking from a place where we consciously love the other person. I ask myself what “my highest, best self ” would do in a situation, when I wanted to make a sound judgment call. We need to gear up mentally and emotionally to realize that there is a very long learning curve involved in bringing blue-ray communication into our lives and especially into our mated relationships.

Are we solidly in our own open hearts?
Do we feel unconditional love for the person with whom we are communicating?
Are we being completely honest?
Are we truly listening to the other person?
Are we clear of energies such as accusation or complaint?
Is the other person completely safe with us?

Chapter Nine: The Lighthouse Level
The higher chakras are very useful to the developing Player but not essential for graduation. So keeping the heart open is job-one. We as individuals are living interfaces between third-density Earth reality, with its many limitations, and the unlimited world of the metaphysical or time/space universe. Using the indigo and violet rays to access the gateway to intelligent infinity is like choosing to open a computer program by clicking on its icon. Microsoft calls the computer mouse a “human interface device.” The indigo-ray chakra, also the location in our physical bodies of our pineal gland, a gland which scientists link to paranormal phenomena and the ability to be aware of subtle energies. The violet ray is basically a read-out of our entire energy body. More than anything we do or say, it is an accurate and unbiased report on our present vibrational situation. Each of our violet rays is different, the Confederation says, and yet each one is perfect—perfect for us. We can use the violet ray for protection and for work in consciousness, as we access the gateway to intelligent infinity, but we cannot do anything to or with the violet-ray chakra itself. It is as it is, an up-to-the-minute report on who we are. It is our metaphysical ID. This ray is the center of contact with the Creator. This exercise is intended to balance the Player’s original distortion as he re-experiences it and then experiences its opposite dynamic. It places the Player at some distance from the original reaction and enlarges his perspective. And it lets him know what his issues are. He gets to know himself better each time he does this. As that heart not only opens but is persuaded by the constant tuning of the individual to stay open, more and more, finally there is a habitual default setting of open heart and dependence upon the concept of love and a need to be a part of the principle of love and light upon Planet Earth. In such a way shall you be able to keep your system open and ready to speak the words of love, to sing the melodies of wisdom, and to reach out, hand to hand and heart to heart, to each other, as you practice being one in love. I stress this because many Players who have become advanced in their metaphysical practices run into trouble or become “burned out.” The culprit is often their devaluing the worth of their lower-chakras.

The Confederation material suggests that the three most common sources of indigo-ray blockage are judgment, fear and unworthiness. If our self-judgment lingers beyond the sincere desire to learn from our mistakes, then that self-judgment is likely to become toxic. Too much self-judgment closes the energy pathway into the heart. The Player’s goal is to keep the heart open. Self-judgment has to go! The Confederation suggests that we are in charge of our own judgment, both during life and after its ending. We are responsible for forgiving ourselves and starting over when we find ourselves in error. And we are responsible for walking the steps of light during graduation and choosing exactly within which intensity of light we are most comfortable. We need to focus on the love in the moment and if we do err, which we certainly will do, time and time again, we need to engage clearly and consciously in self-forgiveness.

Another frequent source of blockage is fear. We may not want to explore our own motives in doing key things because we fear what we shall find. Perhaps the most common fear among Players is that we will not make the grade and graduate. We Players will sift through a lot of sand and silt as we seek to find the gold which lies within our deeper natures.

The third most frequent cause of blockage which keeps us from doing indigo-ray work is unworthiness. In reality, much of getting to know the self is not pushing the self around as much as it is gently sitting around the campfire with all of these different parts of self and allowing each to tell its story. Be sure, when releasing old pain, to thank it for the learning it has contained.

Chapter Ten: Work in Consciousness
The goal of such work is to become free of the triggers that throw us off-balance emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In order to work with the two highest chakras in calling down inspiration, we need to have a dependably open heart and even temperament. We provide the power source for work in consciousness by choosing consistently to be of service to others. In choosing consistently to be of service to others, we open our hearts and therefore gain the ability to access unconditional love, which is the steady state of our heart chakras and of the Creator. Practice the presence of the one Creator by checking to be sure our hearts are open and our energy is flowing well.

Contemplative prayer – We get physically comfortable. We calm down until we are centered and silent within. Express your intent mentally. Then we become silent, and remain silent for the period of the meditation. Meditation is an attempt to contact your original identity, the consciousness of the All. This consciousness is a much different reality, a reality transcendent to that of the illusion. The Creator we are calling down into our energy bodies and our lives is our ultimate consciousness and nature. The wisdom gained in this silent communication will set us on the right track. We are calling for our beloved Creator’s Presence, consciousness and essence to come through our gateway, through our violet ray and into our indigo ray. The benefits of this technique of work in consciousness accumulate quietly but surely if we are consistent about practicing the presence daily. One warning: do not spend too long a time each day in meditation. A little of this amazing technique goes a long way.

Prayer is basically a verbally expressed way of practicing the Presence. Our prayers do not have to be grand. They only have to be heart-felt. The Lord’s Prayer contains all the moods of prayer: praise, thanksgiving, hunger for the presence of the Beloved, a desire for justice, repentance for self-perceived errors and a plea for protection against negativity. Nothing can equal the power of the prayers which come from our own hearts. And keep the technique of prayer close by, all day, every day. And just seconds of prayer can reboot our whole point of view and bring us back into balance. This is  expressing our side of the “continual conversation” by forming words mentally or out loud.

The third technique is that of keeping a journal. We always have the choice of living in faith or living in fear. In every challenging circumstance, whether it is an illness, a broken relationship, a lost job or an inner depression which hits us for no clear reason, we can choose our reaction. We know our roots are in the Creator. We know we are children of the Logos. We know that we are creatures of love.

Chapter Eleven: Advanced Lighthouse-Level Work
The I AM that is the core of you learns of love, of wisdom, and of loving, wise compassion. When these lessons have been learned to the extent that they are without significant distortion, you turn and, reaching through time, you offer yourself a gift. The purpose of the Morning Offering is to give us thoughts for the day and start us off into our daily routines with a renewed awareness of the sacred. The purpose of the Gaia Meditation is to visualize peace on earth, to feel love and peace in our hearts and to renew our stewardship of Gaia, our Mother Earth. In addition, I offer a solitary prayer ritual immediately upon arising each morning. When I hear one of those sounds, I stop a moment and affirm that I am a child of the infinite One and a creature made of love. By re-framing the noises of my day as calls to remembrance, I eliminate the aggravation with which I might otherwise hear these sounds and substitute a pleasant emotion as I move into this momentary spiritual practice. All things are triggers for our growing awareness of the magical nature of all things, including ourselves. We are all living channels through which something shall pass whenever we open our mouths. Will our channel be filled with loving and helpful words when we speak? It is always our choice. While suggesting to all seekers that they are already channels, they ask only those who cannot resist the feeling that channeling is part of their life’s work in service to learn channeling formally.

It is essential to make a lifetime commitment to walking one’s talk if one intends to be a channel. A channel must be prepared to die for what he believes and to live by what he believes. Psychic greetings are those greetings which have been sent by an entity, most usually of the inner planes, with the intention of disrupting the process of spiritual evolution and causing an entity to stop its forward progress and to become lost in the side roads of inner questioning and suffering. Most so-called psychic greetings are actually instances of psychic resistance coming from within the Player’s own personality. Pockets of pain offer easy targets for agents of psychic resistance within the energy body and personality, as well as those outside of the self. The usual greeting is some form of temptation. The result is that the Player temporarily halts his progress in polarization. He has been taken off the Gameboard until he regains his balance, recalls his intentions and becomes fearless once more. It can be dealt with successfully by any Player. And it is nothing to fear. The Player will need to remind himself consciously to respond fearlessly. The game will be to perceive the psychic greeting as soon as possible and keep the down-time, away from the open heart, as short as possible. Using your breath intentionally to create changes in your consciousness is magical. Have a mantra or phrase ready to use when psychic greeting is perceived. The Player at the Lighthouse Level is one who has awakened his magical personality and can create changes in his consciousness at will. I also use the simple, one-word prayer, “Jesus.” Sing a favorite song. A dedication of the self to the forces of unconditional love. It is far more important, metaphysically speaking, for the Player to return to the consciousness of the open heart than for him to be especially efficient in his work that day. My illnesses have served a valuable function in my life. In these times of illness I have grown in compassion and depth of selfhood. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold. One, know yourself. Two, accept yourself. Three, become the Creator.

Sex is a sacred thing which can open to us Players a beautiful and inspiring realm of communion with the one infinite Creator. Sex is not only for young people. It is not only for attractive people. It is for us all. Even if we are at present sexually inactive or if we give up sexual activity completely. What turns love-making into sacred sexuality? Unconditional love is the beginning of sacred sex. Both you and your partner dwell in unconditional love, each for the other, while making love. We had not yet learned to communicate fearlessly with each other. Our hearts kept their secrets. Then the next step is to become able to talk with each other in complete openness. The hearts of both mates must become entirely undefended. It was Mick’s and my life-threatening swim which created the opportunity for our breakthrough into total communication. The heart senses that it is totally safe. And the barriers come down—barriers we did not know were there until they fell. It is only when the mated pair set out to “use the sexual energy transfer to learn, to serve and to glorify the one infinite Creator” that the function of the female orgasm becomes clear. It is the function of the male orgasm to enliven and strengthen the reserves of physical energy for the woman. It is the function of the female orgasm to “ inspire, heal and bless” the male. I think the key to moving from “normal” sexuality to sacred sexuality is the awareness of sexual energy as coming from the energy body rather than the physical body.

Chapter Twelve: The Bullet
1) The creation is unitary. Its nature is unconditional love. We are all one. We are all literally created by love and we have complete free will.
2) Our Earth world’s Gameboard is in an illusion which works by polarity. The two poles are service-to-others and service-to-self. Using a physical analogy, we need to polarize sufficiently to achieve escape velocity.
3) We sharpen our perceptions so that we may make better, more polarized choices every day.
4) As Players we work primarily with our energy bodies. Our goal is to keep our chakras unblocked, letting the Creator’s infinite energy flow through the system freely.
5) As Players we work with our catalyst to keep distractions such as anger and shame from blocking the orange-ray energy center.
6) The yellow-ray energy center deals with formal relationships such as marriage, children and the work environment.
7) We enter our green-ray chakras, our hearts, when we come to know ourselves, accept ourselves and fall in love with ourselves just as we are. This gives us the eyes of love we need to accept, forgive and love others.
8) Our blue-ray chakras concern true communication, to get real with ourselves and others, telling our truth with honesty and compassion.
9) The indigo-ray energy center is the home of faith to access the gateway to intelligent infinity to do Lighthouse-Level work.
10) We Players doing such types of Lighthouse-Level work as meditation, prayer, journaling and increasing our faith to create changes in our level of consciousness.
11) Players can use the gateway to intelligent infinity for advanced Lighthouse-Level work such as channeling, healing and sacred sex. Working with the light so closely, Players may experience psychic greetings. We can protect ourselves by closing the circuits in our energy bodies and by asking for help from spirit.

However, as third density comes to its close, third-density light is waning. Fourth-density light is growing. But the amount of truth in fourth-density light will make it very hard for us humans, veiled from the vision of our basic perfection, to forgive, forget and fall in love with ourselves.