Love is a person, it is an experience, it is a mystery. It is acceptance and contentment, enjoyment and appreciation (to value and increase in value).

Love is perfect
It needs nothing. Need is ego’s imitation of love. Love is giving, need is seeking to receive. The very nature of love is to be without need. It is independent and free, and ready to give out of its fullness. Love is at perfect peace with who it is and needs not become anything.
Love is who we are. Need is ego – an imitation, imaginary identity. Love delights in itself, even everything, need always wants. Humans need one another, divinity can increase its own happiness and fullness. Everything is always as it should be, I am whole. Love knows who it is in truth and wants to be known as and through you. The Christ is being manifest through everything. Love is always in choice and will not play the role of victim.
Love needs no approval or identity from another. It is happy in itself and sees worth in everything. It practices selfishness in the highest, noblest sense of that word, which requires enormous independence and courage.
Love is equanimous, it cannot be swept away by the opinions of others. It is above the clouds where it is always sunny. It is unaffected by circumstances or the expectations of another, always content. Everything is as it should be, nothing can threaten its sublimity. It does not attach to or resist anything. It is bliss itself. It loves whatever arises, in fact it is the cause of its arising. It encounters fear and anger with kindness, resistance with patience. Love is beyond human understanding, but can be known by experience.

Love is fearless
I am unconditional love and light, not fearful. Love does not fear suffering, need seems to always be in a state of pain. Love has no fear, no craving no resistance. It embraces the present moment and welcomes change. Love is not afraid to surrender to truth. My resistance in fear is my biggest impediment and love is here to remove all fear. Love releases you from the expectations of all relationships. It knows who we are, our completeness. It does not try to control life or block out the difficult experiences. It accepts everything and nothing is a threat to it, it knows everything is for its good. Love sees the whole of life as an invitation of discovery, awakening. It allows ‘whatever is’ to happen. It sees the other in its innate goodness. It is not about wanting to feel this and not wanting to feel that; it is about allowing Oneself to feel everything because it knows that everything is God.
Everything is drawing me away from my imaginary, pretentious identity to unveil who I really am. It uses every pain and bliss to this end. Love knows what is best. It sees everything in life as a gift. Every seemingly negative thing in my life I helped create. I helped plan it, and I executed it right on schedule. In other words, I am responsible for it. The love you have for God is reflected in the love you have for yourself, pretense is impossible. Love sees it’s reflection everywhere it looks. God’s love for me is perfect and I have nothing whatsoever to fear.

Love is inclusive (non-judgmental)
It includes all equally. Love seeks the highest good of the other, not just its temporal happiness. Love sees the other and recognizes its worth. It sees them as who they truly are. Need objectifies the other and selfishly takes. Do not use others as objects to enhance your worth in your own eyes. You never try to change them, you know them. You will not limit the expression of another.
Love will always choose kindness for others over being right. It allows others to make bad choices and will go through the consequences with that one. It completely allows for the free choice of the other without interfering or manipulation. It perseveres with others and endures the extremes. When you love something, you grant it soul, you see its soul, and you let its soul touch yours. You must love something deeply to know its soul. It is to be appreciative of the other, non-manipulative, not needy nor easily offended.
Every trigger in my life is an opportunity for love, either to express love toward others or toward myself in forgiveness. Each opportunity taken brings about a transmutation from fear and pain to love, removing all of ego’s coverings to unveil my core essence of love. Every time I practice forgiveness I prepare myself for the moment I need to forgive myself most.
Love is the pearl of great price. It is worth paying everything you have to gain it. You must love your life, love yourself. It all begins there. Show me what love is, show me who I really am.

Love in its expression
The secret to happiness is accepting change. It is to let go of all the past and welcome all the new. So long as we crave, we can never be happy. The greater the clinging to “mine,” the greater the suffering will be. How wonderful to go beyond wanting and fearing in our relationships. It is surrendering all resistance and saying yes to whatever life brings you, to let go of my likes and dislikes. The more you let go, the more free you become. Seemingly obstacles are detours in the right direction. No experience exists as an obstacle on your path. It could only be the next pearl of insight, the most direct way to accelerate any spiritual process is by relaxing into it.
You cannot tell people what to be. You can only love and support who they already are. Love listens to the other with full attention. It listens to and says good things about itself and others. Love chooses its thoughts, thinking the best of others.
The more good we believe about us the more we behave like it, not the other way around. We all need to see ourselves as the perfect souls we are and live life to the full by loving ourselves unconditionally. It is to enjoy being who we are. It celebrates all the other family members for who they are. Each relationship is a carefully prepared lesson in the giving and receiving of love.
Love does not see another as the source of its pain, but rather an opportunity to express itself. It knows this person is just like me and is only capable of being perfect. You are not capable of being anything other than perfection, except in your own mind. Love recognizes our true beauty and magnificence in being a part of the One. Loving ourselves is actually the most important thing we can do. We are not the limited, flawed beings we seem. What we might view as weakness or failure is really courage and suffering. God has no expectations of you. Our mission is to live and enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy the ride and have lots of fun.

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