Love Yourself,

Like your life depends on it, by Kamal Ravikant (a summary by Pat Evert)


I, Pat Evert, made a vow to love myself no matter what on November 30, 2015. From now on I will love myself. Repeat over and over “I love myself.” Focus on loving myself. My job is to love myself. Life, the Universe, will love you back.

Mental loop, “I love myself” … “I love myself” … Create a groove, a river. It is a practice.

Meditation, 7 minutes of soothing music. Inhale, “I love myself.” Exhale all else.

Another meditation, looking into a mirror for 5 minutes, telling yourself, “I love myself.”

Shine and share your truth. Practice your truth. Just coasting is a lazy tendency we have, but if I love myself I’ll fly. Love your life, love yourself. Let go of ego, fear and all attachments.

Be easy on yourself.