Claim of Truth


Word, I am Word.
I am Word … through my body, through my vibration and through my knowing of myself as Word.
Word, I am Word through all I see before me.


I am a perfect creation, love embodied. To hold another outside of love is only to keep myself out.

I know who I am in truth (a fractal of God)
I know what I am in form (God manifest)
I know how I serve in love (I sing a new song)
May we be in wonder everyday as we see more of who we are. When I am in fear or abnegate my authority I am not standing in my worth.

I am free… of fear and judgment, I am free… of addiction and aversion, I am free of ego and all its untrue stories. ~PS~

I can make my best contribution to the whole only by being myself. I love myself unconditionally.  Pat, I love you. I am so glad you are in my life. You are a tremendous and constant blessing to me.

Behold the One beholding you and smiling. Disapproval does not seem to be a part of God’s DNA. Indeed the Lord comes to us in disguise as ourselves. Jesus was not a man for others, he was one with others. He did not champion the cause of the outcast, he was the outcast. His ways are not our ways, but they sure could be. Jesus shows us that the desire for purity, nine times out of ten, is an enemy of the Gospel. We stand with the demonized, so that the demonizing will stop. ~GB~

I love myself. I deserve more love, not less. The key is slow gentle breathing to remind my body it is safe, to let in and feel what could only be another moment of transformation.
Simply repeat this healing mantra: I love you… I love you… I love you… I love you… I love you…

I don’t know how to love this sadness I feel… this self-pity… this inadequacy… this cowardice… this resentment…  this rejection… or this so and so. No matter how this child feels, they are as deserving of my unconditional love as anyone else.


Whatever arises, love that! By loving the one who can’t do anything right, loving the one who feels like a failure, or even loving the one who is burdened by discontent, you immediately turn a corner in the direction of true heartfelt relief. If it’s not the way you would talk to a child in need, it shouldn’t be the way you talk to yourself. Each feeling is here to be loved as only I can love it.
Simply by taking several mini-breathing breaks throughout the day, you cultivate an ability to feel instinctively safe wherever you go. You don’t need anyone to act in a certain way in order to feel the harmony, bliss, and joy that life always provides. In order to call upon your highest qualities for the wellbeing of all, it is essential to become the source of your own fulfillment. Every moment of conflict is an opportunity to discover the invaluable gifts that life provides.
Three ways to lift the frequency of another: 1) look past the ego to their true nature, 2) give them a genuine compliment, and 3)  listening itself is always the best answer. ~MK~

What would you like to be? You are already far greater than that! You are so cool, more than you or I know!  ~NS~

Change comes through brutal honesty and vulnerability before God. If we remain still, listening for his voice, God will insert something of himself into our character that will mark the rest of our journey with him. To fail to see the value of simply being with God and ‘doing nothing’ is to miss the heart of Christianity. ~PS~

I love myself. I love my wife. I love my mom. And I love whatever arises, knowing that nothing is coincidence or accident and everything is a perfect gift from the universe of love.
I AM free… I AM love… I AM Presence… as is everyone else.
I am Spirit (a spirit being) having a physical experience, not the reverse. ~WD~


Authentic God experience is always “too much”! It consoles our True Self only after it has devastated our false self. God has to undo our illusions secretly, as it were. Great people come to serve and not to be served. ~RR~

When you must choose between being right and being kind, always choose kindness. ~WD~

Ego is no more than this: identification with form. This results in a total unawareness of my connectedness with the whole, my intrinsic oneness with every “other”. Ego has lost its sense of worth, is unsatisfied and always wanting more.
Make it a habit to feel the inner body as often as you can. Look through the ego to the sanity that is in every human being as his or her essence. What a heavy burden of the past we carry around with us in our minds. The pain-body is an addiction to unhappiness. Take responsibility for your inner state now. It is your conscious Presence that breaks the identification with the pain-body. In the stillness of Presence, you can sense the formless essence in yourself and in the other as one.
When someone criticizes you, blames you, or calls you names, instead of immediately retaliating or defending yourself – do nothing. Allow the self-image to remain diminished and become alert to what that feels like deep inside you. Your inner purpose is to awaken. It is as simple as that. ~ET~

You are not a victim. You are love. Unconditional love is not something we can get, but what we give to ourselves and others. ~MB~

If we do not have self-love, we continually look for others to give it to us—but they cannot. No one else could ever love someone enough to compensate for their own lack of self-love. ~TS~

  1. I am patient, I am kind.
  2. I do not envy, I do not boast, I am not proud.
  3. I do not dishonor others, I am not self-seeking, I am not easily angered, I keep no record of wrongs.
  4. I do not delight in evil, but rejoice with the truth.
  5. I always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere (always win).
  6. I never fail.

I saw myself through the eyes of God. … Whatever I said or did from that point on would need to come from a place of love instead of fear. We need allow ourselves to be who we are, instead of trying to pretend we are something or someone we are not.
I’ve learned that the best way out of pain is to go through it. This means first recognizing that the pain’s there, and then accepting it. You acknowledge its presence and allow yourself to truly feel it. You own it. Pain is never without gifts. ~AM~


I am so grateful for the gift of life … to strengthen the energetic grid that forms the pattern of our beautiful planet. I celebrate that all of us are coming to know ourselves as one with our Source and learning to love each other as souls on the same journey – those who have raised their frequency and are living from the heart. A truly spiritual person loves everyone.
All of us walk in two worlds at once: the world of matter and the spirit world. Because we place so much value today on logic, technology, and the intellect, we are neglecting the heart. As a result, we are unbalanced spiritually, prisoners of the head. But, seeing from the heart … with unity consciousness we watch the drama of life unfold below us with compassion. Together we form the one heart of God. Beyond our human imperfections we are pure spirit beings and our true essence is love. The reason we are here is very simple: We are here to love each other. ~SG~


When we forget who we are, that is when the suffering begins. Don’t try to control life or block out some of its experiences. Even if the feelings are undesirable, accept them as they are. Recognize that you are accepted and loved in your completeness – unconditionally. Even my imperfections are perfect. Who I really am is beyond all stories, all images. It allows everything.
Life will threaten and even destroy your image. You are not who you think you are. It will not overwhelm you, only your image. Who can say, “This wave should not be here”? Allow failure and you succeed. Freedom is not escaping the waves. It’s not freedom from pain, but freedom in the pain. Freedom is to accept these unpopular feelings. Love is this capacity to accept everything. Love is who I really am, unconditional acceptance.
My whole life, all that happens to me, is the invitation to discover who I truly am. I don’t have to live up to an image. Allow whatever is to happen, instead of trying to control life. Allow the death of your image. The completeness I am looking for cannot be found. I am complete. You need not find love in others, you are love. I have no enemy, person or feeling, that is not for my good. What is the invitation? How is it drawing me away from my image and to myself?  Remember your present fullness, you are love. Awakening is a discovery of who I am. It is not a protection from pain, or a path of bliss. My present experience is only a wave and I am the ocean.  ~JF~