Book of Mastery

The mastery trilogy, book I, Channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

Introduction to the mountain
We have yet to claim who and what we are in truth. Is the willingness there for a new life? To climb the mountain is much hard work. My life before me is my teacher. The divine self, I AM is here to assist me. The personality, small self is to shrink as the Christ in me grows. The landscape that I live in will be transformed into the Christ. The Christ in me has the eyes to see the kingdom. The kingdom can only be experienced in the higher realms to which we are invited to rise. The ascension of mankind, the realization of who we are and have always been is the purpose of this text which is foundational of the two texts to follow this.

Identity and claim
How do I identify myself in this world? What do I thinks it means to be a man? I am informed by culture, fears, etc. Much needs to be unlearned. I am an infinite being. Nothing can disfigure or harm me. The egoic emotions I struggle with are illusory. Nothing I see before me is real. I can live apart from the validation of self or others. I am so much more than I think I am, the Christed self. Move beyond small claims. We have been taught to fear believing our divine self. I am Word through … I can only be what I truly am. I am knowing myself as Word is to claim the highest level. All that we see is real because of our consciousness. Now elevate your consciousness to what is beyond our sight. The divine has manifested as myself, as yourself. Part of me knows this. My inherent value cannot be anything outside of me (my creations). I must learn that my higher self is one to be trusted. As we ascend the mountain we will see everything in a new way. Like any climb it requires effort and sacrifice, that is the leaving behind what cannot be carried up.

I am here
Teach yourself your worth and do not play the victim. The divine self as me is here to manifest itself. I best learn who I am through relationships. I do not need the approval of others. I am in alignment to truth. To witness the world with the eyes of the Christ. The true self knows who I am, the small self is an agreed-upon mask.

I must be who I am, I can only be as I am. To say something is illusion and not real means they exist in a malleable form. We are all holy, in union with the Creator, even if we have forgotten. We cannot be separated, outside of the Creator. We are all of God, in God and a part of God. This is truer than our perception of the malleable forms we observe. The experience of our union moves us outside of time. The sense of division will move away as our vibration increases. The kingdom is present, not as an ideal. It is always present, it is here. I am here, the divine I AM is here.

You are in the process of aligning to your divine nature. Release from the misidentification of the self. There is fear in removing the mask, I don’t know what is beneath it. You must first see the potential before you can realize it. Everything I see before me will change, see myself as apart from the physical. I will be unattached to all my past creations and all future outcomes. I came from union with God but am born into this body and told all along that I am separate. I am of something greater. Separation and fear is something we are taught, not who we are naturally.

I see with the eyes of the Christ
This can only be in truth, not fear. All you see is the manifestation of God. Anything that befalls me is for my growth. I am here… I am here… I am here… the divine in me is here to remove all fear. The physical me is but a mask. Do I want to know myself outside of the fear I am experiencing? What you judge you fear. You cannot be in the light and hold another in darkness. Can you see God in the most difficult people? Look beyond the mask. All are worthy of being seen in the divine. Lift them to their potential. This transforms the world. The vibration of the divine will manifest itself. Others are lifting me. I see with the perspective of Christ, each is an aspect of God, perfect as they are. Fear need not be here. It will not be in the new vibration. The master knows who he is. He is aligned to his true nature. In the worst of circumstances I can best be known as who I truly am. I gift the world with my presence.

The Mountain before you – welcoming the new
The way is amazing, you will need confront many fears. Don’t miss the beauty of these fearful experiences. I have called this experience into my life. I will welcome new things into my life. Let us go up this mountain without the labels of the past. We will enter joy more and more. Our ears will be opened to hear new tones that were always there but we were unable to hear before. Nothing happens without your consent.

Up the mountain
Remember everything that happened to you. None of it is you or could possibly make you unworthy of truth. I am present. I can no longer lie to myself, even as I used to see myself. When I see with the eyes of Christ I see myself in eternal truth, without fear. Lies are only told in fear. You will not be misled. My resistance in fear is my biggest impediment. In this ascension the climate will change. ‘I know who I am in truth’, the truth is true, whether I know it or not – claim it. As we rise our perspective is more encompassing, we see nothing was as serious as I thought it was. All the pains, fears, accomplishments… I am in union with the Creator. Heresy is a crime against the self. When you deny your divinity and follow your small self you commit heresy. Creator is never offended. When you know your worth you don’t need to prove a damn thing. Don’t mistake the small self for your true self. At the top of the mount there is more, the soul desires yet higher vibration.

Being in truth
How do you wish to be seen? The good student? The sceptic? If I still care what others think of me I am parading the small self. The divine self only operates in truth. ‘I am here’, nothing more. I agree to see myself only in truth. Self righteousness is the small self. The Christed self is who we truly are. Truth does not need to justify itself, all lies will fall away. I am free from the need to be seen as vindicated. How do I maintain the knowing of who I am? It is a gift of the divine and a level of growth. What my calling and service is will come in time, you need not seek it. When we do something wrong, do we hurt God? Never. When you hurt another you hurt yourself. God loves all, even the one you can’t stand. Everything that comes to me is for my progress.

Freedom and responsibility
When you witness an event you can lift it in vibration, but you must avoid claiming it as terrible. The divine self can know no fear, nor perpetuate fear. See the divine in all things. Bless everything and curse nothing. What you wish upon another you claim to yourself. I let go of any need to be right or control another. Who is the one you would like to avoid or damn? See this one in their worth and beauty before you and bless them. This one has been my teacher. See how far on this journey you have already come.

Re-creation of the self
I have borne many labels. It’s time to release these labels. So many people have played a valuable role in my life – thank you all. Now as a new person in all these relationships, how do I behave. Just ‘be’. Release yourself from the expectations of all relationships. The Creator as me, the Christed self claims the kingdom. This teaching is not another telling you who you are and then to behave in accord with that which is expected. Rather it is to help you see who you are and then you will behave as such. I am a being of light. I am here (the divine as me).

The Heights – reclamation of innocence
Anything can be transformed. This is an exchange of identity from the small self to that of the true. Once one goes this way many will follow. Up to now everything, including yourself, is perfect. I need release the chains of history, all that culture says I should be, I am free. On the altar I place all the suffering of the past. All is new in innocence. Offer the small, fear-based self, the entire self on the altar. The soul is invincible and begins to sing, ‘I am here.’ The presence of the Creator is everywhere. It has no shame or fear. My previous life has ended and a new life begins. We are moving from fear to faith. Each man’s destiny is reunion with its source.

The mountaintop
You are safe, trust what comes. You are free of fear. It does not exist in higher vibration. Fear will call you back down the mountain. Instead of exiling another you should redeem them. By exiling you do the same to yourself. I release the violence and fear within me. Make a list of fears – poverty, pain, rejection, intimacy, vulnerability… you cannot enter the kingdom with a bag of fears. There is no one unworthy of the love of the Creator. We will transmute our fears. There is a higher climb still. I see all things, all history through the eyes of Christ. Whenever you like you can go back down the mountain. Our humanity is never denounced, but rather elevated. Let us live together recognizing our divinity. Challenge and deny fear. I agree to be in union with the divine and be in full recognition of who I am. Keep yourself from thinking you are special from others.