The Language of Love, October 2019

The roller coaster drives itself. I need do nothing to guide it, just feel it. What you think you need, you do not. If I had that one thing I most want I would not feel any different than without it. I need go thru disillusionment to get to contentment. What is meant to be will come to me, fear not. What I think of as a problem, doesn’t need to be resolved, I need to let it go. Befriend it and it will transform.

The ultimate liberation, September 2019

A high vibration is how quickly you recover from hurt, how quickly you heal. You don’t blame the other, or yourself. Don’t blame anyone for your feelings. The superpower of love makes sense out of senseless life. It is to take us out of fear and show us how great we are.

The heart of awakening, September 2019

Attraction and aversion are the two states of getting stuck. These two things will wear you out. It’s an illusion, a distraction. What I need I already have. Do not objectify the other, who is omnipresent, omniscient, etc. It has nothing to do with my happiness. I am love. I am full. Hurting in desire is to be out of my natural state. Maturity is to be grateful for all I have, content with what I don’t have. Don’t get lost in object consciousness. Surrender your judgements of those that have hurt you. Being the most compassionate me is the best. I forgive myself for all the judgement I have held against others.

Activate your infinite power, August 2019

You cannot manifest what you want. You don’t have to learn to manifest what you need. It just shows up. Codependency is what I need to change for me to be okay. Freedom is I am okay no matter what happens. I don’t need anything to be happy. Imagine being given three wishes and you have no need for them. No one needs to be taught or informed. Don’t try to get rid of all your weaknesses, at least have one. They make you beautiful. Things happen to strengthen my weaknesses. This planet is mastery training. Every one of us is incredible, waiting to be realized. As a master allow what is yours to come. Let’s say good bye to feeling bad. It doesn’t bring clarity or growth in relationships. You’re only wasting your power. Face the weakness and decide. The only reason to feel bad is to awaken unconscious people to feel empathy. Being on my own, I don’t have ro feel bad about that. Thank you for helping me become a master.

Mastering the mystery, August 2019

We are awakening to love. The only way to get through this process is to love yourself through it. Awakening to the fact that we are able to change, even if ego is not going to get what it wants. Life is telling me I need to change and I don’t need to know why. There’s a reason why I don’t have what I want. It’s not yet time. Maturity must first come. If I had right now all that I desire, I would feel no different. When I argue with another, I am really arguing against life. If I needed what I want I would already have it. What would this moment be like if I forgot what I want. What is this moment like with nothing to want? Desire is what is up ahead. I am a picture of the universe’s desire. My dream come true is also that of the universe. Set aside what you want and maturity will come. When we are most entrenched in desire we are most willing to war. Let it go and you are in the minority. I don’t need to become desirable, I am desirable exactly as I am. Let go of what you want and find what you NEED. Spend more time in wholeness. Life loves it when I am being myself. Life wants me to know that I am bigger than my wants.

The rebirth of heaven, June 2019

Why blame? You are only giving your power away. In 3-D we are in circumstance and choice. In 5-D we are in perfection and design. We are shifting from circumstance to perfection, from blame to healing. Everything happening is perfect. How willing am I to grow with it? What is the most limiting thing I still believe? If I make a mistake, the universe will punish me?!? Life is hard and I can’t have unless I work for it?!? I don’t know how to be happy until life is a certain way?!? Admit where I am stuck. Just be honest. I’m a better person for what has happened. Being desirable in the eyes of others will keep you from being honest. Let it in and befriend it. Don’t blame. Don’t be helpless to get attention. I feel heartbreak. Welcome it with respect. It is to transform me, not punish me. Circumstances only show me what was already in me. No experience makes me or you less of a person. In relationship know our limits. Know them for who they are, not what they do. Honesty sets me free. Be where you are, as heartbreaking as that might be. High vibrational beings only get back up more quickly from the difficult, surprising experience. Their experiences are no easier. Nothing is a punishment, only gifts. Invincibility is that I can grow from anything. Willing to do anything to grow. Thank you for sharing your secrets with me. I need more love than ever before. Whatever is happening, is happening for a very good reason. Ego will not get its way. I’m on the plane ascending to the 5th dimension and this is a little bit of turbulence. The love of honesty.

Awakening true joy, June 2019

We are clearing out people pleasing and co-dependency. We are already surrendered. Showing compassion is having myself and them in mind. Having just them in mind is subservient, not compassion. Depleting yourself leads to resentment. Your only seeking approval. I cannot give them what they want. I cannot make someone else happy. Their disappointment does not mean I did something wrong. As adults we have a choice. If it’s good for me, it’s good for all. As an adult I can reclaim my power. What does it mean when someone is mad at me? I am not to blame for their manipulation. I cannot give them what they want. Nor can they. Love is how well we work together, whether I get what I want or not. Will I be subservient to egos or follow my truth? Those who love you will let you go. All along I was not who I appeared to be, trying to please. You can no longer manipulate me. Here’s how I want to be treated. Refuse to see others as small as they see themselves. See us as we are, as big as divine. Abuse is not a part of the new paradigm. Stop mistreating yourself so you can begin to love yourself. I see your true value. It is a joy to be with you, to have you in my life. My light is a service to all. Who do I give too much to at my expense? Who am I giving my power to? You will resent it. Love knows when to embrace and when to let go. Let go of control so I can enjoy myself. I no longer have to live for you and you no longer have to live for me. To love them so much as to set them free is so painful.

The Illusion of problems, May 2019

The ego sees problem where the soul sees process. In our adolescence stage of life we pass through boredom, confusion, loneliness and frustration. These are evolutionary steps of progress, not regression. Only by turning inward can I experience Source filling and healing me. No one else can do this for me. Low vibrations – It’s not happening the way I want it to be, but I am okay. 

Entering eternal bliss, March 2019

When you don’t know what to do means you’re about to grow. Don’t change a thing. I am this way for a reason. Totally satisfied with who I am right now. My job is to be in complete peace and harmony with myself. I’m nothing but worthy and lovable. The better I think of myself, the better I treat others. Spend time with it. Spend time away from what ego wants. Getting what I want will not make me feel better. Learn how to love myself, for this I spend time alone. When you get it you’ll laugh. You won’t get it while you most wanted it, you weren’t ready. True character arises the moment after I don’t get what I want. Why am I desiring what I don’t have? What promise does it have for me? What is it keeping me from enjoying? I don’t need to have what I want. I already have all I need. Unhook from the matrix. Step beyond want and you’ll feel safe. Life’s not going my way, I am going life’s way. Being present is being open to how things are. Thank you for not giving me more. Is life making me better by having less? Yes I want this, but is it what I need? Nothing I get will make me a better me. I lost what I had only to gain more of what I am. Things don’t make me happy, love does. I love myself.

None of what I am feeling is because of resistance, it’s due to my highest good. There is good reason I feel this way. Don’t blame yourself. I didn’t do anything wrong, life is slowing me down on purpose for there is something I need to see. I’m always okay, even when it’s not how I wanted it. In any difficulty I can turn to my breath, this is oneness. Separation is how many other things I turn to than my breath. Turn toward the breath as your only option. Just be with your breath. Perfect your breath. The only thing I need more of is my breath.

Breathe heaven into this world. Your breath fears nothing, is disturbed by nothing. Ego uses our imagination against us until we return to our breath. I am ineffable. This is heaven. This is my life review. All else is my imagination. It’s all being taken care of by spirit guides and angels. When I feel lonely or inadequate, that’s when I breathe. Ask, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ You are becoming free of your imaginary judgments.

Rewire your reality, 02/19

Become free of victimhood. Have confidence in my own well being, that I am really great. I might not know what is going to show up, I’m sure it’s going to be great. Be confident in myself. If you can accept with confidence what is, it will be all the easier to accept what is to come. Know that the pain is making you greater. Playing small helps no one. Be honest when things are difficult and you’re not at your best.

The universe knows best how to manifest what I need/want. Know how you want to feel and the universe will fill in the details. We have no control over the outcome, the universe does. My job is to figure out why this is for my highest good. No matter how great yesterday was, today is going to be one of the greatest days of my life. Open ended enthusiasm. Lead with honesty and express with enthusiasm. It’s okay where I’m at, things are always going to change and I’m only going to get better.

What makes me think I am not already whole and complete? What if my wholeness will never be in jeopardy? Truth says you are already whole and complete. Pain is when I oppose truth. Relationships that are meant to work, just work out. They should motivate us to our well-being and growth. You cannot get the universe against you. You cannot piss off the universe. I am free to do as I wish. To think I am incomplete is insane. If nothing I did could harm another person, what would I do differently? Aspire to be nowhere other than where you are at. We are waking up out of the belief that I am not enough. When I am enough everything is a joy.


We belong to the light 11/18

We are learning a new path of ascention, global awakening. We are going to 5th dimension consciousness – from density to light. Lighten up, no need to force this. From mind to heart consciousness. From masculine to feminine energy, how things feel, our passion. Spending time in silence and opening the throat, even when you don’t want to. Three waves of ascension – 1) sensitive ones, anchoring the light, 2) activists, change thru social justice (loving action), 3) techies that have merged with technology. These will possibly be unconscious ones. Each group will compliment the other and you can go from one to the other in emphasis. Sit in the truth and let it dawn on you. You don’t have to fix anything, you cannot. The light is the companion to the pain. You will be tested by the masters known as ‘family.’ What is awaking me is frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness. We are pioneers showing those to follow it is safe to go into death and cross over into light. We all are the awakening Christ.

The Awakening true happiness

We Need to deconstruct what unhappiness is. Happiness is already within me. Unhappiness is dissatisfaction with what is. It is a tendency to blame someone or something as the cause of my unhappiness. Allow them to be who they are. When there is no cause for unhappiness, happiness arises within. I accept that no one is to be blamed. I withdraw blame from all, even myself. I give them permission to be their highest potencial. I can now be happy no matter what. I allow this body to be a vessel of light instead of conditioning. I discover the true meaning of forgiveness, but none of that is the reason I am unhappy. Happiness is my natural state, not the effect of something happening to me. When one is decisively devastated they no longer fear it. Ego has dissolved. Endure the pain without blaming so they can awaken. Sit with unhappiness knowing that nothing is to blame for it. It will disappear. Watching with blame feeds it. Cultivate gratitude and it will transform unhappiness. Love whatever arises. I am sending out waves of rehabilitation to all of humanity. When nothing is to blame unhappiness does not exist. I no longer blame myself for the cause of unhappiness. Endure it all and blame no one, instead give thanks for everything. I don’t get emotionally invested – because I know who you are. I love you.

The Alchemy of Transformation

High vibrations – as light workers our job is to practice responding in a way that the world will not take the time to express. To love your own heart will cause you to vibrate higher than those who negatively influenced you in persecution. To go from being hurt to self-loving is a big leap. Self-love is the garden that we must first nurture. Gratitude is where we must start. We need to integrate what we thought we wanted to clear. 

I am grateful for this person, or such and such… orI wish I were grateful for such and such… orMay we all be grateful for such and such…

Just use the words grateful and gratitude more often in your thoughts and conversations. Yearning for gratitude brings it in. Indirect manifestation – thinking about the emotion you desire, rather than the specific object or outcome you wanted. This opens the field for whatever the universe might bring to you, rather than constantly complaining that you’re not getting your heart’s desire. Be a conscious co-Creator. Gratitude will lift your vibration. Desire gratitude for others to lift them also. ‘I wish I felt more love’ and more love will anchor in you. ‘Congratulations on your abundance.’ What you put out comes back to you. To break free of our past say, ‘I wish I were more free.’ Whenever triggered say, ‘thank you.’ Thank you for showing me true spirituality. Learn to be unconditionally grateful. The pain of others will get you over your own. May all be blessed with light.

The Apathy of Options, August 2018 

Don’t be afraid of less. A lack of options is clear direction forward. It’s about who you become when life takes it away. To know the love that you are in the presence of another. You know best, I will follow. Loss is a gift and love ultimately never losses anything.

Matt Khan and Julie Dittmar, Liberated by Love,(L.A. Expo 2/17)

What is most important is being liberated by love. You need courage to explore. The one who has always been denied. Treat myself better. Speak nicer to myself. Don’t ignore myself, acknowledge myself. What if I didn’t insist on anything being changed?

Matt Kahn and Julie Dittman, True Divine Nature, Encinitas 10/30/2016,

  • img_3435My true self finds freedom from what I want.
  • True choice is the ability to choose whatever, regardless of the risk or cost.
  • My destiny is unfolding perfectly.
  • When you choose to feel something you will feel it better.
  • When in doubt go without. When it’s right you will feel ‘yes’.
  • Going without is going within. What is it like to have nothing to want? Free from endless wanting. Love the one who cannot be free from desire.