Matthew, tell me about Heaven

A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife, by Suzanne Ward (a summary by Pat Evert)

We can know—we are meant to know—about that realm we call Heaven and whose proper name, my son Matthew told me, is Nirvana. I was in awe when my telepathic connection opened with my son Matthew, who died at age 17 in 1980, and everything he told me was mind-boggling.


Bonds Between Souls
No, Mother, that wouldn’t have changed anything. It was my soul contract. My time had come, and if I hadn’t been fatally injured when I wrecked the Jeep, I would have left some other way at that same time of my life. I want you to know that adjustment here does NOT have to be that way! Like every other soul who arrives, I was greeted lovingly and offered every possible assistance and solace during those months. But nothing then could relieve my preoccupation with the family’s reaction to my leaving Earth life. I hadn’t counted on regretting or doubting the wisdom of our pre-birth agreement to let me leave at that young age. Your pain kept me closely bound to all of you during those early months. I was just as paralyzed by it as you were until I was able to fully accept my leaving in accordance with our agreement and shake myself loose from the family’s grief. When you continue to agonize over what you call the death, or loss, of that person, his soul is bound to you. Our bonds in grief are as strong as our bonds in love, and both have powerful effects on us here. But if you will accept it, you will be given spiritual strength in the shared love instead of the crippling effects of shared grief.

Facing Our Loss
Maybe they were learning, as I was, that grief is an intensely painful private journey. I met Fred, the first medium who was “visited” by Matthew. During the next month, through more coincidences, I learned of two other mediums, Olga in Maryland and Laura in New Jersey, and they, just like Fred, asked only my son’s name before saying that his spirit left his body before the vehicle crashed and he witnessed it painlessly from above. And all of the mediums told me that when the time was right, Matthew and I would communicate directly. The messages from those mediums prove that telepathic communication is not anyone’s imagination. Second, those messages reveal the intimate and enduring bonds between us on Earth and the people we love who have left. I received a progress report on his advanced medical and psychology studies and his promotions in his work helping transitioning souls. Suddenly there was the page with large block letters: I BELONG TO NOBODY. I whispered, “Matthew, you knew, didn’t you?” and I heard, “Yes, Mother, I knew.”

Communion with Matthew
Why would I ever be able to do something as “divine,” which it seemed to me, as talk with my son in Heaven? I’m not remarkable in any way. Almost fourteen years passed and I was far away from the dear woman who had been my only link with Matthew. Matthew told me he’d been waiting a long time to reach me, that my years of stress had prevented my smooth energy flow, which was essential for our connection, but now we had it. I was stunned when I learned that I talk not only with my Matthew, but also his cumulative soul. Now and always his own unique, inviolate self, Matthew also is an inseparable part of a much greater being who is more spiritually evolved and knowledgeable than its individual lifetimes. Matthew said this interconnectedness is true of everyone’s soul, not only when we reach his world, but constantly, continuously, eternally we are inseparable from all other souls and our Creator. At soul level we do know this; however, most of us don’t consciously know it during Earth lifetimes.

Another wonderful surprise about my telepathic connection was that it isn’t limited to Matthew. My parents and friends occasionally have joined in our sittings, and I have received messages from people I’ve never known, requested by their loved ones whom I do know. Matthew has introduced many other souls to me. Some live in his world, others are collective energies whose vastness in power and distance from Earth are, to me, incomprehensible. Now you can understand why I was so reluctant to explain the reason for my leaving Earth when I did. Without my leaving, you could not have performed your mission. It also was for my own soul growth, but it was mainly to pave the way for this larger service you are performing. Mother, please see the importance of this service in perspective to the world. You see the beauty of Earth, and within your hands lies ability to help in its preservation. My son had died for a book. Our family’s soul level agreement became my source of energy and inspiration as I accepted the commitment I didn’t remember making, at some time I couldn’t relate to, in some dimension of my soul I don’t consciously know. In wonderment and humility, I began the work that in another lifetime, another world, Matthew and I agreed to undertake.

First Impression
Life is meaningful, Mother! There is an ecstasy, a fervor among the people here. We have important work, almost limitless studies, visits to Earth families, glorious music, astounding travel and incomparable beauty.

Etheric Bodies
I definitely have a body, Mother! We have etheric bodies. You might think of Earth bodies as being the tight weave of chintz compared with our bodies being the loose weave of cheesecloth. Each material has its definite shape, weight and thread structure, but the cheesecloth has greatly more flexibility and motion and versatility because it’s less dense than the more tightly woven fabric. We can stand or sit, just as you can, but our bodies also can float in a conscious state as well as in a resting state, like your sleep. Also, we can move within or without our bodies, and we can see each other either way. Our bodies are less dense than yours because they vibrate at a higher frequency than bodies on Earth. Our vibratory rate is considerably higher than your third density vision can register, which is why most people on Earth can’t see us even when we’re standing right beside them.

They are perfect in form and function in accordance with the soul’s evolution. Souls who had imperfect physical bodies due to genetic deformities or disabling disease or injury are not subjected to those in their etheric bodies. With soul evolvement both men and women become taller and leaner than most Earth humans, and our babies and little children automatically grow into that form. And neither our bodies nor our mental faculties tire, so time away from work or studies isn’t necessary for resting, only for our other interests and enjoyment. We retain features that are as close as we wish to our former appearance. People who feel they were unattractive in their Earth lifetime may request to refine their features, but such changes are not an open option. If the request is in alignment with spiritual development, it is granted, but if it’s motivated by ego, it isn’t. Our auras are brighter and more distinct in the certain color tone ranges that identify the areas of excelling. Actually, it’s less a color variation and more a glowing capacity difference—we radiate our health and spiritual evolvement. You’ll recognize loved ones instantly through the energy attachment, the love bonding—it will be unmistakable, Mother! If they want to appear as you remember them, they could do that, but I can assure you, it wouldn’t be necessary because you’ll know them immediately.

What does Nirvana look like? It’s BEAUTIFUL! Imagine a cloudless sky of blue that’s almost blinding in its crystalline purity. Periods comparable to the spans of dawn and dusk on Earth are the only change from the brilliance of this blue light, and in those times there is an intense golden haze. Along with green of the same intensity, those are our primary colors.

Is there solid ground? Yes, but like all other facets of our world, the ground isn’t of the same composition as yours. The ground covering, which we call virna, is edible, just as grass is for your grazing animals, and it’s as plush as an easy chair. Although our scenery is of a different density than yours, we have incredibly beautiful areas similar to those on Earth. I especially enjoy being at a lake where the water is crystal clear and reflects the overhanging trees. These trees are taller than your redwoods but with more delicate trunks, and they have fragrant rose-colored blossoms. The white sandy soil of the shoreline feels like talcum powder. We can create our private surroundings, including weather, to delight us momentarily and we can change them as often as we wish. The seasons change here somewhat like on Earth because enough of us desire those differences. Whatever can be envisioned clearly and desired intently can be manifested here, where the sensory and creative capacities of the soul are more optimally developed and used than on Earth.

Is your food anything like ours? Our bodies don’t need dense nourishment, and the longer people are here, the less desire they have for solid food. However, since eating is such an enjoyable pastime on Earth, when most souls arrive they still want the familiarity of eating rituals and comfort, and so we have numerous types of delicious food to accommodate them. A lot of us enjoy eating picnic style.

Bathing here has nothing to do with dirty bodies—we simply don’t “get dirty”—it is a refreshing experience involving a mental outlook, not soap and water. It’s the same for our animals.

Heaven on Earth
Let me be very serious for a moment. There is no “Heaven” as a placement, nor a “hell” as such. What people on Earth refer to as Heaven and hell actually are their approaches to situations wherever they are, and what each individual manifests as the circumstances of his life.

What is the purpose of Nirvana? Its original purpose was different from its current one, which is primarily a residential and learning placement. In this context, it is the home of souls between incarnations on Earth, but it serves other very important purposes too. Safe havens were needed for their wounded or exhausted souls who would be easy prey for the dark forces. Many souls here now originated in deep antiquity and have spent many lifetimes in places other than Earth, even in other galaxies. ALL of us are extraterrestrial to Earth even during our lifetimes on the planet! Everything in the universe from a galaxy to an acorn to a jet plane is a manifestation. The creating capability of all beings, whether living in body or in spirit, originates within Creator. The ultimate power of the cosmos—the omnipotent, omniscient essence, the Totality, I AM, or any of the other designations you have for God—actually is Creator.

The “Big Bang,” a reference sometimes given to that first dividing of Creator, the highest realm of angels—the archangels—was created. Eons later, in conjunction with Creator, the archangels created the next level of angels, who also were only light and also shared proportionately Creator’s powers. In the third step of creation, the angelics in conjunction with Creator made life form potentials, meaning that manifestations now could be discarnate or of substance. One of those gods became ruler of our universe, and many Earth religions call him God. God has proportionately all the powers of Creator, and in this universe, He rules with those qualities you rightfully attribute to Him.

How many souls live in Nirvana? Between 10 and 12 billion. We come and go continuously, so the population fluctuates. Although most of our regular residents are preparing for their next lifetime on Earth, depending upon the stage of their soul growth, some are preparing for incarnate or discarnate life elsewhere, even outside our galaxy, or they may choose to experience as free spirits. Probably 20 years is average for a “long-timer,” but I’m not really comfortable giving that figure because many variables influence the length of residency. Some souls feel great sensitivity in all aspects, an ability acquired only in higher density vibrations, and they don’t stay very long. Some are so highly evolved that they practically whisk through to their next growth placement. Others of this spiritual evolvement status may choose to remain here quite a while. They have earned this as a reward for honored service, and they stay for a long time by your calculations. Some of these souls are very high in our hierarchy. Other long-timers are here for intensive healing from a number of difficult lifetimes. They stay in an environment of tranquility as long as they need to recuperate before choosing their next level of spiritual growth experiencing. All those souls constitute what I referred to as our “regular” population. Another large part is transient. Some are free spirits, who come and go as their growth needs require. others of our transients are teachers in specialty fields or students who come for selected education, and they leave when they have accomplished their purpose. Visitors come from other discarnate realms to further their spiritual growth and stay as long as their specific interests last. And there are many short-term vacationers, some from suprahuman civilizations. Nirvana is much more beautiful than many other discarnate realms and, just like resorts on Earth, it attracts “tourists.”

Reunions are of the souls, Mother. The soul who has embodied on Earth is not bound by the same third density limitations as the physical body and psyche, so it is free to travel wherever it wishes during the sleep or deep meditative states of the person. However, the souls may meet anyplace in the universe where their energy frequency enables them to go. What comes is your soul, the composite of all lifetimes, all experiences, all cellular memory. It is that totally enlightened soul that in this incarnation is YOU who comes.

Surely it’s rare that I could contribute anything to you, Matthew! On the contrary! We are forever adding to our awareness with the help of our Earth contacts. Nirvana is a multilayered realm with light placement areas at one extreme and dark at the other. People with inclinations toward fear, vengeance, hatred, cruelty, greed and other intense negative emotions can’t live in this part of the realm because their density and low frequency can’t penetrate this light. By the laws of the universe they cannot enter or survive here. And that is by their choice! Loving, respectful relationships are without complications in whatever configuration is most gratifying to the souls and beneficial to their spiritual growth.

There’s nothing like Earth teenagers’ flirtations or infatuations. Souls who come here as infants or little children may grow into young adults who are attracted only to one special person, but their feelings and relationships are quite different from those of a young couple on Earth. Romance there implies sexual desire, which has no part in our attraction to someone. Our bodies are not designed for the same sexual functions as yours because there is no reproduction here, therefore sexual activity doesn’t exist either. But there are many specific two-party unions. In addition to those souls who grow to young adulthood here and become partners. Nothing here detracts from the happiness felt by any couple who choose to be together exclusively. They have freedom entirely within the laws of the universe. There is a commitment in their love energy that is respected by all as a sacred trust, so in that sense, you could say it is a marriage even more so than there, where often only a legal formality maintains the marital status.

Homosexuality is not understood on Earth, and this is a good context in which to explain it. Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the spirit even more than an aspect of the physical makeup, and it is not to be condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage of development. Remember, we are dealing with cumulative souls here, not single personages. Within each cumulative soul are perhaps as many as thousands of lifetimes of experiencing as male, female and androgynous beings in both incarnate and discarnate bodies. However, it is the immediate past life that most emphatically affects the beginning growth state here. The lingering pain in the suppressed memories of those souls who in this lifetime chose heterosexual nature causes their extremely antagonistic attitudes toward homosexuals. The “leveling out” most assuredly is part of the divine plan, because feelings of prejudice and hatred and the infliction of emotional and physical cruelty are impediments to spiritual growth. However, even with the acceleration of light being beamed at your planet to dispel the negativity abounding in humankind, please do not expect this change to be completed within this generation. Why is homosexuality a necessary experience? How better to learn balance in the two extremes of male and female sexual energy than on an integrated basis? The ideal is androgyny, which has nothing whatsoever to do with human sexual nature, but rather with the two opposites of human sexual energy attributes. Androgynous souls are far more spiritually advanced because of the male and female sexual energy balance they have achieved. The perversion of sexual energy has been the root cause of all that you think of as evil attributes in human nature. However viewed by many on Earth, a loving homosexual partnership is NOT a perversion of sexual energy, and that brings us back to your question about homosexual unions in this realm.

Divine Love, children
The sensations of love here and on Earth are vastly different. There are none of the peaks and valleys of “falling in love” or “being jilted” and none of the sexual chemistry of Earth couples. What we experience that could be compared with your loving sexual unions is a spiritual and etheric bonding with total fusion of energies and shared knowledge of selves. When babies and little children come here before their parents, they are tended by surrogate mothers and fathers and androgynous souls with special aptitudes for nurturing. They live with the children in large cheerful and harmonious homes and give them such abundant love and caring that rarely is it seen on Earth. All children are given highest honor and nurturing, and they provide the family life that is so important to the growth of all souls here. Even though no babies are born in this realm, family love here is one of the most brilliant and sacred manifestations of love in action, not only in sensation.

Beloved pets do indeed “remember” their Earth human and animal families. However, it is by love energy bonding and not by active memories such as you have, with images and recall of voices. Their bonds don’t need memories to keep them intact. The higher the level of intelligence, the wider range of possible emotions the animals may feel. Dogs can experience almost all the emotions humans do except those that can be called “sophisticated,” like deceit, doubt, encouragement—the types of sensations that you learn through indoctrination and experience. Let us say that a dog was severely abused and neglected for a year in its first home, then came into a family who cared for it conscientiously and kindly the rest of its life. If the dog developed behavior problems in puppyhood due to its traumatic experiences, the effects of that maltreatment remain lifelong in the dog’s memory energy and are evident as its behavior. You are inspired to do what you are doing just as others are inspired to relieve human suffering or preserve endangered species or clean up the environment. All these types of assistance are invaluable in dispersing negativity or transmuting it into the light energy that is preparing Earth for her ascendance into a higher dimension.

Angels, Spirit Guides
Angels are collective energies of light, not a multitude of individual human beings, which we are. They live in a different kind of placement from ours and their only purpose is safeguarding, assisting and comforting wherever it is needed. Also unlike human beings, the angels never separated from the Oneness spiritually. Our spiritual contact with you is only by invitation, through your thoughts of us, whereas the angels are on constant duty to assist you. The angel assigned to each individual is known as that person’s guardian angel, or gatekeeper. Every person, regardless of his belief or disbelief in angels’ existence, has a guardian angel as his primary, constant, unseen, silent protector, helper and guide. Spirit guides are the spontaneous and temporary helpers who provide specialized advice or assistance. You also have far more help than you realize. Whatever help you require, even without consciously asking, or that which you earnestly request for yourself or someone you love, that need is registered in the same divine communication system open to all.

One who prays for a specific outcome regarding another doesn’t know that soul’s pre-birth agreement. Conditions or events the pray-er is petitioning to have changed may be exactly those the soul chose as his life’s lessons. The same is true of prayers for oneself, because your consciousness is rarely in communication with your soul. So pray for your own or another’s highest good and don’t direct intense emotion toward a specific outcome of your choosing.

Although we have variations in the colors of our skies at intervals that could be considered like your daybreak and eventide, we don’t have periods equivalent to your 24-hour days or 7-day weeks. And we have no need to mark the beginning or ending of any time frame that is simply “time passing.” However, our public occasions such as meetings, classes, lectures, concerts and the like do start at a designated “time,” and an energy shift announces these events with plenty of notice so those who want to attend can wrap up other activities. So we do have advanced awareness of scheduled events and a sense of “soon” or “later,” but not a specific moment.

Intrarealm Communication
If you want to be with someone there, how do you let that person know? Contact is the result of a mutual desiring of presence or communication. It’s a special energy wavelength. Our individual energy vibrations are as distinctive as Earth fingerprints and a great deal easier to track because there’s no mechanism involved. We certainly can speak audibly, but the majority of our personal and public communication is telepathic, or as you said, “thought processes.” In classes and public meetings there may be a spoken message of welcome out of courtesy to recently arrived souls who still are more comfortable with speech. The spoken message is simultaneously translated into all Earth languages and delivered to the audience via appropriate sound waves. But generally the lecture or meeting itself would be presented telepathically. This capability also extends to spoken languages—we have talked with visitors from beyond our galaxy using a communication mode into which all languages and dialects are fed and translated instantaneously.

Matthew, do you ever talk with God? Yes, Mother, we do “talk.” It is not what you would consider a real conversation, though, because far more than an exchange of words happens. It is an entire essence experience, one that I wish I could describe to you, but it isn’t possible because your language doesn’t have the words to explain it. The best I can do is tell you the sensation is like being melted into such encompassing love that words are not needed, yet the complete ideas are exchanged.

Communication with Earth
Do you know everything that happens on Earth? All the events you could call public as opposed to private, personal events, yes. We see them occurring, we see the thoughts behind them, and we see the darkness or the light around both the events and the thoughts. Trained observers are assigned to monitor all happenings so that when help is needed and is within the pre-birth agreements, assistance can be rendered instantly.

We’re usually not much farther from Earth than your moon is, but this is not a static realm, so our relative positions vary. None of the other discarnate placements that serve the same purpose as Nirvana are static realms either. It has flexible boundaries, like an amoeba squirming before it divides. This realm is not a single place, but a placement, which means it can encompass various related, yet specific areas for experiencing. We have many layers of energy, and not all are connected. Our masters and Council members, who are the realm’s highest souls in spiritual evolvement, live in the highest, or lightest density level. The other extreme is the lowest, or densest area, where the lost souls are. Furthermore, loving light energy is continually beamed to them by high beings, and if they respond to the light, they evolve into less dense layers of the realm. I need to clarify something at this point. Energy, which is the life force of everything in creation, is neutral. It is the intent, or the directed use, of energy by souls that is the basis for our ascribing to it qualifications such as light, dark, base, positive, negative and so forth.

How big is Nirvana? Well, I suppose we could be compared to Venus in size, although any comparison to a sphere is not at all sensible because they don’t have the flexibility and limitless expansion capacity we do. Our protective shielding has that expandable capacity, the universe has it, the entirety of Creation has it, but individual spheres don’t.

What is that protective shielding you mentioned? Why do you have it? The shielding is a flexible blanket of light that permeates us, akin to your atmosphere in that it not only surrounds bodies, it is within them. We don’t have the capability to fabricate this shield ourselves because it is made of substance and is more than our powers of manifestation can create. The shielding is the Christed light, radiant from Creator, transmitted to and through God and directed to our realm and the other realms that serve the same purpose as Nirvana. The protection of the shield is necessary because we are close enough to Earth as to be otherwise severely affected by all the pollution and the interference from baser energies in the universe. “Dark” or “darkness” indicates entities that are operating far from the light. Their aim is to obliterate all light in Creation. “Base” energies or entities is descriptive of the level of density into which these beings have fallen away from God and Creator. Never are they separate from God and Creator in actuality, but in their limited light they are unaware of that reality. The denser, or baser, the energy, the more negatively bound are the souls operating at that level. The basest placement of all, that bottom level of this multilayered universe, is the most distant from the angelic realms, which are at the highest, or lightest, level closest to Creator. Third density bodies, which yours are, can’t enter this realm, and that’s why only your souls come on visits. The entire universe is being affected by this era of upheaval. The corruption and deceit and warmongering on Earth are not the cause of catastrophic world events there, but symptoms of the wider spread and more drastic events happening on a universal scale. Nirvana and the other realms of greater purity and clarity are grounding points for the universe, stabilizing elements essential for holding the revolution of solar systems on a stable course. The force field of spirituality prevailing in these areas of higher density is in a constant rate of stability.

For travel within the realm, we have the same kinds of transportation you do. People who enjoy driving or flying or boating or taking train or bus rides manifest those vehicles as they want them. We have other modes as well, but probably the most common of all is astral travel in a body less dense than our everyday etheric bodies. The astral body permits travel almost anywhere—well, anywhere light beings would want to go—and although it is an awesome experience, it’s not without risks. There are universal highways, so to speak. Astral travel is limited to a spectrum of wavelengths within a defined band that enables this travel with ease. Outside that band either it’s dangerous to the frequency of the discarnate soul or it isn’t compatible at all and therefore not even a possibility. Most folks on Earth cannot fathom that space travel in such different modes and speeds is happening constantly throughout the universe—within or without spacecraft! There are frequent visitations between here and the other discarnate realms. They differ from Nirvana because their residents in physical lifetime lived in considerably different environments from Earth’s, and each world’s spirit realm is designed to best accommodate the souls who reside there. We don’t venture into densities lower than third without special purpose, protection and mission clearance from Council. The purpose would be a service of utmost love, perhaps to a beloved one who had fallen so far from the light that a concerned soul here asks to assist in a recovery request.

Sporting events are very popular here. Entertainment is a huge part of our recreation here, just as there. Our concerts are magnificent! Dramatic productions are immensely popular and their caliber exceeds even your most spectacular shows. There’s a more intimate entertainment form that we call simply “story hour.” Our storytellers are so expert that they enchant adults as well as children, and these are popular events. So are large or small social gatherings of people sharing mutual interests, just as you enjoy, but no alcohol or “social” drugs are ever served at our fiestas. Charming moments such as those are not regarded on Earth with the recognition and appreciation they deserve for uplifting the spirit, which is what re-creation is all about.

There are degrees of luminosity in both types of structures. The homes of our masters and Council members glow more than any others, and it has nothing to do with size or style, only with the occupants. That same variance is true of our multi-resident apartment buildings. The extent of emanated light in public buildings is determined by their intended use, which in turn determines the thought processes required for their design and erection. Since far more single souls are here at any one time than mates or families, there are many huge, attractive dormitory-type buildings. Everything is pristine and orderly, and all private and public buildings are maintained in excellent condition. We don’t consider any neighbor poor and there’s no “wrong side of the tracks.” There’s no ownership, as in deeds and legal documents for assuring clear and uncontested title, and naturally, no monetary restrictions. But there is an earning basis for all housing accommodations. It is a system of self-evaluation, both of one’s service during the Earth lifetime and the spiritual growth here, combined with Council recommendations for motivation and progress. Our most evolved souls often choose a simple little house rather than the fine estates to which they’re entitled. This realm offers more advanced courses than Earth can, but our capabilities in any field are less than those same types of capabilities in higher density beings. We are fourth density level humans, so you can see that both the intelligence and manifesting capability of souls in the sixth and seventh levels far exceed ours. Right now I have a woodsy setting so that my view is similar to yours, but I can just as easily have a seashore, a formal garden, a field of cows or snowcapped mountains. Whatever scenery I can imagine, I can manifest.

Cultural Resources
Our museums are filled with treasures that on Earth have been lost or destroyed through negligence and intentional destruction. They have been recreated to commemorate the cultures that produced them, and they aid in teaching authentic Earth history. These items of rare worth and beauty don’t have to be behind glass with alarms for safekeeping, of course, and touching by the millions of viewers doesn’t damage them because the energy of admiration and awe is pure and leaves no residue.

There are many other strategic changes with the same basic motives. The full true message of Jesus is not within your Bible. His true message showed the truth of a loving God, the truth of the soul, the truth of this realm, the truth of the multi-lifetime spiritual journey to reintegration with Creator. His mission was to bring enLIGHTenment, to be the great teacher that many did consider him to be, to be God’s messenger of Truth. Never was his mission to be the “king” that the devious church hierarchy tried to portray so they could dispose of him, eradicate his true teachings and introduce their own. Unaware that the basis for many of today’s religious doctrines is not the word of God through divinely inspired recorders, many of your churches are rooted in the dogma devised by those manipulative early church leaders. Eventually, with the acceleration of light being beamed at Earth from celestial beings helping your planet in her ascendance, both the truth and the falsehoods literally will “come to light.”

Matthew, have you ever seen Jesus? Oh, yes. Although he is in more demand than anyone else in this realm, I have been privileged not only to have seen him, but honored to have worked under his guidance. That same God fragment who embodied as Jesus has incarnated in other Earth lifetimes throughout human history. One such personage was Buddha, whose followers have kept his message more intact than Christianity’s adherents have kept the message of Jesus. Other embodiments of the Christed energy have appeared in human form in other planetary systems, but not in the same religious leader status as Jesus and other major personages of Earth religions.

This doesn’t mean that a burdensome academic atmosphere exists in all moments of all lifetimes or that every soul must be interested in learning. It does mean that learning is movement toward the goal of all souls, reintegration with the Oneness, so it’s natural that we put great emphasis upon taking advantage of all learning opportunities. Even though this realm is not as dramatic a school as Earth is, we have considerable advantages you don’t have. But it does present a challenge to the lazy soul. It is not mandatory to study or grow, it is purely individual choice. There are no failing grades, no reprimands, no expulsion for absence to pressure people with borderline attitudes to wake up. Consequently, a life here can be wasted due to the lack of external motivation, and those who wait to be prodded into shaping up are out of luck.

Of all the arts, music is the most important here. I have spoken about our magnificent concerts, but music holds much greater significance for us than that—it’s vital to our very existence! The perimeters of this realm are dependent upon the frequencies of music. The vibrations, especially from the strings, are part of what keeps the entire realm in attunement. Also, music is the single most effective medicine for the soul, and the energy of music is indispensable in our treatment of the traumatized psyches that come here. Music is all encompassing, it exists throughout the realm for all to tune into at the same frequency, so we can hear it whenever we wish by tuning into it on radio waves.
YES! That’s exactly why this music of the heavenly spheres is available throughout the universe! Music is continuously being created here for all of our own needs, and it’s being transmitted and absorbed continuously into Earth mentality to allow suppressed feelings there to be felt and released. Releasing and positively transmuting that kinetic energy heals the soul, and the ripple effect benefits the entire universe.

We feel the emotions of people with whom we’re bonded. Our work with souls transitioning from those circumstances is carried on in the midst of their intense feelings. The negativity of their sorrow, fright, physical pain and anger arrives here en masse continuously. The entire realm is affected, not only those of us whose direct service so closely touches those emotions. Furthermore, since the essence of our being allows for intensified sensations, the emotions we feel are heightened beyond those felt on the Earth plane. The density of your bodies dulls positive emotions and traps negative emotions. Undesirable characteristics do accompany people to this realm, but those traits don’t remain long. Here we acknowledge our character and personality shortcomings, whereas all too often people on Earth recognize them only in others. After a certain point of recovery, good humor and amusing situations around them aid in their progress. When they start laughing, we know it’s a leap forward in their restoration to sound health.

Everyone who wishes to work has a variety of opportunities. Sometimes music employs the largest number of workers. At other times more people are in the soul transition assistance field, the welcomers and medical assisters. This is the field I’m in. It is the most fluctuating of all in worker numbers because it’s directly related to happenings on Earth. Right now the many civil wars, disease epidemics, starvation and weather-related disasters that are causing mass death on Earth are making transition assistance the largest in work activity. Of all our employment areas, transition assistance and music always are first or second in prominence. Education is a major field, as you can imagine from our strong emphasis on learning.

All work here is cherished because it is helping others in one way or another. Since there’s no need to be employed from a salary standpoint, a job is not a necessity, it is only a pleasurable growth experience. There are no controlling or intimidating boss-employee relationships, no ruthless competition for jobs, no anxiety about job loss in a merger, no quotas to fill, no comparison with anyone else’s activity or productivity, no mind-numbing monotonous jobs, no vying for promotions, no deadlines, and no pressure to succeed. In short, we avoid those negative work aspects you deal with on Earth. Some souls may spend their lives here resting and healing and growing through expanded awareness. Others may choose to combine “retirement” with what you call volunteer work, or tutor in a specialized area where they have expertise, or pursue old or new hobbies.

Transitioning Souls
Having expectations of others is just as undesirable as making a judgment. Mother, the reception and care of arrivals is so crucial for people on Earth to know that I want to explain the entire process starting at the beginning, with what you call death and we call transition. When the physical body dies, there is an instantaneous adjustment in the electrical system of the etheric body so it can leave Earth intact and arrive in Nirvana already attuned to the higher frequency here. That adjustment is made in the lightning flash moment when the etheric body separates from the physical body But it happens so quickly that the arrival’s memories of circumstances immediately prior to transition are as real upon entry here as they were when the person was experiencing those circumstances on Earth. The memories profoundly affect the arrival’s capacity to adjust to his etheric body, and when the memories are of traumatic experiences, a personalized and usually long healing process is required. Our reception of every “arrival” is intensely personal, and all care is individualized for the specific needs of each. Soothing music is almost inaudible, yet gently stirring for the emotions due to its beautiful chords and fragile harp-like sounds. The entire setting is fluid, with a sensation of soft, warm motion, and all elements are gentle in composition, color and tone. The reception and treatment environment is much different for arrivals in acute distress. In treating these traumatized arrivals we are dealing with both the body and the damaged psyche. People who made transition during or soon after any of these situations arrive traumatized in spirit beyond description, still psychically experiencing their recent terror on Earth. There is another kind of arrival very needful of loving attendance. Those who come with heavy guilt, remorse or sorrow require extensive psychological care to heal their damaged psyches.

When the need is automatically registered through the energy connections, at only a thought we are transported to the scene. When another soul already is there, the second to arrive may stay for a team effort or move to the next energy blip that signals another imminent arrival. If I were attending an arrival and you were in an emergency situation, this is how things would proceed. Gregory, your guardian angel, would be the first contact with your emergency vibration. His energy call automatically would reach me and all others in this realm who are closely bonded with you. When I receive this notification I summon my assistant, who is trained to take over. He instantly appears on the scene. Then I’m released of the energy bond with the arrival and I can direct this energy toward bonding with you. All of this happens within a wink. When each person arrives, Nirvana is exactly what that individual imagined Heaven to be during his Earth lifetime. The energy of the convictions within the individual’s psyche creates for him the Heaven of those convictions. They are the initial stage of adroit efforts to quickly transmute that negatively-affected energy that is so pervasive in arrivals and avert its proliferation.

They are given the same personal, loving reception as all other arrivals, and every effort is extended to assist in their healing and adjustment just as it is with all other traumatized souls who need customized treatment. However, they enter at a special treatment station because their traumas need a unique kind of maximum care. It isn’t fair or reasonable to lump all suicides into one category with one exacting judgment for all to face up to. None of those is more reason for harsh judgment than death attributed to heart failure or a broken neck. There is no punishment or heavy karma levied due to self-inflicted death.

Adjustment to the Realm
Some are so well prepared by their level of soul evolvement and completed Earth affairs that they need no transition assistance at all. Others are willing, but not completely ready to be here. They are half-reluctant to give up Earth life and half-welcoming the spirit realm once again—they are aware that they have returned. Their beliefs are not opposed to what they’re encountering, so they are well adjusted in that regard. After pleasant discussions, both telepathic and in their Earth language, they accept their return to Nirvana quite rapidly. Third in order of adjustment are the people who have been indoctrinated within strict church teachings. Their adjustment takes considerably longer than the previous two groups.

Near-death Experience
That jolting of the etheric body, but not a total disconnection from the physical body, is the signal to the soul that it has the ability to leave the physical state and travel to the realm where it knows it has been before. Not always does the person have memory of previous visits here in dream state or in supraconscious moments, but there are those unique connections of the spirit that call forth this journey of the etheric body. The souls who make this journey have that near-death experience. They are greeted at a special portal where the atmosphere is custom-created in accordance with their ideas of Heaven. This is to avoid presenting an actuality that could be disturbing to their psyches, which will not have time to adjust to the truth of this realm. What is retained is the sensation of love, the brightness of the light, the feelings of bonding and the desire to be in this familiar place. Those are never lost or distorted because they are faculties of the soul, not mental processes dependent upon the operation of the third-density brain or the psyche. As for ultimate value, the profoundness of the experience heightens the person’s awareness of his soul connection with God.

Pre-birth Agreements, Karma
There’s no such thing as either “good” or “bad” karma. Karma is neither a punishment nor a reward, it is simply the law of the universe regarding cause and effect. The objective of all soul learning is balance, and karma is the provision of the lessons a soul has selected to bring its experiencing into balance. Lifetimes are chosen based upon conditions and events that will supply the missing experiences for the eventual balancing of the soul’s cumulative lifetime experiences. Not only pleasant lessons can be chosen or the soul cannot grow beyond that point. Some lessons are very difficult, but the soul is only experiencing the “other side of the coin,” This is a unique time in Earth history, Mother. What has happened on a routine basis for eons is changing very rapidly in this time of preparation for a major transition of Earth. Agreements are far more flexible now than formerly to give opportunity for accelerated learning in encapsulated form rather than lifetime form. As light energy is beamed more and more heavily and steadily into Earth’s atmosphere to lift the density, those on the lighted path are accelerated in their direction. Those on the dark path are as well, so it’s harder now for those beings captured in dense energy to escape its headway.

Akashic Records, Lifeprint Review
Akashic Records contain complete, accurate, trustworthy accounts of all universe-wide happenings within eternity and All That Is. Lifeprints, which are as unique as your fingerprints and more impervious to alteration, form each soul’s record, and each lifeprint is a separate file in the Akashic Records. A lifeprint is like a lifelong movie, omitting not a single aspect or instant. The reviewing process is felt exactly as those feelings were experienced not only by the person, but all the people who were affected by his every action. So you can see that it is quite an experience! The cumulative soul’s judgment of its previous lifetime is the ONLY judgment of it. The lifeprint review also identifies lessons remaining, thus enabling the soul to choose those it wishes to experience in its next lifetime.

Council of Nirvana
The full Council may number over a hundred, but not all members would be present except when the gravest of matters must be addressed. Generally ten are in attendance at regular sessions as that number usually can handle all requests without delay. Here it truly is the will of the masses that governs and not the will of the leaders if there is conflict between any leader and the residents. The Council’s interaction on Earth is with extraterrestrial entities from the angelic and spirit realms and the human and suprahuman civilizations who are assisting your planet as lightworkers during this time of universal changes.

Every soul here is in a growth mode, and we are not without aspects needing correction, improvement, clarification, enlightenment. I know I’ve referred many times to “learning” and “lessons” both here and on Earth, but actually, Mother, nothing has to be “learned.” Everything that IS, we already KNOW at soul level. As we are inseparable from God and Creator, so we are inseparable from the universal mind. It is consciously remembering all we know that is the journey through all our lifetimes.