We have lived under the reign of should’s and ought’s for all our lives,
That of what I should do for others.
But now come to see there is another way,
I can choose what I want, according to who I am.
So now who am I and what do I want?
Careful not to return to the shoulds-and-ought’s of life.


Setting her free to be herself
Was one of the best things I have ever done.
How can you know someone if you control them?
Without knowing them is to lose the biggest opportunity of relationship.
How could we ever love someone for who they are?
Very few would be known and loved!

Oh the joy of seeing the other!
Learn to see the beauty in those around you.
See the innate goodness in yourself,
Underneath the many layers of the fears of ego.
This is what will transform the world and raise it to its potential.
Sharing love can set them free.

You never try to change them, you know them,
You recognize the Christ in them.
You realize who you are that you can recognize others.
No one should limit the expression of another
It cares for the other, rather than controlling them,
It’s a daily decision we make.