Outrageous Openness

Letting the Divine take the lead, by Tosha Silver (a summary by Pat Evert)


How can I align with the divine? The divine solution for any problem has already been selected. The divine abundance has already provided.

1 – Are you my mother? Allow whatever wishes to come and whatever wishes to go? What if God were all of us? What if God is the story?

2 – Shopping with God. Invite divine order, the best solution is already chosen. Become detached. You are with constant help.

3 – When you know the One anything can come. Release resentment and forgive. This will allow the Source to provide in the perfect way. What needs to go will go, what needs to come will come. Resentment will block the flow.

4 – Following the inner lead. Put your worry in the ‘God box’ and you no longer need to worry about it. Don’t decide from fear.

5 – Giving it all up. Stop doing anything you don’t want to do. Stop trying to make things happen. Give up all obsessions, whatever you are grasping. Go through life with an open heart, an open hand.

6 – Be what you seek. Tithing is a good practice. It doesn’t wait for a future contentment, but gives out of present abundance.

8 – When in doubt, clean. Relations that have gone bad, forgive and release. Send blessings to them. Clutter, let go and clear it out.

9 – Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Send loving kindness to others. Worry is one of the worst things you can send.

10 – Own your power or someone else will. I need not be a slave of the past. How I view and speak to myself and others, only I can change it. Careful what you say. If you say it enough you will believe it.

14 – The higher octave. If you call forth what is in you it will save you. If you do not it will destroy you. The gospel of St. Thomas

15 – It’s good to know both your specialness and your utter dispensability. Then you can let go and embrace it all and live with abandonment.

16 – You might be the only one on the planet sending them good.