Beyond the Known trilogy, Book I, channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

• Prologue

Everything you see may be known anew from the high vantage point where we intend to take you. From the perspective of the Upper Room, you will see with new eyes. This is the room of freedom where you are not bound by what you have thought or consented to as a small being. Fear and opposition of the small self are not present in the Upper Room. To claim the truth of who you have always been, we will lift you to the new classroom.

One – I am willing to release the idea of who I am or have been to receive the new.
Two – I am willing to release the attachments I have, to what I think I am or should be.
Three – I accept myself as worthy of this passage. I know who I am in truth, …

The kind of person you are in evolution is beyond what you have thought. To claim the old, is to sacrifice the potential that is awaiting you. “What is required for my soul’s growth? What is needed for me to be myself in a true way?” You will be known anew—realized anew. You will be known beyond the claims made for you by your history. When you lift above them, you may perceive what is real. There is a great gift in this realization, but only if you are willing to release the old, to move to the new. Our objective is to give you the Upper Room as a place to dwell, to see and realize yourself anew. As we do not make you holy, but support you in your recognition of your own divinity, as we do not make you happy, but give you the opportunity to choose happiness. The revelation is to the small self, that she is not in charge, and in this revelation or encounter with truth, is the unmasking of the personality self that has known herself in fear. The idea that you are separate from Source with a separate will that seeks to exercise its independence is comprehended anew. In the high alignment you are no longer angry at the life you have claimed, the will itself moves into participation and expression as the Divine Self.

Part One: the Upper Room

• The release of the known

Now, ask yourselves: “Am I willing to be who I am at the cost of the old?” You will then begin to perceive your life in some ways as a series of opportunities. When you begin to operate as the True Self, you become the manifest Divine. As the Divine claims the Divine in all it sees, the physical realm that you experience is re-known. The presence of the Divine calls into manifestation the inherent divinity. This is how a world is made new. You don’t have to try to be the Divine Self because the Divine Self as you is who you truly are. Your comprehension of this, claims you in union with the divine principle that exists in each human being. It is how you be as the True Self that transforms your world. The Divine as you knows who she is, knows what he is. She doesn’t argue for it or against it.

You are the master of your choices and the ramifications of choice are very often your teachers. Choosing to be in the alignment to your greatest good, is not chosen in fear. This is the way to operate in the new way, in freedom of choice. Every choice made in love calls forth love, and the lineage of love is forever. Every choice made in fear claims more fear, until the fear is withstood and reclaimed in a new way. Now, from this place of being, would you please make a claim: “I am allowed to experience myself beyond the known. I am allowed to claim my independence from what I have believed to be true. I may now align to my true, unlimited potential that exists beyond the known.”

We invite you with us so you may come to know yourselves, not only as worthy of this place, but as productive therein. You are beginning to operate in the Upper Room in your everyday lives, everyone that you encounter, by nature of your being there and your witness of them, may actually be known from that vantage point, from that perspective, and your realization of them is what claims them anew. The objective of this class is to release what you have held that will preclude you from claiming the fruit, from claiming your divine inheritance, the new potential that has come as and through you. The responsibility of the one who dwells in the Upper Room is to lift the world she sees to her purview. The true self knows the gifts of the Kingdom are available to her, but she is not grappling with fear, justifying her choices, making her neighbors wrong, or climbing over the ones before her to find the success she seeks. In the Upper Room, even the idea of competition is ridiculous. In other words, friends, the world itself is changed by your active presence in it.

If you exclude the physical self from divinity, you exclude your entire relationship to the manifest world as divine. When one witnesses the thing she says is abhorrent, she has to realize what exists beyond it, because the Divine as who you are can only see the Divine in what she sees. The vibration that is in all must be present, and your awareness of the presence of the Divine in what you see is what calls it into flower. If you deny the Divine in something other, you have denied it in yourself, and you have rushed downstairs to have that experience. To realize the Divine in the murderess is to claim the Divine where perhaps it has been denied. The Divine as you is incapable of denying the Divine in anyone else, and she claims the Divine in another. Imagine that you have a small child who believes himself to be stupid. Your claim of the child’s brilliance makes the child smile. You are not making him smarter, you are claiming the inherent brilliance that the child holds. What would it be like if, for only five minutes, you existed beyond fear, in a place with no fear? The Upper Room holds no fear. I have come to claim a new world into manifestation.”

• I know how I serve

What the True Self requires is its realization. The idea that what you in form can be claimed has been called heresy, and will be called it again, but true heresy is the denial of God, not the manifestation of it. It is the key to enter the Kingdom. The Kingdom—again, the awareness of the Divine in all manifestation—is in fact the expression of the higher room. The Divine as you, in its expression, is what claims the world anew. By nature of being— you encounter your reality and transform it through your presence. The claim “I know how I serve,” will be what claims you in participation to a new world.

What are the requirements for sustaining the vibration that can be held here?

• The first requirement we would offer you is compassion to the self that is undergoing change. You hold compassion for the one who struggles. You need not yell at the one who is learning as best he can.
• The second thing we will suggest is that you need not emblazon your glory publicly. As the Divine as you presents itself, it does so in humility.
• The third thing we would suggest, do not dwell in the past or predicate your safety upon a certain outline of a future that may or may not come to be.
• The next thing we must say is, do not act in fear or judgment of your fellows. To realize the Divine in them is to bless them beyond the fear they hold. To return to the safety of the Upper Room is to know that you are safe where you are.
• Finally, we have to say, in the Upper Room what you require will be brought to you. You don’t have to beg for it.

The Christ has come as all, and its realization is the next way humanity may know itself, but you must become willing to say yes to who you are, and your fellows as well.
The claim we make on your behalf is—you are free to know yourself as you truly are. The passage you undergo is a realization of what you are, the manifest self as the Divine, and the encounter with the manifest world. The small self is very used to deciding what should be, claiming what she wants, what she must have. And the Divine as you, in very different ways, knows what it is, and from that place of being, passes into a new expression. The Divine as you has a claim to make upon everything she sees: “I behold a world made new. I claim a new world. I am the witness to rebirth and resurrection, and, as I say yes to my own, I become the vehicle for the resurrection of all.” You are lifted again and again to what has always been and what will always be, as the eternity that you may know yourself in is revealed in ways that the small self could not expect or even believe could be so.

The ability you have now, is to know who you are for the benefit and the good of all you see. At this time, there is a reckoning of great magnitude, and the injustice you see in your world is making itself known for only one purpose—to be re-known and made new. The presence of the Divine that is there, has been hidden, and can now be re-known. The Kingdom, the Upper Room, the high octave, while foretold, has been so confused that you have all believed you had to die before you could see it. You have to die to the self you thought you were. Now, the Upper Room, the place of knowing, the place of peace, is available, may be returned to at any moment. Understand that the higher way of operating need not leave you passive in any way, but operating without fear and an innate awareness of the Divine that must be present in whatever you see. The denial of God reinforces the darkness that you are witnessing. To bring the light to anything is for it to be seen as it truly is, and to realize what is present. I release the fear I have had of such an action as I realize that the service I offer is made in the claim of the True Self, ‘I know how I serve.’

• The preparation for the new world

When you idealize any outcome, you are deciding in advance what should be based upon your expectations, and when your outcome is not met as you think it should, you are disappointed. Every one of you claims identity, the only history you have. An inherited history is simply an idea of what you think happened. The history of the story is present today in a mutation that you may accept as a truth, but by accepting a mutation, you are actually losing the essence of truth, the piece of God, that is available through it. You are being instructed to know the self in eternity, the only place that truth is aligned to, this is done in where we call the Upper Room. To align to the Upper Room, would be the equivalent of aligning to who you have always been, instead of agreeing with the small self in knowing itself in history and in idealizations of what should be. The Divine has come as you, not to fix your poor history. To re-create the world, you must lift beyond the small self’s purview. So the first lesson is everything you see you are in agreement to, and because you are in agreement to it, it can be transformed through consciousness. “That woman will never change” is denying the God in that woman. “That country will never learn” is denying the potential for the transformation or re-creation of what you know of as a country. You are confirming the very things that you say you don’t want. The manifest world is transformed by your alignment to the Divine that has come as you in the octave of expression we call the Upper Room. The man who you see, regardless of what he has done, is not separate from God. You are so used to settling for a better day that you disregard the gifts of Spirit that are present, and are offered to you—if you are willing to release your ideas of what you were, what you are, and what you can be known as.

We ask you each to decide on this day that the life that you’ve lived, and as you have lived it, are completing themselves. The present and the future is no longer decided by the past. Now, to trespass upon the old is guaranteed for some time. I am in the Upper Room, what I am claiming is the perfect opportunity for my soul’s unfoldment, for the Divine as me to reclaim itself. “Well, what does my Divine Self want from me?” you may ask. Everything and nothing. Everything that it requires, and nothing that you can think of. The Divine as her is what you acknowledge, and you claim it in the realization that that is who she always is. The Divine Self, we have to say, knows how to mind her own business.

We encourage you each to make decisions each day in agreement to the True Self. “How is this done?” you ask. Not by inquiry, but by aligning. The choice to align as the True Self is required as you progress. You will understand that what you are embarking upon is the realization of the Christed Self as has come as form and known through the self that has incarnated as you. The new world is the one you speak into being through the claims “I know who I am, what I am, how I serve.”

• The Divine as Will

The Divine Will in activation will claim you, as you align to it. The Divine as will means that the aspect of the Creator as you can and will be expressed in will, you stop deciding what can or cannot be, based on the tenets of history. “I am an expression of Divine Will embodied in alignment to the highest choice available to me now.” In the Upper Room, in the maintenance of the high vibration, the high choice is not only present, but obvious to you. Now, the True Self is not in fear, fear is no longer a part of the equation. “I am choosing to align to the True Self in will.” Don’t struggle here, friends, because to struggle is to make difficult what must in fact be done in ease. There is more to be known, more to be claimed, and your reception in the high octave will transport you beyond the known, and you may know yourself in infinite wonder.

Now, what it means to be realized is to be re-known beyond what form has known itself through. Anything you see before you was once something else. Once form is understood as an expression of the Divine, and as will is offered to the Divine, how form expresses may transform as well because it will no longer be limited by the codifications that history has brought to it. The elasticity of form, of gender, of race—these things that many are now seeking to define in ways that you would call black and white—are actually reclaiming themselves beyond duality. How the body expresses itself in manifestation, will actually be transformed once it is given over to the true nature that the Divine Will would claim for it. Your experience of the upper levels is cumulative. As you accrue experience, you continue to expand, and how you perceive what you see in a higher way is integrated by you. The Christ has come as every human being, but the flowering of it requires the awareness of its potential, and because you have been lied to for so very long, you have misbelieved the nature of your being. To know yourself as worthy has been an important part of these teachings. How could you not be worthy would be our question for you. You are claiming your true inheritance, and the Upper Room is where this commences.

You may learn your lessons through anger, or through love, and you are realized through each interaction with the Divine that is present in all. To claim “I know what you are” is to recognize the inherent Divine and bring it forth. To be the ambassador of truth is to decide that what you see before you will be revealed and then realized in truth. You become the ambassador because the action of the Christ as you is to know the Christ in all. And, as the Christ is known in all, all is lifted by nature of being. When the True Self is unmasked, when it is seen by the one who knows who she is, the Divine in the one you see becomes the action of reclamation in the other. The Divine is the reclamator. All you are doing is knowing the truth, and the reclamation happens. The understanding here is that the claim of the Divine, and humanity’s inherent divinity, is the birthright that is being re-known. You do not grovel to receive your inheritance. It is your right, but you must say, “I am worthy of receiving my inheritance, but I accept it in deep humility because I know the Source of all things.”

Your experience as the Divine Self liberates you beyond the known, what you are is the manifestation of the Divine in form. The claim “I am free” is in fact the claim of liberation from systems of control, agreements made in fear, and the collective mind that believes what it was taught. Everything exists in the Upper Room to be re-known, to be reclaimed in divine accord.

“I am aligning the Divine Will to all that I encounter. I become as Divine Will in my acquiescence to it. And I allow the Divine to decide with me, as me, and for me as I become one in vibration of the True Self expressed as the Divine Will.”

What is available to you in the Upper Room exists beyond the known, and as you agree to this, your learning truly begins.

• The reclamation of the Divine

The way you live your life is predicated either on history or the moment you stand in. In order for something to be made new, it needs to move to the nameless, to the Source of its creation, to be made known as what it has always been. The Upper Room, where you may move to the nameless plane, where you may be known in a new way. If you understand where we are taking you in this instruction, it’s to a new idea of infinity without the polarization of love and hate, light and dark, joy and sorrow. When the Divine has no name, and the qualities you would endow it with are no longer operating through language, you begin to experience infinity.

When you decide things as the small self, you perpetuate the old. When you claim the True Self and your great identity you move the will to a place of union with your divine expression, which is the claim “I know how I serve.” In the Upper Room, the Divine Self as you knows herself in infinity because she is not bound by the constructs of time, but in alignment to her eternal nature, expressed in this perfect now.

In embodiment, the emissary or the Christ in manifestation, has its own agenda beyond what the small self can even imagine. Things are spoken into being in recognition of what they truly are, not what they have been. The small self will seek to identify the Divine Self and claim it as he thinks it should be, when in fact, it is the Divine that claims the small self and re-interprets it and reclaims the world through its expression of the small self. We are lifting you beyond history. The claim “I Have Come,” is the manifest Divine in full expression for the service to the world she can offer. When the True Self sees an atrocity, it brings the light and the action of the Divine to bear upon it. It needs no sword, only the claim of truth. “I Have Come.”

You have been gifted with the responsibility to reclaim what you see in the high octave of the Upper Room. The Upper Room is the abiding presence of the Divine beyond fear, and when you lift a thing to it through your intention, you are lifting the thing that has known itself in separation to union with the Source of all things. The realization is the true teaching of the second coming of the Christ. You have waited for a man in the clouds. What you have never known is that you are all in the clouds in the Upper Room.

Now we are no longer acting through the old, but within the new as expressions of the Divine. Any lies you have known yourselves through will be made known to you for the purpose of reclamation. The idea that fear can run the show must now be abandoned. So the idea of who you are is assumed in the vibration of the Christ and re-announced in the claim “I Have Come.” Please stop trying to change and start allowing the Divine to reclaim you. The claim “I Have Come” is the coming of the Christed Self to reclaim the world.

Each time you decide that you are worthy of being who you truly are, you encourage every aspect of the self to claim what it may know. As you say yes to what you truly are and have always been, you demonstrate it through the life you live, beyond the ideas you have held.

“On this day we claim that the forms that each have taken are regarded new, are resurrected in the true identity of the Christed Self, the True Self of God, has now been given permission to embody in fullness. As we speak to the blood and the bone and the marrow, as we speak to the hair and the lips and the tongue, as we speak to the fingers and toes and vertebrae and intestine, we sing to you in the awareness that what you are is being re-known.”

That which is God, knows God in all. That which denies God, denies God in all. The moment you decide that you are safe as you are, you can become free of fear. The moment you agree that who and what you are, the True Self as you, is beyond fear, fear cannot reach you. You can claim the body in its union with the matter that surrounds it, by realizing the high vibration through the recognition of the inherent Divine. As the Divine sees the Divine in all, and as the old is relinquished, the world is made new.

• Claiming the Kingdom

The idea of claiming the Kingdom, very simply put, means you are claiming into manifestation the inherent principle, the God in all. The acclimation to the high vibration that you have come to, is recognizing the Divine that you now know is there. All we are truly doing is remembering you in the octave you express in that we call the Upper Room. You don’t need to act to transform something as much as recognize what it has always been. Now, when you know who somebody is, you are not excusing his or her behavior, or claiming no responsibility through what they may have incurred. But you are knowing them beyond the act, beyond what they have thought they were. To be exposed to the light would actually claim them and release them from the very thing that they think they are. As you know who you are, there is no question, there is only knowing. When you know, you are not questioning, nor are you self-deceiving. You are not fixing, you are not deciding what should be, how somebody should act, you are knowing who they are. You are not making something up or changing somebody. You are claiming what exists in the Upper Room that you abide in. You are recognizing what they are and can only be. In knowing, you are free of the small self’s rule. She is no longer the captain of the ship, he is no longer the king on the throne.

The idea of being who and what you truly are is actually unknown to most of you because you operate in agreement to what you think, what you have been taught, and you bypass your innate knowing without even realizing it. Your own experience becomes the teaching here. As you realize yourself, your world is realized, and the manifestation of the Kingdom is the result of this. The entirety of the body—every organ, every fiber, every blemish— in the Upper Room that we teach from, the entirety of being is in ascension or realization. The Divine as you will actually claim you and all those things you say are not of God as you give yourself to it. But to give yourself to it is to surrender the idea of who you have been. By realizing, very simply, that it is only an idea. You have never been separate. It is just an idea. You have never not been loved. It is just an idea. A new Christ, will be born in mankind. ‘I have come.’ You cannot plan for realization. Realization itself takes you beyond the known.

The claim “I am free” does not decide that you are free of the cancer, but it does decide that you are free of the idea of what the cancer is, and in many ways, the idea of what the cancer is is what is consuming you, and not the cancer itself. If you take this teaching as an opportunity to give yourself the goal to be something you may never be, you are missing the point of it entirely. You do not become divine. You already are. True health is manifestation of divine awareness. True well-being is the expression of the Divine operating as you. You may receive a healing, or a new relationship with the malady, but you will not be a victim to it because the True Self as you cannot be a victim to anything. Each of you who comes to us comes with a belief that things will not work out as you want them to, and for the most part, we have to say, thank goodness for that. You would be living small lives in safety, and small lives in safety are far less wonderful than an expansive life that can be known through new circumstances beyond the known.

Part Two: Realization

• Deliverance

The Divine as you operates in knowing. It does not seek to find. It does not question. It allows. Knowing is a perpetual state of agreement to God. As God is the ocean that you abide in, the ever-present ocean, you abide in knowing, as you know God. This means, very simply, that you are releasing the illusion of separation as you enter the sea and let it surround you.

The claim you make, “I Have Come,” which is the claim of the Christ in incarnation. To renounce form is to release the attachment to what things have meant, how they have been. The Divine Self does not attach to the values that have been given them. To realize the truth in anything is to re-know it in that instant, the eternal now. To realize the Christed Self is to manifest a new world and lift the world before you to its truth. Be lifted, and let the Christ be known through each of you in this articulation: “I Have Come.

The woman you have been is no longer who she thinks she is, or what she thought she was. The dismantling of a structure of identity – the external systems that you see collapsing in your world cannot be remedied, cannot be fixed, nor should they be. A new one must be born in a higher agreement. Systems are collapsing because they were initially created by fear and a need to control others that cannot exist in the high octave that is now present on this plane. The world you see before you must be created anew, in accord with the truth in the freedom of expression that the Divine knows itself in. The reliance upon the old systems that are collapsing around you are mirrors of the individual’s journey of reliance upon fear that is being released in this process of re-creation. If you can understand that the wheel of the ship that you have been navigating is now being helmed by the Divine Self, who understands the winds and the destiny before her, you will understand that the best thing you can do is allow her to captain your life and stop trying to get what you think you should have to be who you thought you should be.

Don’t dictate outcome based on history. To be realized is to be in the moment, and only the moment you stand in. The Upper Room is where you know yourself in union with the Divine, and nothing more. You are not as you were. The small self’s identity has been assumed or reclaimed in this new purview: “I Have Come.” You are releasing the idea of what you could be, as prescribed by the small self, to realize what you are and have always been. That you may be known and realized beyond the self, beyond the edicts of history and the challenges you may have defined yourselves through.

The ability of the body to express itself in a sexual self is a gift, and to deny the gift is to debase the body. To decide that the gift should rule the body, and should be the reason you are, would also debase the body. To deny the Divine in your partner is to deny the divinity of the sexual act. To love your partner is to love the body, and the expression that the body has taken. Not every love is expressed sexually, but sexual love, we would have to say, is a way to know God, as is a walk on the beach, or singing to your daughter before she goes to sleep. “How does the Divine express sexually?” you may ask. In love. In an awareness of the beauty of the potential of the senses to know themselves in this agreement in tandem with another. You may be in love in the Upper Room. You may be in passion there, as well. Why would you exclude the joy of sexuality from your true expression? If every time you make love, you have to go back down to the cellar, you are going to have a very difficult time navigating the octaves. And, if you have not yet made love in the Upper Room, we expect you’re going to like it very much. “Why?” you say. Because there is no fear. “But what of vices?” he says. “Don’t we have these vices that must be attended to?” Of course you do, and you think you must fix them as the small self does. An alignment to the True Self actually gives you the opportunity to lift these very things to be re-known in a higher way, but they will not be re-known as you fight them. Let me be in my knowing so that I may gift you with the entirety of my being. That includes your sexual self, or your addiction, or what you know of as a vice. The opportunity for deliverance is present.

When you experience trials in your life, you are claiming opportunity. The small self may say, “No, no, no,” but the True Self says, “Yes,” for any opportunity to be realized. And your reliance upon the Divine becomes essential. Realization, the new, the present new, the profound new, the divinatory new, the new that is comprehended by the totality of being, is what is realized.

• Re-articulation

All fear is based in a premise that God is not present in that moment, and therefore fear is always a lie. Any act of judgment against another is an act of fear. If you want to play on those things and perpetuate them, stay downstairs, have those experiences. Or go to the Upper Room and claim the presence of the Divine upon them, “I Have Come…” To lift yourself to the high room and then lift the battlefield and all who dwell upon it to realization is to claim the Kingdom in the face of fear, and it’s an opportunity to know, not only who you are, but the power of the Divine. It makes you the true witness, the one who knows God, realizes God, in any act, in any human, in any situation you may encounter. If all things are God, all things may be re-known as God.

Imagine that anything that can be seen can be revealed, unmasked—unnamed, in fact—to a true meaning. To move beyond the known, everything may be re-known. But it must be unnamed, reclaimed, re-comprehended, and this is only done in the Upper Room.

The Divine Self as you, has come to reclaim you. The Divine invites you to lift to an experience of realization beyond the known that can then be assumed, and in assumption, you begin to decide that anything that you thought you were becomes an idea that is now re-known. The name you have been given, “I Have Come,” is not a small self announcement, but the arrival of the Divine in manifestation. It is to wake up from a dream that you have been conspiring with. The claim of what is of God is the lifting of it to a new way of being. The True Self as you is who has come, not your idea of the True Self. To be willing to release anything and everything is, in fact, required.

An articulation as the Divine Self may make this claim, “I have come.” And the reliance upon the True Self aligns the authority of your life to the Divine expression. When you know yourself in Paris, you don’t try to go to Paris. The same is true of the Upper Room. When you blame something, when you are angry at something, when you claim it in low vibration, you call yourself to that level or octave, and that becomes your alignment. What you do to another, you do to the self. The small self, the best she can do, is behave better. You can be very polite to the person you hate, but your hatred is what claims them in vibratory accord. You can be the hypocrite with the smile on his face and all that will get you is more of the same. The requirement here is very simple: Know who you are. Realize it. God loves the sinner as much as he loves the saint. You progress more rapidly when you realize the Divine in the one you would never wish to see again. The one you are frightened of is the one most in need of your love. You have decided some are worthy, some are not. You predicate your worth on how you are perceived by your fellows. And, in doing so, you have forgotten God. Claim God. You do it in the one you hate until you no longer hate. You realize God in the one who you fear until there is no fear. And that is reclamation. And to say God cannot live in that man is to deny God in every man you have ever met and can ever meet. You do these things. And the only sin there is, is to deny the Divine that must always be present. The manifestation of God must be present as all you see.

We have come to each of you to renounce the old, to claim you in the Kingdom, to create a world in recognition of the divinity that exists in all. Each learning opportunity brings you further toward a realization of who and what you truly are. And the challenges you choose to face, in many cases, become the stepping-stones toward greater realization. To deny yourself an opportunity to learn is simply to decide that the learning will take place at some other time. There is not one moment of any day that you are not manifesting, or in the act of creation, whether you are doing this in low vibration or high vibration. It is simply the nature of being. If those of you who deny the Divine Self wish to claim separation, you may, but you do it in ignorance of what is always present. Each text we write is a stepping-stone to deeper realization, or higher realization, because you can’t go to the heights without the comprehension of the depth of the meaning. To deny your worth at this level is to deny the opportunity that is being presented to you to bless the world.

• The road before you

God is in all, you realize that death is simply another way of experiencing God. All death is, is a transition from one level of vibration to another. The energy that is the Divine cannot be extinguished, it is always re-known, or re-articulated, spoken anew in another form. The attachment to an identity through form is the only challenge you are really facing. You are already these things. You are the sea, and the sky, and the earth, and the man dying on the other side of this planet. You are the child being born. You are death itself, and life itself. And what you all don’t know is that you are this, have always been, and the expression of the Divine. Friends, we are not making you one through this teaching. We are bringing you to yourself that has always been one.

Realizing the self as love endows the being that you are to gift the world with the presence of love. The emotional self knows the idea of love in one way, but the heart loves, regardless of emotion.

“I am one with love. I am allowing love. I give permission to my entire being to be known in love. And, as I say yes, I am assumed, agreed to, and re-articulated as love.”

The road before you is now paved in love. You are awakening to a new world, Paul. Let your eyes be opened.

Now, the Divine Self is never a victim, has no need to blame, doesn’t seek to self-justify, but she has every opportunity to realize the other. As you move to the Upper Room as the Divine Self, these negotiations are never needed because you are not operating from a place of manipulation or expectation. These must be released because there is no place for it. You will find how much energy you have spent seeking to be met as you think you should, when you are no longer operating with the expectation of how others should treat you. “I am free,” is the opportunity to release the idea of expectation that has been given to you in this experiential plane. The opportunity is present to know God even in a situation that the small self would be abhorrent to. However, the moment something happens that you would claim in anger or fear, you are given an opportunity to choose the Upper Room and remain in the frequency of the high octave. Each individual you encounter becomes the opportunity to perceive the Christ as them. In the Upper Room… as you walk down the street, you are transforming in interaction the vibrational essence of what you are encountering.

We want you being at a high vibration in all that you witness, all that you encounter, all that may be known in the Upper Room. The Divine as you, in manifestation, is the claim of the Divine in all. “I have come.”

As you are realized, or re-known, the body you have taken begins to dismantle certain ways of knowing itself, that have been in agreement to a lower octave. Simply put, you are actually establishing yourself in a higher realm while incarnate. And the manifestations of this in form may include some discomfort, as Paul can attest to, but beyond that, all you are really doing is acclimating in an experiential way to what you are as you experience yourself in a new plane of knowing. You are walking in the world in the vibration of the Christ, which you will call love and truth and the awareness of the presence of the Divine in any interaction that you are aligned to. The opportunity comes in everyday awakening—to witness the God that is before you, even when it’s concealed by a mountain of fear. Who you should condemn, who you should deny the Divine, or what you would claim as unholy, must all now be re-met. Loving someone has not a thing to do with the personality they present. Everybody enters. No one is exempt.

• Freedom from fear

When you align as the Divine Self, the life that you will lead will be in accord with your true nature, the True Self in action, the Word made flesh. When we teach realization, we intend you to know it. We do not want you saying to us, “Well, tell us what to do.” The Divine that has come just as you, it is known by the one who sees it as what it has always been. When you have aligned as the truth of who and what you are, you partake in a unified field. We call it the Upper Room, the high octave, where the Christ is manifest. You are not claiming the identity as Christ. It is claiming you. The one who has an idea that what has been must always be has a deep investment in denying the action of God, because the action of God is always change. If you wish to claim your history and agree to what has been, you are actually agreeing to a world that has chosen to learn through separation.

As you decide to be in manifestation as the Divine Self, one thing occurs that you may not expect. You lift beyond fear in a way that you will know. The True Self may begin to experience the self as it was intended to know itself. Fearless. Without the idea of fear, fear cannot exist. Allow yourself to know the self as free of fear. In the Upper Room, anything you may fear may be re-known, and comprehended anew. If you understand, friends, that the idea of fear itself is what must be released, all that follows will know itself as fearless.

As the manifest world begins to greet you in this new vibratory form you have taken, you can count on several things. The reliance upon the old will no longer serve you, and you will get busy moving to the realm of possibility, because all things may be known in the Upper Room. As you walk the world, beyond fear, beyond the agreement to fear, what you begin to comprehend is the insanity of fear as a practice, as a way of being in agreement to logic. “You should be afraid.” “You should condemn.” All that can be known, the assumption of the small self and the release of the reliance upon an idea of who and what you are are the simple keys to comprehending. Now, ask yourselves these questions: “Am I willing to be re-created and re-known and in service for the higher well-being of all? Am I willing to forgive myself for what I may have chosen to learn through on this plane? Am I willing to make a new agreement that the choices I make from now on will be made in accordance with the truth of my being, from the Upper Room?” You have never been alone on this journey, nor can you be. And the isolation that you may have experienced yourself in was the fear of the reconnection from the small self, who disbelieves she can be worthy of the love of the Divine.