The Manifestation Trilogy: Book One, Channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert) 

  • Introduction

The collective has agreed to a new choice, to release an idea of self that has been known through fear, to be re-known in what we will call the Upper Room. As you begin to know who you are, what you are, and how you serve, the field you hold is lifted. To be made new, or re-articulated, is the presence of the Divine, operating as and through you. You are already this. Each of you here is about to embark on a journey of resurrection, the reclamation of all things. When the known, the old, is released and the new is born, the Kingdom unfolds before you. The death that you experience is a rebirth. It is the resurrection. You begin to know the self anew. 

In this time, humanity will face itself, face its creations, and the reckoning of truth and agreement to truth. Humanity’s true purpose is resurrection, or a reconciliation with its true divinity. How this happens is a long process. To reconcile anything to the Divine is the act of re-knowing and re-seeing. The moment has come for the release of unconscious behavior, enacted by fear. What you lift to the Upper Room is made new or resurrected by nature of your presence and being. You are coming to a place where you recognize, finally, that all human beings are one. We wish to give you what is rightfully yours, the True Self as expressed, as manifest, in love.

Part I:  What Was and What Will Be

  • Preparation

The prohibition to union has ended. The new agreement is made. We may learn our lessons beyond agreement to fear. We may learn in higher ways. Great teachers that operate as doorways to the Divine, do not hold edicts for their disciples. All are included. We come as the frequency of the Christ in participation to the great awakening that is before you. We do not tell you what to do. We offer a way, and we will support you in this way as you say yes to it. Divine Will, is in fact your escort through this passage. You all made a choice to learn the difference between what you would call good and evil, and in doing so became participatory to the creations of fear. The knowing of who you are implies great change. The opportunity is to release the fear in order to liberate yourself from the chains that would bind you. When you begin your day, even for a few moments, claiming the presence of the Divine upon all things, will catalyze you to a higher way of experiencing the day. Creating the space through the presence of the Divine allows matter itself to begin to be received in a higher state. You may say resurrected state, but we would say re-articulated. 

Now, the who that is come is indeed no longer the small self, but the Christed Self in manifestation, and the blooming of the Christ is the over-taking of the small self by the essence of the Divine. When you are in re-articulation, every aspect of you that has ever been known can and will be re-known. The True Self sees all things in truth. The Divine Self in re-articulation is the aspect of you that is coming into being at the cost of an idea of self that can no longer be held at this level of vibration. You are the ones who have come, who are now embodying, for the reclamation of all. Because you are not creating from fear, the need for fear is released by you. And you are made new by this exchange of vibration. The I Am Self, the one who knows who it is, is the one in reclamation of the being that you are. It is not other than you. It is the truth of you. The small self has never been who I am. It has been something that I have appropriated, a narrative, that I seek to confirm in my daily life. When you stop confirming the old, it is no longer present. 

The True Self as you in a newly articulated state becomes the omnipresent Divine as it can and will be held in form. Re-articulation is a different way of making the body known, it is understanding that the Divine as form is also omnipresent. Manifesting in a body certainly does not deny you union, although you expect it does. The one you see by the side of the road is as holy as anyone else, and your knowing of this is the act of the redeemer that can be claimed in any circumstance and to magnificent effect. Now, to benefit others in any way is to comprehend who they truly are. Any act of love is God itself acting through you. 

“On this night I choose to align every aspect of myself to the choice to love, to be as love, to become as love, the Divine in action, the Word in form and field. I am Word through this intention.” 

What stands before you is always ever one thing, the presence of the Divine in any form it has taken. And any experience you have in a lifetime must be understood as opportunity to know the Divine. 

The True Self, the Divine as who and what you are, knows itself in limitlessness, knows itself in fullness. You will be changed, you will be made new, you will be reclaimed in the high order of the Upper Room. You will say yes to the benefit of it. The idea of who you are, what you have been, is what is being called forth and reclaimed. The belief that you are separate from all things, is what is being released now. The Monad as you is always in yes, always in high accord, and cannot say no to unification. The preparation that you must undergo here is far deeper than what you would expect. This is not a cosmetic transition. The Divine as you, in its resurrected state, is the knowing that you require to align all things made new.

  • New Experience

The release of separation is an act of revolution, rarely peaceful or pretty. It’s an act of truth. It is God in expression, and as such, it lifts itself to higher resonance. The moment you deny God in another, separation is re-established. Reconciliation is the embodiment of truth. Resurrection, which is the presence of the Divine in fullness in form, is articulation of truth. “God Is,” the announcement of the omnipresence that will reclaim all things, and the world you have seen will indeed be made new. 

The lifting of all things, the re-membering of all things, to its true spiritual state is the act of the alchemist. You move from the singular to the plural in your awareness of self. It’s a knowing that expresses beyond the idea of separation, the imprinting of the Divine in the energetic field that is experienced through the attunements we offer. You begin to express beyond the limited self that has been indoctrinated through a culture knowing itself in fear. What has been labeled as solid is re-seen as of God. This is a teaching of allowance, and forbearance in allowance. To allow the Divine to be seen is an act of humility. To tell the Divine what it should appear as is the egoic act of sorcery. The True Self is in receipt of the omnipresent Divine because it is already in agreement to it. The world you live in is branded by the idea of lack. There can be no lack in God, so there can be no lack ever. The lack you experience on this plane, be it hunger, be it inequity, be it lack of love, is the product of the small self in defiance of its true nature. Reconciliation is the re-knowing of self as of the whole. As you work with these teachings, as you embody through them, you become this doorway. You become the conductor for the higher frequency that prior to this was only accessible as spirit or through the energetic field. This change will continue on this realm until the bias towards separation is reconciled or unified with a new ideal. It is the re-knowing and remembrance of the inherent Divine in matter, perceived as and by, the Divine as you, who knows who she is. We are teaching you to hold the higher vibrational field, the collective is also undergoing this process. All have the right to be. The realization of this, will reclaim all cultures, all religions. You may choose the darkness. That does not make you evil. It perhaps makes you afraid. And because love may penetrate even the most dark room, those who slumber in darkness will be awakened. The claim “God Is, God Is, God Is” is revolution itself. The reclamation it enforces, cannot be limited. Re-articulation is a journey. The days of seeking are replaced with reception. You cannot fight darkness. You can illumine it. The triumph of the Divine reclaims all it encounters beyond the access to fear that has compromised it in the first place. 

The teaching of the day will continue to be the love that you are, in transmission for the benefit of your world. The true resurrection has always been the Monad in a re-articulated state, and it is its radiance that transforms the world. To understand divinity is to comprehend Source that is in manifestation as all things. Now reclamation, that which has been put outside of God must now be re-known in God. The Eternal Self actually exists beyond the template of time. It is not bound to historical data. The Divine as all things, inclusive of memory, inclusive of pain, resurrected and indeed, re-known. “Behold, I make all things new; God Is, God Is, God Is,” spoken into being and transformed. The re-articulation of history, is not pretending it didn’t happen. It is re-seeing it. The fundamental truth of your presence, the Eternal Self, can be claimed, and in its reclamation reclaim all it encounters. Blame begins to vanish, when you understand that the genesis of any act of harm, provoked by fear, is the implicit denial of the Divine. The memory of any pain can be re-known, can be reclaimed. The choice is up to you. To see this from the Upper Room is not to condone what happened. It is to witness it from a perspective where you are no longer blaming. Any aspect of self that breeds violence will now be re-known as of God, re-identified, and brought to the light. When you understand the temporary nature of form, you release your attachment to it, and you allow form to be what it is, expression of God that is in fact malleable to thought. You understand that what you see in the sky (stars) may have been extinguished long ago, but is still present in your experience. What is happening here is that the acclimation to the Monad, which expresses without fear, is now present in your energetic field. The residual affect of this teaching is indeed acclimation to the higher, vibrational experience

  • Reconciliation

In the Upper Room you hold an alignment to what we will call Christ consciousness for the benefit of everything you encounter. In the attunements the energetic bodies are in escalation every time they are invoked. The Upper Room is not the place to get what you want. It is the place to receive what you require, and what you require are the gifts of the Kingdom. You need to say yes to what already is. The truth of this, as expressed in this teaching, is that you are in agreement to the Source of all things, hence the claim “God Is, God Is, God Is.” The Upper Room is where your sense of being begins to transform. 

Now, the Christ, in manifestation through each of you, is glowing brightly, and the brightness of the Christ in manifestation is what cleans the windows, dusts the table, makes all things new. The true nature of the manifest Christ, does not carry the history that she thinks she does. You are assumed by the Christ, reconciled to the Christ, but you are still Nancy, you are still Henry, you are still your very selves in a highly articulated state of resonance. The idea of Second Coming, which is mass resurrection or the realization of the Divine as all. If your senses were to fully activate now, if you could fully see the world before you, you could not manage it. You would have to sit in a state of wonder, or at least horror, that things are not what they were. You become aware that there is more on the menu than you were taught to believe. And the moment it’s there on the menu, it can be tasted, partaken of. The authentic or True Self sees beyond the spectrum. But your sensitivity to this acclimation is a process you have to undergo. Imagine you are a painter, and suddenly a color appears on your palette that you could not imagine was ever so. But then you look back down at the palette, and there are three more, and then the old ones are changing as well, and the richness and vitality of the spectrum is now revealed, and it makes all things so. The beauty of your beings is unbeknownst to any of you. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would weep in joy. Now, you are forgetting an idea of self. You are releasing what was not you, and you are saying yes to what truly is. Be lifted as one, and know the True Self as expressed in the form you have taken. When you perceive injustice, or you perceive someone acting in fear, you must begin to see it as opportunity to know truth in the face of the lie that is being perpetuated by the one acting in fear. War—starving a people, even slaughtering a people—cannot be acts of God, but acts of the forgetting of God, the denial and refuting of God. The law of karma, or cause and effect, has been so misunderstood to mean punishment that you forget you’re in school, and any encounter must be seen as an opportunity to learn. Each of you here is deeply loved. There is nothing you could do, in any world, to alter that truth. And even any act done in the denial of the Divine is already forgiven. 

No aspect of you, even what you think is darkest, is outside of the love of God. And this reunification of the splinters, must be seen not as an act of exorcism, but as an act of reclamation. It is not evil. It is simply a disenfranchised or abandoned idea that refuses rejection and demands re-entry into the being. Whatever these splinters are, were once of the whole, can be re-known, and indeed healed. Now, when we speak of healing of the mind, we are not telling you that you are ill. But we are happy to tell you that you think you are. The claim of the Monad upon what we will call the splinter—“You are as I am”—is a very simple claim. “I am all things.” This distillation of a teaching can be understood very simply as a reuniting of aspects of self that have been orphaned, splintered, cast into darkness. When you have been challenged in your own experience, denied love, or accosted in fear, when you have been used, or misunderstood, you begin to self-identify through the issuance of the experience. Don’t believe it to be who you are for a moment!

  • Freedom

At this level of alignment, what you are claiming is nonnegotiable. The Divine as risen and resurrected can now be sung by humanity, one and all. The echo of this teaching, the residual affect of it, will be in the fields of all of you for the rest of your being. And the intention you hold—“Behold, I make all things new”—realizes what is seen, claims what is seen, in the template of the Upper Room. 

The touchstone for you now must be experiential. You are not forgetting who you were. You are re-knowing who you are. Far less will be your attachment to it. The choice to align at this level must be a collective one. Recrimination is not the answer here. The true answer is love, loving into expression that which has been defiled. The boat is sinking and you are the life rafts yourselves. You support those around you in a lifting. You can hold a thousand more. You become lighthouses to the storm, and others will see the light and be lifted by it. To become the lighthouse is simply to know who you are. Allow for change, and allow the change to be beneficial. The teachings you’ve received thus far have been preparing you for this transition towards unity. Your presupposition is that you’re not in the Upper Room, and indeed you already are, and that’s the confusion most of you have, that this is someplace other. 

Every obstacle on this path must be seen as opportunity. Recognition in truth is the teaching. You cannot see with a distorted lens, like the faulty mirror of personality. Recognize only the Divine that is the true reflection of your being. A reckoning is a facing of self and one’s creations, and this reckoning is a deep gift. The True Self will occupy its place. Allow this mirror to be illumined in perfect light, to recognize only the Divine that is the true reflection of your being. Your beauty is unrecognizable to you. The depth of beauty in all of you is beyond your recognition. The mirror you are now presented with will be the mirror of truth. Allow this mirror now, from this place in the Upper Room, to grant you the gift of true sight, moving beyond appearance to the recognition of truth. You will become as the mirror that you looked in, that holds the perfect reflection. 

What is before you now is a reconciliation of that which has been denied or abandoned by you, including the sexual self. It has been distorted or made shameful. The solution is simply to accept it. The act of reclamation must become inclusive of its own creations. Any aspect of you that has been refuted actually requires only one thing, which is love and acceptance. This is transformation, not fixing. To be transformed or made new is to be made new in the Upper Room through the Monad. And fearlessly, you may allow the return of this thing to be loved and integrated as of the whole precious being that you are. Allow any fragment of self to be loved, to be re-known. You are moving to the level of truth where what is in a lie can not only be seen, but re-known in vibration. Every day is this opportunity for a higher level of expression.

Your inclusiveness allows all beings to be, this is the step you are required to take in the claim “God Is.” You are not seeking to realize the Divine in others. When one tries to negotiate identity through another they are claiming you in lower vibration. Releasing those who seek to attach at the lower has been a requirement for your well-being. What has been negotiated in fear is re-known in love, and what falls away is what is no longer required.  

The realization of the Divine as the very fabric of your life, is what will re-create your life. You have chosen, knowingly or unknowingly, to deny this fabric, God itself, when it has always been present. We are reclaiming the life that has been lived to a realization of the omnipresent Divine where it was most obscured by you. When you make this claim, “I am in agreement to be known beyond prior choice,” you are giving permission for the movement of the old and the reconciliation to the new. It is releasing the need to deny the Divine, which claimed all the difficulties that followed. You have become who you truly are. You are no longer aspiring to it. You are released from the old as you become of the fabric of the Divine in perpetuity. All creations made in fear will be reconciled to the truth of the Divine that indeed makes all things new.

Part II: The Birth of the New 

  • A World Made New

We see you as you truly are, the Divine incarnate, come to express, come to reclaim a world in love. The recalibration of the energetic field that can now support the Monad in expression, has been testament to your willingness to grow with the teachings. The species itself recalibrates and prepares itself for a new way of being expressed, without the historical data. You must begin to understand how you have contributed to fear through your denial of the Divine. The manifestation of the new is not through doctrine, but through vibrational accord. The reliance upon what things have meant are beginning to dissolve. The truth of anything can and will be expressed, the physical transition that humanity must undergo towards a new template of incarnation is a progression. The old template holds the denial of the Divine as the primary factor of expression.

Nothing can hinder you from your True Self moving towards full expression. Resurrection is a process of re-conceiving the vibrational field where what could be hindered cannot be. A system riddled with fear, under the name of greed, under the claim of separation, may also be banished, or re-known in a higher way. You are not seeking God in the Upper Room. You are aligning to what is always present. While you will never know the totality of the Divine, because it cannot be known, you are able in fact to align to the aspects of it that are present here. We will suggest peace is foremost, and love, and freedom. Now, when you align to knowledge in the Upper Room, it is as if you are entering a vast library and you have a bird that sits by your shoulder that can call the correct page to you from the many volumes that are always present there. It is universal knowledge. True knowing is not informational, but experiential. The one who perceives truth sees the opportunity to align to it. This is the creation of a new template that is actually held in the energetic field of humanity. You become the doorway, but to become the doorway simply means you are giving access to what exists in the Upper Room, and then the Kingdom. This can be remedied by riding the great wave of change, for the new that is born in the release of the old, to not be fearful in the face of great change, but to be gratified

Everything can be changed through alignment to truth. The shared reality has been disfigured from its perfected state through the continual reliance on false ideas, what you think is, at the cost of truth. What has accrued evidence, or we would suggest disfigurement from the true state of being, is re-known. You are lifting what has always been precious, that has been denied its worth to the light of all things. Original light, without the detritus that it has accrued, will be blinding. It is a massive change, an altering of the field where the detritus is released and you are liberated, really liberated, from an idea of self that would continue to amass evidence of separation. There is only one requirement—that you not embellish what you see with fear or any descriptor that would deny the Divine. You are lifting what is seen by the presence of the Divine articulated as you. “It will be so.” The Divine will be seen where such error has accrued evidence of the darkness. “I will not be afraid,” will claim you as the liberator of even the most heinous thing that the small self could imagine. All things will be made new. You are bringing light to the darkness, reclaiming what was held in shadow, and the darkness is re-seen. 

What you are doing is seeing to re-see, unknowing to know. What something meant can be replaced by a higher knowing. The events of a life, which are there to support learning, will contribute to the full evolution of the soul. Every life currently lived on this manifest plane is contributing to the whole. To become awake means that you are no longer obstructed by the ideas of separation. You become participatory to the reclamation of a world through your knowing of yourself beyond singularity, of the whole. The releasing we have done with you is to support you—to release the ideas you’ve held that will confirm fear or separation, and the agreement to the whole to release the same. You are party to world change through these releases. It will be a reconfiguration of consciousness, without the obstacles, self-centeredness, known through fear, that have established separation. There are no more borders, no more factions. There is one humanity, expressing in love. Realization of the inherent Divine in yourself claims the inherent realization of all. 

In the Upper Room, the idea of self is translated to the True Self, that can and will be expressed here. Without the mandate of fear prescribing what should be, what is already true is seen. When what is already true is seen, it is re-known. So when you appear to be seeing suffering, you understand the inherent divinity that must be present in the individual suffering and you reclaim it, thereby translating the individual to a higher strata of vibration. And in a new equivalency it cannot be what it was. You must understand that all things can and will be re-known, inclusive of those things that you thought could never be seen anew. One is no longer acting out of fear, or seeking to justify her acts. One is knowing and allowing. When the need for an idea that has been held by the collective is no longer fostered by individuals, the new may be born and aligned to. You are releasing an idea of self that has perpetuated a reality in separation. As others are known by you, they release the frequency of separation because you have shown them, in your articulation, that there is no need for it to be present. You are ushering in a new expression by allowing, and the being of yourself is what claims all things new. Now, to claim, “Behold, I make all things new,” is to agree to the Divine that reclaims all things to its own true nature. You will soon come to understand that the idea of the old self who needed to protect in this way has been released, and the level of freedom allowed you now is beyond what the small self can fathom. You move into allowance of the innate Divine that is present in all human beings and in all manifestation.

  • The Wave

What you are agreeing to, is to become the light incarnate at a level of vibration. The residual affect of your presence on this plane is a transformed world. Your encounter with the manifest world is an encounter with Source. You are the light for others. It shines its light on the denial of the Divine, and the denial of the Divine is released, unblemished by fear. The new is known by the reclamation of the Source of all things. Behold the Divine expressed as all things in manifestation. Allow the wave of the Divine to move through you to all you see in its lifted state. 

The great act of re-creation that you are currently undergoing is as a great wave, lifting all things that have been entrenched in dirty soil to be lifted and known anew. Those carried upon this wave are actually being delivered to a new shore, a higher ground. That which has been denied by you as of God, must be re-seen. You are as of a great body, a great being, that is the resurrection of a species. Humanity has claimed its ascension, which simply means lifting in vibrational accord. The supply is of one Source and only one. The limitlessness of Source must be comprehended by you as a reality. You are in the Source of supply when you are in alignment. And when you are in the Source of supply and the recipient of it, the idea of lack first is diminished and then released, because the Source of all things cannot be diminished. The opportunity now for all of you is to acquiesce, and align to the great Source who loves all equally. The process of awakening to one’s divinity requires each of you, to claim the denial you have held of the Source of all things, of the worth of the one beside you. Indeed you clasp hands as you ride this wave, because that is how humanity says yes to the new land it arrives upon, new land being new in vibration, in consciousness, to a world made new. 

To know the Source of all things is not to demand of it. It’s to agree to it. And in times of radical change, where the old is being released from you, taken from you, in some ways, because its amplitude cannot lift to the new by your old ways of being, you must trust that the Divine knows more than your small self. The one who is sovereign knows who she is, in participation for the whole. The well-being of a country in the years to come will be claimed by their independence from fear, and nothing more. The behavior you might wish to correct, you must re-see from the high vantage point in order for it to be transformed, not to what you say it should be, but to the Source of all things. When one aligns to the Upper Room, one has a new obligation, to a realization of the inherent Source of all things. There is no human being on this planet, whatever they have done, who is not loved by Source. To move to the Upper Room, where you are no longer choosing in fear, will be the first step in a peaceful kingdom.  

The man in the Upper Room does not hoard his food. The woman in the Upper Room does not close her door to strangers who may require shelter. The alignment you hold to a higher level of vibration transforms your experience of them. You are not immortal in form, but you are in vibration, that consciousness is eternal, you are no longer frightened. When you leave one home and move into another, there is perhaps excitement. A new experience awaits you. And this is also true when the body is released. The Kingdom is not heaven, but the realization of the omnipresence of the Divine in all things. It is a level of agreement or vibrational tone where you are in the presence in a unified state.  

Some of you say yes to the unknown. To understand who you are in times of great change, is to truly understand the essence of your being. Your agreement to the well-being of the whole, in times of transition, provides you a raft for many. What is altered is a structure of agreement to what it means to be one of the whole, what it means to put the needs of your brother first when you have been taught to refute that. The transition you are undertaking, one and all, must be understood as a requirement for the well-being of the whole. You are releasing the refusal of the Divine, the denial of God, and claiming instead an agreement to Source

  • The Gift of Being

Each of you says yes to your potential when you say, “I Am.” That potential is realized through aligning to the claim made. The Monad sings into being what it requires to express through. In the claims you make with us by way of attunement, you are singing into being or transforming your expression, inclusive of the truth of the claim. Any claim made in I Am—“I am free,” “I am in the Upper Room”—sings into being its equivalency in your own energetic field. You are witnessing a world whose identity is being shaken— who has been aligned to fear, that is now being provoked to move beyond it. Now, the Christ presence, is present in all human beings. The joy at this level is expressing without fear, without shame, without a belief that you should be other than you are. 

In times of change, we invite you to look to the ones beside you as allies. All humanity is one species, and about to receive an enormous gift, the gift of awareness. It means you are about to make a higher choice, to a higher truth. The act of re-creation, done through this level of consciousness, will not hold the seeds of fear. What crumbled was born in or infested with fear. The one who becomes free of fear is liberating the one she encounters, and not through any action, but through an alignment. You are reclaiming them, you are re-knowing them. You are not forcing them to be other than they think they are. You are knowing them in love. The idea of the Word—made flesh is confused for so many of you. But indeed that is the teaching of resurrection. What you do is love them as they are, beyond any other claim, and let them be lifted, re-known, and re-seen through this love. 

Separation is an idea, and nothing more than an idea. The moment you release the need for separation, which is in fact present in the energetic field, you are reclaimed.  

I am claiming the release of that first idea of separation that has perpetuated my name, ‘I am not,’ and I reclaim myself in the fullness, in the beauty, and in the alignment of the True I Am Self.”

The reclamation to the one idea of union—“I am of the whole, I am of Source,”—will actually gift you with a level of alignment that you may learn to sing in. And the song that is sung in reconciliation lifts you to agreement to be as you truly are. You are no longer aligning to the need to dictate who and what you are through an old system that denies God through separation. 

It is the realization of this teaching in its completeness that transforms all you see. When any of you says, “I am free,” you are actually anointing those you encounter because the claim in the field holds the opportunity to agree to all that it encounters as free. The manifestation of these claims in the Upper Room is the gift of the Kingdom. Now, the experience of the Kingdom, as it unfolds before you, is of a system of tone and vibration that does not hold the density that you have accrued in the lower. Nothing is as it was. “Behold, I make all things new.” Your experience of form, your experience of memory, your experience of God, is all in re-articulation. And the relief that you will find as you release your baggage, as you are untethered, the manifest world lightens with you

Ongoing realization is what must occur. Each day now is the opportunity to be sung anew. In the amplitude of the Upper Room what has been in denial of the Divine cannot remain. To understand yourself as continually unfolding to greater levels of realization is to understand fully that everything in this universe is in movement, and you are no exception. The denial of the Divine, when it is not perpetuated, languishes and falls away. It may be re-known, it will be re-known, by the claim you have made—“God Is, God Is, God Is.” 

You are participating in the new world that is unfolding. The beings that you are, are creating opportunity for others to sing. You cannot say, “Behold, I make all things new,” and demand a thing be as it was. The Resurrected Self no longer holds the detritus of  history, and a new thought, one new thought, replaces all prior thought – God Is. Re-articulation, as we teach it, is becoming new. And the True Self that holds no fear, as manifest, is the gift that is given to the world. 

  • Unity

You are asked to see the one before you as of yourself, as participatory to this shared experience that you call life. You do not eschew the one who is operating in low vibration. You see him or her, in love. A wall that was erected in fear can be dismantled instantaneously by one who knows the other in love. Like is a very low-level way of deciding what something is. And the release of the old leaves you present in agreement to love, to be one of the whole. That is not choice, that is truth. When you truly know another, who and what they are, you are dealing with the aspect of Source, come as them. You’ve changed to an inclusive being. To know another is to love another. The Kingdom does not align to separation because the separation that you have known yourselves through is born in the denial of the Divine. You are no longer denying the Divine, and that is the gift in your relations.

Not one individual is denied the Kingdom, because the Kingdom is comprised of love. The harder one denies the Divine, the more they must be loved. The personality structure has its likes and dislikes. And it denies the Divine when the Divine does not suit its purpose. They may deny God. You love them anyway. And the aspect of you that loves is the one that cannot deny the Divine. So you are one with what you love, as God is one with its creations. Now, true union cannot be explained here because it can only be experienced. Its realization is what you come to when you have unmasked, and released the one belief that you could ever be separate. To be in union, while knowing a body, while walking on earth, knowing the one beside you as of Source, is the gift of the Kingdom. Because the Divine Self knows all things in truth, it is unashamed to love the one that has been in darkness. 

What you are doing is claiming a world in truth, in recognition to truth, and the great lie of separation is being disbanded and made new. In the Upper Room, you are lifting and agreeing to union. The agreement to be in inclusivity, in the awareness of the whole, is the first step where you are not dictating what should be.

The creations of havoc, the fears you’ve held, are releasing now for the benefit of all. But the movement from density to a more refined state are in fact cataclysmic to the self that wishes things to be as they were. This liberation actually allows you to explore potentials that you may never have considered. The availability to participate in its great love, is what awaits you now. What the Monad claims, in this world—is truth, and the truth of all things, and the return to the holiness that has been denied. The lantern that you are grows in strength, grows in amplitude, as you continue to say yes to the Christ principle. You are no longer deciding what should be. You know what is. 

Your reliance on history to be your director is actually waning as you begin to re-articulate. The Divine as who and what you are sees all things with new eyes, and the reclamation of all things. You are no longer relying on the old, no longer labeling people through their occupations, physical attributes or how much money they may have. You are moving to a space of inclusion of all through the recognition of what is always true. You are no longer fixing. You are knowing. You have no need to lie to the self, pretend this or that, because you simply be. Your investment in how you should be seen will also release. This is the book of resurrection, which is re-articulation, the Monad in risen state and expressed through all, will be comprehended by you in your own experiences of it. 

  • Epilogue

Your world will teach you, your identity will claim you in a higher way, and the world will make sense at this level of accord. Align to what comes, to what you call to you at this level of tone, because this will be the choice to be in service, to be in realization, from the Upper Room. The opportunity for all of you is to move to a level of identity where what is known, that which is always true.