Revelations for a new Era

Keys to restoring paradise on earth, by Suzanne Ward (a summary by Pat Evert)

Forward – All presentations of aliens have the same theme –We have come in love and friendship to enlighten, advise and assist you and your planet –but the descriptions of their civilizations, homelands and history are fascinatingly different. Not only do other civilizations study Earth languages, but they can clearly understand all communication methods in the universe through a process that translates all thoughts into a single universal language, “the language of light.” Other-world sources never invade the privacy of our thoughts and feelings; however, they are instantly connected with us via the energy of our thoughts and feelings about them. In 1998 Matthew was given the choice of becoming a member of the 100-member Council of Nirvana, incarnating in a highly advanced civilization, or accepting the invitation of physical populations to assist them in upgrading their spirit realms. He chose the latter, and since then has been traveling, astrally or in spacecraft, throughout this galaxy and others, and he manifests a body that fits in with the civilization he is visiting. This also gives him a higher vantage point for reporting current happenings on Earth.

The energy of Creator/Creation –the proper designation of the Totality or Source or Oneness of All –is pure love-light and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. In that moment, which some call the “Big Bang,” the original fragmentation of Creator’s love and wisdom and power came forth as individual soul entities. Every portion contains proportionally exactly the same ingredients as the total pie and no portion is separate from another. It is the same throughout All of Creation. Then Creator gave to all those parts of Itself the ultimate gift, free will with its inherent power of co-creating ability –“co-creating” because the energy source for producing anything comes from Creator. The co-creations in this third sphere are the celestial bodies throughout the universes and the gods and goddesses, who could choose to remain discarnate or embody in male or female forms. One of those gods is the Supreme Being of our universe and, with Creator, created everything within it. Root souls, expressed themselves into divisions called soul fragments or soul sparks, or God fragments or God sparks. There is no difference in each one’s connection with Creator or its makeup in proportional measure.

Creator intended free will to be a gift to all souls –that is why, by cosmic law, rulers of all the universes are bound to honor the free will choices of every soul in their respective domains. in accordance with Creator’s law, on Earth free will is the order of life wherein the hand of God is ever-present in observation but never permitted to restrict or deny souls’ choices. One essential difference between Creator and God is this: Whereas Creator is aware of each individual life throughout the cosmos, there is no standard for Its involvement in the lives of the souls or interaction with them. God is not only aware of each soul’s station in this universe, He knows every person’s heartaches, secret dreams, torments, joys, fears. ALL is known to God. Now then, Creator does indeed experience feelings of souls throughout Creation, and to a far vaster height of sentience than the capacity of your third density bodies, but It does not become involved or give personal response to any soul’s situation. God, on the other hand, constantly has in motion all avenues of potential assistance for His souls within their pre-birth agreement choices. The arms of God, if you will, embrace each and every soul in this universe, and faster than the blink of an eye, his emissaries respond to his authorizing their aid to souls in distress that is not in their agreements.

We have another definition of universe: any progressive learning area of the universal mind that a soul enters to continue its evolution. There are growth stages that require moving into a placement so different from familiar ones that it is an entirely new level of experiencing, and in this sense the number of universes is boundless. Also in this sense, what you call “black holes” are entryways for souls into new learning and “white holes” are exits –you go into blackness with no knowledge of what is there and you exit enLIGHTened because you have completed the learning that space offers.

Creator is the only source of energy, but there are countless sources of energy attachments –everything that has ever been created! A thought can be seen because it has a substantial form and it pulses, which catches our attention. Knowledge is not within the brain except as it is entered by the soul, and then it is used by the mind for reasoning. The knowledge is accumulated, but it is not as easily accessed in the current lifetimes on Earth as in many former periods of the planet’s history. The barriers imposed long, long ago by negatively-intentioned entities have been successful in hiding most of the information from your conscious knowing. Either I have no knowledge because I am not invited or I have accurate knowledge because I am. Never is there “intrusion,” only entry upon invitation! There are no barriers between your energy system and mine when you want our communion in any form. Everything that exists throughout the universe has been created by a thought form, and energy is the building material. Thought forms “harness” energy in an amount necessary to form a dense being or object. Your body is a thought form. It originated in the universal consciousness prior to your birth, in the agreement process that involved your parents, their parents and so on, as well as our own family and your closest friends of this lifetime. Thought forms precede the germination and gestation processes of every life.

A combination of events and effects is challenging all humankind in this moment of Earth’s history. Each person is a microcosm not only of Earth but of the universe, where immense intergalactic energy shifts are happening. Some is at levels that are counteracted and the fallout on your planet is minimal, but Earth is going through an extensive cleansing process to rid herself of the massive negativity that has been building for millennia as humans have brutalized each other and Earth’s other life forms, and this is having pronounced effects on all of you. Here are suggestions to lessen physical and emotional discomfort and assist your system in restoring balance. Drink a lot of liquid –especially pure water, but all healthful liquids will be beneficial. Relax or sleep whenever you can to keep your body in a rested, tranquil condition. Reduce tension from any source by using common sense and diligence in the knowledge that relief from stress helps counter the disquieting effects of the swirling energy. Any negative feelings will be exacerbated, so avoid unpleasant encounters as much as possible. When stressful situations must be addressed, use the spiritual approach of surrounding the person or condition with light and be in balance yourself when you start to deal with those situations. Do not drink alcohol or use harmful drugs and do not smoke. converting a negative attitude into a positive one is so important. A smile is irresistible! The natural reaction to a smile results in positive energy movement that replaces the negative pockets holding psyches captive. On Earth, animals and plants give far more healing energy than they draw from humans, but in this realm, the flow from the origins of the shared energy is in harmony always. Healing is the process of leaving dis-ease and achieving balance, which is the perfect state of health. the most healthful flow of energy is within balance. Emotional balance is impeded by negativity, it is enhanced by loving. Extend compassion and blessings to all persons because you do not know their souls except at your own soul level. Walking among you are people whose souls have evolved far beyond the majority of us here in Nirvana as well as people whose free will choices have plunged their souls into base density. Only at soul level, not at conscious level, can you distinguish which is which. Each of us affects the stability of the universe with every action, every feeling and every thought, however insignificant in our regard. The combination of all the thought forms produced throughout the universe IS the universe!

The soul is the very essence of life as it first sprang from Creator. It is an indestructible living entity of light energy that may have a physical body, etheric body or astral body, or it may exist in free spirit only. Our souls, manifested by God through His co-creating powers with Creator, are expressions of the love and light of God and contain in microcosm every essence of God. In any of its forms, the soul is an inviolate independent being at the same time it exists inseparably with God and Creator and all other souls in the cosmos. Each individual lifetime of a soul is its personage. The sum of a soul’s personages is the cumulative soul, in which all knowledge gained by each personage is available to all. Thus, as each melds into the cumulative soul, bringing the wisdom of that lifetime’s experiences, every individual personage evolves just as the cumulative soul does. Spiritual growth is the molding of one’s ego in ways that are aligned with the soul contract. self-assurance that you are being or becoming the “who” your soul signed up to be; self-awareness that you are a part of God and inseparable from the Oneness of Creation. The consciousness of the soul has the capability to reach all knowledge and wisdom that exists throughout creation.

The cumulative soul is the composite of all its parts starting with the very first division of itself into an independent lifetime for diversity in experiencing. it is a force field that derives its entire essence from all its aspects wherever they are throughout the universe. I know those who are in this realm and some of us have become friends. Some are spending a lifetime on Earth, and I know very well who they are! Some have progressed so far toward the light of God that our densities are incompatible, so a meeting isn’t possible, and others have regressed far from the light into lower densities, and I’m surely not interested in going there! Some have chosen lifetimes out of this galaxy, where I don’t travel often, so I’m barely acquainted with them. Each has its own soul growth to accomplish, The cumulative soul is the synthesis of all its soul-selves that are completely independent beings.

The root soul began in deepest antiquity, after the gift of free will and its power of manifestation was bestowed by Creator upon Its original soul creations –the archangels, who were pure spirit. Eons later, acting upon their idea to make souls with potential for experiencing in a physical form, they and Creator co-created those kinds of souls. By making those “new” souls, the co-creators became the first “cumulative” souls and the beings they produced are the “root souls.” Originally Lucifer had good intent to create equally with Creator, who had only light to impart to Its creations. But eventually Lucifer delighted in using his free will and curiosity to make terrible and miserable creatures, and that dropped him into increasingly baser density. As the Luciferian energy core grew with each intentional horrible manifestation, it divided again and again; and with each division, the souls with that energy voluntarily withdrew farther and farther from Creator, away from the light of their Source into the density of darkness.

The Christed light realm is Creator’s first expression of Itself and where the pure essence of love-light is infinite and eternal. From those Beginnings, individual souls, or personages throughout the cosmos, at every level from the angelic realm souls to their most recent “offspring,” have free will with proportionally the same properties of Creator, and in this universe, of God. Ideally, free will choices lead to spiritual clarity, which is one’s conscious awareness of inseparability with God. This is the pathway to reintegration with God and Creator, and as such, it is the element of all lives that is so vitally in need of development! Or, more accurately, of conscious remembrance, because this clarity does exist in the cellular memory of each soul. However, a soul that uses its free will for negative choices piles one layer of forgetfulness upon another and it recedes farther and farther from spiritual clarity. When the life force of the root soul is discontinued, there’s simply no life force left to take any of its personages anywhere. Because their energy force field can’t be abolished or destroyed, it is returned to Creator, the source of all energy in the cosmos. The individual lifetime memories of those souls remain in energy form, as I mentioned, and energy definitely is eternal,

In third density it isn’t possible to comprehend that Creator is the exact same All That Is as before Its first creation, or that the countless subsequent souls eventually will reintegrate with All That Is, where all life in the cosmos began, is, and ever shall be. On a microcosmic level, it is the same with the personages, each with its conscious life, parallel lives and the influence of possible and probable situations. To progress from one growth stage to another is as simple as living in honesty, kindness and harmony with others and keeping an open mind to enlightenment along the way.

The soul always is aware that this is a lesson it chose, and it feels only love and patience for its personage that agreed to experience that kind of lifetime. But when abusive treatment was not chosen, it is the same as with all other situations outside of agreements: Persons who endure unchosen hardships can grow spiritually far beyond that point selected for the lifetime, and conversely, those who were neglectful or abusive incur karmic lessons that will result in serious counterbalancing in other lifetimes. NEVER are physical, mental or environmental hardships a punishment from a divine source!

Conscience is the influence that each soul has on all of its personages, and ultimately, it is Creator’s influence on all of Its creations that have the ability to think. Most simply said, the purpose is to keep incarnated souls on track with their pre-birth choices and to motivate souls in spirit lifetimes to keep evolving. The goal of every soul is reintegration with Creator. Many people attribute all extrasensory information only to God or they think it’s their own imagination, and that is the difference between the perception and the reality. That kind of information comes from many sources –God, angels, spirit guides, beloved ones in Nirvana, galactic and intergalactic beings, and some does originate within a person’s reasoning processes.


The forces of polarity emerged in deepest antiquity when some souls who felt they were superior beings started to dreadfully mistreat the souls whom they considered less than themselves. The lesser souls were newer, weaker God fragments and often much less mentally evolved than the more powerful souls who were abusing them. That was the root of cruelty and other forms of ungodliness in this universe, and because physical lives could last thousands of years in those early times, the brutality of the stronger souls and the pain of the weaker ones created a massive amount of negativity. The powerful who mistreat the weaker in one lifetime, in another incarnation will be the frail ones who are mistreated by those souls whose “turn” it is to be powerful. Not reward or punishment, but reaching an energy balance is the purpose of this seesaw experiencing. Balance is the aim not only of each soul, but the universe, these years at hand are extraordinary in many respects. There is acceleration of the time that you have devised as hours and days. Acceleration in divine grace being extended to souls who want to amend pre-birth contracts for earlier transition to spirit life or for other cogent reasons. Acceleration of karmic lesson completion. Acceleration of planetary cleansing assistance from advanced civilizations. Acceleration of light beamed from off-planet sources to restructure your cellular makeup so you can physically survive in fourth and fifth densities, where Earth is ascending. These times of greater light forces’ activity than ever before in Earth’s history are evoking greater efforts of the darkness as counterbalance. The still-prevalent negative energy attachments, which cannot be destroyed, will be transmuted into the ever-intensifying light on the planet or transported to placements where negativity still is part of karmic learning. Polarity will not last much longer in your world –the opposites of “heaven” and “hell” on Earth eventually will be reconciled by the balance within light, the most powerful force in the universe.

Before the beginning there was nothing we can know about, and then there happened a great explosion of such intensity that it cannot be imagined. It was the self-expression of Creator Mind, which had existed until that moment silent and motionless. Into the previously unknown came light so intensely brilliant as to be its own radiance. After Its contemplation to experience through shared life in energy form, Creator first manifested the highest angels. All of those souls had proportionately the same power, love, knowledge and intent of Creator. One of the gods became the ruler of this universe, and this is the Supreme Being whom many of you call God. Outside of the mind and intent of Creator, Lucifer and his angel followers at first produced dreadful bodies due to their inexperience. But soon they found delight in this, and experimenting with mating substances to produce grotesque beings became their intention. With each layer of deliberate abuse of Creator’s original intent of free will in manifesting, Lucifer and his adherents fell farther and farther into the morass of spiritual darkness.

Religious leaders saw that the truth would allow people a closeness to God that did not require money or intervention by other humans, and that did not suit their purposes. So to satisfy their greed and desire for control, the leaders contrived layer upon layer of distance between God and the individual heart and soul. It is their false information that you revere and hold most sacred. Prior to human development on Earth, souls elsewhere had evolved to a far higher degree than current Earth peoples can imagine. Those more highly evolved humans were the lesser gods and goddesses and the major mortals of planetary habitations within this galaxy and well beyond. Through their amazing intelligence they designed technologies, including space travel, unknown to you today. Those greedy, deceitful Lyran visitors were the originators of some of the later inhabitants of Earth. Their reason for bringing to the planet her original beings was as simple as this, slave labor. The Lyrans felt that for such a purpose no human status with a God connection was necessary, and they brought high-status animals with an instinct for following orders. That introduction of such beings was the beginning of the genetic makeup –the human root stock –of the earliest ancestors of Homo sapiens. At a designated point of evolvement the beings were ready for seeding, which was a mating program to initiate the intelligence and spiritual aspects that would elevate them to fully defined HUMAN status, H( igher) U( niversal) MAN. At the time of the seeding, extraterrestrial humans came to live among the primitive Earth beings. They were from different constellations, thus providing the genes that produced the varieties of body shapes, skin colorings and facial features of current Earth populations. Due to the cohabiting of these extraterrestrials with the Earth population and the direct implantation of intelligence through that genetic structuring, the thinking, reasoning, conscience-endowed Earth humankind came into being. Humankind evolved into current likeness directly from the parallel developing of the human root stock introduced by their extraterrestrial ancestors. The brain and God fragment with soul attachment introduced directly and ONLY into Homo sapiens is the vital difference in the two lineages. While intelligence continued to increase at the rapid pace intended, the original spirituality became entirely lost. With that loss, Earth humankind erred in its pathway to understanding its origins. The level to which intelligence had been developed was lost as well and never has been restored.

The combined populations of Atlantis and Lemuria at their peak totaled approximately your population worldwide today. About 50,000 years ago, long before the nomadic tribes of biblical description, great civilizations with highly developed cultures, technology and longevity of physical life lived on the two continents. Both intellectually and spiritually, they were attuned to God, the lesser gods and goddesses, the higher mortals and each other. This is because their ancestral seeding program had furnished them with both intelligence capacity and awareness of their oneness as fragments of God, inseparable from All That Is and each other. This obsession with mental power became so exclusive that over time all memory was lost of their spiritual nature and their direct linkage with God. All knowledge of their origins was lost. That loss, combined with the focus on mental intensity, allowed base energies to enter and entrench themselves in the hearts and minds of those people. It was their willful separation from God that led to the end of the civilizations that once flourished so grandly on Atlantis and Lemuria. Atlantean scientists developed the ultimate weapon, which mis-reacted to its designed usage and caused an implosion of the vast continent as destructive as many simultaneous nuclear explosions. The cataclysmic end of Atlantis was a chapter of human history repeating itself. Ten thousand years before, Lemuria was destroyed in similar fashion, by the harnessing of the power of crystals for destructive purposes. There were no survivors from those two mammoth planetary upheavals. All peoples disappeared along with their continents because of loss of faith, loss of memory of the Beginnings, loss of spiritual connection with the Oneness. Into such a gap in the integrity of Earth humankind eagerly had come the planet’s ancient contaminants of greed, power and relentless pursuit of avenues away from godliness, the components of negativity from deep antiquity. The negativity could not remain or Earth herself could not survive, and thus all human life had to be done away.

Millennia passed with barrenness on your planet before its repopulation by the same celestial ancestors of those peoples who were lost along with their continents. In time, this new civilization fell into the same malaise of spiritual awareness as had Earth’s previous residents and they, too, forgot their Beginnings. Once again the forgetfulness led to increasing inclinations to play in the darkness, and once again it became necessary to rid Earth of the negativity that was caused. The destruction of life and the repopulating came again, with similar results. In all instances, the survivors had preserved their awareness of the God fragment within each, of the interconnectedness of all souls, and of the reunification that would be the end of each soul’s spiritual journey through many lifetimes. It is of note that the people who were rescued by their extraterrestrial ancestors did not lose touch with their origins, but nurtured them in their legends, while those who survived without extraterrestrial assistance entirely lost all awareness of their Beginnings.

With full sensory viewing, I see red and purple jagged streaks of light racing around the planet and other streaks shooting up from the surface –red is anger and purple is spiritual awareness, the opposing energy forces that are struggling for balance. What I see in that kind of viewing is the collective emotions of all life on the planet as reflected by Earth herself, who is a sentient soul and the composite of all the energy attachments generated by her animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. It is species-wide that cetaceans are higher than humans in spiritual and intellectual attainment. I didn’t mean that never has any human on Earth achieved or exceeded that level. Some exceptional humans have –certainly Jesus the Christ and Buddha the Christ are exalted above that high level. Whales anchor light energy beamed at Earth from distant sources, and their holding pattern of that energy within the ocean depths and vastness is at a wavelength beyond the dark forces’ attunement level. If the whales were gone, so would Earth’s major means of anchoring light energy be gone, and without an anchoring source. Their service was essential not only to preserving Earth’s very life, but enabling her to ascend into higher frequencies and be restored to her former health and beauty. Earth is more than a small planet in an ordinary solar system in a minor galaxy among the billions in our universe. The planet was one of God’s favorite placements and actually was the paradise named Eden. Its radiant aura and pristine beauty made it a showcase in this part of the universe, where it was a testament to the power of God co-creating with Creator in love-light energy.

Each animal soul comes to Nirvana after its Earth lifetime ends and, like a human soul, it chooses its next embodiment based on its past lifetime experiences. As an animal acquires greater intelligence, it also gains awareness of the inseparability of all life and the direct connection of all with God and Creator. In the very beginning of animal life on the planet, all species had a mild and mannerly nature. Later, due to vile experiments as the dark forces abused free will, animal design fell into lower density where ferocity could be manifested and sustained. Just one such torturous killing produces tenfold more negativity than the mass slaughter of cattle or swine or poultry for food. Even though this may seem to you to be disproportionate, the intent of the latter kind of killing is not rooted in malice. But it is safe to say that a lot of the negativity that so adversely is affecting your planet is directly due to humankind’s pervasive disregard for animal life.

I also see your energy fields, your auras, where you appear mostly as a light, shimmering, fluctuating being. Auras indicate where you are in your spiritual growth in this lifetime, and not everyone has an aura. It depends upon whether there is enough light within the soul essence to be reflected through the physical body. The souls we call “lost” are so trapped in the density of negatively-bound energy that they have no light ingredient at all for an aura, not even for a visible outline. The aura contains every possible vibration within the person, from joy to sorrow, wellness to disease, tranquility to fury. Psychic ability is one thing and spiritual clarity is quite another.

It is my understanding that you have questioned if cloning of adult humans has been done on Earth. Indeed that is fact, and has been for some time. Cloning is not confined to reproducing infants who are permitted to grow normally from birth into adulthood. When the clone of a specific adult is at stake, the period of aging from emergence of the infant into an adult in prime years, say between 30 and 35 years of age, is only between 350 and 400 days. About one additional month of aging is required to produce a clone of a 65-year-old individual. That is the approximate age of most humans being cloned on Earth at this time. cloning is not against God’s wishes, only the misuse of the cloned individuals or the self-serving purpose behind the development of them. Reptilian are advanced civilizations in that they don’t respect positions and hierarchies, they respect fighting power. They are intelligent beyond your imagining. Their brains are much larger than human brains and, from what I observed, they use them to the fullest capacity. They reproduce by mating, not by cloning.

Opportunities for accelerated experiencing in mortal body now exist that never before have been presented on Earth. Your feelings and thoughts, not only your actions, are more crucial than ever before in these waning years prior to the closing of this millennium. “Cleansing” is a descriptive word of what will be happening as great changes occur on your planet. Guidelines for your preparation in awareness and wisdom to survive coming changes: Do not be frightened! Do not fear! Be aware! Do not shirk responsibilities intuitively known. Your conscious connection is with God directly when you so listen and heed. Allow the love of the Christed light to permeate your being. This is yours for only the asking. ASK! Open your thoughts as simply as “God, be with me,” and God is!

You have become mired too deeply in third density to hear and see and think beyond this low level sensing. That is a pity, because only a breath away there is a wondrous universe for you to explore, but the glories awaiting your discovery cannot exist within a perception that is narrow and confined in its vision and sensing. However, the higher energies now swirling around your planet offer a great opportunity to change that narrowness in outlook. We know from our success with this meditation exercise I shall explain that it can help you open your minds and align you with the higher frequencies wherein you can experience the wonders surrounding and within you. So, let nothing distract you as you begin the exercise with a short prayer. This can be “God of light and love, please grant me now the awakening of my consciousness into your other worlds” or similar words more comfortable for you. This is a period of breaking through the “veil” of third density and remembering what you already do know at soul level but have forgotten consciously. You would be in awe if you were able to perceive with eyes and ears the sights and sounds of Earth in travail and the “physician” assistance coming to heed these cries! There is sorrow to diminish and turn back into joy, as it is the energy of joy that is the balance needed to sustain the life of soil and water and human selves. Then there will be the alignment of Earth’s consciousness with her inhabitants’ consciousness, which is necessary for the evolution of the wholeness of all on Earth because that wholeness leads to reintegration with God. Her people have observed the powerful effects of the light that they and other civilizations have been constantly beaming to Earth: Earth’s strengthened planetary body has been ascending on a steady course toward fourth density, and light-receptive individuals’ cellular structure is changing from carbon to crystalline so they can physically accompany Earth on her journey.

The dark forces are ever near to instill fear of God within you –NEVER is there a reason to fear God! You need not fear the dark forces either, as the Christed light within your soul can shatter their effects and illuminate your pathway. The negativity polluting Earth has come from millennia of her inhabitants’ fear, greed, brutality and rambunctious sexual behaviors, corruption in your leaders, deceit from your churches, foul education of young minds. The message that Jesus brought directly from God was that you are part of God –NEVER separate, only individual in a body for living and learning. Jesus was not meant to die on a cross, and in fact, he did not. That false story about his death and resurrection was devised to make Jesus the “only son of God,” but he was the son of God no more and no less than you! The great difference is, Jesus knew his direct, inseparable connection with God and he used that connection to perform what you call “miracles.” EVERY soul is a child of God and has the inherent ability to co-create with Him! Souls throughout this universe never are separate from Him or from one another, and this connection exists throughout your animal and plant kingdoms just as it does in all other civilizations. It is not a sacrilege to recognize and proclaim, “I am God.” Your soul essence is the same as God’s, but His magnitude and power is beyond your comprehension. We will honor all self-rule and decisions unless these are aimed –as so many are –at self-destruction and planetary destruction. Souls are eternal parts of God.

Along with the light in each soul are other forces far beyond your imagining, but that you must reckon with. These are the dark forces we spoke about before. You must look within yourself and determine if you have allowed their influence to govern the life choices you have made. DEMAND that only light may enter you! Ask for the help of the divine forces of Christed light to rid you of the poisonous darkness. Ask and ye shall receive –it is that easy! Those whose crafts have been surrounding your planet on “active duty” for fifty years or more, relieving Earth of the negativity that nearly killed her planetary body. We are making our course toward the light more direct, without the deviations of war and conflict of issues, which is why God directed us to Earth. If only you people could see from our vantage point the energy you are wasting in your bickering and wars, you would instantly stop! Open your hearts and minds to God. Allow the light to flow within. Get rid of the dark forces that may be controlling you and reestablish your conscious connection directly with God. Your soul connection with God is as it has been throughout eternity, is now and evermore. KNOW your connection, LIVE your connection. Open your hearts and minds to the Oneness, the inseparability of all life in all placements throughout this universe, which God rules with love and light. But we still are showering her with our energy along with our technology to maintain her stability because not all the upheaval in ridding her of negativity is over, and we’re not about to diminish our diligence in this respect until she is fully within fourth density vibrations and continuing her voyage to fifth.

These souls are seeking their spiritual paths and are further along in their self-discovery than you in your own searching in this respect. They never will harm any soul seeking the same path. The cleansing has been underway for over fifty Earth years, starting with an increase in what you call “natural disasters.”

Creator has decreed that no longer may the peak of the dark forces use its free will to hold captive the free will of any other soul! We wish you could know the rejoicing of all spiritually evolved beings throughout this universe when this news was related by Creator’s messengers! The peak of darkness has ignored this rule and used its free will to capture the free will of every soul who developed “evil” tendencies. And that is why for eons the darkness was able to create negativity throughout this universe and the free will of individual light beings was unable to stop it. In accordance with Creator’s decree, God has withdrawn that abuse of free will from the dark forces in this universe and released all of its captive souls. Now that the free will of ALL souls can be honored, the former lopsided battle between the light and the dark is over! The darkness kept adding to negativity’s tremendous pressures that keep at low level the consciousness of Earth’s peoples. Only the intervention of your benevolent space family kept Earth in stable orbit throughout her long struggle to recover from death throes.

Long hidden truths will come forth, such as each of you is an inseparable part of God and all other souls, and telepathic communication is your birthright. Many changes will come about in governments at all levels as the corrupt and tyrannical leaders are replaced by persons with wisdom and spiritual integrity. Your monetary systems will change. Not need, but greed is the basis of commerce and the entire economy of Earth –with that core of darkness, those systems cannot survive as the light keeps increasing. When honor is returned to all means of goods and services exchange, what serves the good of all will be the new standards. In summary, all measures designed to keep people in ignorance, deception, fear and misery will end when the last of the darkness is transmuted into light. A transformation of this magnitude cannot happen overnight, and we urge everyone on Earth to rejoice in the awareness that all along your exhilarating journey into the Golden Age, lighted souls throughout the universe will be your loving and helpful travel companions!

Ending the lives of unborn babies is a clear-cut issue here –it eliminates opportunities for souls to embody. However, there is no condemnation of any woman who chooses not to allow the birth. Often this is part of a pre-birth agreement, with the abortion and the emotional adjustment to it being lessons chosen by the souls of both the mother and the fetus. There is no judgment here of any of these people, not those who perform the abortions or those who have them or those who protest them.

Birth control is sensible! We see positive results for your world when sensitive, sensible and loving parents choose not to have more children than they can attend with love, wisdom and guidance, and contraception is the most effective means of achieving this. Humankind is suffering from a lack of spiritual awareness of their inseparable connection with God and each other.

Death penalty – The “legal” killing of any person is not in God’s eyes a just act. To be sure, it is necessary to remove violent criminals from further opportunities to torture or kill. Confinement accomplishes this, and it will be necessary only as an interim measure until the elimination of such behavior on Earth comes to pass, and it shall. The light being beamed into human hearts and minds increasingly will lessen the need for prisons because there will be less and less desire in anyone to harm others.

The long-term treatment required to restore its functioning ability considerably delays the person’s adjustment to life in this realm. Avoiding or lessening the need for that lengthy restoration process is to be devoutly wished, and what you have termed “physician-assisted suicide” helps to alleviate that need. Forced continuation of the body’s feeble viability is neither helpful nor desirable at either conscious or soul levels.

Medical researchers are finding that vaccines can indeed be far more harmful than helpful, and some have linked their effects to autism. It is so that the symptoms are similar to autism, but what doctors do not know is that the vaccines are meant to produce those effects. Some vaccines have been developed specifically to cause problems! The most pernicious of these, which causes what you call AIDS, is a skillfully designed combination of mutant viruses that comes directly from a laboratory to achieve the purpose it is fulfilling.

All of that indeed produces rampant negativity, but the most vicious effect of drugs, which includes alcohol, is the chemical barrier they form between the consciousness and the soul. This barrier reduces the users’ ability to absorb light, which is essential for achieving balance. Drugstore shelves overflow with chemicals –even synthetic forms of natural substances –that may partially relieve one condition while creating other unhealthy conditions. The widespread consumption of medications is NOT good for you –their chemicals greatly hamper and may even destroy your bodies’ self-healing mechanisms. It is solely in the best interests of the pharmaceutical companies for people to try every “over-the-counter” drug available that may or may not give momentary help, or to unquestioningly follow a doctor’s prescription. The key is wholehearted desire to overcome the addiction. This begins with one’s self-honesty, admitting “I am addicted” to self, which is very difficult because the intended effect of drugs is denial that they are a problem even as the user’s life is centered around the next “fix.” If people truly understood prayer and the power of prayer, they could use this to overcome their drug dependency. No power on Earth is greater than the light, and the light energy in prayer is inestimable! Visualizing light around and permeating oneself and others –and Earth as well! –is wondrously uplifting and healing. Changing a negative outlook to positive is especially beneficial in helping one achieve balance in mind, body and spirit –balance is optimum health!

The very existence of guns has paralyzed part of your population and incited another part to obtain guns to fulfill the fears of the first group. But the means to eliminate threats to life and freedom is not weapons. It is the light that is beaming more and more steadily into the receptive souls of Earth humankind to bring about the leveling of all intense controversial issues now raging there. The intensity of anger also is affected by the degree of importance to which the person’s vested interests are aroused. When the issue is mildly resented or disagreed with, there is a correspondingly small amount of energy put into anger. The reverse is true when an issue is so deeply ingrained in the psyche that disagreement goes to the very core of the person. With genuine desire, request for divine help and a strong will, that individual can indeed overcome anger –that may well be the primary lesson chosen for this lifetime.

I hasten to say that light beings in space and on Earth are working hand in hand beaming light to raise consciousness on the planet so spiritual clarity and cellular restructuring can take place. The restructuring raises the body’s energy frequency and enables physical survival in the higher densities where Earth is heading, and it also reactivates your innate ability to communicate telepathically. Nirvana is a discarnate placement where souls live in etheric bodies, and your fourth density bodies still will be physical forms, so I would say that the two worlds will not become one. However, our destination is the same as your own, and as your density is raised from fourth to fifth, Nirvana’s will be too. Many, many people have embraced the light during those intervening years and will be accompanying Earth on her journey into the Golden Age!

Developing one’s innate capacity to be discerning about all information –knowing what is true and what is not –is essential to consciousness raising and soul evolvement. ALWAYS the soul knows the truth! Everyone on Earth needs to get in touch with their souls and trust what resonates, what flows easily within, and not rely on external sources. If you stop trying to analyze, stop the “logical” thinking, thinking, thinking and trust your intuition –the instantaneous reaction to a situation or information that is a message from your soul to your consciousness –you’ll receive the answers you need. But I hasten to say that this, like all other darkness in your world, is coming to an end –it literally is “coming to LIGHT.” Consuming all of creation is the ultimate goal of that darkness, which believes its power is greater than Creator’s, and that is as much in error as the difference between dark and light! The essence of Creator is pure love, which is the same energy as light and is the most powerful force in the cosmos. While fear also prevents laughter, joy, clear perceiving, sound judgment, sensible action and peace of heart and mind, its most damaging effect is the blocking of communication between your consciousness and your soul, wherein lies the truth of your inseparable connection with God and all other souls in our universe. BE FEARLESS. Love and care for one another, hold true to your soul’s mission by listening to your intuition, your inner voice that is the voice of your soul, and know that your god and goddess selves are eternally in partnership with God and each other.

I do not question any more that Creator’s plan is perfect in all its minute details of free will and cause and effect, and I understand that there are growth stages in all happenings for all participants even outside the pre-birth chosen experiences. We are told that The Plan, which is beyond my understanding at this level of soul evolution, was approved by all First Expression fragments and, by inheritance and genetic coding, by all subsequent souls. Always the messages from your soul contain the truth you are seeking!

But the war is intended to create even greater negativity in an attempt to extinguish all light on the planet. The perpetrators want you to feel fear and hatred and demand “justice” because they know that only by continuing their cycle of violence can they keep their pernicious hold in this critical time of souls choosing between the light and the darkness. Let no more lives be taken. This is the time to keep love above all, for compassion, for bringing healing to the bereaved and injured, for bringing healing to Earth. Please know that the hearts that are hardened into wanting to kill others as their tribute to us, they need light above all. We petition you from the whole of this realm of Heaven to speak of love, of opening eyes to seeing clearly what is happening on Earth, and rising above the tragedy that has been perpetrated by a darkness you cannot even imagine, where your entire world is expendable. We see this from here. We need you to help the myriad light workers by uplifting your hearts and allowing light to come in, by comforting those in fresh sorrow. You must hear our plea. We are working in the light to assist you, and we are forever bonded with you in love. War always was the purpose, and the events of September 11 were to rally unified support for war. Fear is the most powerful of negative emotions, so you can understand why instilling fear throughout the populace is essential to the dark ones’ aim of total planetary conquest. The influence of the dark forces is behind the call for “justice” through more violence and killing. Far from eliminating the roots of “terrorism,” those acts refuel the negativity cycle of bloodshed, hatred, tyranny, prejudice, grief and death that insures the continued thriving of darkness. God has called in extraterrestrial civilizations to preserve Earth with their technology that can prevent or dilute certain types of destruction and pollution, such as nuclear or biological “weapons of mass destruction” that your government strategically mentions to instill worldwide fear. Beings ranging from fourth to seventh density in intellectual, technological and spiritual evolvement also are among you –within, above and on the surface of the planet. Know thy godself.

Most simply stated, 2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and when Earth was in prime health, in times you know but don’t remember, all of her life forms were vibrating harmoniously. When she was near death more than six decades back, there was no harmony whatsoever, no balance of Nature –there was hardly sufficient light to sustain any kind of life, including Earth’s own. What is happening now, with the help of stabilizing forces, is the transformation of your world –Earth’s rejuvenation and return to balance. The negativity that is the root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone in the Golden Age, and the vibrations of Earth’s entirety will be LOVE. Love, which is the same energy as LIGHT but simply expressed differently. LOVE is the power that is transforming your world. Remember, you have the power to create your own abundance through the law of attraction, and sharing your resources is the best way to bring even more abundance into your life. Whale and dolphin souls, which species-wide are the most highly evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they leave physically, but they will continue to grace your planet with their love energy. Successfully deal with challenges –which you are well prepared to do with wisdom and strength of spirit and character or you wouldn’t have chosen and been selected to participate! The puppets of the dark forces are those who desire to control the world, who are greedy, ruthless, violent and deceptive, and their most effective tool to achieve and maintain their power and vast fortunes is fear. The energy of fear, which is incompatible with the energy of light, forms a barrier between light and consciousness and renders fearful people incapable of opening their minds to enlightenment, prevents sound reason and judgment, and stifles the flow of love for and from others. When one lives in the light, there is nothing to fear and love flows in abundance! In summary we say to you, our beloved Earth family, know with your entire being that the world of love, peace and harmony you have been co-creating is close at hand. Remembering that you chose to be exactly where you are right now so you could participate in this unprecedented time in the universe will let your hearts be light-filled and your journey a triumphant adventure. Myriad light beings are with you every instant, enfolding you with the love and protection of the Christed light as you usher in Earth’s long awaited “2012” Golden Age.