To feel frustration, confusion, boredom and loneliness, yet not to be frustrated, confused, bored or lonely, 
To feel hurt without being hurt, 
To feel safe and vulnerable all at once. 
This is what it is to be divine and human. 

Moving into deeper pain without being hurt, to breathe, to float. 
A marriage dissolves, a friendship blooms? 
Resistance shows up as pain and is only momentary,
It is showing us the way. 

Below is a song by Alana Levandoski with commentary by James Finley (6:41 minutes)

Where to startmove slowly
I don’t know where to start.
Or how to bare this heart.
But I fear I’ve become what’s been done to me.

Move slowly, move slowly,
move slowly into deep water.

You are safe with me,
no longer thrown out to sea.
Now it’s time to breathe.