Sculptor in the Sky

by Teal Swan (a summary by Pat Evert)

Foreword – I lost my entire childhood and reality to repeated ritual torture at the hands of a man (whom I was led to believe was my real father), and the cult he belonged to. For thirteen years and longer, I was entangled in a living nightmare. A nightmare that I see now was my intention for this life. This book is dedicated to the man who “ruined” my life. I find in retrospect you did not ruin it at all. I see now that we are only ever victims of victims. I am sorry for the pain I know you suffered in your life. I have stopped the cycle, and now I have you to thank because you were my greatest teacher (as difficulty always is). Without you, I would not have even thought to look for the happiness I now possess today. One day you will know that you are free.

In The Beginning, Upon your birth, You had no great achievements by society’s standards-yet you had infinite worth that you felt very deeply because you simply… were. What you remembered is this-you cannot ever lose worth or gain worth, because your worth is separate from externals. It is even separate from this life. You were born complete, but not yet completed. You knew then that this process we are in is the process of one becoming more one, consciousness becoming conscious of itself, God knowing itself, and the separated concept of the self becoming one with God again through the eventual wanting of it. You knew that this life would be the very platform of not only your evolution, but also the evolution of all that is.

In forgetting what it is we came here to do and how one creates reality with focus-human society at large has accepted, individual by individual, a nightmare virus. The trend began centuries ago, as soon as men saw spirituality as a means to control others. The birth of organized religion brought the attention away from one’s own spiritual essence and focused it on practices of worship, obedience, and doctrine. In fact, much of the historical side of religion is a horrific one-full of corruption, misinterpretation, conspiracy, murder, and tyranny. The history of religion exposes people in the human quest for power realizing for themselves that if another man was allowed to realize his own inherent divinity and power, no one could control him.

The truth is that God is present within every religion in many different forms. God is also present in the absence of religion. It is the essence that is always present within every single person, regardless of his or her secular beliefs or what he or she has done in this life. There is no such thing as a true beginning within something that is eternal. This universe always has been and always will be, regardless of whether it is manifested in a three-dimensional capacity or not. It is eternal and therefore, it undergoes no beginning or end-but rather, it endures profound cycles. Your higher self is the eternal, incorporeal, omnipotent, consciousness which is your real self. It is the being that you go forth from and withdraw back to from life to life. Long ago, this unified consciousness we will call Source had its first desire-to know itself. And to know itself, the state of oneness could only happen from the platform of separateness. The first manifestation of the physical that came from that process of separation was light. Light is purely a form of electromagnetic radiation. Everything you see, feel, and touch is nothing but a specific movement that we could call a vibration of energy that has been moved or vibrated for so long that it has become so separate. The idea that the physical is all there is, and that physical structure is static, unchanging, and non-mutable is one of the biggest illusions there is. We are in a time you could call the time of awakening or the new age. We have reached a point where we are coming back toward Source, or knowing oneness. It was the “law of oneness,” called by many The law of attraction, which boils down to this: that which is like unto itself is drawn.

What Am I And Why Am I Here? You are living your life as a pioneer portion of Source. You have also forgotten that as this pioneer portion of Source energy, the very evolution of Source itself is happening because of you. This defined way of experiencing what it is that you are resonating with helps you-and therefore Source-know what you want. It is through this focus on what you want that Source knows not only what to become, but also what it is. The evolution of Source to become these things is immediate. You are caught in this cycle because you have lost the most valuable knowledge of all—the knowledge that it is you, and only you who controls your thoughts. Learn how to use this knowledge to be the conscious creator of your life is to live in a state of pre-manifestation comprehension, which was your plan for coming into this life in the first place. You knew before coming into physical expression that this dance of using negativity as the platform for becoming positive could not only be enjoyable and beneficial to you, but also that it would benefit all that is.

The North Star Called Emotion, The universe will be leading you toward your higher self, day in and day out, every moment of your life. You will never be lost. Being inspired by physical life makes want inevitable. And so-growth, betterment, and evolution are inevitable byproducts of physical life-no matter what you do. If you walk the path of nonresistance, your life will be blissful and you will get every single thing you want. The average person does not know what emotions are and does not know why emotions are. Your emotions are the compass guiding you through this venture called life. They are all the guidance you will ever need. Source becomes the vibration of whatever we have truly wanted. I use the word truly with regards to our wanting because Source has a better idea of what we truly want than we at times even have conscious awareness of.

The way to know if you are in resonance or discord with what you want-and with your higher self-is to gauge how you feel. Your emotions are the conductor of this symphony of energetic vibrations. Each of your emotions accounts for one note between these two extremes-bliss and freedom being on one end of the line, and total powerlessness and fear being on the other end of the line. Your emotions are telling you at every moment, like a compass, if what you are thinking and living is correct or incorrect for you. If you begin today to practice focusing on thinking thoughts that make you feel better, you will begin to follow your emotional navigator into bliss-and the entire world around you that you once thought was an external reality will shift to become the manifestation of that which you have consistently, even unconsciously, defined as your bliss. This universe, Source, is infinite. There is no boundary, no beginning, and no end to it. Everything that is physical is a condensed form of the nonphysical. This universe is an unlimited resource.

Destiny And Free Will, You are Source, so anything you choose is Source’s choice. In this respect, the truth of yourself and your existence is complete freedom. In a nutshell, truth lies in the fact that you are executing Source’s original plan through the free will you execute on a daily basis through your choice of thought. There is no reason to try to rebel against this, because being Source, it was you who made that original plan in the first place. You are not being controlled by anything other than yourself. When people do things that put them in vibrational resonance with their pre-birth intention, they feel the bliss of that resonance. Nothing in our lives has to become or will become without our own cooperation. We can alter the course of our lives and our intention at any time. But the intentions of our higher selves are being satisfied by our physical lives and this is why we can often feel destiny in this. Your past lives only serve to help you evolve into what you are. You are a culmination of all of them. It is for this reason that it is never really helpful, even if it is interesting, to deliberately remember your past lives.

Your negative energetic vibration does not follow you past death. This is why it feels good to die. When you die, your thoughts and thought forms are left behind as you withdraw your focus back into the total positive energetic vibration of Source. Karma is something people use to justify things over which they think they have no control. It is an attempt to control by trying to scare people into behaving in a way that is beneficial to others. An individual may be surrounded by people who do not view death as natural, but fear and fight against death. In that person’s flailing against it, he or she declines and suffers, and death becomes a large event instead of the non-event it can be. Heaven and hell are concepts that manifest in the physical dimension. They are right here on Earth. The devil is a concept-like hell-that was invented by the human mind (not Source’s mind) as a tool in social and political affairs in order to control others with fear as well as relieve one’s self of responsibility.

Beyond The Veil, The idea of you is a Tulpa in that the essential form of your personality, appearance, likes, and dislikes are who the physical you is. They often perceive what is not physical through their emotions alone, which is the sixth sense. The entire purpose of emotion is to keep the body in touch with its higher self in the nonphysical aspect. Occasionally, a person can grow up with their vibrational frequency maintaining resonance with more than just the physical. In fact, that is the dominant intent of many of the new children being born today. To become aware of your higher self and resonate with Source is to truly thrive in your physical existence. More evolution comes in the universe of a thriving physical existence than ever came of a suffering physical existence. Logical reasoning muffles the internal voice of intuition that is always there, whether we listen to it or not. That which is nonphysical or spiritual in nature is always operating, whether a person believes in it or not. An intuition is an internal knowledge without any conscious awareness of how you have that knowledge. The greater understanding you have about your intuition, the greater your knowing of Source will be, and the greater control you will have in your life.

Your Physical Health: Your Physical Life, Many people think that they are restricted to living out what is encoded in their DNA as if it were a life sentence. It is the scapegoat of many problems, from obesity to deformity. DNA is really like a group of cards that have been all picked out and assembled by Source as the concept of you, so it is now your choice how to play those cards. You can increase or decrease the ways the DNA communicates with the molecules and cells in your body.


Every illness on the planet today is the result of adopting negative thought patterns and resonating with negative energetic vibrations. Chronic disease is in fact caused by chronic thoughts such as those of fear, stress, guilt, resentment, hate, and of the feeling of being overwhelmed. Belief is everything here. If a person believes they will get better, they are right. If a person believes they will not get better they are also right. We have the power to focus on anything we choose to focus on. The reason that it doesn’t feel like we do is that when a thought is practiced often, the neurons in your brain that translate that thought actually form a definitive connection, which form a long-term relationship with each other. You could think of this very definitive connection between specific neurons as a “neuro-rut,” because you get stuck in that mode of thinking. They are so immediate, in fact, that it doesn’t feel as though you’ve initiated the thoughts. This means that when you have a thought, it will attract another thought that finds resonance with the first thought—and before you know it, you have snowballed into a negative spiral of thought that is now making itself manifest in the physical dimension. It is possible, however, to snowball in the opposite direction with positive thoughts. In time, you can purposefully create a positive neuro-rut in your brain that will feel so effortless you will not even feel as though you initiated it. When you attune yourself with positive thoughts, you will be naturally inspired toward things in the physical that are an energetic vibrational match to health, and your impulses will travel in that direction. All people have the capability of experiencing auras. Auras can tell a nearly complete story of who you are.

Where The Sculpting Of Your Life Goes Wrong With Worth, To Source, your worth has never been in question. Your intention in coming into the physical dimension was never to measure your value against others or to come to the conclusion that anything or anyone is better than you. The only thing you should measure yourself against is your own bliss. No life is a failure. Every life, no matter how much suffering is a part of it, is giving birth to the evolution of Source. To accept in this way is to let go of resistance, thereby allowing your focus to attend only to what you do want in your life experience. Healthy acceptance sets you free. Acceptance, as it should be used, does not mean settling for, tolerating, enabling, or validating. It simply means to practice unconditional love by releasing yourself from negative focus and discontinuing the combat against anything, which only keeps it in your life. It is of paramount importance to accept where you are and who you are. It is also of paramount importance to accept where and who others are. All people are intended to look for things and create things they like, not force themselves to try to like things they don’t like. The better people get at creating their own lives, the better they will be at the kind of loving that is not conditioned upon any externals. To accept is to take your power back. You no longer need something outside to change in order to practice unconditional love.

Where The Sculpting Of Your Life Goes Wrong With Happiness, Joy is staring us down, unblinking at every moment. It is in the golden valleys of a ceaseless sky. It is in the naked and vulnerable nature of a smile passed from one set of lips to another. It is in the leisurely taste of an ice cream cone in the summer. You could wander each and every continent all of your life, as many often do, searching for this state called happiness-and miss the truth in its entirety that you had it all along. Tangled but ever-present in the spaces between what you were focused on. Waiting for your notice.

The minute you start practicing the thought that your happiness depends on other people, how they act around you, and how they feel about you-you have completely given your power away. To give your power away by saying your lack of happiness is being caused by that which is external to you is to scream at the reflection in the mirror that it is definitely the mirror’s fault that you look the way you look. No problem you ever have is with any other person besides yourself. Every issue is about you. You will hold the greatest power there is—the power of your bliss being completely independent of others, you will then be practicing unconditional love. Happiness that is dependent on external circumstances is not happiness. Achieving happiness independent of external circumstances, however, is the surest way for circumstances to change to perfectly match the energetic vibration of your happiness.

You cannot be happy if you run from pain. Truly happy people see the value in negativity. They no longer fear it, because they see the purpose of it. When you learn to embrace negative emotion and you release your extreme resistance to it, you are introducing a contradictory energetic vibration to it that is so strong, it cannot maintain itself. It will dissipate entirely. That which is negative is natural to this physical dimension. It is the thing that evokes you to create new wants. Your negative emotions are like a crying child. Even anger comes from a vibration of fear. When you embrace the feeling, just like when you embrace a crying child by showing it compassion, the crying stops. In the moment you sit still in your pain or discomfort, face it to understand it, and embrace it to neutralize it, you can then rotate your focus in the direction of what brings about positive emotion. Instead of getting focused and stuck in negative and thereby attracting more of it to you, you will have used negativity as it was intended to be used—as that which brings you knowledge of what you want to create in your life, your higher self, and this universe. If you approach negativity with an attitude of it being an opportunity, you will introduce a vibration that will make it impossible for you to truly suffer at the hands of what is negative. The fastest way for you to get to a place of bliss—where you want to be—is to make peace with where you are instead of justifying where you are.

It is only in the maintenance of your own bliss that you will be healthy enough and have enough energy to ever be of benefit to anyone at all. To think that it is selfish to pursue one’s bliss is to miss the biggest truth of all—the truth of oneness. We are still just Source expressing itself in different ways. No matter how much it may appear that we are different, we are all one. When you are everything, everything you do is for yourself. When you are everything, nothing you do is for yourself alone. We are living entirely from the brain, and the body is not like a living organism—it is like a machine being operated by this brain. Emotions are the texture of life. But this pattern of not listening to the intelligence of your emotions leads to great suffering. They cannot abandon you. They are constant. They are like the glue holding the connection between you and Source. When you gain awareness of this feeling and can pinpoint it, mentally radiate it out to encompass your entire body. You may also choose to get in the habit of expressing your emotion when it comes up. You may get to the point that you can identify it. This is very helpful if your habit is to suppress emotion within you.

The Axiom Of Imagery, Everything in your experience must find resonance with what you are thinking, because it is the law of this universe. Your every experience is a mirror image of your most prominent thoughts, or mental energetic vibrations. You have to think thoughts that make you feel as though you already have what you want for it to completely manifest. This is because wanting is an energetic vibration that resonates with the energetic vibration of not having something, so not having of something is what will continue to manifest. Therefore, it is best to visualize things as if they already are. The better it feels and the more passionate you feel during the exercise, the more intense the energetic vibration you are sending out, the closer to resonance you are with Source, and the sooner it will start to show up in your physical experience.

You can also do a simple feeling-state imagery exercise as a way to change from a negative-feeling space to a positive-feeling space. Set the timer for ten to fifteen minutes and think of images, as if you were going through flash cards, which feel good to you and make you happy. You will end the session in a higher resonance, and you will end up realizing that the world contains much more that is good than is displeasing. If you have someone in your life who you are having problems with, set a timer for ten minutes and visualize that person being truly happy, getting everything they truly want, having epiphanies, coming to you for reconciliation, and feeling safe and secure. Visualization is a strong tool when you are suffering. You can try a visualization in which you turn to face your pain and visualize it, no matter what type of pain it is, physical or mental. Mastery is not the outcome of being in charge of action, but rather, it is the outcome of being in charge of the mind.

The Anchor Of Meditation And Prayer, Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques to apply to the process of sculpting your life. All meditation is a form of self-inducing a specific state of consciousness. All meditation is designed to help us learn to use our minds instead of continuing the cycle of our minds using us. All meditation is designed to rise to an energetic frequency that is above that of the thinking mind. During meditation you are putting yourself into the pure, indiscriminate, receiving mode of Source. Meditation is about touching the Source, or spiritual essence that is within all of us. It is about getting into a space where you are removed from the physical as well as your thoughts. When meditation becomes a practiced, engrained state, your emotions will not have control over your actions as they do now. Instead, you will be consistently seeing the world you live in through the eyes of your highest self, which are also the eyes of Source. You will see your feelings as the trustworthy compass that they are. You will see that the real you is beyond them. Focus on thoughts that turn you toward the magnetic pull of your higher self.

No matter what form it takes, prayer is a conscious, deliberate opening up to receiving Source itself. It causes a person to focus on their connection to Source. You can only ever benefit from fully trusting and letting go to Source. You cannot ever benefit from the thought that you are separate from Source, less than Source, and powerless to change conditions in your life. Your entire life can be a miracle if you can simply learn to believe before you see.

Designing Your Perfect Life, The only motivation for anything we do is the idea that it will make us feel better, happiness itself. The key to designing your life the way you want it to be is to know yourself. The door to our true nature is unlocked by cultivating awareness, awareness of our essence. Instead of what you are observing having control over you, you now hold the power to take yourself off of autopilot in your actions and reactions. This essence is who you really are. The real you is a “feeling” place instead of a thing that is quantifiable, so it can only ever be experienced instead of intellectualized.

Do I realize that it is okay to not have all the answers? How do I feel, in general, about my life right now? What is the best thought I could think right now to change the way I feel for the better—even a little bit? What is my most important goal in life right now? Do I realize that the most important thing in life is to love myself? • Do I realize that the Source that is my more expansive self loves me unconditionally? What can I think that will allow me to treat myself as well as I want to treat others? What are my favorite things to do? What thought can I think about myself that will bring out the best in me? The best in others? Who is the most important person in my life? • Why? Why should I count on and trust myself first? What quality do I admire most in others? • Do I want this quality to be my own? When am I most blissful? • When am I at my best? Where is my favorite place? • Why? What is the thing I value most about my home? What do I value most about what I do on a daily basis? What do I value most about the life I have lived up until this point? What can I think of on a daily basis that will help me feel as though this is going to be true for me? • What can I do on a daily basis to help this become a reality for me? What was the best day of my life? Do I realize that my purpose is being fulfilled, here and now? • What do I think my life’s purpose might be? How do I imagine the world around me would change if everyone was following their own happiness? • What one belief is hindering me the most in my life? • Am I ready to give this belief up? What one thing comes to mind that I could add to my life to enhance my enjoyment? • What am I the most committed to? What are some of the traits I most admire about the person who is the most difficult for me to love right now? • What are some of the amazing benefits I got out of the pain I have experienced previously in my life? What do I most want to get out of life? What is the real reason I want this achievement? If I had one year to live, what would I do to make the most bliss come of that last year of life? What is my favorite memory? What things fill me with passion? What kind of person do I want to be? What do I love about today? It may also be helpful to make a list of all of your favorite things. The revision of your entire life through your thoughts can come of this simple act of self-questioning.

The Positive of Negative, If you address it instead as the comrade it could be, its power would dwindle. If you have ever met a person who has birthed their new, blissful self out of extreme adversity, they will tell you they would never take the adversity back. The question is this: was the negative manifestation a detriment or an extreme benefit to the life you have lived? The negative benefits you more than anything else in your evolution and the evolution of all that is. A negative, self-limiting core belief – we must get past the surface of thoughts and feelings, as well as immediate reactions to find beliefs, as well as know ourselves and become the people we want to be. But suffering does not have to be inevitable to our existence. Whether it is or not is in your hands. It all rests in how you see negativity and what your response to negativity is.

The Scope Of Stillness And The Freedom Of Forgiveness – Happiness begins when you begin the practice of telling yourself the reverse statement—“don’t just get up and do something, sit there.” The idea that we must fix ourselves or what is around us (including others) is a central trapping of illusion. It can be very difficult to transition into the state of observance and letting go because you live in a society that you have acclimated to in this time and space. This society has influenced you with unhealthy ideas that you have accepted such as “I must do better, achieve more, work harder, or be different that I am.” Observing and letting go is the first step to stillness. It is only when you slow down to a state of stillness that you can even experience the perspective of Source. It is only in stillness that you can even observe the thoughts you are thinking. When you are in this pure state, even things you see as unpleasant are pleasant. A good example is doing dishes. You also did not wish for the dishes to be done before they were done. You were so in the process, you were not identified with the outcome of the process. You will also find yourself in a good mood. You were not thinking of what you wanted to be doing instead, and so it didn’t feel like a chore.

Mindful eating, it is possible to see it as an avenue of joy and experiencing being. Fully focus on the sensation so that the food is all that you notice. You can think of any and all aspects of the food itself. In the present moment like this as much as possible, they would fully allow the magnetic pull of Source toward those desires and therefore would get there with no effort at all—and very quickly.

Forgiveness, the recollection of it will not bring the negative emotions along with it anymore. In fact, you may hold a totally different emotion toward it—such as gratitude—for what it made possible in your life today. When the time is right, it will not feel better to do anything other than forgive. And there is no one more important to forgive than ourselves. In truth, forgiveness has nothing to do with anyone other than us. Forgiveness is the process of shifting thoughts in the direction of resonance with your higher self.

The Pursuit Of Positive Resonance – Your life can be a triumph in spite of any kind of adversity—Or Your life can be a tragedy in spite of every advantage. The single most valuable ingredient to holding a positive energetic resonance is that of thankfulness. The kind of thankfulness I am talking of is the energetic vibration of appreciation or admiration of what is. It is the pure vibration of focusing on the positive aspects of what is already in the present moment of your life and allowing the feeling of those aspects to envelop you completely. You will get not only more of what you love in the present, but you will also no longer be introducing opposition to everything you want. Focusing on the positive takes practice—like anything else that is new. It is good to have an arsenal of activities to do that train your awareness toward the positive. You can start the practice of becoming the essence of whatever you want—no matter where you are or what your life looks like—by realizing that the process of making it is a process. “Is this conducive to my bliss?” “Is this the way I want my life and my future to be?” and “Why?” Your life will become what you focus on. People practicing self-love are glad to be who they are. It is a state that is rooted in confidence instead of insecurity. A person who practices self-love has taken hold of their important role and power in the universe at large, is living their full potential, and is happy because of it. People who love themselves do not harm others. If we do not have self-love, we continually look for others to give it to us—but they cannot, because they are opposing energetic vibrations. Think of all the assets you have, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. Know that you are the only person who has access to this place. It is there for you at any moment of the day. It is your private, impenetrable sanctuary of bliss. As you realize this, feel yourself fill up with appreciation for this place. You cannot ever help others without helping yourself as well. It is for this reason that one of the best ways to achieve bliss is to give it to others. In other words, you can achieve bliss by engaging in random acts of kindness. if you are feeling negative, you can just pick one thing off the list to go do. It will lift your mood. You will feel the immediate improvement of your mood as a result of it. Write a positive affirmative statement on the paper, such as “You are loved and appreciated every day” and let yourself be drawn to a specific parked car. The universe will draw you to the car that belongs to a person in need of that message.

Let These Hands Be Your Hands: How To Contribute To Other People’s Bliss – You can focus on the absence of where you want them to be, the absence of their joy, health, success, etc. Or you can choose to focus on what is already a part of that person’s current state that is positive—where that person wants to be, where you would wish them to be. One of the best things you can do for other people is to stop focusing on the negative, which is the absence of positive things in the person’s life, and turn focus to the positive, which is the presence of positive things in the person’s life, with regards to that person. Shower other people with what you love about them and what they are capable of. The best way to help, heal and bring happiness to others, is by helping, healing and making happy the epicenter of all that is, which is yourself. Your job is to shift what is inside of you and from there, watch others and the external world change and become more as a result of that.

If you are in a space of resonance with your higher self, you may very likely be compelled to help when the opportunity presents itself—but it was never your job to help others. We do not understand that people create their lives once they are here in the physical—whether it is on purpose or by default. Trust that no one is ever abandoned by Source. Everyone is being constantly pulled toward their own wants and their own bliss. To Source, or your transcendental and eternal self, love is not just an emotion or a virtue. It is the basis for all physical and non-physical being. All things created were created from love to love. It is the profound-feeling space of total and complete oneness. To unconditionally love is to see the true essence of your own worth as well as the worth of others. Most people have forgotten their eternal, non-physical, true nature. You are using that thing as your excuse to disallow Source and therefore love to come into your life as it naturally would without the prevention of it.

No suffering is ever about another person. It is always the result of the relationship with yourself. The real question to ask yourself is, “Am I practicing unconditional love with myself?” If you do not feel unconditional love for yourself, it feels terrible, because it is an opinion toward yourself that your higher self does not share. You will feel the disharmony of that extreme lack of resonance with yourself. No one else could ever love someone enough to compensate for their own lack of self-love. To get love, you must give it. You cannot give it if you do not give it to yourself. The real way to get unconditional love is to ask yourself what unconditional love of yourself would look and feel like to you and then focus solely upon that in your life. All that matters is that you are withdrawing your focus from anything that feels bad to think about yourself and refocusing on things that feel good to think about yourself. Practicing kind thoughts that are an energetic match to self-love will help you experience your worth in all its full bounty, because genuine kindness is the three-dimensional manifestation of love.

Your Truth, Your Life – The time of reawakening or the new age, is a time in which conformity will cease to be a possibility. Those who resist the change will suffer, and those who allow it will experience great freedom. It does not need to be something we fear. To allow is to stop trying to force others to change. You needn’t fear those differing desires or points of view affecting you at all. Allowing others to be is essential to making other people happy. It is essential to your happiness to find a way to allow others who are not allowing you.

Let negativity be a catalyst to open yourself up. Every thought you create, movement you make, and word you speak can be infused with love, because love and joy are one and the same. The suffering in this world will diminish. There will be an end to anger, sadness, neglect, violence, addiction, war, and fear. All of the barriers we build between each other will dissolve. Your joy, will, and wants can never be separate from those of Source, because you are Source, and Source is you. There is no sculptor in the sky designing your life for you, because the sculptor in the sky is you.