04/22/2021. Do not berate yourself for drifting back to sleep once you have tasted the awakened state. Simply aim to be awake as much as needed for your soul’s growth.

Escape, 4/2019

There is always another way of seeing all situations in a world of duality.  Always.  And when the world of duality gets to be too much, rise above it to the soul’s perspective, which is always there, and there you will find the peace that has not gone anywhere.  

Up Close and Personal ( Scottsdale, AZ 5/17) 

  • Consciousness 101

Why are you taking this story so seriously? We come from the pure light, but then start to identify with a story, separation. Like lightening separating off. Turn back and see who you are, what your connection is as a Light being. The higher my vibration, the less my guides have to lower theirs. I don’t need the story, let go of it. It’s a shift in focus. A person holding a high vibration will see a terrorist and a mother Teresa alike, there is no difference.

  • Your spiritual team

They are a gift from our creator for this difficult school of earth. They are servant leaders. They are growing in their experience thru us. They will not interfere in your choices. They do not know our future. Check in with them regularly, they are desirous of our greater good. They will answer by synchronicities. We meet with them in our sleep. My higher self is my No. 1 best guide. There is a master spirit guide with me for my whole life. Subject matter experts will come in to help for a season. Prepare to meet with your guides. Gratitude and good intentions are most important. Meditation also is very important in attuning to your guides. Don’t wonder if it’s your imagination, just let it be. Your body is the best tool. 

Validate your guide is real. Give team a test with a time frame of two weeks. Reasonable parameters. Assess and reassess. Keep it confidential. 

The big experience is rare, but they are the result of all these times of training. Many of your thoughts do not originate with you. 

  • Meet and greet with your team

Practice is the key. Guides are not omniscient, but can see more than us, they know me intimately well. Be open to all avenues of them communicating to you. Start with the solar plexus to feel a yes or no answer from your guides. You need to be checking in regularly with questions. They are so quiet and patient, content to be hidden. If falling asleep, tap your toes. 

  • Fine tuning your antennae

We are a transceiver with an electro-magnetic field. Be reminded of who you are. Awareness of who I am is key – I am love. Love and appreciate everyone, especially yourself.  Grief will bring you down and block you off. Shift your identification from the story to the light (from temporary to eternal). Awakening is going from emptiness that can’t be filled to fullness that cannot be contained. Change your focus, don’t try to change yourself. I control the dial between human and spirit and balance is the need. Forgive me for ever thinking I am anything less than love.

  • Special session with Sanaya

You are life itself, vibration. Be sensitive to feel your guides settling in. You are not alone, even though you may feel as such. Allow your light to shine ever more. You need not make a big difference, just BE. This will change lives. What is, is all that is. I and love are one. You and I are one. We are the Christ. We are the light, the word. All the guides are under the tutelage of the council. They will only lead you to the light.

Seven steps to higher consciousness (LA Expo 2/17) 


This is a skill that can be learned. We connect with consciousness and we can communicate with anyone. We all have our own signal or ring tone. Fine tune your receiver, your frequency analyzer. The brain is very limited in its bandwidth. Visible light we can see in comparison to the light spectrum is as a coat of paint vs. the Empire State Building. My belief system has expanded greatly, and there is so much more to come. Everything is spirit, consciousness, energy. Thoughts go out to others and effect them. 

  1. Believe! Those on the other side are just waiting for us to open up. They love to give evidence to convince us. 
  2. Be open to try new things – Woman in coma as to her wishes. Ask for the evidence, they are happy to give it. Uncrossed and open. I don’t resonate with his/her energy, not I don’t like him. PLAY! Get a certain book, Lynn McTaggart’s book, ‘The intention experiment’. When God wins, synchronicity. 
  3. INTEND to make the connection – we are all connected at universal consciousness. Doesn’t matter if it is my guides or someone else. If it is universal consciousness, it is enough. Sleep with pen and paper. 
  4. Shift your focus – remember who you are, awareness. Isn’t that interesting. 
  5. Train the mind to be still – daily connection with spirit. 

power vs. Power: 7 steps of getting into the universal awareness (BLESS ME):

  • Breathe and set intention to connect. 3 deep breaths and release. Slow down the brain waves. 
  1. Fine tune your antennae. Read something uplifting daily. Turn down the noise. 
  2. Be the presence of love. Radiate love and light. 
  • Talking to Spirit, panel with Suzanne Giesemann and others

Talk with those that have passed for a few minutes prior to sleep. They might visit you in your dreams. 

Before seeing a medium, invite the one(s) you want to communicate with. Be relaxed and open to what might come. We all can channel and communicate with spirit. It is about raising your vibration to be able to sense those in the invisible world. 

Characteristics of a good medium/psychic – Resonance, honesty, verifiable evidence, visible or well known, not over promising, interested in you. 

Red flags – do your homework and see what you can find out about them on the internet, ego, negativity, fearful, generic messages, dependence – I am the only one who can help you.

What can an average person do to connect with spirit? Believe you can do this. Practice connecting with them. OBE’s. 

A crazy child, don’t act like it is bad or negative. Treat it as normal. 

Spirits will share evidence to convince us of things that will help us. 

Boundaries – claim the highest vibration to come thru, believe and focus, examine your belief system, try new things, ask for help. 

Video of Message of Hope


  1. Breathe deep
  2. Slow your mind
  3. Sink into total relaxation and peace
  4. Turn to the spirit side of you
  5. Think of someone or something that brings you joy, send this joy out
  6. Move your awareness to your heart, bridge between two worlds
  7. Sense your boundaries expanding out your connection to all
  8. Acknowledge your connection to higher conscious beings
  9. Ask your question
  10. Sit in gratitude for this connection
  11. Send thoughts away with a word like ‘Free’ or ‘Love’
  12. Show me what love is, show me who I really am!