The Prophet and the Messiah

by Chawkat Moucarry (a summary by Pat Evert)


The Bible and the Qur’an – Muslims are willing to accept our Messiah and the Bible, but the Christians are not even willing to entertain the thought or considering Mohammed or the Qur’an. Muslims are taught to dialogue with any as long as it does not become an unsightly debate.

Have the scriptures been falsified? The Muslims claim that in the OT and NT there was reference to a coming final prophet and revelation and the Jews and Christians have falsified and concealed those scriptures. The Muslims might have a point, but they are very unforgiving, especially when it comes to adultery.

What has been falsified? Muslims have two complaints, 1) the Jews and Christians have misinterpreted the scriptures, and 2) they have changed the scriptures to give a very different sense.
Even if the bible did not say there was another prophet to come, can we object if God sends another prophet to another people to reveal Himself to them?

The greatness of God – to the Christian, God’s greatness is seen in relationship, the Father to His sons. To the Muslim it is seen in His otherness, Lord and Judge. On judgment day, will He also be seen as the Savior?

The seriousness of sin – sin is much more serious to the Christian or Jew than a Muslim. They believe that everyone is born into this world pure and free of sin. Also good works weigh up proportionately more than evil deeds.

Salvation – in Christianity we are depraved, in Islam we are ill. But in both we become very religious in doing our good deeds and law keeping, yet we forget the essence of the law, which is to love. Salvation comes in a most unexpected way, God shows His love in suffering sin. The Jew accepts the O.T. as God’s word, the Christian the O.T. and the N.T., the Muslim accepts the Old, New and the Qur’an.

The kingdom of God – Jews, Christians and Muslims all seem to feel it is necessary to fight rather than see God’s cause defeated. I feel God neither needs nor desires our defense.

The crucifixion – Muslims do not believe Jesus was the Son of God, nor that He was crucified. He was one of the greatest prophets, therefore God substituted someone else to die in His place.

Peter and the crucifixion – Peter was transformed by the crucifixion. He had walked with Jesus for three years, confessed Him as the Son of the Living God, proclaiming that the crucifixion shall never happen to Jesus, resisting having his feet washed, and later fighting with a sword to protect his Master. Then after the resurrection he teaches about the Christ, and how it is a privilege to suffer for His sake.

Servant King – the Lord God is in fact the servant God. Jesus service was so perfect that He could be God’s King.

Muhammad – his message does not seem to to be consistent with the Torah and the gospel. The Qur’an fails to point to God as the Savior and fails to see God’s love as the guiding principle of life in this world. Jesus was victorious through death and resurrection, Muhammad by word and sword.

God commands His people, Jews, Muslims and Christians, to love the stranger (our neighbor) in our midst. And do not discriminate against him. There is one God, one humanity and one world.