The Voice for Love

by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle  (a summary by Pat Evert)


Step beyond what you think you know so that you can enter into the awareness of what is unknown, into that which cannot be described but only experienced.

The voice for love, The Holy Spirit is within each of God’s children and cannot be extracted.  It cannot join you in any thinking about yourself other than your perfection, though It loves you while you think insane thoughts.  As you come across people in the world, the ego would convince you that this one is this and this one is that and the judgments go on and on and on. None of that is true. The world is made out of the thoughts of the ego. God did not make the world. The thoughts of the ego made the world.

No one has ever nor could ever become separate from God or from the One Mind.  If someone is not in their Right-Mind, they would hold thoughts of the illusion of this world—fear, separation, and death.  The more one hears God, the less they hear the ego.  If you think of the ego and become afraid, that is the ego-mind working. If you become aware of the ego and you bless it and allow it to be, then you are in your Right-Mind thinking with the Holy Spirit.  There is nothing to fear but a thought and you can always think differently.  The ego does not go away; it just becomes quiet. It is only a rambling voice in the back of your mind, so if it is quiet, it has no other power.

Forgiveness is the path of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit uses forgiveness to correct perceptions and perceive Truth.  There are two thought systems in the world: one based on fear, judgment, and separation, which is the thought system of the ego; and the other based on Love, which is the thought system of the Voice for God within us.  The purpose of this Voice is to restore our thinking to the Truth of who we are, to the Truth that we are Love, and One with our Creator.

Our true nature, The ego’s way of thinking gives God’s Child the opportunity to experience what it would be like to be separate, while the Holy Spirit’s way of thinking reminds you that you have never been separate and remain perfectly at One with your Creator.  Jesus said, “Sin means simply to have missed the mark, to have forgotten the Truth of your being. Never once did I come into this plane to tell you that you need a savior to save you from your sins. It is not truth that I shed my blood for the salvation of many. I came with but one simple Gospel, and, unto anyone who would listen, I would look into their eyes and say but one thing: You are already the one you seek. And that which you would strive to be forgiven for has already been forgiven.

And the past that has weighed you down already has been destroyed by the Light of the perfect Love that this world cannot comprehend.  When you had the thought that you wanted your autonomy and made the ego, while God simultaneously created the Holy Spirit, there was the understanding that this was a temporary experiment and that it would have an end.  Eventually, there came a time when someone stepped into the world with the hope, the dream, and the goal of hearing only the Holy Spirit and not hearing anything else. That person was Jesus. Jesus has been referred to as God’s Son, and yet every person in the world is God’s Son. There is no distinction here. The only difference between Jesus and you is the desire, commitment, and follow through to hear only the Holy Spirit and to not engage with the ego. This did not happen instantaneously, spontaneously, or at birth. It happened over time, as you know it in the world, with practice and dedication and the desire to think only Truth, speak only Truth, and hear only Truth.  Jesus’s function is to nudge His brothers and sisters out of their sleep and to assist them in whatever ways possible in their awakening, and He does this by only seeing their perfection.  We are not the body or the personality that we experience in the world. We are not individualized spirits or souls. We are, in Truth, the One Being, the One Child, the One Spirit that is. We are One with our Creator; and therefore, One with All That Is. No matter what we may think or say or do in the world, we remain as God created us to be.

An opportunity to awaken, There are billions of God’s Children who hold the same thought. They may perceive the world a little differently—each one does—but each one has the belief that the world is real and that taking a body and stepping onto the merry-go-round that is the world is an adventure and comes with rules, goals, and aspirations. Those are all thoughts that you made. God did not create the world. God did not create the earth. God did not create bodies or anything else upon the earth. God did not create the goals or the rules or anything of the world.  The world has no meaning for God, though God honors your need for healing your mind in the sense of recognizing that you are not and cannot be separate from God.  God created you, and as a creation of God, you are an extension of God. You couldn’t be anything but perfection.  Use the world as a playground to heal and awaken yourself and your brothers and sisters rather than as a place to take seriously, to be burdened by, to fight against, to be disappointed in, or to wish it were different.  You are so much greater than what you see, what you hear, and what you think.  Thank the ego for doing its job, and to search within your heart and mind for that which is really True.  The world is a collection of thoughts that arises out of the thought system of the ego to assist us in experiencing what it would be like to be autonomous, to be separate from our Creator. When we attach to or believe the thoughts of the world, we come to identify ourselves with these thoughts and forget the Truth of Who we really are. As we focus our attention on the Voice for Love within us and allow this Voice to remind us of what is True, we begin to pull our energy, our attention, and our identity out of the thoughts of the world and restore them to our true Self. When we do, instead of projecting the thought system of the ego onto All That Is, we project the thought system of the Voice for Love onto All That Is, until eventually, we come to see that the illusion of separation was never real to begin with and we remain exactly as God created us to be.

That which is, God is unconditionally loving because God is nothing else. God is only capable of seeing you as Perfection. You are not capable of being anything other than Perfection, except in your own mind.  The ego has fulfilled its purpose and function by giving you the gift of autonomy.  You have never been anything other than Perfection, regardless of what you think you may have done in the world. You have never done anything wrong. You have never been separate. You are God’s perfect Child.  God just is. The highest concept we can project onto God is that God is Love. No matter what we think or say or do in the world, we remain as God created us to be. A majority of the spiritual concepts that we have come to believe are true in the world are merely stepping stones for us in coming to experience the Reality that, like God, we simply are. It is God’s Will that we be restored to the experience of Truth. Because our Will and God’s Will are One, it is our true desire to be restored to the experience of Truth as well.

Hearing your inner Voice, This is one of the wonderful things about the Holy Spirit. It will join with you where you are rather than expect you to be somewhere else.  Love is your first true language.  What would be the point of receiving more? It would be wasted and it could perhaps confuse any other Truth that might have otherwise been understood.  You cannot take more from it than you can understand.  Rather than the 1 in 50 times that someone is rude to another, focus on the 49 out of 50 encounters where people are kind, respectful, or courteous. Focus on that which is of Right-Mindedness, Love, and Truth, and remember that even when you see that 1 out of 50, or 1 out of 100, or 1 out of 500 encounters that might seem unkind, remember that it is just a cry for help.  God put the Translator right inside of you where you could not lose It and gave you full and complete access to It. This Translator is a direct line to God, and It is there for you to hear in a way that you won’t hear other things.  Hearing God’s Voice does not only mean hearing an actual voice in your head. In the broader sense, it means connecting with the Presence of Love, Truth, and Peace within us and within all things, regardless of the form It takes.  This Voice for God is within you. It is the Voice of your true Self, and you will hear your Self in whatever ways are perfect for you in this moment.

God’s will is that you be happy. Not at the expense of others, but for the benefit of others.  Know of course that We are with you always, loving you, guiding you, laughing with you, and showing you the way.  He is joyful when we open up to receiving the love that He has for us, when we hear His Voice.  It’s not possible for God to be joyful or not based on what you do. God is joyful, period. It may help you to be joyful when you connect with God in that way or when you connect with you, but it is not possible to do something that would make God happy.  God just is, and God is not the effect of you.  God is everything and you are part of God, and because you judge certain things about yourself, certain parts of you, you have the idea that God can judge you as well, as a part of Him. But this doesn’t happen. There are no expectations, no hopes, no dreams, no goals, or agendas for God’s Children.  This Voice within us answers them in such a way that takes us a little deeper in our understanding each time we ask.

The barriers, Because hearing God’s Voice is your most natural state, it is easy to wonder what keeps you from It. In Truth, it is only a thought—a thought of separation, a thought of unworthiness, a thought that It is not real—and with that thought, God’s Voice is gone from you. Fortunately, it is only a thought. Fortunately, it only takes a thought to bring the Voice back to you—the thought that God’s Voice is part of you, that God’s Voice is your right, that God gave this Voice to you unconditionally.  For so many, a barrier to God is a basic bottom line thought or belief that one is not worthy of God and God’s Love.  For many, they have been disappointed by love.  The ego will seek proof everywhere.  Everything that happens can be seen from whatever perspective you choose, either God’s Love or God’s punishment.  For many, what would keep them from God is religion. Ironically, religion could be one of the greater barriers to God.  Many people don’t understand that everything is perfect, and that when something happens, it is ultimately for the right reason. The original purpose of the world was to validate your separation from God, to make a place where God could not go so that you could have your autonomy. With Right-Mindedness, the world can serve another purpose as well. The world can be an opportunity to be reminded of who you are.  With Right-Mindedness, whatever is happening in the world serves you in the goal of remembering the Truth of who you are.  Pray for something in the hope that they will get it. You can pray simply to talk with God, have connection and pray because you think you should.  God is in love with you and it doesn’t matter how you feel about God; it doesn’t change God’s experience one bit.  It is only your projections onto God that allow you to experience God in whatever ways you do. Those are based on your thoughts about yourself. When you don’t like yourself very much, it is difficult to have a mutually rewarding, loving relationship with God. When you love and care about yourself, it is much easier to see that God loves and cares about you. When you judge or don’t accept yourself, it is very difficult to imagine that God can accept you unconditionally.  When you are able to notice that you are having a thought that is distracting you away from God, recognize that it is just a thought. It’s not true.  There is the idea that only people who have studied religion for many years could ever be worthy of actually hearing God.  There are some who believe that to hear God you must follow a certain set of rules, or there might be only one established pathway for hearing God and they’re not on it.  As soon as we judge, no matter how big or small the judgment may be, we simultaneously experience the pain of feeling separate. For most of us, these judgments are so habitual and pervasive that we become numb to the pain we cause ourselves by judging— I was lead out of the misery I made with my judgmental thinking and into an experience of embracing the desires within me in such a way that I no longer saw them as something to push away or avoid, but as beautiful thoughts to embrace.  There are countless barriers to hearing God’s Voice, but no matter what we come up with, they all have one thing in common. They are all just thoughts—thoughts of fear, judgment, or unworthiness; a belief, concept, or perception. It doesn’t matter what form the barriers take. They are all just a thought in one form or another. Fortunately, it is only a thought that keeps us from hearing God’s Voice, and we can choose which thoughts we want to listen to.

Overcoming the barriers, every thought that keeps you from hearing Truth has an opposite thought that can open the door to Truth. Therefore, it is very simple to overcome the barriers to hearing God because those barriers are just a thought and you can always choose to think differently.  Take notice of your life, your body, your health, and anything within your body that is not effortless and pain-free.  If you are unhappy, depressed, sad, angry, resentful, or guilty, or if you are judging your neighbors, disconnected from your family, mad at the world, or wishing that things were different, you can be assured that your mind is not with God. You are not in your Right-Mind.  What you are ultimately seeking is more connection with God.  Once you become aware that your thinking is not working for you, then you can begin the search for Right-Thinking.  You can begin to shed the beliefs that have weighed you down for so long and kept you from your communication with God.  The more free of the world you become, the more opportunity for God to take the place of those beliefs— It is a freedom from the world that the deepest part of you seeks, knowing that in overcoming the world, all that is left is God, which is all there ever has been and all there ever will be. You have just forgotten. As you overcome the world and your Oneness is remembered and restored, the ego is forgotten. It is as if it never existed, because in Truth, it never did, right along with the world, and you are left to revel in your Wholeness, your Completeness, your Oneness with all that is, without question, just Joy.  What Jesus did in his lifetime as Jesus was to think only with the thinking of his Right-Mind, rather than with the thinking of the ego.  Everything in your world was made from a thought.  Being anchored in Right-Mindedness while simultaneously feeling my emotions allowed me to witness the rising and falling away of my emotions without judgment.  Instead of focusing on the cause of the emotion, I just felt them.  I lovingly was embracing my desires and emotions without judgment.  It was possible to live in Truth while simultaneously living in the illusion of the world.  Play is an invitation to simply lighten up, to play as little children with God, and to play in the world. You came here truly to play.  When one is playing, there are no problems. There are no fears. There are no worries. We are used to the ego’s thought system. We believe it. We rationalize it. We are addicted to it, and we prove its validity over and over again each time we choose it.

Opening the door, Prayer opens the door to Him.  To pray is to know to whom you are speaking, rather than the form it takes.  You are re-establishing that connection within your mind, within your heart, and giving yourself the opportunity to have a deeper experience with Source.  Prayer is to connect with God, to remember Truth, to overcome the dream in that moment.

When the mind split and the ego was invented, the Holy Spirit was the answer to that prayer and has been the answer to every prayer since.  Making an intention about what it is they want and then ultimately working with their mind to get it.  God sees only your Perfection, only loves you unconditionally, and forever holds the Truth as what is Real. That has nothing to do with the world.  I left Hawaii with two dreams in my heart: to fully embrace all that life had to offer and to find my life partner.  In asking for that which is in one’s highest good, it is important to acknowledge that one does not know what is in their highest good.  When you pray for yourself, you are ultimately praying for all. When you pray for another, you are ultimately praying for yourself.

Have faith that what is unfolding must be in their highest good and ask God for the understanding to go with that loss or change.  Ask for what is in the highest good, as if God would allow His Children to go out into the world without all of their needs met.  When you have the thought of needing or wanting something that is Right-Minded, you can remember that you do have it. Give thanks for it, and you will start to bring it more into your awareness, experience, and belief.  Eventually, your prayers can become very comfortable, fluid, loving, and warm. They can be an easy back and forth dialogue that includes acknowledging God, giving thanks, and feeling God’s Presence within your heart and mind, giving you a sense of overall connectedness with God.  “Thank You, God, that we are a happy, healthy, three-parent family, living our soul purpose in union with the Holy Spirit, while being financially provided for in every way.”

Quieting your mind, There is a place you can go where the world does not exist, and that is within. When you go within, you leave the world and step into a quiet place where God is.  The purpose of meditation is to focus your mind in such a way that you no longer hear the voice of the ego and can instead join with God, God’s Voice, Truth, Source, Peace, Joy, or whatever it is you are seeking.  Your whole inside begins to quiet, and this creates the opportunity to hear that which has always been there—God’s Voice. This Voice for Peace does not shout over all the noise of the world, but rather waits for a quiet opening to make Its Presence known.  One way to connect with God is to simply sit and feel His Presence, feel His Love, feel His Grace surrounding you, within you. You may envision yourself in God’s Arms or with God wrapped around you like a blanket. You might be sitting in the palm of God’s Hand, safe and secure.

Accessing your inner voice, This is said tongue-in-cheek because the sacrifices one makes to hear God’s Voice are so meaningless and yet can seem like everything. You may lose that which you think you value. As you open to hearing God’s Voice, the ego will become quiet for that moment and all that you seem to value in the world will fall away; all that you value will become meaningless and that which is True will rest in your heart and your mind—Heaven. In that moment, you will be in Heaven and the world will be gone. You must be willing to give up all that you seem to be attached to now in order to hear Truth, because Truth does not involve anything in the world.  All that one needs in order to hear God’s Voice is the desire. If the desire is there, the Voice will be heard.  I began to hear God’s Voice through all kinds of people, even my boss!  You can allow everything to serve you in hearing God’s Voice and allow everything you see, hear, and do to be of God, strictly from how you approach it within your mind.  You may not consciously perceive the communication that is unfolding within you and being transmitted to you, and yet communication is happening. It is for this reason that one can sit in silence for long periods of time, or only for a moment, and when they open their eyes, their entire reality has changed. Their problems have fallen away and they are certain about what step to take or how to perceive. In that moment, they are being the presence of Love.  When your thoughts have quieted, allow yourself to bask in the Love of God and God’s Voice. Feel It. Breath It in. Enjoy It. When thoughts arise, extend Love to them and allow your mind to return to experiencing the Presence of Love that you are.  As you go through your day, you can ask for signs.  When one doesn’t ask, the answer doesn’t come. So by asking, your answer will come.  Just hold the intention that whoever stands near you will share God’s Words with you and you will be able to pick out the message as it is being delivered.  As you take that into more moments of your day, it will one day fill in all of the gaps so that all you have is communication and communion with God and that will become your reality.  The Reality that every single person has God’s Voice within them and can access that Voice if they want to is a wonderful reminder and gift.  Share with God your intentions, fears, hopes, dreams, or anything else you want to share. When you are done communicating what is in your heart, ask God to speak to you, then sit quietly and listen for God’s Voice. God will communicate back to you.

You cannot now un-invite the ego, but you can quiet the ego.  It is similar to changing the radio station on your stereo. When a song comes on that you do not like, you click a button or turn the dial and you move on to the next song. You can do the same in your mind when you hear communication that you don’t like, that is not serving you, or feels painful. You can say instead, “I want to hear God’s Station,” and you click over to that one and ask God to communicate with you.  By turning the dial to God’s Station, you quiet the ego and turn up the volume on the Voice for Love and Truth within you.  It is the choosing that is the most difficult. Hearing God is your most natural ability. It is your natural right and gift and that which has never been gone from you except with your thinking. But choosing to hear that Voice, choosing to quiet the ego and turn up the volume on God, can be challenging indeed. In order to do that, you must become aware of your thoughts, how they are serving you or not serving you, and replace the ones that are not serving you with thoughts of Truth and Peace.  When Jesus appeared to walk upon the earth, his goal was to only hear God’s Voice. His goal was to no longer hear the ego or participate in any of the ideas of the ego but rather hear Truth, follow Truth, and share Truth. Over the course of that lifetime, Jesus accomplished that goal and only heard Truth. Being in a body and having experienced the ego, Jesus was able to understand the thoughts in the minds of the ones in front of him, while at the same time knowing that none of the thoughts of the world were true.  It was not that he was a miracle worker so much as that he did not believe the illusions of the world and could not participate in them.  It seems to those in the world that the task of hearing only God’s Voice is so enormous and daunting that it could not be possible, and yet that is the whole purpose of Jesus’s life—to show you that it is possible.  Jesus fabricated a most horrific death by the world’s standards to show that even while the worst was happening, it did not matter.  When God is all you see in you, God will be all you see in your brother; it would not be possible to see anything else.  What it means is that in every moment you are aware of what you are thinking and you choose the kind of thinking that serves you and the world so that only that which you truly desire can unfold. Know that God’s Voice is with you every thought of the way, is there for the choosing, and has as Its only desire, to serve you.  You can give thanks to God for the Right-Mindedness that you have available to you at all times. It is there for your choosing and only to serve you, and nothing you can think or do could ever change that.  “You are loved and you are whole.”  This became almost like a password between me and the Holy Spirit so that I would know I was connected.  You hear and experience God’s Voice within you as your Highest Self, the part of your mind that is always connected to God-Mind, the part of your mind that you feel and know to be You, which is also connected with Truth and with God.  It’s important to let go of the concept that some outside entity or presence is going to speak to you. In Truth, you are this Voice for Love within you.  There is nothing outside of you that is going to express this Voice in the world. You are It. Express, speak, and write with your Right-Mind and you will be hearing, sharing, and being God’s Voice in the world.  The various ways that I hear God’s Voice are like pieces to a puzzle. They are all valued, important, and necessary in my overall experience of wholeness, connection, and communication with God. One way of hearing this Voice isn’t better than another. Depending upon the needs and circumstances of the moment, each form is perfect for the role that it plays.

She knew the words she heard were not her own. They were so loving, so kind, and felt so true that she immediately trusted their source.  That trust has to continually be earned, proven, honored, and respected throughout the length of the relationship.  It will be impossible to look out in the world at another and not see this Presence in front of you. Everywhere you look will be the Voice for God, and this is what you will acknowledge, recognize, and validate in the one in front of you because you cannot help it and that is what will come alive in them as a result.  The trick to hearing God’s Voice then is to move our awareness out of the ego’s thought system and into the quiet place within the mind where we are able to perceive this Presence within us. When our awareness is infused within the ego’s thought system, we experience what we are not. When our awareness is restored to our Right-Mind, we experience the Truth and the Love that we are. In this State of Mind, God’s Voice becomes our own, and we cannot help but think, speak, and create in Oneness with God and All That Is.

Wisdom from over the years, Therefore, do not live cautiously for fear of getting dirty. Live dangerously. Roll in the mud. Play a lot. Mess up your hair. Lose buttons. And know that you get out of your life whatever you put into it.  Your goal in this lifetime is to be only Love.  The most important work you could do this lifetime would be to come to know and love yourself. It is from this that you may know and love another.  Indeed to know and to love your self is to know and love God, and to feel God’s Presence in your heart and mind. This is the ultimate in living.  You are making progress with your fears and for no other reason.  You can’t get there with the fears and lack of faith. For you to walk away from your company with enough money to live your dream and to have not overcome these issues would be pointless.  This is an opportunity for you to deepen and strengthen your faith, your commitment, your prayers, your desires.  We each hear what we need to hear in order to awaken, and this Voice within us will speak to each of us right where we are to accomplish this. Do not worry if what you hear within you is different than what another hears. You need your message, and they need theirs. Be patient with this process, and know that whatever you hear and however you hear is absolutely perfect for you.

Seeking your inner voice, When one seeks God’s Voice in the world, they give themselves the opportunity to see things from a perspective that offers them peace, joy, and the reminder of who they truly are. They give themselves the gift of seeing the world through God’s Eyes.  The fear of a broken heart is what will create a broken heart.  How open are you now to that which is for your highest good? Allow yourself to pray for peace and openness within your own heart so that you can receive and give love in the ways that you truly desire.  Or can you see yourself making peace with this and not having this person’s selfishness impact you? Are you strong enough to not be affected by this person’s selfishness?  It is important for you to focus on you and to focus less on this person, their flaws, and the changes that they should make.  It is important to be patient, loving, and kind and accepting with yourself right now. Battling, fighting, and abusing yourself to give up something such as an addiction is not the best way, although it is often the most common way.  This keeps you from letting someone in, and it keeps you from being able to come out. There is the fear that if one were to know you completely, they would not like you or love you. There is the fear that if you love or that if you are loved, you will ultimately be hurt.  Would you tell God that any of His children are unlikable or unlovable?  When we experience pain in our lives, it is because we are not feeling the Love that we truly are in any given moment. We are experiencing the thoughts of the ego that would try to convince us who we are not. By recognizing that we are in pain and bringing this pain to this Presence of Love within us for healing, understanding, or guidance, we release our identification with those limiting thoughts, and we empower ourselves to reclaim our true Identity.

Fulfilling your life’s purpose, The meaning of life is to give you the opportunity to remember the Truth of who you really are, and your purpose is the same, and through remembering that, you remind another.  When one begins to remember who they really are and begins to see that Truth in the one in front of them, their whole perspective of the world and its purpose changes.  Yes, everyone has the same purpose in the world—the purpose of remembering their True Nature, remembering that they are pure Spirit.  You, as the extension of God’s Love, have the freedom to extend your Love in all the ways that are possible.  Your purpose in the world is to remember the Love that you are and to share It. The form does not matter.  To more fully live the Truth of who you are in the world so that you know in every moment that what you are thinking and saying and doing is indeed that which is in your highest good. To know this in every moment is to experience your union with God.