Do you sense the call of the universe,
To make your heart a transformer?
Do you feel the pain of many, that you might express the love of One?
They are inseparable, and a most high honor!

To take in heartbreak and put out healing – love, joy and peace for all,
To take in cloudy grey confusion and to give out clarity for the whole,
To absorb separation and divorce that others might know unity and oneness.
The vibration and experience of Gaia is rising because of you.

Do you sense the call of the universe, to stand in the gap for others,
Those who cannot stand, but are fallen?
Those who are hurting beyond you, who have maybe taken on more than expected,
Who cannot imagine going on, but who will one day be your salvation.

Send light and love into their darkness, it will return sevenfold.
Thank the messenger and release them, there’s a lesson to learn and live.
Your contribution may seem small, but it’s needed to complete the picture,
So give it with love and open your heart for more.

You may not be conscious of your influences upon others,
Some of the most debilitating pain will take you to the sweetest of places.
There is only one suffering and we all participate in it together:
To make your heart a transformer…