Book of Truth

The mastery trilogy, book II, channeled by Paul Selig (a summary by Pat Evert)

We are aligning you above and beyond that previously. Much in your life will change. It is best that you agree to this change. Things that were created in fear or control will need be done away. The truth transforms us. The truth will replace all lies, i.e. the truth of who you are. I chose to embark on this journey. The kingdom is the witnessing of the divine in all things. We are aligning with eternal truth, that which we have always been.

Understanding truth
Am I willing to know myself outside of the past? All will be known in truth. I cannot be afraid, I can only be what I am, God manifest. That which is not in truth will not stand. All things in my life are coming into alignment with truth. Everything made in lies and fear will be deconstructed. I say ‘yes’ to this. The world is being lifted to its true nature. The life I have lived is ending now. The freedom of being will finally be known in truth. No man is higher than the next. Aligning to truth will disassemble the masks we wear. My personality is not the truth of who I am. Knowing truth will guide your days. A world of fears is one of lies. We are perceivers and creators of all we see. War is made in fear, it will be lifted to its true nature, peace. The divine self as and through us will be manifested. By claiming yourself outside of history, the true self becomes manifest. Everything in form now, was once in another form and it all can be recreated. Everything is in God and is God, nothing can be separate from the rest. The divine is here as you. Alchemy will not fix your personal life, you are already perfect.

What you are
We know that you all are going to express an entirely new life, aligned to truth in love. We have been living in a world peppered with lies, a landscape of fear. The world we are going to cannot abide lies. Whenever you look at another and recognize their worth you are aligned to truth. Not the claim that I am becoming spiritual, but the divine as me is here. I am a manifestation of God in material form. God is not in the sky while I am in the mud. I am not separate from my source.

Lies I have believed until now are: I am inferior to others. I am unworthy. I hate people, I am afraid, debased by others, I perpetuate frustration, I am enraged, ugly, unlovable, a failure, forgotten of God. The lies will be vanquished by truth. I have my being in truth, I know myself in truth. In truth there is no fear. God is fully present in all men, even when they don’t know it. We know who they are in truth. As we know the truth we conquer the lies, the masks of the past. The divine self knows your true identity. Your divine nature is true.
War, to starve your fellows, scarcity are all lies. The kingdom is the awareness of the divine in all things. We claim you in freedom. The master is what I am. Alignment to truth cannot be done by the small self, only the master embodied as myself. Mastery is not doing things better, it is divine manifestation. Only the True self knows. We do not fix you, but we witness your transformation. I permit the vibration of Truth to heal me of all lies. Witness with the eyes of the Christ, seeing things as they truly are. You must release the old to be recreated. The Christ as you does not seek recognition from others, but rather full expression of service. Knowing ‘who, what and how’ will do all the heavy lifting. The small self, the way that I have known myself, is in defense of itself. It is in opposition of your true self. The small self does not love, the true self does. When fear seeks a claim on you say, ‘thank you so much, but I don’t need it.’ I am here, I am here, I am here, the Christ in me is aligning me to what I can only be. God meets God in all that it sees. The being that you are is always in union and never separate. The small self will be controlled by fear, and cling to the old, but the divine self never. No longer the comfort of the old, but the triumph of the new.

Alchemy and transformation
We come from a world, a history of lies. I agree to perceive my true self in a new world. The divine self aligns me to renounce anything born in fear. All men are of God, there are no good guys and bad. They may be operating in or out of alignment (truth). I am the divine in action. I am here to witness, reclaim, recreate and lift all to truth. That made in lies is usually very attractive to the small self. The unhappiness you are in is because of misalignment and not knowing who you are. The new world is already present in a higher octave. Correcting the symptoms of our misalignment will not profit. See the divine manifestation in all things, even death and decay. Behold, I make all things new.
What I have authority over – To see things with the eyes of the Christ lifts that one to a higher landscape. I must realign to truth in order to be the alchemist for all else. Heaven is everywhere, but not available to the small self. ‘I am in truth’ blazes a trail. A tree bearing poor fruit is in need of realignment. All physical form is transient, subject to change.

To justify yourself to anyone is to give your authority away. The truth does not need to explain itself, nor do you. The claim of freedom is the right to be who I am. Am I free from what others expect or want me to be? I am no longer in alignment to the small self, I am in my freedom. You do not override the free will of another. The divine self is aware of the divine in all others. Relationships will be recreated in truth, no more manipulation or debasement of others to get them to do your bidding. Old agreements can be remade. Who I am is an unchangable fire. When you are in truth there is no fear. Whoever overrides the free will of another is a despot. The small self needs the authority of another over them. If you fear another or that they might leave you, you are not in love. Anything you desire of another against their will must be released. Know her as she is, a manifestation of the divine. Anyone who does harm to another is unconscious of who they are. What you have created in fear no longer exists at this higher level of knowing. The body I hold is an expression of the divine, part of my full manifestation. You cannot be in love when you are in a lie. Truth is alignment in God. The belief that someone should have authority over me is ridiculous. Where you acquiesce to the wishes of another, you need to be aware of it. We see you as you are, not as you wish to be. We will not be a party to lies. We are disassembling formal structures. I am in truth, I give permission to my body to be in agreement to truth. The body needs to be transformed to hold this vibration which happens in a millisecond, but my awareness of it takes time. What is, is truth, not a promise of something to come. It makes its presence known in my consciousness. We do not demand change, we are only claiming you as you are.

You are sovereign. Any area you do not have free will must be attended to. To blame another, to override their will is not truth. God is all things, time and no-time. I know who I am in truth. I can only be that which I am. What you think you are is what you will express. The divine self does not engage in process, thought, as the small self does, It knows. Everything I see is labeled in prescription. This is done in thinking and analysis. The claim, ‘I know who I am in truth’ is to operate on a different level than thinking, a different way than lies. You can reclaim yourself in truth. See another as before their birth. Everything I think about this person is wrong. I have prescribed them an identity in history. Understand that she is much more than I think. Imagine that one if she had never been born. Without the body are they still in truth? Claim them, I know who you are…’ Now realize their essence in truth. When you recognize others you never try to change them. Know them, don’t think of what they might be. Divinity and divine worth vs. my opinion of them. It is possible to KNOW another. When you know who you are you can recognize another. Operate in truth, not idealization, not desire or fear. Your compass of truth will direct you well. It will lead you to the higher world. Turn to your knowing when you have a question. You do not need to ask so and so for their advise. The difference between thinking and knowing – if there is a question you are thinking. To have prescriptions (expectations) for others is to deny their divinity. You are no longer deciding for others, you are knowing them. Knowing is not familiarity with someone. Every aspect in my life will be known anew, by the divine self. This will not be a cosmetic change, but full transformation. I am not what I think, or what I thought. We are eternal beings having an experience in form. That other person is as she should be. Why do I think she should be different? I know who you are because you can only be. The realization of the Christ is done as I come to know who I am. I am not special, only unique, not priviledged, but divine, as are all others. I only need recede and allow the truth to come through me. Love and fear coexist like my true self and ego. If you have a gift it is for the purpose of sharing it. The difference is between unconscious habit or conscious choice.


Reunification in truth
Everything is aligning to its true nature. Imagine a tidal wave. It overtakes the shore and reshapes it. My consciousness becomes the wave. The sea is extended to overtake and reclaim some things to the sea. Truth will overtake a falsehood. Only that born in truth remains unshaken. Many of this world’s lies we love and overlook. But even they will be washed into the sea and reformed. The truth is impartial. See a new world before you.
What you are is of the earth, and not of the earth. You are spirit. A fear based identity has been paralleling you and posing as you. This governing identity must be aligned with you. The darkness and fear you see is a lie and cannot overcome the truth. I am here as the divine in manifestation. Fear has no power without my permission. To know what you are is to also know what all others are. We are all awakening into our true nature. As we lift in vibration challenges will present themselves.
Recognize who others are. You are deciding what others are without knowing them. You are wearing a mask and so are they. Their mask is a creation in fear. To see who I am as I wish is the level of mask. The next level is to see me as I am in truth. Bypass the mask to see who they are. You must know who you are before you can know others. Each is the face of God. This cannot be done thru the intellect. The true self knows, the small self thinks. We process everything in this world thru our senses, very limited. The true self has resources beyond this, to know reality in a fuller way. To be seen and to perceive from the divine self. The Christ as you is a vibrational light. The Christ sees the Christ in all else. You can begin to experience things outside of the collective agreement. This will be in agreement with your requirements of learning, why you came into this incarnation. The afflictions we endure here are all blessings of lessons we have desired for which we came. The cellular fear memories in the body must be released in grace. Say ‘thank you’ to all of your experiences.
Sovereignty is an awareness of what you are in relation to all others things. I came into incarnation with a list of things I wanted to learn. What were seen as problems were really opportunities, experiences. I am here in freedom. What was once made in the small self can be reframed in the divine self. Consciousness in action does the work. Justification is an act of the small self. But you do need to claim and align to the truth of what you are. We are sovereign in the reclamation of a new world.

Structure and truth
Religion can be a vehicle towards home. Its teaching can be productive. Some systems have been helpful until now, but if no longer helpful, it is best released. Such are untrue beliefs like: I cannot be loved, I cannot get it right, all men are evil, God is punitive. Imagine a docile woman who comes into her own truth. The I AM self is so much stronger than any habits. To follow your truth is to give all others the same freedom. No one should limit the expression of another. We are free. Boulders/fears are removed by knowing who you are.
Experience is how we learn. My life is the best teacher I can ever have. What have I come to learn? What have you come to teach me? Ask and you will know. The whole world is here to teach me.
An inherited belief is not the known. Never once believe you have authority over another. Nor does anyone have authority over you. Our world is not a world of separation. This is only a collective belief. Civilization is many parts making their contributions. The idea of hoarding is ludicrous, it is to believe that our source is limited. If you have something that can be shared, it needs to be shared. Truth is not every man for himself. Everything was created due to a need.
I have nothing to lose in rising in vibration, no need to fear. All agreements will now be in truth. I surrender and release all of my ties made in fear. The true self does not live in guilt.

Responsibility to becoming
The mission is the realization of the divine in man. We are here to experience the divine which leads us to express it. This is not something we are going to become, but rather that which we have been. To become is to come to be. A new life of restructuring at a cellular level. We do not become better people, we become who we are. The personality self seeks forgiveness, the divine self does not. You need no forgiveness for the life you have lived up to now. My body at a higher octave is a new experience of the same body. The divine self will live thru you more fearlessly. The expression, perspective and behavior, will differ from the past. You can transform the thing you see by manifesting it in truth, that is apart from fear. Our responsibility is to claim truth in all our encounters, to lift everything to its truth.
The divine being that we are does not exist in time. But my body is moored in time. The manifested self must be transformed to a new potential without time. We are immortal in a 3-dimentional form. We bypass the system of time as consciousness. We are not limited by the clock/calendar. The world we are coming into is outside of time.
I choose to bear witness to the divine in all mankind. The lie they think themselves to be will be released. I choose to release from my body all that is contrary to the manifestation of my true self – all that I have self perceived until now. I reclaim myself in truth. Those other things are untrue. The truth of who I am will be expressed. I am here in truth. I am the embodiment of God, in the frequency of God. I do not change. I am as I have always been. But I now perceive myself a little more clearly. See all with the eyes of Christ, no other opinion is worth my consideration.

What you will realize most is that you become what you truly are. You will be claiming your freedom from ego, the small self. I choose to release myself from all expectations of what I think it should look like. All that you will need to be realized in truth is already here. You need nothing of form for this realization. The path to enlightenment is always now. The divine as you is present. You are not becoming what you were not, you are becoming what you are. Service is the divine self in its fullest expression. We reclaim you as you are. I am in the eternal now. Things are changed through witness. Claim truth without agreeing to fear. The vibration of truth is serving me to know who I am. Our expectations will only limit us in realization. Truth is impartial. There can be no war in truth, only in fear. War is murder. We call you forth in transformation. We know you in truth.
You will have limited realization in assuming the truth rather than knowing it. Fear of the past or future, what others will think, can keep you from knowing it. We have restrictions to freedom that we are unaware of. The claim ‘I am here’, will align you to truth. Your willingness to release will determine the realization of your claim. You have the opportunity to recreate your life outside of collective agreement. Anything that defines you will limit you. God cannot be defined. By releasing your expectations you open opportunities unlimited. Are you willing to reclaim what you are in the relationships you hold? Each encounter is an opportunity to know who and what you are. To claim the truth for myself is to claim it for others also. You might be crucified for it. ‘I am here, you are here’ does not mean they do as you want. It means you know who they are. You do not become the Christ, the Christ becomes you.

The triumph of the new
When one announces himself in truth he will express love. Love is not an emotional state, but a vibration. It summons us to service. Truth and love are impartial. I claim to be in alignment to love and release all false ideas of love. You will know love – you are in union with the divine. You are already love.
Consciousness, truth, is ageless. You must agree to this teaching in order to know it, in order to realize it. You are not bound by the laws of man. The teaching of this text is manifestation, the divine self manifest. Knowing who we are calls the kingdom into being. All else is rendered obsolete. How do you value each other?
1. You have chosen to deny fear as the active article in life.
2. You have decided to reclaim self in agreement to truth.
3. You agree to serve.
I choose to be enabled in full service. All will be in agreement to truth from now on. All is God and will be in truth. Release the fears by not agreeing to them. The one before me is a facet of God and I am one with them. The small self will be released and the true self will come forward. The falsities must be recognized and released. Know that you are the one choosing, to avoid feeling the victim and blaming another. You have free will. Choose as the true self, not in fear. Claim truth, ‘I know who, what and how…’

The gifts of the kingdom
All I have been through will be used in the service of truth. The life I have known up to now has ended. We are being prepared for the work of our lives. Stand where you are as vibration in truth. Much of your memory needs to be realigned. Realigned from the small self’s perspective to that of truth. The divine self is what I am, all else is an idea. We want to free you from memories of the past to help you for the future. All is supplied to me in the moment, memory is little needed. I choose to align all memory to truth. I claim myself as IN TRUTH. The seeds of the tree will always bear the same fruit as the tree.
We claim the inheritance in freedom, that nothing would keep me from the new. You support this shift in awareness. My life is changing, in simple, profound and responsible ways. I lift my emotions and my mind to serve in truth. Do not cling to the old and known. The tidal wave of truth will remove these for you. In this choice to be my true self, I align all choices to the true self. I am choosing in truth. Progress at your perfect pace, there is no hurry.

I am in truth, I am in agreement to truth. What I am is what this book is all about. Your beauty and vastness transcends all imagination.